Aesthetic Fitness: Which is the best resistance band brand?

Ace Fitness, the website of the American Council on Exercise, has published resistance band reviews. The council recommends SPRI StrengthCords. The bands feature a strong, braided material and soft foam swivel handles. They are color-coded and numbered, from easy to

Are calisthenics superior to the average gym?

So many things to answer...First: There's no such thing as functional movement or functional fitness. There is nothing more functional about a body-weight pull-up than there is about a barbell deadlift.You should be able to do both anyway..but let's say hypothetically

Are conventional methods for fitness better or going to a gym is a better option?

'Better' is a dodgy term to use. It's like asking if an orange is better than a steak? To someone with scurvy, yes it probably is. To another person low on iron or protein, probably not. Since 'fitness' can be measured in

Are culottes suitable wear for working out in the gym?

The potential problems that might make culottes an issue for working out in a gym are:The wider pant legs may get caught up in the equipment. This may not be as much of an issue on a treadmill, but cycles or weighted equipment could be problematic (especially if the pant

Are gyms better than Fitness classes for losing weight?

This is very subjective but I will try to generalize it to the best I can. Gyms are wonderful if you are already motivated and ready to put in the work without somebody having to constantly push you (I'm assuming by gym you

Are gyms & fitness facilities willing to negotiate lower monthly fees than those they quote initially?

Yes. Snap Fitness is a 24-hour fitness facility in my area (and in many other areas) and they have different levels of fitness plans: monthly, 6-month, 12-month, etc. These charges are billed automatically so negotiating the amount might be difficult, but there are other fees that I chose to focus

Are home-gyms a very popular thing?

With regard to sales of home exercise equipment, I'd have to say yes. With regard to actual use of these home gyms, the answer is probably no. If you are considering a home gym, I'd suggest you check out craigslist or eBay. You will find bargains because many people go out and impulsively buy home gym equipment

Are home workouts as effective as the gym?

Whenever you do something new you have to start at the lowest level you can achieve. If it has to do with weights and you cannot even do it with body weight why do you have to do it at the gym? Let's say you can only do 1 push-up and you weigh 70

Are home workouts really effective?

Yes, home workouts are effective.To make home workout effective you need to have a proper training schedule and work according to the goals set.Home workouts are generally calisthenics which are body weight exercises.To make the best use of home workouts you should have a bit of intensity, with time and experience your body

Are martial arts a good way to get fit? Or should I just go to the gym like everyone else?

I got an A2A on this:  I don't know much about the Japanese fitness industry.  I do know that as far as physical fitness is a by-product of martial arts as opposed to the primary concern of any particular martial art.     If you go to the gym the primary purpose is to get

Are most body transformations on the internet fake? I've been workingout for about 8 months going to the gym 4 times per week with a 'Proven to work' workout plan. I eat enough etc etc. yet I'm no where near those 'transformation videos'

While there are plenty of legitimate transformations to look at online there are also plenty of exaggerated or outright fake transformations.A legitimate transformation can be made to look a lot more impressive with a few minor photographic and bodybuilding tricks.You say that you are using a

Are skinny guys not 'made' to go to the gym?

Are skinny guys not "made" to go to the gym?Let's assume you mean, can skinny guys become muscular?Genetically, skinny guys are probably not

Are supporters very necessary during gymming? Why?

Importance of wearing gym supporters during the workoutsGym supporter or athletic supporter or jockstrap consists of an elastic waistband with a support pouch for the male genitals and two elastic straps attached to the base of the pouch and to the left and right sides of the waistband at the hip. The biggest benefit of jockstrap

Are there people who gained weight after joining a Gym?

Yes! It happens and it will happen even if you leave say, aerobics or dance or jogging, in fact any physical activity done on regular basis.Your body didn't gain weight in a single day, it certainly won't lose it in a day. It takes months of following a workout and diet regimen.Now you're following

Are yoga exercises better than a gym?

In the childhood, people who have not filled the pictures of drawing photographs can find less. But in a big way, the dust in the drawing table, the color of all colors disappeared. Find the dusty book, again, from the shelves, color pencils. Do not say goodbye to stress only, your creative and

As a beginner, how should I start my gym workout?

Hi as beginner you should take care of following things-The focus of a beginning weight training program is to build the core structural foundation and begin the process of building strength and endurance by developing the soft tissues ( i.e.muscles , ligaments and tendons) of the human body by putting stress by resistance training.1.

As a beginner in the gym, how should I work out? How can I stay motivated?

This is the #1 question. A big part of the health and wellness industry is built on this. A google search will return millions (if not billions) or results. Social media is flooded with ‘health nuts'. Because it sells.I was once a beginner, still am, always

As a beginner, should I go to the gym 3 or 5 days a week?

Let me divide training into: Movement & Exercise.You need daily movement. Because chronic sitting is a big threat. Why?However, when it comes to exercise i.e. weight training or even HIIT sessions, 3 days a week is more than enough.I recommend 5 times a week, if time is not an issue

As a beginner, what should my workout schedule be at a gym?

Hello, In the past I had written an article in my blog, addressing this topic. I welcome you to go ahead and read it.Workouts 101 - First time at a gym? Read this..Also here, where I had listed a good conditioning workout -

As a skinny, what are the things a beginner should know before hitting to a gym?

Never jump into heavy weights. Do stretches for about 10 minutes followed by calisthenics (body weight exercises)!!Keep the timing of your meals fixed. Only then will your body absorb maximal amount of nutrients.Sleep is the most important part of your regime. Even more important than diet and exercise.Breakfast and

As adults, which one is good to become physically fit going to the gym or running?

I have tried both so I will post my personal view about the topic.Gym adds muscles with fitness and running is pure cardio activity that makes you fit but you will get leaner too.Both are different aspect gym adds strength to your body you could lift more weights, your muscles will be tighter

Assuming LA Fitness were open 24 hours, how would it compare to 24 Hour Fitness?

LA Fitness isn't even comparable -- Its simple business economics, supply v demand. In my state, let alone the two counties I travel between there are 6 LA fitness' locations within a 30 miles radius. LA fitness has a business model more focused on opening as many locations as

At 29 am I too late to start going to a gym?

It's like asking is 29 too late to be fit? And seriously, what is this fuss about 30 being an old age? 29 is a damn young age to start anything in the world, virtually anything.Who the hell tells you that it

At what age are you allowed to work out in outdoor gyms?

Hello There,Everyone knows the importance of exercise to maintain optimum health. But many people don't know how much physical activity is appropriate at each age. Also, many people wonder what kind of physical activity counts as healthy exercise. Please note: If you are in doubt as to how much or what kind of

Can 13 year olds go to the gym?

Yes but, gymming with weights at an early age will affect your natural height growth.It's recommended to wait for atleast till the age of 15 + or better till 18. Till that time you can perform physical exercises without involving

Can body weight training work comparing it to the actual conventional weight training in a gym?

Body weight training is effective up to a certain point. Just like any exercise using resistance you will build muscle but the amount of resistance can not be increased if you are only using your body weight. You can build strength by increasing the number of

Can fitness apps eliminate personal trainers?

As someone who has developed a 'Fitness App' and been a trainer for about a decade now, I can say that I'm not honestly worried about losing my day job anytime soon. Though I do hope to transition more into the app space, I'm doing it because I believe it puts me

Can height increase after going to the gym?

A big YES to this question height definitely increases after gym.Height plays an important role in enhancing the persona of an individual.According to me the best possible way to increase height is naturally combining an exercise routine with the right diet in right manner.I'm so sure of this because I'm also a Fitness Freak doing Gym

Can height increase after turning 18, in gym?

Gym has nothing to do with height. The following excerpt is from

Can I become fat through gym?

So you just started working out.That means that the pounds will start melting off you like Kylie Jenner's face is going to in a couple of years (let's be real, she's had some work done...and will have more because cosmetic surgery is like junk food: you can't stop at just one)?!?!Well, not exactly.You betcha

Can I do a gym workout without a trainer?

It is not necessary to hire a professional trainer But it does not mean that you become trainer by yourself and do what comes in your mind.It is very critical and unavoidable to get expert advice and suggestion at-least if you are not hiring a trainer.This is how you can manage:Download Workout AppResearch and learn healthy Balanced

Can I do just stretches and warm ups for a month before I hit the gym?

It is difficult to answer without understanding the depth of your question. Having said that I am sure you some goal in mind. In general, stretches and warm ups are supplements to the actual

Can I get a good HIIT workout with only burpees? And how?

YES! Burpees are the ultimate full body workout that will get you ripped in a hurry if you are short on time. Try this at home burpee pyramid for rapid fat lossYou either love them or hate them, but one undeniable truth is that doing burpees on a regular basis will get you ripped and shredded pretty

Can I go gym at an age of 60?

This is the same answer written by self for a similar query. It will sure answer this point.Is exercise good for you at 60+ years old or dangerous?Zubin Patel, GymMngt, Spl Popu & Nutri Fitness, University of Mumbai (1987)Answered Feb 12Please get one

Can i go to gym 3 consecutive days a week?

Going to the gym three days a week is better than going no days of the week. If that is what your schedule allows, then work with what you have got. Just make sure to vary your workout routine so that you don't over work on Saturday after a Friday

Can I go to gym as a beginner for 5 days per week?

That depends on the volume and intensity of your workouts, as well as the amount of time put into each session. Also, saying that you will go to the gym for five days a week is different from actually going to the gym (I mean this in the nicest way possible). People

Can I go to gym if I am 16 years old, as I am very thin?

Yes you can go gym and start working out at the age of 16. Even I started working out at the age of 16.Working out at the Gym will help you to make micro tears in your muscles, you will need to eat

Can I go to the gym?

Yes, you are a wee bit over-weight - indeed I recommend that you should not only visit your doctor, but get a referral to a specialist nutritionist (an up-grade on a dietitian). I think this is very important for you. To get back to a safe weight and do it safely, it is going

Can I have abs in 6-7 months?

Well I think you're on the right path towards your goal. But basically I will advice you to stop concentrating on your abs for while and try to get your body fat % to around 13–14.So if done in a healthy way you can start with 500–750 calorie deficit in your diet

Can I increase my body size at the gym, or is gym only for building muscles? I am a thin guy and want to increase my body size and grow muscles.

Yes, you can definitely grow your size at the gym along with considerable amount of muscles. Size and muscles go hand in hand. I have answered a similar question on weight gai. I am quoting it down for you. Hope it helps.I have been

Can I join a gym at 46 years old?

Hell yes, you can.There's an Indian actor called Aamir Khan, who is extremely dedicated to his movie performances. Currently he's in his early 50s (He turned 52 last March).For a 2016 movie called Dangal (Hindi: Wrestling Match), he essays the role of a real-life Indian

Can I make a good body working out at home instead of going to gym? Can I make a physique like below working out with dumbbells/barbells without the machines?

Actually this is how I started lifting - I bought myself a pair of 3kg dumbbells and started exercising at home. I was following a workout program called Yourself!Fitness. Basically a lady shows you the exercises and you just copy whatever she does (youtube hardly had any exercise programs in this

Can I skip leg day in the gym?

not at all...that would be bad decision..i know that those squats and not to mention about hypertrophic (post workout pain) are really irritating...but its worth of not only good physiq but also other health benefits(like hormonal regulation to some extent an)...<go to the link> its better to keep you motivated to do lowers like

Can I start going to the gym at 37?

Whether you are 16 or 37, you could start gym at any given stage of life. You just need to ensure that your Musculoskeletal Anatomy is intact and you are consistent in your attempt. However, it is important to note that Gymming is best started at

Can I start going to the gym? I am 15 years old.

Well, that would depend upon gym policy, your maturity level, your situation, and your parents' permission.Many gyms have a minimum age of 16 to workout alone. If the parents are game, they can take you.I've seen far too many

Can I stay fit by stopping going to the gym and just continue walking alone?

It all depends on your definition of being fit. Some people equate that with being toned, lots of energy, cardiovascular and functional strength. Hence, they would engage in more cross training indoors (gym perhaps) and outdoors (cycling, running, brisk walking, etc.). If your definition of fit is cardiovascular and leg, back, and core muscles not slacking, then

Can I train a muscle two times a week?

Well you can but the bigger question is which ones? All of'em?The First case: Hitting only selective muscles 2 times a week.I can share my old workout routine. May be that helps.Day Muscle # of ExercisesMonday Back 4Biceps 3Tuesday Chest 4Triceps 3Wednesday Legs 4-6Thursday Shoulder 5-6Friday Biceps 4Triceps 4Saturday AbsSunday RestI needed to train my arms more than other

Can I use my 24 Hour Fitness membership at California Fitness in Beijing?

I am in Beijing right now and was able to access California Fitness at the Place in CBD. 1. You will need a copy of your original agreement document with a picture ID. The membership is only good for 90 days.2. Like most people, I did not have my agreement on hand. So I sent

Can I use someone else's membership to get into Planet Fitness?

The way they let you in the center I am sure you can easily. They use a scanner key ring card that they scan. They have no idea who is on the chip and they scan and let ya go in. Both wouldn't be able to go at the same time but I say

Can I work out outside of the gym?

Without a doubt! When I was in college, I didn't have access to a gym during the summers, so I used to run over to a playground, where I used to do pullups on the jungle gym and decline pushups off of benches. Between the running and the bodyweight work, I was able to maintain a decent physique.

Can old people go to the gym?

Old people come in many variations of age and fitness status. Some of the athletes participating in the National Senior Games in the U.S. are in their nineties.So age alone doesn't keep anyone from going to the gym. I'm 69, and I see people

Can one gain height while doing gym?

Height depend upon many factors ex, parants height,diet,excercise etc..normally height increase upto the age of 18 with good speed but after 18 it slow down however it is possible to increase height upto the age of 24 according to ayurveda.if you want to increase

Can pull-ups be done daily without overtraining?

Theoretically, yes. However, if you're doing pull-ups solely on a straight bar then you do risk causing some injury by straining the tendons and ligaments in the shoulders. Basically, by using a straight bar you're putting shearing forces on the shoulder joint which wants to allow the arm

Can sciatica afflicted people workout at the gym normally?

Severe sciatic pain can make exercise seem impossible. But don't despair, these 2 tips may provide enough relief to get you up and keep you moving:1. Use heat therapy prior to exerciseApplying heat therapy for 15 to 20 minutes prior to your exercise routine may significantly reduce your sciatic pain. Heat therapy provides relief in at

Can someone help me with a gym workout routine?

I work on one major muscle group per day and alternate every other day with abs. I take 2 rest days a week. I have written detailed articles on my chest, back, abs, and arm routines. Below I will share my routines and a

Can thin people go to the gym?

Firstly, people don't go to gym just to loose weight. GYM is not the hometown of overweight and obese people.If skinny guy wants to increase his size sitting at home without exercise, he can surely increase size by eating alot

Can we build our muscles and strength at home itself without going to the gym?

yes, of course you can build your muscles without going to the gym, first you have to control your food habits likewise u can start your workout schedule by lower weight dumbbells, after one week u can increase the weights as u can.first clearly u should know one thing, if u wanna grow ur

Can we do the gym after going running?

(I am assuming that your goal is fat loss)Yes you can perform strength training after running. There's nothing wrong in doing so.But, if you have ran for a fairly long time at a steady pace, it will burn out the surge of strength provided by the pre-workout supplement you might have possibly consumed. Also, you won't be

Can yoga and the gym be done simultaneously?

Before you start practicing yoga and side by side go to gym for extensive workout, you should know what is gym and what are its benefits and what is yoga and how it helps you.Gym boosts the blood pressure and yoga is a way to keep the blood

Can you bring a personal trainer to Planet Fitness?

Technically, it's against Planet Fitness's policy to bring in unauthorized personal trainers and can lead to account termination. From their Rules and Regulations (2014):Personal Training:89. If you're interested in getting a Personal Trainer, you will find all the details of our authorised trainers on the Personal Training Boards. You can contact them directly, or ask at Reception

Can you build muscle with only going to the gym 4 times a week?

Workout with enough volume and intensity and build muscle working out 1 or 2 times a week. Not 4 times a week, because that can over tax the CNS ( Central Nervous System) and the recovery system in general.Volume = sets X reps X weightIntensity = challenging the muscle's strength and endurance abilities.This response is predicated on the workout

Can you build muscle without any fitness equipment?

Of course. You don't need any equipment other than your own body in order to gain muscles.You may not have heard about it but there is a form of training known as calesthenics.You just need a pull up bar and floor.ProsYou can do it

Can you have your own locker at Planet Fitness?

I had recently made a membership at Planet Fitness.There locker room policy is strict, so you can not have your own locker.Here a quick paraphrase of Planet Fitness locker room policy1. Lockers are provided to store your personal items.2. You must bring your

Can you tell me some ways to stay strong and fit without going to gym?

First of all congratulations as you are taking your fitness seriously.Most people take human body for granted and that's not the way to treat your most prized possession.Now answering your question.You don't have to go to the gym to maintain your fitness.First of all a lot of time is consumed

Can you work out at home in the same way as in a gym?

Of course!! You should be working hard and following an organized workout routine Whether you are working out at home or at the gym.People usually underestimate bodyweight training and they are always wondering whether they can build muscle using only their bodyweight without going to the gym.The good news is yes, you can build muscle without weight lifting.

Can you work out effectively without joining a gym?

Absolutely! Cardio can be addressed through running, biking, swimming, or any number of other activities. As for strength training, you could do a body weight workout, though you'll eventually need a pull-up bar as a complement to your training. I use a combination of kettlebells and body weight training for my strength training. My home gym fits into

Can you workout at different 24 hour fitness gyms?

Unless you work out for a living, chances are, you don't have an endless number of hours to spend in the gym every week. (Wouldn't it be nice?) But no matter how many days you have to work on your fitness goals, it's tough to know how to split your time between different types

Dating: Does going to the gym really work?

Considering that this question is in the dating section, I'm going to answer it with respect to that. Overall, being more attractive is always going to help with dating. We use physical appearance and first impressions to decide whether or not we want to date someone, and going to the gym can

Dear weight lifters, how do you split your workout days in week ? How many exercises do you do and how many reps?

I've tried several different splits and the one that works best for me is the upper / lower split, typically done two days on, one day off and then repeat (or two on, one off, repeat, two off). I like to pick two exercises for the big muscle groups (chest, back, shoulders, quads, hams)

Did age matters for join gym?

It's the largest proposal round, that what is the youngest age to begin gyming. Truly speakme undertaking is the common movement of limbs and trunk correct from the first month of life. The child within the very first yr of existence, enhance stamina, vigor and suppleness. The child lies on

Do any of those ab workout machines out there work?

Yes they do, but you cant build your abs using minimal equipment. If you can do hanging knee/leg raises, pikes on a slider or exercise ball, weighted deadbugs (dumbbell or kettlebell), dragon flag, reverse crunches, normal crunches etcIn my opinion, the more instability or support you

Do crunches for abs lead to back problems?

Most of the time when people feel back problems doing crunches, its because of unbalanced training. Your lower back should get equal (actually more) training than your abs. Due to the daily activities and the sedentary lifestyle, the hip flexors are generally overworked all of the time. Plus, when you hit gym, you again

Do elliptical machines give you a good workout? How good?

Contrarian answer here: No, elliptical machines don't give you a good workout. At all. They are actively bad for you.Elliptical machines force you into an unnatural movement pattern that is never seen in real life -- this isn't how you walk, run, lift things, or anything like that. As a result, working out on an

Do guys just do random pushups and pullups? Why?

For some people it may be completely random because they have no idea what the heck they're even doing in the first place. Like there are some guys at my gym that just jumps up and grabs on the pull up

Do gym rats smoke weed and then hit the gym?

I'm sure there are gym rats who smoke weed before hitting the weights, but in my experience the gym rats I know who smoke weed do it after working out. In the gym you want to be physically and mentally as sharp as you can be. You have to feel

Do I have to workout at the same time of the day every time I go to the gym?

Depends.It is a great way to shock your body. Human body adapts really quickly. Hence, it's always good to shock it on regular basis. That spikes up the heartbeat, ensuring better flow of blood and burning more calories. Changing your workout timing in an irregular fashion can help you in that.This means it can

Do I need a personal trainer to lose weight?

I think there is hardly the right and wrong answer to your question. But I have some advice for you.More often than ever, people are recognizing the need for a personal trainer. For whatever reason, personal training tends to be the last resort for many; only choosing to invest when the gym

Do I need a personal trainer to workout?

No, but having a coach or trainer can be useful. Most people's idea of exercise is skewed by marketing. It's not about a look, it's not about punishment, fitness is about treating your body well and maintaining or increasing it's ability and/or capacity to do work.A proper trainer/coach will educate you on how to exercise and

Do I need to go to the gym to get six packs?

Hello there!This is quite common question rising in all of our minds as our regular work life balance rarely supports to pick the extra time to go to gym and then do the exercises. And when it is the issue of getting six-pack, trust me, it is not

Do I really need a personal trainer?

Hey there!Trust me, this is not only you who has the knowledge what you want to achieve - just need the guideline in the form of trainer or coach. I, myself is a free athlete and faced the same condition during the beginning of my journey.Any personal trainer costs damn lot of money. If you

Do I spend too much time at the gym?

Weight loss is about having less calories available to your body than it needs to stay the same weight.You can have less calories available by either eating less, or exercising more. With regards to your full-body workout,

Do I start going to the gym at 16 years old?

There is no such appropriate age but the ideal age would be around 13 to 15 years of age. This is the time when your body is changing due to puberty.The surge of hormones help a lot. If started early, consistency and hard work will transform you into an aesthetically pleasing youth. A

Do most people enjoy working out by themselves or do they enjoy working out with a few people? Do real gym goers hate being bothered while working out?

I mostly work out by myself because I just feel like when I work out with friends, it's too time consuming. They always just try to chat, or dick around, and not work out. Like every time I go with a friend, a 2 hour session always turns into 4

Do overweight people also have to eat immediately after a gym workout for recovery?

You have to have a high protein food within 90 mins of your workout.Your workout (especially if it is a strength training routine) will create a window of opportunity for muscle growth if you replenish yourself with a high

Do people actually enjoying going to the gym?

It runs much deeper than a simple pleasure.It's basically an acquired taste, like olives or dressing up in your mother's clothes.It's not a pleasurable feeling you can capture in the same way as finding money on the floor or having a nice meal.When I first went to the

Do people who go to the gym follow a routine?

Yes most do.There are too many approaches to list here but for example I do strength training so my routine is Chest, Arms, Legs and then Back.  This way when I cycle back to the same body part it is repaired.  I also do cardio on

Do personal fitness trainers make good money?

I have been a certified trainer since before you were born.Do NOT expect to earn a good living as a trainer. In other words forget about supporting a family, buying a home, putting kids through school.Well ‘Why' you ask !Because unless you are living in your parents' basement or

Do squats also promote muscle growth in your shoulders, upper back, and torso by holding the weight steady on your upper back & shoulder area while maintaining correct posture throughout the entire range of motion?

When it comes to squatting and the results you'll see, you tend to get two answers. ABSOLUTELY and not at all. There is no definitive answer. If your an avid gym goer or otherwise experienced lifter, I'm going to have to say not so much and for a good reason. If your consistently going to the gym, you are

Do you absolutely hate going to the gym?

NEVER EVER.I love making it to the gym.Perhaps, people with firm determination never hate hitting the gym. ;)You attain the following once you regularly make it to the gym:You'll get deep tight sleep at night.Your body parts pain like hell. But you

Do you go to gym daily?

I work on a ship,so I don't go to any gym BUT yes I workout daily,yes you heard me right ,Daily.Anyone can workout on daily basis if we train our lower & upper body every other day because when you are training naturally(i.e you're not using any drug) your muscles

Do you have any tips to go to the gym all days without missing any day?

Thanks for the A2A.It is not a good idea to train every day especially if you are weight training, when I just did cardio I trained for 22 hours over 6 days with no problems, but with weights your body needs time to repair and recover.

Do you need to use weights when working out?

Thank you for asking.Not necessarily.Resistance Training' is another name for exercising your muscles using an opposing force i.e. dumb bells, barbells or resistance bands or bodyweight exercises.Any form of exercises that is based on above definition can help you build lean mass. Barbell training is very effective and faster

Do you prefer going to the gym full or empty when you're doing your exercises?

So there's some confusion over the phrasing of the question. I took it as asking about the number of people in the gym. Others took it as asking about food levels. After reading it a second time I think you might have meant food levels.In that case, full. I hate working out on an empty

Do you prefer sports over the gym?

For me, sports wins over gym marginally (Saying it from my personal experience ;I have been a basketball player and I workout regularly)Sports helps in shaping a person's personality overall.Physically - Increase in stamina, helps in losing extra calories.Mentally - Confidence boost, increases concentration...making us more focused, helps in developing leadership and team

Do you prefer working out at the gym, at home or outside?

I'd rather bike along a river trail or do floor work at home than dress down at a gym locker and share germs from gym equipment. I think gyms are weird because the gym is something unique for each person there, so there's

Do you skip the Bench press?


Do you work out at the gym? Do people ever watch you work out?

To answer your first question, yes, I work out very regularly.To answer your second question, yes, people watch me work out. People watch everyone work out. When you're at a gym, there's a certain amount of watching that you have to do in order to be courteous to the people you're around.

Do you workout every day?

How often should you work out each week?As you can imagine, there's no simple formula that's right for everyone. So if you're wondering, "how many days a week should I work out?," that answer might be totally different than, say, your BFF or your coworker. (Come on, you didn't

Does 10 min abs workout really work? When can I start seeing result?

Yes, 10 minutes of hardcore pure ab exercises will work, but you may be misled.You see, if you spend 10 minutes a day on your abs, and really work them during those 10 minutes, (no cheating!) then your abs will grow.However, here's the catch:you cannot actually see them unless you have low enough body fat.So