What do hackers think about the TV show Mr. Robot?

I like it very much. It's still not going even to scratch enamel of the surface of the finishing of hacking, but that isn't to expect. They are using the right tools, that do no fast

What is a cool tech hack that you've done?

I replaced a $3 million dollar security solution with my own code base protecting one of the largest financial companies in the world.It was never meant to be a permanent solution. Just needed to bridge the gap between the decommission of an expensive COTS solution

What is a link for a safe Wifi hack tool?

The greatest lesson I have learned is this. Output is always equal to input. So think about this. Sure, there are free or easy WiFi hack tools. There might be both, even! But anything free will be severely limited (or dangerous). As for easy, don't even bother looking for easy. As

What is a way to hack a computer system remotely?

This would be in keeping with the idea of individual freedom, in that, each person should be free to define his own thinking and his own life absent those real actions, not opinions, that are detrimental to another or to society.In keeping with the tradition of American freedom to think independently as noted here with a Thomas

What is hacking? How to learn hacking?

Ha ha ... I m happy that I m writing an answer to one of my favorite questions.Let me begin.What is hacking?In my view hacking is just a misconception for today's generation. A misconception that is built by Sci-Fi movies and

What is it like to hack into someone's Facebook account?

Hacking facebook accounts is often misunderstood, because the reality is that people often forget to logout and friends/randoms "steal" their Facebook account. I assume we are not talking about these people, since i do not consider them "hackers" more than kids.I once noticed a major flaw in Facebook and checked it out.

What is the basic knowledge needed for hacking?

How To Become A HackerSo firstly you should know who a hacker actually is and what he does. You would have seen in movies some hackers with black terminals just enter few keywords and green fonts going up. Trust me most of the hacking scenes in movies

What is the best ethical hacking course in Udemy?

Here are some really awesome Ethical Hacking courses on Udemy:The Complete Ethical Hacking Course: Beginner to Advanced!Linux Security and Hardening, The Practical Security Guide.Advanced White Hat Hacking & Penetration Testing.Reverse Engineering and Exploit Development - UdemyThe Complete Wireshark Course: Go from

What is the best life hack you discovered on your own?

Make friends with the people who serve you-the snow plow guy, the airline ticket clerk, the furnace man, the waitress, the lady at the laundry, the computer guy, the taxi driver-any who provides services to you.How? Converse with them. Be personal: be human, be sympathetic, be curious, be respectful, be funny if

What is the best way to learn Android hacking?

Since you are asking about Android before you begin to learn let me tell you somethings about security level I experienced in android,Android built on top of Linux kernel so if you know how to operate in Linux consoles then you are good to go otherwise first

What is the best WiFi hacking tools?

Tested working tool ->(How to) by Steve Malone on Get WiFi PasswordNow, for some wifi related gadgets: BT's Whole Home WiFi is a really solid product which would have been higher on this list had it not been for a few strange

What is the most useful health hack you know?

Get bored? Go to the gymGet thirsty? Drink lots of waterMore leisure time? Start a youtube channel & make money.Woke up early? go to the gym or jogging.Not getting sleep?

What is the way to hack Facebook without changing the original password?

Okay I'm gonna tell you how you can hack facebook Very easily And totally free, through the website.I know some websites

What is your best inexpensive college beauty hack?

Eat healthy, stop eating junk food and drink enough water to get hydrated. And also get enough sleep and also also sleep as early as possible if you are not a night owl.And also if you want to care for your skin more than I would like to suggest you to put moisturiser

What laptop to use when hacking?

There's no clear cut answer for this because hacking is such a broad term.  It's like saying "What shoes to use for walking".  Well are you walking in the Sahara Desert? But to tickle your fancy and answer your question, any laptop with fairly strong multi-cored

What programming language do hackers use?

Well, talking about the softwares for hacking ? There is no such software that would that would directly crack your any piece of code and let you inside your girlfriend's account. Just kidding !! Hacking is not something you can learn by simply reading eBooks, reading this article, watching YouTube videos, liking

What should be the process to learn ethical hacking at home?

#Question name: What should be the process to learn ethical hacking at home?TOP 27 RESOURCES TO LEARN ETHICAL HACKING:Hi, I checked all resources on the internet and Quora answers and below are good sites to learn ethical hacking.#1. Masters In Ethical HackingThis is the best YouTube channel about ethical hacking.Subscribers: 230,000+Total of videos:

What skills do I need to learn to become a computer hacker?

Before I begin, I say the most important thing is to get a job related to hacking, aim for this first and you will thank me later, lookup similar jobs, I have heard: pentester, malware analyst, virus analyst, programmer, computer scientist, system admin, etc, there are tons of related jobs and

What sre some interesting smartphone hack?

Create multiple account in whatsappBy using ogwhatsapp apkogwhatsapp is basically an android app that allows you to run multiple whatsapp accounts on single phone. It run separately with your number 1 and original whatsapp with be running with your number 2. Isn't its simple ? Please follow the step by step guide mentioned below.

What website has a tutorial for ethical hacking using PHP?

Well, first of all... Do you even know what hacking is? Your average Hacker is not doing that much programming to begin with. At least, not in PHP.Then again, we might misunderstand what you're trying to do. There's a book about

Whats a good life-hack you know?

Let me introduce you to the Bathing localized thermal transfer optimization problem.When you run a bath, start with tapping the cold water first, about a 1/5 of the (5th) of a bath and follow by adding the hot water next. Use foam bath additive from the start as well.Why?When you add the

Where can I learn to apply the skills I learn for hacking, like programming, networking, and other stuff to hacking? Where or how do I learn to apply those skills to hacking?

Attending an information security conference frequented by hackers, such as DefCon, will give you a chance to meet people with whom you can share your background, experience, and interest, as well as to learn from speakers who are experienced in hacking. By chatting with fellow conference members and speakers, you

Which is a great ethical hacking course?

The SANS courses are well respected. These are multiple choice certification tests though and don't really prove actual knowledge. You can go to a boot camp for 5 days, work hard at it and pass the test. Some experience and/or education is required if you choose to take the test without the SANS training.CISSP

Which is the best home setup for learning ethical hacking?

You will need a decent laptop preferably with 8GB ram and I5/i7(may not be latest gen) (Processor should support Virtualization tech) and may be non intel WIFI card. You always can buy external WIFI car with better antenna. I would prefer a NUC or refurbished laptop with 16G ram. Thats all

Which is the best software for hacking?

Angry IP ScannerA hacker can track people and snoop for their data using their IP address. Angry IP Scanner also goes by the name of

Which is the best way to learn hacking for a Hackathon competition?

I Don't Know Why People Misguiding YOU?I seriously dont know why people misguiding others and telling you to learn programming languages and bulls#!t but, same things happened with me before few years back. I will not try to prove them wrong but, at least suggest you something please try to understand

Who can teach hacking?

Ethical Hacking Training - BoundTech SolutionsThere are so many professional institutions that provide ethical hacking training. After knowing completely about the training institutions, it is better to join in the ethical hacking course. Most of the training institutions now give only theoretical knowledge and they never develop

Who can teach me a real hack, like hacking systems?

Short answer: InternetLong answer:I have about 10+ years in hacking (and stuff like that) and in my short exp i think the best way to learn is to find a mentor (BUT is really rarely find one), the second best way to learn is by

Who is hacking my Facebook account?

Before you do anything, decide what you will do if you find out that he is cheating on you. If the answer is nothing, then is it something you need to know?Think about why you have that feeling. Does it have a rational basis?Think

Who's hacking the computer hackers?

Think about how far one hacker can go, at some point she/he will reach a limit which they have no knowledge about. Usually, this is a programming language which is difficult to learn, so they skipped it while learning, this with hacking is a big mistake, especially if you have already penetrated a

Why are some games really easy to use hacks (speed hack, projectile noclip, seeing enemies through walls) while other games it's virtually impossible?

It all has to do with what protections are put in place by the developers. Depending on what coding language they use, engine, etc. they can completely stop all hacks or they can allow as many as the community wants. When a developer like Square Enix uses their own

Why does computer hacking work? Isn't there a permanent solution for hacking?

Let me just give you a short answer.Consider the computer to be like a room. The password is the key. As long as a door exists to get inside, anyone with sufficient knowledge can hack and get inside. The only secure room in the world

Why does Mr. Robot use a PC to hack instead of a Mac? Are hackers really so behind the times that they use Windows?

I'm no expert on Mr. Robot, but it seems to me that although the show contains pretty accurate tech material, it's not about tech but the cultural, social, economic, philosophical and legal issues that arise out of tech. As such they want to keep the tech as simple and understandable as possible for the audience. What

Why server bases games can't be hacked?

Just say it as a ATM machine, the server is the money inside the ATM, the games is like the interface for you to interact with the server.The ATM card is your ID, the screen and keys like a game

Will learning how computers work teach me how to hack?

This would be in keeping with the idea of individual freedom, in that, each person should be free to define his own thinking and his own life absent those real actions, not opinions, that are detrimental to another or to society.In keeping with the tradition

Would you hire a hacker who hacked your website?

A lot of companies now offer bug bounties in the form of cash, gear, or recognition to folks who find flaws in their sites or code. The taboo over hiring hackers has pretty much faded away. But, how they went about it, and how they disclosed, would make a lot of difference to me.

How easy is it to hack an Android?

How easy is it to hack an Android phone that hasn't been updated to the latest code release?  Often not particularly hard. There are usually disclosed vulnerabilities that you can exploit.How hard is it to hack an Android phone that has been updated to the latest code release? Well, that's quite a bit harder.

What are some ethical hacking tools?

You meant tools for scanning, addressing and testing websites ,applications and IOT based Devices right?Here we start with Kali Linux with some preloaded tools: [This is not a comparison, so please don't judge from a comparison point of view]Maltego: Used for information gathering Owasp-zap: Used for Mapping and

Am I too old to become a hacker?

See, No one is too old to learn something New. Everyone learns everyday and don't even realize it. Everyday passing day we learn something new about ourselves, we learn about something new in the world, we learn about our loved ones, and about what all of us love to

Are hackers the best coders?

Not really. Most of them can't program at all. It's a different set of skills completely, although sometimes the underlying mindset can be the same. For "real" hackers, anyway. In this case I use "real" to mean the people who actually spend

Are hacking apps illegal?

Generally no, in most of the world, because they're used by white hat ethical hackers to find weaknesses that can be fixed. Certain tools that were clearly built with malicious intent have been used as evidence to convict their authors of aiding in cyber crime. Also, some countries have stricter laws that ban all exploits.

Are there any hackers in India?

11 Mind Blowing Indian Hackers You Should KnowComputer hackers are almost always celebrated, whether they fall in the ‘black' or ‘white' side of the law. But you rarely get to hear about Indian hackers in our own media. And especially when these hackers are decisively helping organizations and governments in positive ways they ought to

Are there hackers out there trying to hack other hackers?

It happens. The first guy that I actually helped prosecute came to my attention when he wiped the disks on the main VAX UNIX system at a client site. Everyone was baffled as to how they could have gone home one day and come back to a completely blank

At what point does 'hacking' become illegal?

There was a time when hacking and cracking were different. Hacking means creating workflows that a computer code was not designed to. For example, extending its functionality, using it for what it was not meant to, autostart it by using an auxiliary device instead of just click the icon and so on.Cracking means

Can a hacker hack bank websites and internet banking?

Yeah it is possible but not that simple as you or I or anyone think...How do Hackers Hack Bank Accounts and Personal Information?Most people studying hacking have a keen interest in learning how to can hack bank accounts. They become discouraged with the

Can a professional hacker get hacked by another hacker, and will he know that he is hacked?

Absolutely, and it happens a lot, for two reasons:Hackers have exploits and exploits are valuable. Hackers also have other valuable security information to steal.Everyone likes to prank their friends, hackers more than average.In real breaches by advanced attackers (e.g. intelligence agencies) against advanced defenders (e.g. major tech companies),

Can a professional hacker hack HTTPS websites?

See if you think HTTPS can save you from getting hacked than you are getting on a wrong track...why?Because if anything is made in this IT/CS world it has a vulnerability....even SSL and TLS also have vulnerabilities there exploitation techniques are out...though

Can a server be hacked?

A2A Can a server be hacked? Yes, anything can be hacked with good tools given physical access. So, Can a server be hacked over the network ?Sometimes.Since you have a server on a network, it must be listening for requests. That means there is an attack surface - the set of all possible requests that can be sent,

Can all programmers become hackers?

To be straight foreword yes they can become .It depends on if they want to or not!You know hackers have to wright python codes , backdoor , shells and all other malware and stuff..So what better if a programmer wants to be a Hacker .But

Can an iPhone account be hacked simply because the hacker knows the user's IP address?

I can speak to one scenario, but it has provisos: besides knowing the device's current IP address (and assuming the device is currently online) you'd need three other conditions to be true:The phone has been jailbroken and is running Cydia (commonly used by iPhone enthusiasts to install unauthorized software on

Can I become a hacker without Python?

May be YES or may be NO. It also depends on the expert level you want to achieve in hacking. Python is one of the many programming languages used in hacking mainly for coding exploits. What makes Python more attractive is the simplicity with which it can be mastered.It is

Can I become a hacker?

·Run a UNIX-like OS, for example, Linux. UNIX and UNIX-like working systems are the working frameworks of the Internet.·While you can figure out how to utilize the Internet without knowing UNIX, you can't be an Internet programmer without understanding UNIX.·Thus, the programmer culture today is pretty emphatically UNIX-focused.·There are numerous sorts of UNIX-like working frameworks, the

Can I learn hacking during school?

Yes, Certainly you can. In order to get into real hacking there are somethings you have to learn, those are like Linux and basic commands once you are familiar with them, you can get into it. But all together you are going to cover too many academic courses something like(Operating Systems, Linux Administration, Networks,Firewalls, etc..). So basically when

Can one learn to be a hacker?

NO.Based on your description and my experience it is not possible. If you are not inquisitive by nature nothing is going to get you to do it. In the context you describe however it is assuming somebody has not got any type of inquisitive nature, I don't believe this is true of anybody.Yes

Can someone hack my email? If so, how can this be prevented?

There are several vulnerabilities with email that need to be hardened.Your email host. Some email hosts (vendors/providers) take security deadly serious. Others are not much better than criminals themselves. Start with a host that takes your privacy as seriously as do you. This means they:Encrypt your email in transit between your

Can someone hack your computer through email?

Using email is one of my favorite ways of breaking into an organization!Usually, I will send out 10 emails to different employees. Out of those 10 people, 5 will click the link that I included. Of the 5 people, two or

Can the WhatsApp find out who has hacked my account and let me know?

Recovering the information you need is really not a big deal, but why do you really need such data? its illegal to search through peoples phones and devices; private life in general, but still we have to be sure of what

Can we hack WhatsApp by ethical hacking?

Facebook offers ethical hackers a bug bounty program for which WhatsApp is in scope:WhatsAppWebsites: WhatsApp Blog, WhatsApp Translation, WhatsApp Web, http://whatsapp.net, WhatsAppApps: WhatsAppWebsites: http://alpha.whatsapp.com, WhatsApp Brand ResourcesAn ethical hacker would comply with Facebook's published terms of engagement.FootnotesFacebook

Can we use python for hacking?

Yes absolutely!!Many hacking tools are made by python language.Python has some important features that make it particularly useful for hackingbut probably most importantly, it has some pre-built libraries that provide some powerful functionalityThe most good point about python that it is much easier than other programming languages like C C++ C# Java Cobol Fortran massam etc.Metasploit framework software uses

Can you be a hacker without learning programming? Can you give any examples?

Hacker is the set of all those people who can outsmart the systems designed by others.A system can be used to perform several tasks & therefore it's vulnerable in all these respective tasks. Also let's clarify somethings. Yes hacker needn't be a programmer.Not every system is directly vulnerable from outside.A

Can you learn hacking by programming?

Learning to program doesn't teach you how to hack since most courses are not focused on security and possible attack points.Yet learning to program can give you a deep insight into hacking since hackers first often develop their own scripts or software to do

Can your phone be hacked just by someone having your phone number?

No, or telephone directories would be extremely dangerous :)More seriously though; scammers have been known to take fake ID to the store of a mobile phone company and get a

Computer Hacking (security): What are the Linux skills/tools/tricks required to become a hacker?

First of all - 'Becoming a Hacker' is not a degree which you have to achieve in order to label yourself as a Hacker.There are many levels for a Hacker...The one who just hacks Android apps and games :- for which you do not need to

Did you ever hack your school website?

Together with my best friend, I started hacking at age 13. We were in high school back then. Every year, after the final exams were taken, the school would do a television broadcast to congratulate the people who passes their exams. When my friend graduated

Do hackers get legal jobs, and if so, where do those hackers learn to hack?

Yes, hackers get legal jobs.The world of hacking has evolved significantly in the last 30 years. Universities nowadays offer a host of different courses in Computer Security, which come under the names of:Cyber SecurityInformation AssuranceInformation SecurityInformation Systems SecurityDigital ForensicsThe courses can lead to either a BSc, an MSc or a PhD degree.Graduates can then become Information security professionals. They

Do hackers hack just for fun?

It depends on the type of hacker.If someone's a white hat hacker, it means he's a good guy. He'll try to hack into a system and report the authorities about the security flaws and to get them fixed soon.Then comes

Do malignant hackers use machine learning for criminal hacking activities?

Yes, they do! I'll give you a little bit of a practical application, I already implemented. It is still relatively new to accommodate machine learning into malicious apps, but the technology is ready and dedicated frameworks are easing the work .Imagine you have

Do passwords stop hackers?

Stop them from what? Getting access to the information they want or just random hacking of a target?There are a lot of misconceptions about hacking in the world today. Most people think that some evil hacker will target them and stop at nothing to get their information. What information do you have that caused you to be a target

Do psychopaths like to be hackers?

Depends what you mean by hacker - a script kiddy (an unskilled individual using other people's computer programmes for nefarious ends), someone planting keystroke loggers and the like on a target's computer, someone playing around with technology to solve problems, or a skilled computer criminal (the usual meaning).Script kiddy - yes.Planting keystroke

Do you have any ethical hacking website?

If you are looking for learning purpose then Online Courses - Learn Anything, On Your Schedule | Udemy and YouTube is the best website , udemy u can get paid courses with certifications and on youtube u will many free videos on ethical hacking.Or if you are looking udemy course downloader in free then u

Hackers: Are groups like Anonymous good at hacking?

I personally think they are very powerful, they are uncoordinated, yet very coordinated, let me explainFirst off, there is no single group "anonymous", it's more a, structured idea, there are encrypted chat systems, Twitter accounts, communities and such some can communicate through, but are not as organized as a hacker-teamHowever

Hackers: How can I get started with hacking?

Before I go on, I agree with Abbas Nderi that the most reliable path into being a successful

Hackers: What ways are there to find out how my computer was hacked?

Check your logs!In windows: (windows key)+r and then enter eventvwr.mscIn the *nix world you'll find similar data in /var/log/*If you can isolate the events that occurred around the time before your symptoms (missing files). then you may be able

Have you ever hacked into another hacker's computer?

In simulation training, yes. In real world with consequences, no. It was a

How are emails hacked? And how can I secure myself from getting my email hacked?

Most of the ones where I know exactly how it happened, the user responded to a phishing mail that asked for their password. I can see the webserver logs. Most of the users who got hacked that way were

How are hacked websites restored?

the cpanel for my website got hacked recently, and i lost total control of the web hosting credentials, thanks to the professional service i received from whitehacker, i was able to regain control of my website after contacting whitehacker, who was referred to

How are hackers caught by the FBI?

I attended a lecture given by the FBI director. There is a tremendous amount of work that goes into tracking down hackers, it's nowhere near as easy as it looks like in the movies.Since hackers know to cover their tracks, the FBI has to peel away at each layer,

How can an email be hacked?

The email, like the actual HTML / text message ? No, not really.The email delivery systems like the server and the client ? Sadly yes.A hacker has a couple of ways to read your email, some I'll describe below.Sniff the network: Sniffing is the process of collecting and analyzing the data that is sent

How can hackers hack your computer?

Most hacks are based on sweeping and indiscriminate probes of all computers connected to the internet. Every computer is a target. These probes will detect if a computer is not protected and the information will be picked up by the hacker.It's not surprising when mega hacks hit the headlines, millions of credit card details scooped in searing hack,

How to become a computer hacker or security cracker

If you have interest in hacking then at first you should have some basic knowledge about programming languages and networking skills. You can also get certified ethical hacking course to get clear knowledge about hacking which will help you to become an expert Security cracker. I suggest you to learn Certified Ethical Hacking course from

How to become a pro hacker in 4 years

This list has provided by HackerZ team to others:Famous Hacking Books:Gray Hat Hacking- The Ethical Hacker HandbookOrder Link(For Amazon users): https://www.amazon.in/gp/product/gray+hat+hacking+bookThe Web Application Hacker's Handbook: Finding and Exploiting Security Flaws, 2edOrder Link(For Amazon Users):The Web Application Hacker's Handbook: Finding and Exploiting Security Flaws, 2edHacking the Hacker: Learn From the Experts Who Take

How to find a hacker in india

Its better to learn yourself.Wonder how?Well this is my tutorial on How to become a hacker. Actually it's more of my experiences so I have included them too. So get ready and take a deep breath because Hackers are the magicians of future. (watchdogs :v ) So lets get straight

How to hack into a friend's Facebook and Instagram account

There is one person I will like to refer you to, tell him you're from me by my name. He is good at what he does and a lot of people have been talking about him. He usually replies within minutes

How to join a WhatsApp group for hackers

Hackers don't use WhatsApp, Telegram, or any communication system working from a mobile device (using SIM cards). This because of the SS7

How to learn computer hacking as a beginner

Since most of the books and free resources on the Internet are only meant for those who already have a considerable amount of knowledge on the subject, they fail to teach hacking for beginners.Consider the following steps:Step-1: Begin with the BasicsFor beginners who have little

How to learn hacking for free

I second Ethan Qwan's answer, and just want to add some comments:* You should be endlessly suspicious of any website that claims to be able to teach you how to hack.* If you want to learn anything at all about hacking, you should start with a very specific

How to learn network security and ethical hacking from home and become a pro

Take below course at Udemy for 10$ only.Become an ethical hacker that can hack computer systems like black hat hackers and secure them like security experts.Course Link-Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch : Become an ethical hackerCourse Description By Instructor-Welcome to a comprehensive course on Ethical Hacking! In this course, you

How to start learning ethical hacking for free online from beginner to advance

if you want free resources then lean from Free Cyber Security Training and Career Development | Cybrary .there are some benefits for this kind of training like you will get an overview of all of the things but if you really want to understand how exactly cybersecurity needed in the companies, how projects have been

How to start learning hacking as a very new beginner

Hacking is not a subject. Its a skill which is achieved by hard work, passion and reading a lot of books.First of all you need to understand that how the computer works. How we are able to communicate with people staying thousands of miles apart. How INTERNET is working? How a mesaage

How can one become a certified hacker?

A2AYou can get Certified Ethical Hacker from EC-Council but it only teaches you the tools and methodology of penetration testing; it doesn't actually provide any hands-on training regarding getting into a network. If you get the training and practice on your own, you might get something out of it. I

How can one learn to hack emails?

Phishing links I believe. Hypothetically you would email someone a link that shows as something they are familiar with such as clockintoyourjob.com (obviously not a real site), but you would change the actual link address (explained below). It

How to hack a better hacker

Learn what is necessary to stay one step ahead of all your competition.  I would suggest you start with a Capture the Flag game online or at a conference venue to meet other hackers.  Once you know who your competition is, then it is a matter of trading exploits / data loot / know-how in

How to hack the hacker if they have watch over everything you do from SD cards to cars

Counter-hacking is achieved by setting a booby-trap so that when a criminal attacks your system, she or he will suffer damage. However, as you hardly have permission to attack yourself, it is generally illegal to do so. Such actions are particularly fraught with the danger of being enticed to attack an innocent victim, as a hacker may spoof another

How to prevent getting hacked from the deep web

The most common ways to prevent against hackers while browsing deep web are answered from the official TOR websites. So, supposing you are using TOR to access Deep Web, here are some of the basics things you can do (reference

How did computer hacking get started?

I recently watched a documentary on Hacking on youtube and I was surprised the word 'Hack' comes from TMRC - Tech Model Rail Road Club. It basically meant using your intellectual knowledge to overcome anything that is not conventional or known facts about the systems. It meant spending hours to figure