Divorce: why do I feel so sorry for my ex-husband? And guilty?

I expect that when you married him, you loved him and pictured a life together. When you go your separate ways from someone, it is not always because the love is completely lost, it's often because for some reason or another the relationship no longer works.For

Do people ever feel guilty about breaking up with someone?

ItHa! Of course they do. Heck, I end up feeling guilty sometimes after being broken up with. I was recently dating a girl, and she had poor relationships in the past. It seemed like I was the first guy she dated who made her feel special or attractive (and this is a 44 year

Do women feel guilty while cheating on their husbands?

Nancy cheated with me, and she didn't feel guilty at all. Susan didn't feel bad about it either. Their only worry was about getting pregnant.Sandy was all excited about her tubes being tied and she wanted to try out her newfound freedom. She insisted that I go bareback and

How to get rid of depressive guilt

Depressive guilt is something which would Trigger you again and again and take you to a bad mental state which could be quite harmful for you.In order to get rid of depressive guilt you should not think of past mistakes or the past incidents.Keep yourself in a

My best friend is cheating on her husband who I am having an affair with. Should I feel guilty?

Your best friend's action in no way absolve's you from cheating. You really think that because she's cheating, you have the right to cheat on your husband? The only one who's not cheating in this menage a' trois? Is your husband. You're a

My wife physically abuses me during argument and keep hitting hard until I hit back. I feel guilty and go into depression due to this. What should I do? Should I don't hit back?

Well most of the time males are physically stronger than women. So if I was you I would not allow her to hit me in the first place. Why don't you stop her? Make her loose every physical fight so that she learns that it's not worth a try and that she

What are some examples of 'guilty pleasure'?

Guilty pleasure may cause by enjoying pleasure at wrong place or wrong time. This kind of example can be countless:Sometimes I was asked to enjoy a meal or a sing when occupied by a batch of jobs. Then it was the time to decide which side was more important. More chances I would choose

When a man is cheating on his wife who is guilty: the man, his wife, or the other woman?

Husband: He bears the most responsibility to handle himself honorably, and respectfully. If there are children involved, and if the relationship is complicated in terms of manipulation, or turning away or other issues, he may seek uncomplicated relief somewhere.  Staying for the kids is common as is,

Why don't people feel guilty sometimes even after doing something wrong?

Since all the other plausible answers to this question are covered, by other answers, I would just add one medical one.Sociopathy:Antisocial personality disorder is a mental health condition in which a  person has a long-term pattern of manipulating,

Do scammers feel guilty or do they typically rationalize their actions?

No I don't believe they feel guilty. I do indeed believe they rationalize their actions. That is a very good way to put in to words a good part of the scammers makeup.I base this on my experience with one particular scammer that lasted months. Also the constant requests for friendships I'm now receiving through all my social media

What animals feel guilt?

Guilt is the difference in a belief and a behavior. (making a mistake). As apposed to shame which is who or what we think we are, (being a mistake). They aren't the same. The category for guilt is remorse or regret about something you have done.A

Why do I continue to love someone that only cares about themselves and their needs? I am suffering physical pain just so he can get pleasure. Yes he is aware of it but continues to pour on the guilt if I try to say no.

People that enter your life will always reflect back aspects of your relationship with yourself. You allow him to treat you exactly like you treat you: with disregard and disrespect. When you change your relationship with yourself and become kinder and more respectful, the relationship dynamics will also change.

Do older white South Africans feel ashamed or guilt for what happened during apartheid?

This is my perspective, as honestly and clinically expressed as I can. I am not looking for forgiveness or pity, or trying to justify anything - frankly, this is my history, for better or for worse. My hope is simply that it will add some perspective to what is an extremely complex and intractable problem.The TL;DR version: Yes,

Do rich people feel any guilt for being rich?

Only if made to feel that way by the lower class. I was brought up in an upper middle class family on Long Island, NY, where no home goes for under $300,000. I went to an expensive government run school, had

Do stay at home parents feel guilty?

Sometimes.But it's not because I feel like I should be out using my talents to teach a classroom full of children, rather than two tiny toddlers.It's not because I feel like I need to be contributing to our retirement fund. As far as I'm concerned, I contribute to our retirement every time I stay home and cook

How can we overcome a thought related to religious OCD due to which feel guilty and fearful?

Obsessive thoughts due to OCD are always painful but I suppose can be especially painful when they're related to religion. I can remember the hours I spent with my class preparing for Confirmation. It became so tedious. We rehearsed our answers to catechism questions, and practiced marching into the church and even rehearsed kissing the

Should I feel guilty about burning less calories while exercising?

No, you shouldn't feel guilty about exercising. Not at all. This sort of an attitude is dangerous.And it also frustrates me when someone uses the details to reframe the question to be something completely different.Will it affect your weight?That depends, now, doesn't it?Why is it that you even care about how many

What are your guilty reading pleasures?

I'm writing this anonymously as I'm an Indian girl from a conservative background .I like reading sex stories . Not the paperback ones written by middle age housewives to middle aged housewives talking about a chiseled Mediterranean hunk in a European getaway .But I read the

What does 'guilty pleasure' mean?

Something you like to do but you are not proud to do it (and to like it). For example if you consider yourself someone with good musical taste and you find pleasure in listening to some unambitious pop songs you formally despise. Or you love ambitious literature but you like some Harlequin romance

What is the purpose of guilt? Why do we feel guilt?

Guilt helps us recognize when we could have made a better choice. The purpose is so we can reflect on why we made that choice and how we can avoid it in the future. Often guilt kicks in when we've betrayed our values. When we prioritize one thing over another that we want to be more important, guilt tells

Why do I feel guilty about pleasure?

Read my blog for some of my philosophy but i will answer best i can.Guilt is nothing physical but only mental. Guilt is a weighted burden in your mental world and guilt is created because of fear of consequence (are you

After leaving your long-term partner for someone else, did you feel guilty/regret it?

After leaving your long-term partner for someone else, did you feel guilty/regret it?Hmm, I dunno what it's like to leave a long-term partner for someone else because I've never done it, so I cannot possibly answer that part of your question. I could unpleasantly surprise myself, but unless

Does my best friend feel guilty for cheating with my wife?

Well I had a similar experience.When I came home. My wife had left a note saying my wife and my best friend who I knew from childhood have been making love behind my back.I went to his house told his about her husband and my wife having sex

How do spouses guilty of adultery live with the guilt when they have destroyed the life of their husband/wife and never admitted wrongdoing?

If the relationship has been destroyed they don't really need to admit because it is pretty self evident what was going on, I believe either way more people who have cheated have an agonizing guilt trip toward their husband/wife and kids if any, whether they admit it or not or have not been caught

Is it normal to feel guilty after breaking up with someone?

Yes, it's normal.If you're the person who dumped someone, and you care about them, you naturally feel guilty for the pain you've just caused them. The only way you don't feel guilty about that, is if you didn't

Why would a dumper feel guilty and mad at themselves after breaking up with someone?

Most of the time it's because they later see they lost something they needed some it's the sofa and others the new person doesn't pay them attention like you use too. It's a to late feeling it hard to say what the person feels the lost out on something emotional or something you'd do for