Can I hack another country?

Yes, although a lot of people are truly bilingual. Russian-Tatar, Russian-Chechen, etc, etc. Russian population comprises over 150 native languages, Rissian being often the only lingua franca for all.

Where can I hire a hacker to stop a cyber hack?

Recovering the information you need is really not a big deal, but why do you really need such data? its illegal to search through peoples phones and devices; private life in general, but still we have to be sure of what we are getting ourselves into these days, in this life one

Is hacking fun?

Hacking is the most exhilarating rush you could ever get.Have you ever broken into somewhere? What did you feel like? Were your knees trembling with fear that you might be caught?Hacking is like that 1000x.Hacking is the fun we almost shouldn't be allowed to have. Hacking is the intellectual and logic oriented

What is the easiest app to hack another cell?

Msfvenom, Metasploit are my favorite remote access programs there is a tool called TheFatRat that automates the creation of payloads and remote listen if you new to metasploit and Ethical hacking you can find various tutorials from the link below the site is for educational purposes only.Ethical Hacking

How do we know when our phone is hacked?

Depends what you describe as a

How to prove someone is hacking my phone and how can I find out exactly who is responsible

While it is possible to prove someone has hacked your phone, it is incredibly difficult. To begin, if they are a hacker worth their salt, they'll have covered their tracks fairly well. If they have not, it's still nearly impossible to find

Where I can get to learn unethical hacking?

follow : HowToFree.Org | Download Free Tutorialshere you can learn ethical hacking also you can learn every thing like balckhat hacking,, download free courses, all courses only for education purpose.

What is the number one life hack that never gets old?

Spend less, and if you can MUCH less, than you make. Religiously. No matter what. When you have savings, you can weather financial storms, have options to make moves others who are living paycheck to paycheck cannot, and usually can take

How to hack a Facebook account easily

Recovering the information you need is really not a big deal, but why do you really need such data? its illegal to search through peoples phones and devices; private life in general, but still we have to be sure of what we are getting ourselves into these days, in this life one thing i know

Fundamentally, what exactly is hacking? Is it simply entering a correct password for a security system? Or does breaking digital security involve more?

Unfortunately, hacking is gaining access to a computer system that the owner does not want you to have access to.This is unfortunate for a number of reasons:The owner does not need to state that they don't want you to have access.The owner does not have to explicitly state

Is it difficult to hack popular social networks?

oh! what a big move What do you think if this was done to you? would you like it if you you need to do it then

What are the hacker languages/codes that not so many hackers know?

There is no such thing like hacker languages.Although there are some programming languages which are used in various tools.There are Scripting languages which are used by hackers. This will help :- are used in some testing softwares like nmap. For example lua is

How often are Facebook servers being hacked?

AFAIK Facebook (the system) has never been cracked.However Facebook account passwords have been hacked frequently, often with phishing attacks and in some cases due to other systems being compromised and users using the same credentials for multiple services.

Can a PUBG PC be Hacked or Not?

Any PC can be hacked. It's up to you to run effective anti-malware. I'm not sure what a

What is the most used software for hacking?

A Web Browser.Although there are so many ways that are termed as

Where can get hackers on chat?

impenetrable on its security over the past few years. You used to be able to senda malicious media file embedded with malicious code that was designed toexploit the stage fright media library. It took advantaged of the integer overflowvulnerability which involves the input of a value that is out of range which canlead to privilege escalation......

What is the easiest software to hack?

Soft ware that is easy to hack would be WiFi, Apache is quite easy and as previously mentioned there is lots of books about deception and minipulation and tricking people into giving you access.

What game actually hacks?

I think you should stop playing Watchdogs and start studying. There's no game that actually hacks.Unless you're talking about a game that actually hacks and steal your data, then the answer is probably any illegitimately obtained games.Some game crackers are quite legit. They let you play the game without DRM and that's about it. But

Do hackers know programming?

It depends on how successful they want to be.I'll go the technical route rather than the social engineering as you've asked about programming.Generally a higher level but informal knowledge of computer science is more useful than programming but most hackers with adequate ability

How one can find an ethical hacker for help?

You have to protect yourself. No one who cheats will tell you unless they think it will rid them of guilt. If you feel in your gut that you have been cheated do research, but don't get caught because of you are wrong it will further a dividing line between you. People expect you to respect

How do hackers hack card details?

There is no definite process to hack the credit card details, it can be hacked directly through you or even through the third party website or software which is using your credit/debit card details. Let me explain few of the scenario on how your credit card details can be hacked, which obviously is illegal.Social Engineering: A hacker may

How do 'robot hackers' actually work?

Robot hackers or bots just automates process that humans perform. For an instance, i was working on Metasploit (that is a tool using which u can hack into operating systems in case u are Patrick :-p), the process that i was

Who can help me become a computer hacker?

Mattia Campagnano's answer to How do I become a Certified Ethical Hacker, CEH, with limited knowledge of Java and C++? I have knowledge of Unity3d & Netbeans.Mattia Campagnano's answer to How do I move forward and get into the ethical hacking/cybersecurity/computer forensics

Is it possible for a hacker to remotely control my iPhone?

If your iPhone is not jailbroken then it is virtually impossible for a hacker to remotely control your iPhone. I only say

Can people hack without information?

Not at all!Hacking means hacker having/accessing information of his/her targets ethnically or unethically. Without having any information about about the hacker's target is good as not having target. If an attacker wants to attack an oraganisation, he atleast would know the organization's name. Isn't that information?

Can my cheating wife cellphone be hacked?

Yes.And if you're in the US, hacking it is both a felony and a Federal offense, which can, depending on circumstances, land you in Federal prison for twenty years.It's not worth it.You think you really need to know. You don't. It's tearing you up inside. It doesn't have

Is it possible to hack Roblox?

Yes, but you have to be highly experienced in order to do so. Roblox is a secure website, and uses encryption technology to protect their website. You can hack and modify the client, but it's also very hard to exploit as they patch and modify it so that your game crashes when you do so.

How would an network be hacked?

a network can be hacked in a number of ways, too many to list but just to give you the basics... i usually put hacking in two classes, 1. hacking from a total outsider (some guy out there in the vastness of the web) 2. an insider who has access to the network (

Where can I find a true hacker community or forum on the Internet?

There was a time when hacking and cracking were different. Hacking means creating workflows that a computer code was not designed to. For example, extending its functionality, using it for what it was not meant to, autostart it by using an

What are the types of hackers?

Black Hat Hackers - Hacking for self; law-breakingBrown Hat Hackers - Creative hackersin non-computer security senseRed Hat Hackers - Counter-hacking black hats; law-breakingOrange hatted Hackers - Phone PhreaksYellow Hat Hackers - HactivistsGreen Hat Hackers - WannabeesBlue Hat Hackers - a script kiddie motivated on revengeViolet Hat Hackers - Spies engaged in espionageGrey Hat Hackers -

What is the easiest system to hack?

First, the question is why do you want to hack/what is your purpose? Depending on your response, one would be easier than other... And obviously, I hope you are NOT hacking illegally or for malicious gain.Anyways, for the sake of this question, lets pretend you are researching and

How to hack my partner's Instagram

You can't. And what you're asking to do on this international public forum is unethical and illegal in most countries.But this sounds like a trust issue, and technology will not solve that.Talk to your partner about your concerns, and if you don't like or believe the answer, you will know what to do next, without crossing

Is hacking good or bad? How does it help?

It depends. Hackers are categorized whether as Black Hat(bad guys) or White Hat(good guys) and so does the whole hacking can be classified according to these two types of hackers...

Is hacking a crime if you only hack your own equipment/ have permission to hack?

What's illegal is to gain unauthorized access to a machine. So remember that in light of your question.On your own equipment, absolutely legal. That's no different than popping the lock on your own car if you lock the keys in, or because

How did the hackers (ransomware) get money from victims without been identified?

Those who use the Ransomware in generally rely on Bitcoins for anonymous payments.In Bitcoins there is no personal information attached to the accounts, both the seller and the buyer transfer the payments with no strings attached.Of course, that is not the only method that the cyber criminals use to conceal themselves. Only the payment part.

What are the tips for hacking?

There are no ‘the tips'. To learn how to hack (in the ‘breaking systems' sense,) you will need time (years), experience (school isn't enough), a inclination towards IT in general, networking skills (all of them, social, hardware and software networking) and especially: you

How is VoIP hacking done by attackers?

Several ways:Some of them are:Finding an open port (SSH ,RDP etc..)and gain access to your VoIP serverSQL injection via your web portalsKVM connected to your server, where they can exploit and gain access to server.Once they gain access they can send calls from it to your own providers (which you pay for)

Why most of the hacking cyber-attacks are from china?

China is one of the few countries who have a large cyber army of cyber warriors working under Govt. shelter. China finally admits it has special cyber warfare units : China Finally Admits It Has Army of Hackers On the other hand china is pretty much serious

How do hackers hack banks?

You'd think banks with their layers and layers of firewalls, secure credentials, DMZs etc would be relatively safe for hacking right? Well, maybe not as much as you'd think! Here is a list of what I've seen in the industry, and I don't even work in the cyber security department.By

Who are the best mobile phone hackers?

Yes it's possible!!!Why don't you follow your instinct? You could try talking to him and then think about what he says afterwards. So maybe say, what you have noticed is different, and ask if he is seeing someone else. If he says yes, then you have a lot on your plate to deal with now. But I think

Have you ever hacked a Facebook account?

Let's plot this like a story. You're engaged in a titanic battle with your good friend and mortal enemy, over that girl you both met during your college techfest. Last week he went too far, and did something which literally gained some extra hand over her. And you don't wanna talk

What should I learn first to begin hacking?

How To Become A Hacker: Steps By Step To Pro Hacker