How did Chris Kyle see his target when lining up his 2,100 yard shot (in the American Sniper movie his target is literally not visible to even his sniper's scope)?

I wasn't with Mr. Kyle at the time of the shot. But I'll accept the premise. How can you see something when you can't see it in your scope.I was having a conversation about the worst wind people had shot on. Several stories about

What ammunition do Alaskan guides use in case of bear attack? Would a shotgun slug stop a bear?

[Author's Note] I have several articles addressing this under my persona on this site. Please review those for more information as well.There are a few things that rarely get taken into account that really play more of a determinate in the life/death equation

What is the best gun to defend against grizzly bears?

There are a few guns that seem to be widely accepted, but it should be noted that bear spray appears to have a better track record, as does other bear avoidance steps - like tying a can with a few dried beans or coins to your pack as you go

Does the NRA use fear to sell guns?

No way. Guns have been sold forever here. Some people grew up with them in the house. and some like to have them.I think a lot of anti-2nd Amendment proponents are thinking about guns in an entirely different way than ...normal. The way we've always looked at guns in this country was

Is a .410 shotgun a good choice for home self-defense?

Thanks for the A2A Tim.The only standardized, reasonably scientific method I have ever discovered, to determine if a round, fired from a particular firearm, is considered adequate as a self defensive round, was devised by the FBI. The standard is if the round will penetrate

Is it possible to install a hidden tracking device on a rifle in case it is stolen?

Is it possible to install a hidden tracking device on a rifle in case it is stolen?You could do this and it would not even need to be recharged.We have systems that we put on Wild Animals that are used to tack them for years

Is the AR-15 a civilian version of the C7 gun that's a standard infantry weapon in the Canadian military?

The C7 is a Canadian version of the M16 rifle. They are very similar. Both are manufactured by Colt (Colt Canada in Ontario in the case of the C7, and Colt USA in Connecticut in the M16's case. The C7 has been in service to the Canadian military since 1984 while

What is a good hunting rifle for all size of wild game animals?

This is a complicated question to answer. There are a number of factors to take into account.First and foremost, the size of the animal. You reliably kill a bear with .22. Conversely, you cant kill a prairie dog with a .50 and have anything left over to show

What is the best legal device to carry for self-defense?

A slim fitting pistol, with good hand fit for you, that you can practice and become a decent prompt draw and good aiming success. In 9mm, .45 Cal, or .40 s&w Cal, or step down to .380 Cal as a second choice. ( All are fine, your choice- just

What is the demographic statistics of NRA membership in US currently?

Unlike the democrat's party, the NRA asks only your name, address and zip code, and which monthly magazine you want, that is included with your membership, American Rifleman or American Hunter. The address is only because they can send you a regional issue of the magazine, which has local shooting matches, training classes, in the case of

What level of tragedy will it take to make the NRA accountable?

What is it the NRA should be held accountable for? For teaching gun safety to children and adults? For being an organization that actually supports one of our original 10 amendments? For supporting marksmanship and hunting?What is it about standing up for a fundamental right that angers people? I don't see the people who

What's your impression of the Smith and Wesson 380 bodyguard for concealed carry, aesthetics etc? Would you mind 380 as a caliber given there is a plethora of single stack 9 mm out there?

A 9MM does nave more stopping power then a .380 but with modern hollow points the difference is not that great. You are correct the most common calibers for concealed are 9MM, .40 and .45. But what is better for

Which firearm is most effective against an attacking bear: a pistol, rifle, or shotgun? What are the recommended specs?

Are you hunting or did you provoke the bear (species dependent) some way?If you are hunting, you need to go with the rifle. A pistol or a shot gun would be a joke at longer ranges. Bear isn't bad depending what they have been eating (pork-like in taste).

Why are guns scary?

Lets look at cars. (or bath tubs, showers, swimming pools, etc. etc.) We all use cars in America either as drivers or passengers everyone in America with a very tiny excluded amount of people will some time in their life drive or ride in

How to get free gun skin in a PUBG mobile

PUBG recently launched their new update version 9.0 along with Halloweek events the new update has a new tournament mode and new graphic settings and another minor /major bug fixes .Pubg mobile has introduced a new bargain system to bar gain their favourite skins either to low cost or free .so you might be little

How do criminals rip off a gun buyback program?

Let's say you've recently used a gun in a killing. You shot a member of another gang dead with a handgun.Now, what to do with the gun? Ballistics reports will be able to trace further killing back to this same gun, which makes it harder for you to get an alibi in the future.In the old

How to get free gun skins on PUBG without paying any UC

U can complete Achievements for skins find them in the achievement secrion.....Or u can go to shop then to the redeem section and buy skins from the silver fragments u have.U can get silver fragments by dismantling the double items u have in the inventory (u won't lose all the items one is always reserved).Thanks for reading....

Should a 15 year old girl be able to carry a weapon to defend herself in case of being attacked? If so, what should she carry?

There are generally three groups of weapons- firearms, blunt objects, and blades.A firearm is statistically more likely to harm its owner:5 facts about the NRA and guns in America | Pew Research CenterHaving a Gun in the House

What are some common misconceptions about firearms?

I am not sure that a planned deliberate instilling of an idea is a misconception but I will humour that difference.That guns are magic and can make people do things or influence them. The degree to which they can do this is also instilled with some guns being far more adept or more powerful in their ability to control

What are the biggest misconceptions people have about guns?

The possession of a gun weakens the constitution and character of a person.This perception is seemingly true of more than firearms, but particularly widespread for firearms.It is considered inconceivable by many that a teacher qualified to carry a firearm elsewhere would be permitted to carry one on school grounds. The rationale to some

What is something everyone should know about guns?

There are a few things I think people should know.In most circumstances, especially with newer firearms today, it is not a clip, it is a magazine. A clip is what is used to hold cartridges together and you place it over a magazine and push the cartridges in for a speed load. A magazine

What is the oldest weapon still in service today?

There are numerous 18th century dress / ceremonial swords, maces, and axes carried daily by officers, in almost every Western military service, and I believe there are a couple of 15th Century Katanas, owned by officers in the Japanese defense force.The King's Troop, Royal Horse Artillery

Which type of injury is more dangerous: shotgun injury or rifle injury?

There are a lot of factors that come into play for a firearm wound to be more lethal. Accuracy is very important, At 15 yards away there is less chance of dying from one rifle bullet than there is to one shotgun shell that

Why does the national government believe they should have control over gun control?

Does it? I'd like to hear which branch or US government representative expressed that opinion.Its not a bad idea though. The concept of having differing gun laws from state to state has proven problematic over the years, and really just confused the issue. Banning certain transactions in one state that are legal next

Would a bullet slow down if it hit a flexed muscle rather than a muscle at rest?

I will assume that you are talking about skeletal muscles. So you must be knowing that they occur in pairs and they facilitate the motion in one direction only. Since they occur in pair,so contraction of one muscle results in relaxation of

Do US Army soldiers carry pistols?

Yes, but not all soldiers carry pistols. Each unit's table of organization and equipment authorizes the kind of personal arm for each position. The standard issue firearm for most U.S. soldiers, is, with few exceptions, a rifle. Ultimately, every soldier has to be able to competently engage the enemy at relatively long ranges

Do US Navy enlistees get similar firearms training to other military branches such as Marines/ Army during basic training or equivalent?

This would maybe qualify for Old History. I was in the Navy from January of 1966 to December of 1971. My boot camp was in San Diego California.Vietnam was hotting up. We spent one day at the firing range, herded by Marines. Patient ones. While

Do you think it is ok for the government to ban guns in religious institutions?

The question makes no sense.1. Churches in the US being private property, they have every right to tell people (other than LEOs) coming on to their property they cannot bring a gun (even if legally owned), and if they refuse to leave call the police for trespassing. Freedom of

Should every state have the same gun laws as Texas?

Yes, with one proviso. The 2nd should be fully incorporated in 14th, and all gun laws should be Federal, and, since the 2nd states that the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed, there would be NO laws restricting who can keep