How to benefit from running

Great decision on your behalf to want to start running. I will start by telling you the benefits of running, telling you how to start, then how to run properly.Benefits from Running: There are many benefits from running including weight

How to get rid of procrastination and feel motivated for exam preparations

I would like to share my personal experience with you. I had to study for a very important exam with a couple months for my prep and had nothing else on my plate. No class to attend, no full time job, no other commitments. This meant I had all the

How to make a habit of waking up at 4 a.m. when currently I wake up around 12 p.m. after going to sleep at around 3 a.m.

So here's a hack I use to wake my boyfriend up early:Plan something in the morning, which you have to absolutely go out for. Something you would enjoy, preferably. Like going for a bike ride with your friends. Or on the weekends, can do early morning movies (that start at

How to make regular physical exercise a habit

I train 7 days a week.People tend to assume I'm very motivated.I am-and I can not stress this enough-not.So you must be really disciplined then?No, I'm not that either.I'm a lazy sack of undisciplined shit.But, I'm also a proactive lazy sack of undisciplined shit.To illustrate, I want to tell you about one thing

How to build a gym habit

Use a decision making game. The part which is called - `Hunting for Kairos`.Micro-progress that makes a big impact. This is proven to work.You can make it a simple game in Phase one as described.Surprisingly, very few people noticed this ! This works for us. So here is the proposed solution,

How to know if my eating habits are healthy

If you don't live on junk food and eat plenty of fruits, nuts, vegetables, whole grains etc., you'll be fine. Stay away from processed foods, unless you have no choice, then limit them. I believe your youth is a good reason you are still healthy. I didn't worry so

How to make working out a habit

You have to learn to love it. I know that might sound ridiculous to you, "Love working out??? NO way!". I know, it might seem uncomfortable and difficult at first, but it will become a part of you. I can't go a day without working out, if I do I feel like something is wrong, something is missing.Starting

How to motivate myself to eat healthy and workout

Thanks for the A2A, Anon!TL;DRYou make a goal of how you want to look/feel.Then you make habits necessary to achieve that.It's simple but not easy. If it's not simple, stop complicating it.As James mentioned already, healthy diet & exercise takes self-discipline.The more

How to build a habit

There are two routes I recognize by which you can build a lasting habit. One is a habit loop described in Charles Duhigg's book "The Power of Habit". I found it mentioned in a few other books, blog posts and literature.The other one is much

How to develop the habit of daily exercise

Face mirror Everyday shirtless and tell yourself that

How does one overcome bad habits?

So Bad Habits, huh?Let me tell you that most people fail in stopping themselves from bad habits by telling in their mind ‘I do not want to do this particular thing'. This is normal.But, psychologically, the mind in this situation does exactly opposite what you're not willing to do.For example : You are having a habit of

In what ways does your body improve when you make a habit of running a few miles every day?

Going from sedentary to active leads to the most dramatic gains (no mater what exercise you do.) So first step is to take that first step.   As you move to daily exercise (a fitness lifestyle) you will gradually see improvements in both your physical

Is my eating habit healthy?

Whether it is healthy or not depends on a few things. First, are you getting enough calories? We worry a lot about eating too much, but too little can be a problem as well. If you search "calorie calculators" on

Is the age of 26 too late to start a healthy habit & fitness routine?

Absolutely not. Your body is constantly changing. Even your skeletal structure changes every ten years. Cells are constantly dividing and dying. They need energy. Eating healthy is beneficial no matter what age you are at.However this is the best piece of advice I can give: DONT TRY TO CHANGE IT ALL AT ONCE.

What are bad habits in marriage?

Most bad habits deal with bad emotional control, lying, trying to change the hard or impossible to change, and letting external humans or events adversely affect the relationship.TRYING TO IMPROVE YOUR SPOUSE'S PERSONALITY WITH NAGGING:If your spouse does not take out the garbage, doesn't like to cook, will not vacuum, and do household chores in

What are easy habits to adapt that help to live a healthy life?

Well, let's take a look. Diet is getting so much easier, assuming that there are no restrictions, such as people that take Coumadin (Warfarin) have. Taking that means no Vitamin K. So any leafy green vegetable is not good. Also broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, sprouts, V-8 juice, Slim fast,

What are emotional reasons in habit development?

Anything we do for 21 days continuously becomes a habit. We want to discontinue our old habit and cultivate new habits.For instance, we want to discontinue our habit of smoking because it is not good for health. We want to cultivate a

What are food habits to flatten the stomach?

Eating Consciously to defeat ObesityObesity claims more life each year throughout the world than cancer or any other deadly disease. It's very ironic that, we see people everyday who are either malnutritioned or obese. There is a serious dearth of fit and healthy people. I have not seen God but I believe only food comes closer or is, to

What are some bad morning habits/routines?

10 Morning Habits that can ruin your day:Hitting the snooze button.Checking your phone.Drinking coffee first thing.Not making the bed.Eating empty carbs and sugar for breakfast.Leaving the curtains closed.Saving stretches and exercises for the evening.Brushing your teeth after breakfast .Making phone calls .Taking a hot shower.__________________________________________________Source-BRIGHT SIDEThanks.✏

What are some basic habits I can adopt to improve my daily life?

(IN THE SERIES OF THE SUCCESS WAY)GAME OF LIFE; GAME OF CRICKETIn this game of life, we are playing a Cricket match against an entity called "The MIND". No one on planet Earth can stop you from

What are some good habits to follow?

Although alot has already been written but i want to add my own advice here also. Hope it will work for many of you 1-Drink upWe all know that it's crucial for our health to drink enough fluid – aim for two litres of

What are some habits that rich people have that the non-rich don't?

I was poor and now I'm in top1% earners in my country, so I probably am competent to answer this question.Poor people don't think about future, they are fully concerned about the current moment. They have not experienced financial security don't know how to achieve it. They know very well what

What are some healthy morning habits?

Whether you wake up at 5 a.m. or 10 a.m. the way that you start your morning will set the tone for the rest of your day.If you are stressed, rushed, and frustrated, you will carry that energy with you into the rest of your day.If you are calm, collected, and energized, you will carry that energy with

What are some of the most healthy habits?

The most Healthy Habits:-I) How To eatII) How Much To eatIII) What To EatIV) What Not To EatV) When To EatVI) The 6 components of a Healthy Regime - Physical Activity , Strength Training , Cardio Exercises , Flexibility Exercises , Breathing Exercises & MeditationVII) The 3 Foundations of Life

What are the best eating habits for active & healthy life?

It is tempting to want to lose as fast as possible, but it is much better for your health to lose weight at a steady pace rather than follow a crash diet. With the slower pace your body will have time to absorb enough nutrients and remain healthy. The benefit of

What are the habits of highly successful people?

In 2004, Mark Zuckerberg was attending Harvard University.It was here that he heard of the website HarvardConnect, founded by Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, that inspired him to create Facebook.Zuckerberg could have easily approached the Winklevosses, given them credit for their idea, and asked to build

What are the healthy habits to change lifestyle?

Hello,To live a healthy life you have to adapt some rules that will change the way you are living.Some of the rules for a healthy living are:-Less soda more waterLess sugar more fruitsLess junk more vegetablesLess packed juice more tea(herbal)Less medication more herbal remediesLess

What daily habits cause varicoceles?

The exact causes of varicoceles are not well understood. Some believe that the valves in the spermatic cords - those that carry blood to and from testicles - stop working correctly, in the same way that leads to the formation of varicose veins of the leg.One-way valves in the veins should always allow blood to flow toward the

What does your diet and eating habits look like?

For my diet, I put food into 3 different categories: Foods I never eat - This includes any food which has significant risks, but no benefits such as: hydrogenated oils/margarine, artificial food coloring, certain artificial preservatives.Foods I limit how much I eat of them - This includes sugar, dairy, gluten, soy. Foods I try

What habit can make people change to a healthy lifestyle?

This article is about 5 small changes in your daily regime that will help incarnate your health & make you a fitter healthier you. Now a days, life style as an important factor of health is more concerned by researchers. According to WHO, 60% of related factors to individual

What habits have helped you save more time?

Carrying a Notepad and Pen with Me All the TimeCapturing your ideas or simply to-do items on paper saves you a lot of time.If you don't capture them, they will wander around your brain and pop up in the most inappropriate moments. You will dismiss them focused on the task at hand

What habits may potentially contribute to a healthy and long life other than exercise?

Spend time in nature and outdoorsSleep well with 7 to 8 hours per nightDrink green tea with lemon on a empty stomachHave fruits as your first meal when breaking a fast or beginning your day (Will get digested quicker with fiber and

What habits or hobbies that you believe makes a person smart?

Einstein said that he was not particularly smart, I heard him say this myself.He said that he was very, very curious.I will add that if you are also honest with yourself, your curiosity will make you seek out knowledge and your honesty will help you decide what's good and what's trash

What is the best way to overcome the habit of not finishing what I have already started? I get the motivation and really start doing it for a week, then after that, I lose interest in them. I want to stop this.

Why do you want to do the things you start? Are the things you start linked to goals? Are you doing them just because it seems to be a popular thing to do but you're not actually that interested in

What makes people lazy?

People are inherently lazy, evolution has selected the laziest to survive. Wasting energy, when you can use a tool or get someone else to do something for you made all the difference between life and death, not that long ago. This may sound backwards at first, but think of all the cool devices and

What makes you engage in a daily ritual?

I like to have at least have done daily rituals because it gives me a sense of consistency and discipline.I know I can reason against doing so many things daily.. However for the sheer fact that it makes you feel consistent it's worth it.For eg. Doing

What part of your morning ritual is the most important to you?

Well mostly my morning ritual includes......Surprise, surprise: sleeping through the morning and skipping the breakfast. Waking up in the noon, and directly having BRUNCH.And no, not because I party the whole damn night, rather because I can't sleep till the first ray of the sunshine appears through my window, indicating it's high time, for

What should I do to sleep better?

Just as food and water are a necessity, sleep is also a necessity. First off, if you're not sleeping so well, try to identify what could be the cause/s for it. It can be because of an unhealthy lifestyle, work/life stress, worries, etc.Personally,

Whats a simple habit you use to keep your body weight down?

WATERDrinking water and staying hydrated is a simple habit that works. Drinking 8oz of water first thing in the morning will help you burn calories within the first 90min of your day.Whenever you feel hungry try drinking water first. Your hunger could just be thirst. Have you ever been so hungry that you get yourself a

What's a simple workout to get into the habit of working out every day?

Find something you enjoy and get some variety so if you get bored with one workout you have other options. A few fun workouts that I like are jump ropes, resistance band trainings, outdoor walking, or indoor yoga. You can start with simple

What's your healthy habit?

Healthy habit is good, but, I believe it also depends upon how many calories do you need to perform your daily activities.Get up 5:305:45 AM - Drink 750 ml black coffee, including (1 tbsp MCT oil, pinch of turmeric, 1tsp cinnamon, 1tsp

Which habit changed your life?

Thanks for A2A PranotiI actually don't know whether this is a habit or not, but let me share you an incident.In 2014, I had been to Coimbatore to my aunt's place. My aunt stays there with her second husband. My two cousins, her children, stays

Why does 'Sleep habits' affect weight?

It is not that only sleep habits affect weight but, eating as well as how one holds the human body around and in general also impacts the self which reflects as a depiction of ones own appearance.This is generally considered

Can regular exercise lead to healthier eating habits?

I found for me it worked the other way around: after adopting healthier eating habits, I lost a fair amount of weight and then felt like exercising. I picked Nordic walking for the reasons explained at the link.My current diet advice describes in some detail

Can you tell me one habit of yours that completely changed your life?

Sleep hygiene. 8 hours daily. Err on the side of going to bed whenever possible.Strength training. At least an hour twice a week.Healthy eating. To me this means a balanced diet that limits protein based on how much my kidneys can process

How can habits change your life?

Habits play a very important role in our lives. Nobody in this world is perfect.. If you want to change yourself.. It isn't possible in just one day.. You need to change your routine.. Your daily habits.. Even though they are small enough.. Not much noticeable.. But still changing them makes a big difference.Suppose you have a habit of

How to develop the habit of eating more

Key question is whether you want to eat more. If you're excited at the prospect of eating more, it's just a case of making sure that the right foods are available. Pre-cook a load of chicken in spicy rub, dice it and keep a pot in the fridge to nibble. Have peanuts by your desk.

How to plan for building a good habit

There are several ways to do it. I discuss a few in my blog post series on Infallible Framework for Habit Development including identity habits of which almost no one knows.The Best Way for MostJoin the Tiny Habits course. Today is Friday, so you probably will manage to do that before the next class

How did you force yourself to stick to healthy habits?

For starters, don't force yourself! Do you like being forced to do something by another human being? Then why are you doing that to yourself?Try this: short attainable goals. I read an article that called them

How do healthy habits help people live longer lives?

A healthy heart dwells in a healthy body. Healthy habits not only increase or play a role in extending your life but also improve the quality of life. Some of the healthy habits that are proven to add a decade to your life are not smoking, healthy diet, regular exercise,maintain healthy body weight and limit

How to become less foodie

Please make yourself clear here. Are you a Foodie or do you have overeating habit??Both of these terms you mentioned are different. Well let me clear this for you;A foodie is one who seeks new food experiences as a hobby.An over eating person rather

How to build a gym habit

Use a decision making game. The part which is called - `Hunting for Kairos`.Micro-progress that makes a big impact. This is proven to work.You can make it a simple game in Phase one as described.Surprisingly, very few people noticed this ! This works for

How to build habit without motivation

If you are 100% sure you want to build a habit without motivation, take the Tiny Habits course.The definition of a tiny habit says it's an activity that:-you do at least once a day,-takes you less than 30 seconds,

How to commit to changing daily habits

The whole world has welcomed many events in the past few days before the year 2015. The new year means forgetting old things and starting a new path. But if you want to move on again, you will have to leave bad habits first. But the

How to develop a good habit that can help me in the future

Hi Cierra ! Part of the answer Is in the Question! Future! Think Big, Plan Ahead and See Yourself What you Aren't yet, But watch it Come to pass before you're Very Eyes. What am I saying, Get so Enamored and Engulfed into what you Want to become so bad

How to develop a habit of doing exercise

Here are a few ideas that might work for you - and I recommend reading "The Power of Habit" by Charles Duhigg for some great understanding about how habits work. Contract with a friend - you're more likely to meet a buddy and not let him/her down.Decide when you will do the

How to make the gym a habit

Well frankly I started working out because I was madly in love with a girl, whose boyfriend had a 6 pack, and I thought if I wanted to win her I need to be someone! She was my motivation at the start. The problem here is you'll be all pumped up,

How to plan for a great day every day

A few months ago, I reached one of those bottom low points in life where everything seemed to go wrong everyday. Every. Single. Day. I couldn't even remember the last time I had a ‘moderately good' day. During those nights, sleeping was impossible

How do office-goers stay healthy?

Time usually takes most of the blame in this situation. Long hours, extended commutes and limited free time make it extremely tricky to stay fit and well-fed. Notice I said tricky, not impossible. Been here and done this.Eat right: Get in the habit of preparing

How to build a good habit and become consistent in that

Consistency is the key to developing and sustaining habits. I would have chosen it over qualities like courage, grit or ability to focus, because without consistency they are not of much worth.Let me present my four pillars to staying consistent:1. Motivation

How to build habits fast

As a general rule, building a habit requires a few key things:1. A trigger for the behaviour2. A reward for the behaviour3. RepetitionThe actual behaviour is always going to change things as well, but as an example, let's say you wanted to start flossing.The first step would be to decide on a trigger. This is the

How to incorporate exercise in your daily routine

Hi,Gosh, this sounds a lot like me a in January.My old routine:5'11" 202 poundsUp at 5am, leave at 5:30Arrive at work at 6:15Work in suit & tie until 6:00 pmArrive at home at 7:00 pmShower, cook dinner for my

How to start a meditation habit

Short Answer: Start with a concentration based approach(samatha), then expand to an awareness or insight based approach (Vipassana)Long Answer:How to begin your concentration-based meditation today.Step 1: Select your object of concentration.Step 2: Select your point of concentration.Step 3: Start meditating.How to choose your object of concentrationThe three most common objects are:Your breath.An image: Anything you

How does one develop a habit of good sitting posture?

Sitting for long periods of time is simply not good for you. Admonitions to sit up straight are pointless when you have a chair that forces you to sit on your tail. Your spine has natural curves so that it should never

If a happy and successful life is all about developing three good daily habits, what would those three habits be?

A happy and successful life is all about good habits. But we are unique. If you'd have been forced to narrow down all the choices to three habits, there would have been a great variety of 3-habit sets that would guide different individuals to the same final station

Is bodybuilding an expensive habit?

It can be, but it does not have to be.What is required it nutrition and training. Food is fine, although protein powder helps as it is convenient . I buy a 5 pound tub of whey protein and a 2 pound tub of casein protein each month,

Top 10 early morning habits for success?

To be successful morning is the best time you can get your major work done. Apart from getting major work done early morning hours have something unique that rest of the hours in the day don't. Let's discuss what are the habits/activities we can do to

What are 5 habits that can improve my life?

These are 5 things that had instant effects on improving my life which I still stick to.Waking up at 4 amI have written this in another post and received quite a lot of comments asking how I do it and how I manage my sleep.

What are some bad financial habits it's best to lose by the age of 30?

It's difficult to develop an emotionally balanced, subconscious understanding of the value of money if you've grown up in the middle class (or above) in a wealthy country like the US.I think the best way to take financial reality into your soul is to visit the world's truly poor people and spend time getting to

What are some daily habits that can change my life?

Mental hygiene: Budget your time perusing around on social media, gossiping, and watching TV.Drink hot water throughout the day. It flushes toxins out faster than room temperature or cold water out. Eat one piece of fruit a day.Read the global news and local news.Turn off all

What are some daily habits that you feel have boosted your productivity?

Exercise, meditate and keep a gratitude journal.  Say what?!?!??Yep, these three habits will help anyone become more productive at work, whatever that work is.Of course, if your job is to dig ditches with a spade for eight hours a day, you

What are some good habits to make you more productive?

This really changed our lives drastically after one of our friends brought it to our support group.I have been using the methods suggested by this author to keep myself going. Try this: Set Yourself Started and Going

What are some habits of super healthy people?

SIMPLE CHANGES THAT CAN IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH AND MINIMIZE TOXIC RISKSInflammation is the very first danger that ignites chronic disease, and the harmful

What are some habits that improved the quality of your life significantly?

For the longest time, I focused all of my time and efforts on making more money because I (mistakenly) thought that this was the best and fastest way to improve the quality of my life.However, as I started earning more and more

What are some habits that make a day more productive?

Stating your day well is one of the most important parts of being productive. Make sure the first hour of the day is spent well, either on self development or making progress on something important to you.Start your day with

What are some habits to help you stay healthy and attractive with minimal effort?

It is no secret that getting out of shape is way more easy that staying in shape.Stay away from processed food. Try to consume foods like whole grains, fresh fruits and veggies, good quality meats, etc..Keep your sugar intake in check. Pop, sweetened beverages, Nutella, etc that

What are some habits which help losing weight?

You need to identify why weight loss matters to you.The start of any weight loss program needs to be rooted in a commitment to making lasting change to long-standing habits.The focus to commit to an eating and exercise program day in and day out will only come

What are some healthy habits I should make, to keep myself fit and healthy even until I am 60?

It's all about habits. If you want to get healthy and fit, it's going to be a 10 year journey. Nothing that works in three months is going to be sustainable. In this 10 year journey, every six months you break bad habits and learn good habits. Need a habit you can start with?Get Sugar Out of

What are some healthy habits to acquire?

Expose yourself to bright sunlight for 1 hour daily, physical activity outdoors for 1 hour daily, eating minimum one kilogram raw fruit/vegetables, vegan diet, avoiding all man-made chemicals in food like preservatives, colors, artificial sweeteners, consuming only god made foods and avoiding packed processed factory made foods. your BMI

What are some healthy (or neutral) mindless habits?

Meditated, this has proven for me the most un depressing thing to do after a long day.You can listen to enjoy a moment of calm or go to Headspace and just relax for 10 to 15 min. Creating a good meal is a

What are some interesting morning habits of well-balanced people?

Over the last 10 years, I've made observations of my friends (whom I respect and admire a ton), coworkers and executives on their morning habits.To give you some quick context, they've worked at companies like Box, Kaiser, VMware, Optimizely, Cisco, Deutsche

What are some of the healthy habits that can help in staying happy?

Know that you deserve to be happy.This is the single most important habit you can create for yourself when it comes to being happy.Research shows people have a tendency to

What are some of the most healthy habits?

1. Get a quality 7-plus hours of sleep (wake up between 5 and 6 a.m.)  The National Sleep Foundation conducted surveys revealing that 60 percent of adults, and 69 percent of children, experience one or more sleep problems a few nights or more during a week.  In

What are some positive habits that you have added to your life? How were you before you implemented these changes?

I try to pray the rosary each and every day. I pray Prime and Compline each day from the Roman Breviary and I go to confession each week, and Mass as often as possible. Before I implemented these changes, I was living a very

What are some sustainable health and fitness habits everyone can adopt?

1. Drink maximum water upto 9am. Later go on reducing. No water from 11 to 6 at night. Train the kidneys.2. Always sit with straight back. A stooping back makes you look aged.3. Get up from the chair every thirty minutes. Bend your body front and sideways. Again sit and continue your work.4. Do not use lift for

What are the best ways to build habits after 30?

Like building habits at any other age.I'm currently 30 and actually much more productive than when I was younger. This is mainly because I'm a much more responsible person. I have a wife, a home, a job, a team of people I manage.When I was younger I was constantly avoiding responsibility.

What are the good food habits that a person should follow to stay healthy?

Eating at a fixed time is the first and most important food habit. It will keep you away from GERD, acidity, gas, and constipation. Drinking too much water while eating will dilute digestive juices and make them ineffective. Not drinking water at all while eating will reduce

What are the habits of normal weight people?

I'm 5'11" and my weight varies between 175 and 185 or so without any concious attention from me.Part of that is genetics, part is long habit, and part is age (+50).Here's my habits around food in some detail.I only

What are the habits of overweight people?

The people with the highest body mass index (BMI), or those with obesity, seemed to demonstrate a series of

What are things I should do every day to have a good life?

You ARE your habits. You are the sum of the things you do on a daily basis, not the things you do sometimes.The day I began living my life as if I truly believed that each and every individual day of my life is simply a miniature version of my entire life, is the day I began to

What are three habits that highly productive people have on a daily basis?

I want to begin this response with a disclaimer.The

What are your 7 worst habits?

It is as if I am born worst!Addicted to TV Series.Starting from Pokemon Season 1 Episode 1 -

What are your favorite healthy living habits?

Some healthy things to doLight weights 4 times a weekCardio on off daysEat unprocessed foodsMeditationStimulate Neurogenesis (grow brain cells)Wake up early (unless you are very tired then get more sleep, I believe in listening to your body) It's important to go to bed at night and wake up in the morning for optimum cell recovery and repair.Stretching - Get

What are your healthy daily habits?

Healthy daily habits:MeditationExercise, in nature, walking, biking, jobbing, dancing, etcSunlight 20 minutes on either side between 7–10 or 3 -7Eat a wholesome plant based organic A diet of fresh fruits, vegetables,nuts seeds whole grains, legumes, Fruit best for breakfast on an empty stomach.Drink fresh live vegetable and green juices daily, at least 3

What are your morning daily habits?

I have kept my morning habit Very simple so that I can make it a habit.I wake up at 5:30 in the morning without snoozing. First I go and boil a litre of water . Till the time water is boiling I brush my teeth.

What are your music listening habits?

MY MUSIC LISTENING HABITS HAS CROSSED ALL THE LIMITSI, basically listen to Music ALL THE FREAKING TIME .Wheather it is while I'm traveling or while driving. Even while studying I look for soft chill music and let me tell you it doesn't even get me distracted to it ,but it helps me to do that particular thing very efficient

What can you do to form healthy habits?

Examine your daily routine and see everywhere in ot where you can be doing two things at once. Add a healthy routine to your mundane chores such as substituting filtered water for quenching thirst instead of a nasty soda. Bag a healthy lunch in place of

What daily habits I should adopt to look good?

Thanks for the A2A. Good habits are difficult to form but make life easy. Bad habits are easy to form, but make life difficult. You have asked about good habits to make you fit and look beautiful. While, I cannot say if any habits can make you beautiful from outside, there are

What daily habits lead to healthy beautiful looking hair?

Less pulling your hair back. Scrunchies make split ends and dull color.Argan oil conditioner.The beach! Saltwater and seaweed with a good rinse at the end of the day makes for a very natural look.Not daily, but coconut oil twice a week

What do most successful people do every morning?

There are many ways to utilize the early morning hours effectively, but some of the best ideas come from ultra-successful people like Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz. Here are eight of my favorites.1. Drink lemon water. Drinking lemon water as soon as you wake up spikes your energy levels physically and mentally. By