Can a dedicated strongman fight and win against a bear?

Not without a decent weapon. Our evolutionary advantage is the creation and use of tools. The bear's evolutionary advantage is size, strength and natural weapons, all of which they have a lot more of compared to a human being, even a very strong one.Unarmed the best you can hope for is to scare off the bear. Some kinds of

Do grizzly bears fear people? Why or why not?

Yes but occasionally if humans startle a bear or the bear is injured or protecting it's cubs, it could become aggressive, these are rare  circumstances. Normally, bears will be scared of humans and will run away. When you hike through bear country, just make sure to make noise as you

Have you ever encountered a grizzly bear?

I have not encountered a grizzly bear (Ursus arctos horribilis) as I've never been to their natural habitat.I still feel like I'm slightly qualified to answer this question though - their very close relative can be found in my country and I have

Is a polar bear really more dangerous than a grizzly bear?

Stephen Herrero has published an extensive study in the Journal of Wildlife Management titled

How powerful is a grizzly bear?

Very. I'll let someone else focus on the specifics, but to curb the inevitable

What if a grizzly bear encountered an elephant?

That bear would stop, and leave, unless they want to get themselves killed they will be smart and leave.

How do Kodiak and grizzly bears differ?

They were once considered different subspecies, but now the classification is more complicated. Brown bear Taxonomy"Grizzly bear" usually refers to color, and may refer to any brown bear of that color in North America including coastal-dwelling bears that may weigh up to 1,500 lbs and smaller inland bears that may weigh only 200 lbs.Kodiak bears are

How to escape from a Grizzly bear

Brings to mind the old joke about two men coming upon a grizzly bear, one takes off running, the other shouts

How does a brown bear become a grizzly bear?

A brown bear doesn't "become"a grizzly bear. A grizzly is a subspecies of brown bear. Subspecies are most frequently determined geographically. The grizzly bear has a slightly different ecological niche than the brown bear, and there are slight morphological differences. However, the

How strong is a grizzly bear compared to a human?

A grizzly bear is about 3 to 6 times stronger than an average human. A grizzly bear could kill you in one swipe to the head.

Were the bears in 'Grizzly Man' really grizzlies?

Depends on your definition of 'grizzly.'  Outside of Alaska the word 'grizzly' is used to describe all North American subspecies of brown bears.  In Alaska, we make a distinction between brown bears which live mostly along the coast and grizzlies which live inland.  Brown bears tend to have slightly darker fur and often look

What should you never do when encountering a grizzly bear?

This will sound like a smart add answer but, stop and take a picture. Other stupid touristy things to avoid: leaving food out for the bears, staying and sharing a fishing stream with them,