Is the United States of America a failed state?

I think it is. Big business has squelched private enterprise to an alarming degree. It's only the true pioneers in new tech fields that can make money.The cost of living has increased, but salaries have not kept pace. A good

Does the US government still hate communism?

Communism is still an authoritarian government type that is incompatible with our national values, and a centralized economic system that denies the basic laws of economics. There is less hostility than there used to be toward it, merely because the world now understands from one

How intertwined is the NRA within the American government?

The National Rifle Association -NRA- is a publishing company; magazines, books, training materials. The organization sponsors safety training, concealed carry classes, sells insurance, does historical research and lobbies in support of the Constitution in general and the Bill of Rights in particular. In fact the NRA is the nation's oldest

In the USA, why are there no official administrative units for metropolitan areas that combine all incorporated cities in a metro area (metropolitan governments, metropolitan mayors etc.)? Why are metropolitan areas only statistical areas?

The presumption in the question is incorrect. It's like asking why we use plastic pipes for water instead of metal pipes. It's an uninformed question, we use both.First, cities grow around fresh water sources. A lot of US cities, particularly in the eastern 2/3 of the US, are on major rivers.

What are the top three most important facts about the United States government that people should know?

Generally speaking, the US government will enforce the laws of the country.  Not to do so invites a flaunting of the laws and the authority of the country.  There are some areas in which there is leniency, but generally, people should

Why actually the USA and the west got involved in fighting communism in the east?

The term Cold War was coined for the situation in Europe where the USSR took over Eastern Europe and imposed communism. Churchill called this the Iron Curtain and the dividing line hardly changed from 1945 to 1990.In East Asia on the other hand it was very much a Hot War with Communism with

Why was USA fighting communism in other countries?

War and the Working ClassWar | 1st World War | 2nd World War | League of NationsThe Socialist Party States the CasePrefaceThe Socialist Party of Great Britain, like a voice crying in the wilderness, has always maintained that capitalism and war

How good is the US government at keeping secrets?

I worked in a secure section - Cryptography - attached to an intelligence operation - NIS. One day, the gate guard, the one who handed us our passes when we entered the building, after we presented ID and he matched

Is the United States of America a failed state?

I think it is. Big business has squelched private enterprise to an alarming degree. It's only the true pioneers in new tech fields that can make money.The cost of living has increased, but salaries have not kept pace. A good portion of our middle-class jobs have been sent offshore. Minimum wage means that husband and wife must

People that have access to Top Secret information can cause 'Grave Damage' to the United States if it is released to the wrong people? Why would Trump give it to people that should not have it?

The white house is a security sieve, with 25 peoples security clearance refusals overturned (by the wh). This includes trumps family members. It's no good saying what about Hillary. You need to clean up the present mess, which first requires people to open their eyes.Why does the geriatric liar trump give it to people

The United States of America is in an infrastructure decline nightmare that has been recognized by both Democratic and Republican lawmakers. Infrastructure investment by the Government would be a huge boon to the economy. Why is it not being done?

What's shocking here - (ok that's a lie, it's not shocking, this is Quora after all, where people want echo chambers and high-fives rather than debate) is that no actually looks at any numbers to back up absurd claims that are apparently

What are some government secrets?

No one is going to disclose actual secrets in a forum like this. Some examples of things that are kept secret are: Much about nuclear weapons -- exactly how to make them, how to order their launch, etc.Military strategy -- what would US troops

What are some of the top secrets the US government has kept from public eye?

We don't know the top secrets the U.S. government has kept from us; if we knew, they wouldn't be secrets kept from us.Trying to research this topic is impossible. It turns up conspiracy theories like the idea that the moon walk was a Hollywood fake.How about this one? During World War II,

What are the biggest things the US government is hiding from its citizens?

The levels of soil, water and air contamination as well environmental damage caused by the various military installations, both open to the public, as well as secret, around the United States and the world.Essentially, almost every single military installation in the US is a Superfund site that would (and likely will) cost taxpayers

What does the United States do wrong?

There's many excellent points here already. But I'd like to add two:First, USA has a enormously slanted income-distribution, and getting worse by the minute. The GINI-index of USA is trough the roof, compared to other wealthy democracies, and the top 1% is

What scares you the most at about the United States Government?

The fact that they're allowed to look at our texts and calls.It's terrifying that we've reached an Orwellian point where unelected officials (the NSA) can read our private conversations.And yet still many of us say it's

Are U.S. presidents drug tested?

This is one of the funniest questions on the site. Some very strange things indeed would probably come to light, especially if the testing extended to members of Congress.At the height of the Watergate Scandal Senator Sam Ervine remarked, ‘There are a couple of lines in Shakespeare that apply to him [Nixon]:

How does an unemployed person survive in the US? Does the government provide any financial support?

If you're a recently unemployed person, generally you can collect unemployment benefits for a limited time, while you look for another job. Usually it's the individual states that administer the unemployment benefits program.Welfare benefits also exist after unemployment runs out, where families can usually qualify. However, you will still have to continue looking for work.

What is the most important law in the United States?

My vote would go to the first amendment to the Constitution, which reads,

What type of document may require Top Secret classification?

Classification rulings are defined by Executive Order (E.O.) 12356, Fed. Reg., 47, 14874 (Apr. 6, 1982).