A few of my friends have had their Facebook accounts hacked. What do the hackers stand to gain?

Hi Bailey,As per your request, I will answer your question...Firstly, let us look at the type of breach that was used.It was what we call

Am I too late to be an excellent computer hacker at 22?

Yes, I think so, and I think that you don't have that character trait of a Hacker. You know what differentiate a "Hacker" from any other guy? Its his willpower, Curiosity and Persistence.If I have that character trait, then I don't give a damn whether I am 18 years

Are hackers ever really as good as Elliot from Mr. Robot or is that not possible? Which parts are actually doable?

I'm going to drop truth in just 6 words:Everything in Mr.Robot is possible.Is it possible to be as good as Elliot from Mr.Robot...sure.are most hackers as good as Elliot:probably not.the vast majority of hackers do it for greed, some do it for activism (hacktivism), some do it because they're bored,

Are there any apps to hack other Android apps?

I have gone through each and every answer here they all refer to some apps which can do something particular.But mostly they are talking about stuffs like lucky patcher which can merely mod apps and some other apps which can some basic stuffBut I have compiled a list where you

Are there any working Line Play hacks?

Use this tool folks: TOOLS by Lance Gordon on Line PlayIt will give you unlimited Gems & Cash! Some reviews of the game:Its a really great app to socialize with different people in the world,except, Line Play should be made an offline app,so that more persons can play it & also the

Are there hackers out there as capable as Elliot from Mr. Robot?

I'm a pentester so I do everything with authorization.The only unrealistic thing is his online brute force. Nobody do that. When we do online brute force, we base it on most common passwords and/or leaked databases if the target is in there.There

Can a flip phone be hacked?

** I do not in any way advocate anyone doing this. This is for educational purposes only. When you know how someone might attack you, you have a better chance at defending and protecting against it **Check out How can I easily access someone phone

Can an android phone be hacked remotely?

All mobile phones can be hacked, regardless of OS being used.Sadly, all mobile phones can be hacked. I keep the minimum number of apps on my phone, that way it is more likely to be secure. I have also have locked down permissions required by some

Can an Android phone be hacked without an application?

Noticing possible signs of infidelity in your relationship is a very hard place to be in emotionally. This can cause a lot of doubt, confusion, and most likely distrust within the relationship. Unfortunately, there are no DEFINITE signs to tell whether or not your significant other is cheating. However, there are many reasons why people in the

Can anyone hack YouTube algorithm?

Hey buddy, understand one thing that hacking is just finding an another way of accessing it,don't complicate its meaning.Now coming to the point, consider that you have made a website and you as a admin has a password to access it's admin portal,which is used to make changing in a website.So now as a admin, you know that

Can hackers in real life really find out everything about you sitting behind a computer screen like in Mr Robot?

It depends on how much information you put out there about yourself. For example, even on the show when he was hacking his shrink's boyfriend. He goes through the list, "Not on Facebook, no LinkedIn, this guy's a ghost." If you are not involved in technology and don't have access to the internet, I can't imagine how

Can lucky patcher hack online games?

Never, it can't hack even an online game. If you did this so, show to the public. There are some tools in Lucky Patcher which are used for playing the game those are not for hacking the game. It increases the money but cannot hack the game.Lucky PatcherLucky Patcher iOS is an application that enables its users

Can someone hack my cell with just my phone number?

No, no and no. That question seems to spread like wildfire. The best that somebody can do to you when having your phone number is to call you. Or send you an SMS or MMS message.Note that there are so-called stealth SMS, which are received by your phone without letting you know. They generate network activity that

Can someone hack our system with just an email?

If you open the attachment or open the given link(s) then you can be hacked easily hence answer is Yes.But can someone get hacked by just opening email? Answer is Practically No. Let's analyze all scenarios:-Scenario 1:- Hacker may use email tracking techniques, such as including 1 pixel

Can someone hack your computer through email?

Using email is one of my favorite ways of breaking into an organization!Usually, I will send out 10 emails to different employees. Out of those 10 people, 5 will click the link that I included. Of the 5 people, two or three will tell me their real work

Can't talented hackers just hack the autonomous driving cars and cause accidents?

Articles are reporting that human-driven cars can be hacked (depending on you definition of "hacking".) So, sure. Autonomous cars too.But the practice of hacking cars has not taken off. After all, people don't actually want to go around sabotaging machines, arranging death traps, and killing each other. Does all the car-hacking scaremongering annoy you?But

Do Facebook hacking sites work?

Not at all, these websites are all scams.Here are some truth and liesTRUTH(Real Facebook Hacking Methods)-Even though those software and tools I talked about doesn't work. There are some other ways to hack online accounts. In fact, there are more than 10 to 20 methods. But, here are two of the Facebook hacking techniques that I'm aware of.Keylogging:Does

Do online hacking sites work or are they fake?

You'd probably have stumbled upon quite a few sites if you search in Google which says that you can hack anyone's Facebook or any other password by just entering their Email or user-ID but there are absolute fakes.Lets take some random example site which claims it can hack Facebook password

Does MIT offer a course in ethical hacking?

TL;DR: MIT does not offer a formal course in hacking, but the environment is, and historically has been, very supportive of hackers and unorthodox but principled explorations of technology.AFAIK, MIT does not offer a formal course in

Hackers: How can I get started with hacking?

Before I go on, I agree with Abbas Nderi that the most reliable path into being a successful

Hackers: Is it possible to hack into a school system and change your grades?

Most likely. It's been done before, though it depends on the security behind your school's system.When I was in 5th grade, I accidentally

Hackers: Is it worth learning Windows hacking?

Everyone is aware how vulnerable Windows OS is, so basically whenever there is a huge amount of data storage or transfer,windows is used more often because of its UI. But nowadays users are shifting towards Linux based kernels for more security. Learning windows hacking is sort of magic tricks, you can fool around with people who are using windows

Has Facebook ever been hacked?

According to the Facebook Wikipedia page, there have been two public hacks in Facebook's history:In November 2011, several Facebook users in Bangalore, India reported that their accounts had been hacked and their profile pictures replaced with pornographic images. For more than a week, users' news feeds were spammed with pornographic, violent and sexual

Has Tesla car software ever been hacked?

Teslas have been hacked in specially controlled situations. The Chinese security company Keen succeeded a couple of times back in 2016. One hack required the car to be connected to a compromised WiFi network and the cars web browser pointed to a specific website with malicious code. The hack

How can an email be hacked?

There are many methods to hack someone's E-mail address.1-Phishing: Fake login page, always look at the Address and make sure it is genuine and real (facebook. com is not like facebook. net or FacebookUpdate. com etc...) <This method consists of 3 files: Index.php , post.php

How can hackers hack your computer?

Most hacks are based on sweeping and indiscriminate probes of all computers connected to the internet. Every computer is a target. These probes will detect if a computer is not protected and the information will be picked up by the hacker.It's not surprising when mega hacks hit the headlines, millions of credit card details scooped

How to find a website that teaches me about hacking

Hacking is about exploring different things. You can't just find everything on a website that tells you yes this is how you can hack this and that. You have to learn it yourself by trying different things. First of all you have to learn the basics of Operating System and Networking for hacking. After you do that then

How to hack a game server

Actually Hacking a server is not a simple task because we are accessing their computer ( actually every web page you see is present in a computer at the Hosing Company Data Center ) and try to access their data without Physical Contact with that. So this is very Difficult.I tried to hack into Clash of Clans Server

How to hack a server

The question is blunt, has no specific terminology like whether you want to hack a web server, file server, proxy server, etc.. I'll try to answer anyway.First of all, decide what do you want to hack in a server?Find a tool to achieve that or code it by yourself.Hacking is not that easy, you will not get instructions in

How to learn computer hacking as a beginner

Since most of the books and free resources on the Internet are only meant for those who already have a considerable amount of knowledge on the subject, they fail to teach hacking for beginners.Consider the following steps:Step-1: Begin with the BasicsFor beginners who have little or no previous knowledge

How to learn ethical hacking on my own? What sources should I use

Assuming that you are a beginner, you can start off with learning core web designing which includes but is not limited to understanding JavaScript and PHP codes. Learn database management in SQL and create some login forms using PHP and MySQL. Learn backend processing of data using Ruby, Ruby on Rails

How to learn hacking at home

To become hacker need alot hardwork simplyasking on quora never made anybody a hacker and if you have to ask where to start, you clearly don't have what it takes. Though if u want to try here is some forums & websites

How to prove someone is hacking my phone and how can I find out exactly who is responsible

How to Know if You've Been HackedThe first indication that your device might have some form of malware or spyware installed would be random popups. These often redirect you to a Play Store app install page, or at the very least prompt you with a bogus virus warning or update notification.These types of popups are often generated by

How can one hack a Facebook conversation on Android?

If you can prove that the concept of perfection is selfcontradictory, you can prove that it does not make sense to say of anyone that they are perfect.Let us take as the definition of perfect: an object A is perfect if there is no conceivable object B which, if it were to exist, would be better than

How can someone hack my phone through website/link?

Yes the phone can be hacked through a link if it download and install an apk also called a payload into your device. There is something called backdoor. Backdoor is just that the person who created the payload gets all the necessary permissions he wants to access your smartphone as you give permissions in another

How can we learn hacking online step by step? Which online platform helps to learn hacking?

There are many online courses to learn hacking. The best value online course is:The Complete Hacking Course: Go from Beginner to AdvancedCurrently they have 80% discount off from that course. So hurry!I've a lot of experience with these

How did computer hacking originate?

This would be in keeping with the idea of individual freedom, in that, each person should be free to define his own thinking and his own life absent those real actions, not opinions, that are detrimental to another or to society.In keeping with the tradition of American freedom to think independently as noted here with a Thomas Jefferson

How did hacking start?

The contemporary origins of hacking into networks had started from phone phreaking. John Draper aka Captain Crunch  were among the popular guys who aroused curiosity in the field by manipulating the telecom calls through whistles of the right frequency (2600Hz). There are certain documentaries which are pretty good in explaining the early scene. 

How do hackers actually hack? How would I learn to be a 'white cap' hacker?

We do it by exploiting human behavior, errors and technical vulnerabilities. Technical vulnerabilities being due to human errors obviously.To become a white hat hacker and have a good level, it takes years of practice.You got to learn networking, programming, various techs

How do hackers discover servers to hack?

This still works but it is much less productive than 10 years ago.I would call what I used to do for entertainment,

How do hackers hack banks?

Hacking bank account is not that easy and require substantial knowledge of computer and cyber security exploits. I have heard so much about hackers getting into your target account and credit cards and make huge sum of money for you overnight. They only

How do hackers hack into Instagram accounts?

Most of the popular social medias all have in common that 99% of the time the password is gathered from a third party.There's a lot of people claiming brute force, which is a merhod that never happens. This means you go

How do hackers hack software?

Wrong.Hacking SW can take one of several routes. Try an analyze the software to find vulnerabilities, patch it for new unwanted access, replace libraries that are needed, take advantage of programming errors. The other answers (like exe and dll) depend upon the environment and

How do hackers hack?

Hacking is usually broken down into five distinct phases: Reconnaissance, Scanning, Gaining Access, Maintaining Access, and Covering Tracks. These phases are used by both ethical hackers (white hats or penetration testers) and black hats (malicious hackers). To answer your question, I will focus on the malicious

How do hackers learn how to hack?

If you want do hacking it means you need to learn lots of think likeKnow about Networking is the must. You have deep knowledge of networkingGood skills in programming like C, C++, Java, and Python, Blackhat python is mustfaadu command on algorithmHackers come from a variety of backgrounds. Some have been formally trained and typically have a

How to find out who hacked my Facebook account

You can find whether your account is hacked or not by checking the active sessions of your you account.The Active Sessions section of your security settings shows you a list of devices and browsers that have been used to log in to your Facebook account recently.

How to hack someone's computer for anything over internet

Yes, You can get access to a computer using IP address. let me explain you briefly first. I hope, you have know known basics about IP address and pinging techniques.Techniques in Brief:Confirm the computer you want to hack.Find or trace their IP address.Make sure that

How to join any hacking group and learn how to hack

Join the HackerOne CommunityHack on some of the most challenging and rewarding bounty programs in the world. Enjoy the thrill of the hunt, recognition for your discoveries, and hey - did we mention the cash? Hackers have earned more than $18 million (and counting) in bug bounties -- that's nearly 2x more than all

How to know if my WhatsApp account has been hacked

Hey there.Method #1 – WhatsApp WebWhatsapp web is new feature of Whatsapp and this feature helps you to access your Whatsapp account on your computer. You have to scan the QR code from the mobile, then you can easily access your Whatsapp account on your computer in real-time. Also

How to know who is hacking my phone

Dear Quora Readers,If your phone is hacked by someone, there are some signs that can help you know whether your phone is being hacked or not.Look for strange appsApps that aren't working properlyBattery drains quicklySlow performanceStrange phone behaviorCalls from an unknown numberYou can't turn off your phoneMobile data increaseYour emails are blockedPop-upsYour calls get interruptedA change in settings

How to learn how to hack a website

See hacker is someone who seeks and exploits weaknesses in a computer system or computer network. Hence before answering this question I hope you know some basic stuffs needed for just understanding the computer system(since you cannot find vulnerability without knowing things) like programming and networking . If  you know these things and now you

How to prevent Hackers from hacking my YouTube Account

Seem pretty bothered there. Look John you humiliated me and costed a lot of money and took anote important part of my life away. I am not as bad or as mad as the commenting was, but I don't have any fear of you and I am pretty sure

How to start becoming a hacker? What should a hacker be mastered with

The first thing you should know about himself is. is it really want you become a hacker or this is because someone hacks something now you think i also want to hack something. first, you should know about what the exact meaning of

How to start ethical hacking practice to learn fast

I had been in a similar situation.I wanted to do hacking but had no clue where to start. I didn't have any course or any such hacker friend to my credit. As I am a mechanical engineering student, none of my associates knew hacking. Also, none of the faculties I knew knew hacking, even

How do people hack e-mail accounts?

Leveraging the fact that people who own the hacked accounts are reckless, irresponsible and/or don't care and/or don't have a clue about the minimal set of steps to protect their online credentials, e-mail account included but not limited to; (Quora, Facebook, Google, Twitter

How do we hack official sites?

It is impossible for any responsible man to help in your pursuits. Asking this question at a forum like Quora, it appears that you are looking for a password to hack a government site. Be rest assured you are not going to get it.However if

How do we know when our phone is hacked?

Before specifically discussing how to know if your phone is hacked, it makes sense to get into the different ways that this is even possible.1. Spy Apps - Ways to know if your phone is hackedThere are several different applications out there,

How to hack your YouTube views

YouTube Video Ranking Checklist For Getting Rank In 2018.1. Create video in 16:9 ratio, 720P (1280×720)pixel2. Video file name will be main keyword3. In video file details (Right click on video file and click details):a. Title will be video file name

How does one become a hacker?

<Rant>This is the one thing I hate about Quora. Someone redirected my answer/changed the question to how someone becomes a hacker. The original question was how does one learn hacking. To the person who made the edit: If you think the 2 questions are the same, you're probably better off

How does someone become a great hacker?

To become a hacker, first you have understand its meaning. Hacking is not about breaking into someone's computer just like automobile engineering is not about hot wiring a car. Hackers solve problems and build things not break them. The class of peoples that break

How easy is it to hack an Android?

How easy is it to hack an Android phone that hasn't been updated to the latest code release?  Often not particularly hard. There are usually disclosed vulnerabilities that you can exploit.How hard is it to hack an Android phone that has been updated to the latest code release? Well, that's

How easy is it to hack another computer?

Hacking Windows in seconds even with Passwords!To be honest this is a vague question, but nevertheless, I will answer it, with numerous outcomes. BTW, like many others out there I can hack any Windows OS in less than 30 seconds - and that is without knowing the usernames or passwords

How has computer hacking evolved?

This would be in keeping with the idea of individual freedom, in that, each person should be free to define his own thinking and his own life absent those real actions, not opinions, that are detrimental to another or to

How is a hacked computer fixed?

Start from scratch approachI would flash the bios, reformat the hard drives, reinstall the operating system and use either terminal or command prompt to search for hidden or modified malicious system files and code which shouldn't be present if the previous steps were done but hey, you never know.The surgical approachA hacked system can always be fixed. Root kits,

How would it be possible to hack someone's YouTube account and get access to their videos?

As we all know youtube is one of the Google's subsidiaries. We need to create a gmail account if we want to sign up for youtube. So, if you can hack someones google account than you can hack his youtube account as well.There is various ways of hacking gmail account. But most popular ways are -Keylogger - A keylogger

Is ethical hacking legal?

No, hence the term ethical.But...this does depend on your definition of

Is hacking a Facebook account in India a crime?

Hacking is a crime and is not at the same time, depending upon what you hack and your intentions. If you are hacking under the law i.e. white hat hacking, no it's not a crime. But on the other hand if you are

Is hacking a fake Facebook account used for for sex chatting a crime in India?

Hi .....I pretty much think answers above may involve breaking the trust of your relationship for something that might be insignificant. Have you tried asking him? What makes you think he may be doing you wrong? Is there more evidence than him texting someone? To get the Evidence why

Is hacking really the way it's portrayed in shows like Mr. Robot?

Never seen that one but I can guarantee you it's not. Hacking is actually quite tedious and can be boring. 80% of hacking is information gathering. You need to know what you're going to do, where you can do it, and how. Vulnerabilities in a system aren't something that's just

Is it a crime to hack a Facebook account?

Hacking is a crime and is not at the same time, depending upon what you hack and your intentions. If you are hacking under the law i.e. white hat hacking, no it's not a crime. But on the other hand if you are hacking against the law to harm someone, steal secret

Is the show Mr. Robot going to create fake hackers? Is it also calling out for real hackers?

There are pretty many script kiddies out there and they will always be. Some of the script kiddies will grow into real hackers, most will drop the whole field after a while.I once was, too, 14 and I felt indestructible and invincible. Well, I was still using a lot of programs, that others had written, I did my own

Is there a book that teaches about ethical hacking from scratch?

Well, this is a good question. To learn ethical hacking from scratch first of all I prefer to learn these books which are the best ones to learn ethical hacking1. Rafay baloch's Ethical hacking and Penetration Testing Guide2. Mastering Metasploit by Nipun Jaswal3.Practical Intrusion Analysis by Ryan Trost4. Penetration Testing with Raspberry PI by Joseph Muniz5. Penetration

Is there anyone who can hack a Facebook ID?

No, no one can hack your facebook account but someone can make a fool out of you to get your login details.Hacking facebook now isn't a joke. It is already very invulnerable compared to some previous years.So, anyone can fool you to get your login details using phishing methods, fake emails or using keylogging tools but they cannot directly

Is this computer hacked?

This would be in keeping with the idea of individual freedom, in that, each person should be free to define his own thinking and his own life absent those real actions, not opinions, that are detrimental to another or to society.In keeping with the tradition of American freedom to think independently as noted here with a Thomas

Mr. Robot (TV series): Does it make it less credible that a hacker as good as Elliot still utilises ODD/discs in this day and age?

Well I sort of concur with this view only because I know from experience that even good quality discs actually seem to corrupt over time, readers break down etc. In my view what's more likely is carefully storing encrypted segments or zip files all over the cloud in certain areas

Mr. Robot (TV series): Is Mr. Robot a good representation of real-life hacking and hacking culture? Is the depiction of hacker societies realistic?

I agree that the hacking is more realistic in Mr. Robot than in other shows or movies.[Spoiler warning]Episode 1 of Season 1 (pilot episode)Cybersecurity scene 1: In the beginning the main character Elliot confronts a man who owned Ron's coffeeshop. He confesses

Someone is hacking my email and computer. What can I do?

Well you should follow Andrew Rump's advice ASAP, two factor authentication is always a good thing, better late than never! But I'm not sure an AV can save you. Thing is, you can never be sure that your AV found every part of the virus, if you're not thorough enough it'll come back

Was YouTube hacked today at 4:56pm?

Yes different channels of Youtube Vevo were hacked recently. In which many videos were removed by the hackers.Number of channels and videos were removed mentioned below :Shakira (ShakiraVEVO)Adele (AdeleVEVO)Selena Gomez (SelenaGomezVEVO)Chris Brown (ChrisBrownVEVO)Luis Fonsi (LuisFonsiVEVO)Post Malone (PostMaloneVEVO)

What are examples of hacking a computer?

I'd like to use the Ransomware virus as my example here, please do understand though that I've never created a Ransomware myself so I could be off at some details.First of all, how is the user targeted? Generally, hackers that use the Ransomware prefer to infect them through emails. So he has to get

What are hackers capable of?

Hackers are really clever programmers.The above statement pretty much, in my opinion, sums up the definition of a Hacker. They simply love to manipulate and tinker with software and hardware in order to achieve what they're after.Let's say that you wrote a simple banking program that transfers money by taking an

What are some common misconceptions about hacking?

Lots of people talked me about "hakers" like wizards.Hakers are mostly related with illegal activities.Saw a lot of 0/1 in TV films....But, in the real world...The most of the so wrongly called "hacking" is done every day by using publicly known bugs and vulnerabilities of

What are some interesting smartphone hacks?

This hack might save you one day.If we take a look at any busy street, chances are that 70% of the peoples may be busy in using their smatphones!Well, we can't stop them, as,

What are some legitimately useful life hacks?

Always run much earlier than needed so you have time to pass out before getting up for the second alarm and still be running early. I'm a maniac and that is how I get up for work. My alarm goes off an hour and 45 before work I have usually already awoken an hour previously to wiz and gone

What are some places to learn hacking?

HACKING If you dont know anything about hacking, then you should probably start with a low level certification course called CEH.I am sure that this course will not teach you anything extraordinary which you will not find after googling but i

What are some sites that teaches 'real' computer hacking?

Okay, ignore what Guldberg says. It's true that you don't just "learn to hack" like that by having people teach you. You can, however, learn to learn to hack. It's sort of a self-discipline thing. If I really wanted to be specific, it's just "learning to learn" in general. I'd say to familiarize

What are some useful but not well-known computer hacks?

ctrl + ENTER will fill in the "www." and ".com" when typing in just the name of a URL.shift for .netctrl+shift for .orgWindows + W lets you take a screenshot and crop/draw on it, and either copy it to your clipboard or save it as a PNG.F2 renames a

What are some ways to hack back at computer hackers?

TL;DR: You do not do that.Hacking someone's computer is not a game nor a revenge that is to be taken. You should never attempt to do so, because when I am answering this question I am assuming that:* You do not know about hacking and attacks but is hacked by someone

What are the advantages of learning ethical hacking?

Benefits of learning Hacking :Hacking can allow for the revelation of bugs and weaknesses in a particular software, which could in turn be used to make the software even stronger. For example, a programmer could test out his/her software by "hacking" it themselves or asking a professional hacker to do it for

What are the baby steps to learn hacking?

Frankly speaking knowledge of wide variety of computer science topics is required, however knowing things at great depth is the key to a hackers success.You should be very interested and curious to excel in hacking .Here is how to get startedFor beginners who have little or no previous

What are the best resources for computer hacking?

One of the best way is to start reading books about hacking and try it yourself. Some of the best how to hack books that an aspiring ethical hacker must read are:Hacking: The Art of Exploitation, 2nd EditionThis hacking book

What are the free websites for learning hacking?

Here are some of the basic terms along with them some websites I have mentioned.Ethical hacking"Ethical Hacking" when I heard this word for the 1st time I completely ignored the word "Ethical" and focused on "Hacking". So, almost all are very interested to

What are the prerequisites for learning ethical hacking?

The best way to start learning this, is to start right from basics. And for these specific fields, you need to have basics of Networking and related concepts as well as basics of all possible programing languages and technologies. Just, get hands-on first with networking and then you can move on

What are the primary motives for unethical computer hacking?

A former coworker of mine came up with a nice mnemonic, MICE:MoneyIdeologyCreativityEgoThis is based on a similar framework of motives for spying.Money: obvious. In the past, money from hacking might have been earned through illegal activity, and in some parts of the world it still

What are the top hacking websites?

Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking Linux Distribution Kali Linux is the best one for Hacking. Even professional hackers use Kali Linux. It is packed with a vast number of tools for Penetration testing, Finding Exploits, Social Engineering attacks and so on. There are also various tools in Build software better,

What are the websites where I can practice hacking?

HiGreetings!There are no particular sites where you can particularly practice hacking, however if you would like to get how the things in the real world work and would like to take a real world like experience then you can use a variety of simulators to do so. You can easily find these on the

What can someone do to your phone after hacking it?

After being hacked?Hackers can;Control your phone from a remote locationSteal your identityAccess your bank accountAccess to your contactAccess to social media accountsAccess to your appsTrojan Horse connections to malware appsZero day cyber attacksTouchlogger to record what your typingYour LocationTurn on your soundTurn on your camerasView personal your

What chat service do the hackers use in Mr Robot?

ProtonMailIf you assumed Elliot would run his own server or be an early adopter of Pond, episode 8's revelation that he has a ProtonMail account may have come as a surprise. ProtonMail is a browser-based email service incorporated in Switzerland created by researchers who met at a CERN research

What courses should we opt for ethical hacking?

None...Hacking - is much exploited arena of information technology & security. It has now became a billion dollar industry. Media are another game-changers to promote so-called hackers and such hackers become an idol for newcomers and thus cyber security training industry exploits them.In