Which company is worse in its practices? Apple, Google, or Microsoft?

All of them have some bad practices but for the most part all three are great companies. Can you imagine what the world would be like today without some of the great products these companies have produced?Google SearchiPhoneMicrosoft OfficeGoogle may use your personal info to sell to advertisers but do you remember driving without Google maps?Apple

How Google/Microsoft/Facebook etc store clients password s?

No, big companies wouldn't store plain text passwords. They most likely use some method of encryption to encrypt the passwords. These hashes can't be decrypted, and passwords are checked by encrypting the string the person entered using the same method and seeing if it is a match.

How is UX design and research at Apple, in comparison to at Google, Facebook, and Microsoft?

I don't work for the above mentioned companies, but one thing that I can say (and you will read) is that design always has to start at the top. Companies are gradually learning this, but establishing design as a culture is not something

What is Apple, Google, Microsoft organization structure?

The pecking order :: bottom to top :Software Engineer → Software Engineer II → Sr. Software Engineer → Principal Software Engineer → Partner Software Engineer → Distinguished Software Engineer → Technical Fellow ( the buck stops here ).The VP, and SVP, and the directors are redundant, and no one really cares about them (

Can Google ever beat Microsoft in hardware?

Google already has. Google's data center technology is second to none in the world. For many years, Google's data centers have been their not-so-secret competitive advantage. Combined with specialised software to take advantage of those massive computing resources and use them efficiently,

Is Apple poised to become first trillion dollar company, ahead of Google or Microsoft? How so?

No. The first one to get to 1 trillion would be the one either unlocking next big new market, or the one occupying the existing market with biggest potential, or combination of the two. My guess is it's likely to be Google

Do I need to know about parallel programming for my technical interview at Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook?

The questions depend on the role you're interviewing for, but I don't think anyone will ask you to write code of a parallel algorithm. However, these companies work at huge scales. It's often asked how you would do

Is it hypocritical of Google to call out Apple, Microsoft and Oracle for buying software patents to keep Google uncompetitive?

In my opinion it's never wrong to name and shame the misuse of a patent-system, which is meant to drive innovation and is not meant to be used for  preventing competition in the first place.So if someone's misusing it, a

Which of these places is the toughest to get an internship in: Microsoft, Google, Apple, Dropbox, or Facebook?

I interviewed at all of the above this past fall with the exception of Apple. Remember that Microsoft, Google, Apple, and Facebook all have considerably larger internship programs than Dropbox that hire hundreds (if not thousands) of interns each summer so this is an unfair comparison.That being said, the Dropbox

Who will lead the world: Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple or any other company?

Please do note that I'm no pro on this topic, so some statements in this comment may be inaccurate or biased.To understand how these technology companies could

What will happen if Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook merges together? Will it be useful to people?

Its the same thing , If all 200 Countries come together under one roof ! or If lets say a city in Delhi- all business comes together under one name ?If I see the history, I don not recall any such instance ?, Its too hypothetic ? Lets say one case they are together, may be Google

Which tech company came first, IBM, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, or others?

IBM goes all the way back to 1911, as the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company. (It was renamed

Is Microsoft software less visually well designed than Google or Apple? If so, why?

At best, this is highly subjective.Each company demonstrates a fairly unique design philosophy;Apple is historically Aesthetically driven, visual design first - it could be argued that this is at the cost of functionality and power-users, there are some strange choices they've gone

Who is the best: Microsoft, Google or Apple?

Every word in answer is arguable.As per my view, real fight between Microsoft And Google. As Apple's has currently limited range as compare to both of them.Lets first See area in which Microsoft deals:1. Operating System  (It consist rage from Home or office use

Will there ever be another tech company as big as Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, or Microsoft?

Yes, technology evolves. Just look at the history of companies.Microsoft and Apple in the 1970s, Google and Amazon in the 1990s, Facebook in the 2000s, Uber Snapchat Twitter (among many others) in the 2010sSo yes, technology evolves, new big companies will form in 2020s, has to be :)

Should I purchase products from Apple, Microsoft, Google, or other and why?

Of course buying from big and welknown company is better!.Because you know you are getting the best product from the best engineers, also the main important is supporting the customer.Big companies allways try to have best quality and service because

How do big companies (like Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, etc.) fire their employees?

At Microsoft, firing experience is similar to others here. You're called and asked to come in for a face to face meeting with HR and your manager. Depending on the sccenario, you're either given 2 weeks to wrap things up

Why is Microsoft generally considered to be a more boring company than Google?

When Microsoft held an Apple-style product creation in big apple on Tuesday, tech newshounds yawned.

Do Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft employees find it interesting to sell their ideas to their companies?

You have two options :A) Take your idea to market. For people who never tried this, this is painful ,long, emotionally and physically tolling, and not guaranteed. Entrepreneurs are rare for a reason (actual good ones). Are you ready to bankroll this to execution and be open to failure ? You might make millions OR end up

Does Outlook.com have the potential to attract more users than Gmail.com?

As many said, Gmail was the most disruptive innovation Google made. Do you remember mails before Gmail? You had 2MB space, you could create folders to put your most important mail in and.. almost all. You have to empty your

What will Apple do after Microsoft releases the Surface Book?

Apple will change absolutely nothing in their roadmap, that likely is already planned out for at least a year. Apple has no interest in making a laptop that turns into a tablet and the closest they are coming to that is with the iPad Pro. The

Which is more important company Google or Microsoft?

I totally agree with both the answers pointing to the fact that Microsoft provide the most crucial among all the services provided. However, one mentioned Gmail as the most important Google product. However I sincerely believe Google Maps to be the most crucial of their products apart from the search engine.

Should Google and Microsoft merge together?

Short answer No.First of all, Microsoft and Google's business model are two opposite ends of a pole. For Microsoft - their revenue streams are their paid services, products, applications etc. and they do not have any interest in consumers data or their activities. whereas Google - their revenue streams are selling consumers data

Which company has the best intellectual capital: Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook or Linkedin?

I would say Microsoft mainly because they provide a lot of the same services as Google like Bing, Advertising and Maps (which might not be as good) but are also very big in other markets such as gaming (Xbox), Office Suite and Operating Systems, mobile (WP8), Mp3 players (zune), tablets (surface) and a LOT of enterprise

Is it better to join a top tier tech company (Microsoft, Google) right after college or having an experience of 3-5 years might be a better idea?

If you get hired straight out of college, then grab the opportunity right away. In case you change your mind, the experience will definitely boost your resume. You'd be in demand with any other company you choose and can easily negotiate

What would happen if Apple, Google, and Microsoft merged?

It would be Skynet! The beginning of the end. Kthulu, and Sauron, and Voldemort, all merged into one. The Borg. Sell all your electronics and move to the forest. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated

Why doesn't India have Google Microsoft?

because the indian government is trying to do so much through the public sector, it hardly leaves much room for the private sector to grow, shantanu. and it is impossible for the government to create something like Google (company) or Microsoft (company) . well, let them try. they might as well try that out too.

What will happen if Google buys Apple and Microsoft?

Given the current state of Google there are two possibilities.1. It will become the coolest and most powerful company of world. It will have the resources and brain pool to actualize what we know as science fiction based on logical theories. We will also witness a loads

What is the worst thing about working in Apple, Microsoft and Google?

I've been told that those working at Microsoft are "actively encouraged" to use Bing and IE which must be kind of frustrating.

Why does Warren Buffett love IBM instead of Google, MSFT and Apple?

Here's a pretty good answer: Noh-Joon Choo's answer to What were reasons Warren Buffett had for investing into IBM given the rarity of a tech company in his portfolio?

Is Google better than Microsoft?

It depends on how you measure things.If the goal is search market share globally - not possible in the near term.  As google has a wide technical and data moat that will be very costly to disrupt.If the measure is brand

Which is better, Outlook or Gmail?

Definitely Gmail is better. Outlook is great as well but not as robust as Gmail. Starting with the spam filtering technologies to the priority inbox, Gmail scores more than Outlook.The ‘folders' feature of Outlook is something I like (and it

Is Google better than Apple and Microsoft?

I would say, all these companies are maestros of the modern world! We can not compare them between each other.After all, they are what we work with and use all day.Android - GoogleIOS - AppleWindows - MicrosoftThese companies have blessed the world with their technologies and software. Whatever has ever been built by these

Which is the best company, according to you- Google, Microsoft, or Apple?

If the question is being asked as an absolute (ie who's the best - period) the list should include Facebook and potentially Amazon - depending on how you're evaluating the company.That said, of the three included I think the answer

Between Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft and Google - who will lead the market in consumer data analytics?

Amazon.The biggest difference of Amazon vs all the others is that they have most data on BUYERS. People who have spent money.

How much of a threat is Google to Microsoft?

This is akin to asking 'How much of a threat are buses to cars?'They are both in the same space, (technology) but are very different companies, with different target markets and generally different customers and products. For example, Microsoft's revenue streams consist almost entirely of enterprise products and

Is Microsoft as good as Google?

Comparison of these two companies will be subjective....In terms of facilities - Google weighs higher than Microsoft. But in terms of Technology - Microsoft is leading in Cloud than Google. Google is leading in Search business than Microsoft.What really matters to us as an employee is:PayCheck + StocksFacilitiesTeam that we work forManager we

Who is best at marketing-Google, Microsoft or Apple?

Apple.Apple is so good at marketing, they even get others to do it for them, and for free. At times, they even get money for being advertised.

Among Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft, which company will get to 1 trillion market capitalization first? And which are impossible absolutely?

I think Amazon because it has the most room to grow.Amazon wants to capture the entire retail market of the world, and they won't stop there. They want to be in charge of distribution, groceries, web services, AI software, and probably much

What would happen to Apple if Google bought Microsoft and how would Google change Windows and other Microsoft products?

If Google acquires Microsoft would literally kill the competition and search,desktop and mobile world will be controlled by this monopoly.All the prices of their will shoot up!Check how debeers controls the diamond prices to the monopoly!So for obvious reasons it's bad.

Can I be the next CEO of Google/Apple/Microsoft in a few years' time?

Thanks for the A2A.It seems more then a little unlikely. A company that big tends to have internal candidates to promote (vice presidents), and they tend to prefer that. When it isn't a VP that gets promoted it is someone that is a CEO or at least a VP of a major company....so are you

Who is a bigger threat to Microsoft - Apple or Google?

Google already dominates the storage, retrieval and flow of all information in the entire wide world. If that can't be called the ultimate influence and leverage over the lives and minds of people, I don't know what could be. Microsoft on the other hand manufactures some hardware, operating systems and related software which are

Among Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft, which company is the most benevolent and has contributed the most to humanity?

Most benevolent =/= contributed the most.I'm leaning towards Google as it provides people with a means to get random information.Next, Microsoft because it popularized tools to allow us to work more efficiently.Amazon allows you to save money, Apple sells stuff people need.Facebook

Which tech giants will fall off the mobile market first: Apple, Google or Microsoft?

Ummm define ‘fall'?Why would any of them fall. They all have:a) Dominance in individual markets.b) Sustainable revenues & proven products.c) Continued interest of new talent.d) Focus on continuous innovation.A startup's job is to find a way to build a business around a product or service. All these

Why do Google and Mozilla provide better compatibility for browsers than Microsoft and Apple?

Your question makes no sense at all. Can you ask a specific question with examples? Google doesn't "support" it's browser at all. You can't call them and get technical support, bug fixes, or patches. And Windows XP has been out of support, completely, for quite

When would Google have higher revenue than Microsoft?

First Microsoft and Google have different fiscal year, from 1rst July to 30 June for Microsoft and from 1rst January to 31 December for Alphabet(Google). But If the growth of Alphabet continue to be the same nearly 20%, Alphabet will have