According to you, what are the things that make life enjoyable?

If you enjoy your own company, there are no such things to be dependent on to make the most out of your life..Because the moment your good mood/days depends upon the the things' surrounded to you,Its' sure there will be bad

After losing my mother, I feel depressed. How can I get my happiness back?

I lost my mother in 2015 in a sudden heart attack and she collapsed in front of my eyes. Within a span of 30 minutes my life was turned upside down. I did not cry and entered into silence for some time as I lost all my feelings together.

Are disciplined people unhappy?

Disciplined people are not unhappy but are waiting without grudges for greater happiness.Discipline, quite simply is a systematic and consistent following of a set of rules or guidelines, to help propel you towards an objective.The objective may be material accomplishment or

Are homeless people happy?

Mostly, that depends on why they are homeless... and what kind of conditions they have to survive in! WHEN I WAS YOUNG AND HEALTHY, being homeless was often very unpleasant... but also often not too bad... I WAS MORE FREE THEN THAN AT ANY TIME IN MY LIFE... and I can say.. flat out... MOST AMERICANS HAVE

Are marriages about happiness?

No I certainly do not believe marriage is about, or should be about happiness. If happiness is attained along the way that is a really good dynamic. But looking at current statistics and separation and divorce rates, that is not necessarily so for everyone. And even

Are men happier after divorce?

Men have a much higher rate of suicide and depression than their married counterparts and divorced women.Men's Health - How Divorce Affects Men Emotionally and PhysicallyThere are potentially many reasons for this, but the clear obvious reason is men are far more likely to be pressed into financial servitude than women.Dads Represent 85%

Are men or women happier with their marriages?

At first I thought of responding with some sort of joke answer, because it is a strange but interesting question that cannot really be answered.  Then reading Gwen's answer, a good one, I realized it could be taken seriously.

Are most marriages unhappy?

Unhappy is sort of relative. Most longer term marriages are on cruise control and while not really fulfilling (which can make you unhappy) aren't worth a divorce either. Especially, if your desired state is to be with another partner down the road and essentially back in a similar situation. If you haven't noticed most people

Are most people happy?

I can only talk from my own experience and what I observe from others.Happiness is a big word. There are so many levels of happiness and sadness. We are on a perpetual roller coaster that cruises from great depths to great highs and frequent inbetweens. Perhaps many of us

Are people really happy?

Yes? I think...I have this philosophy that people confuse what happiness actually is. This is problematic because if you don't know how to define something, it becomes impossible to achieve. Still with me?I think most people believe that happiness is

Are truly happy people unambitious?

From you experience and observation, can you find one person who is *really* happy and with ambitions?  If you can find one single example, then the answer is no.In you statement, it seems to me that your definition

Are you happily divorced?

Whenever we listen to the stories of the people who are in the divorce conditions, we probably ask them with one question that is they happy much by getting through tough divorce situations. Most percentage of the people will rather be saying it as yes. If

Are you happy? If not, why not?

Qs: Are you truly happy?I am going to speak for the common man.I have a pair of feet and hands.I have a shelter to provide for myself, food to feed myself and clothes to protect me from the cold.I am literate and I can speak my language. I can read

Are you happy in your marriage?

Short answer: YES! Both of us, actually! We are blessed with three daughters who now are adults. Two of them still are sticking around, though. They seem to like it around us, too. It's been 26 years and since we married rather unprepared and out of the blue. After some 10 months Long Distance and

Are you in an unhappy marriage?

Yes. I don't even want to live anymore. I've been married 11 years and if I died or was told I was about to die I wouldn't care. My life is ruined beyond repair, I can't fix it and I'm too much of a coward to get out. Feel like it's too late for me especially being a

Can someone with borderline PD find happiness in marriage?

If I read your question one way, is the person with BPD thinking that marriage will create happiness for them, or perhaps that they'll be able to find happiness in another person?The answer should be no to both for anyone looking

Can you be happy again after a bad divorce?

Absolutely!I got married in February 1997 and had my daughter in September of 1998. She was born with a chromosome deletion called Jacobsen Syndrome (11q Research & Resource Group) We were young and had to grow up really fast to deal with all her medical

Can you have a happy marriage to a narcissist?

My mother was a narcissist and was extremely contolling and cruel to my father, my brother and I. My brother died from alcoholism, my father stayed in an unhappy marriage, but sort of learned to make it work by keeping his mouth closed and spending long hours at work. Many people asked me why my mother was so

Did you ever feel happy even after losing something?

When I lost the attachment I had to my so called best friend who left me, I found peace and happiness again.She left me, became close to another girl, moved on, crushed my heart and what not? I was broken, for the fact that years of friendship came to an end

Do all men find themselves unhappy after marriage?

"Happiness is where we find it, but rarely where we seek it" ~J. Petit SennI have been married(love marriage) for 6+ years and i am happier than i have ever been. When i was a bachelor, i had problems but i had to deal with them alone since they were mine.

Do happy marriages still exist? And why is divorce rate so high now?

Yes, happy marriages exist.I believe that the divorce rate is so high because it is so easy to get a divorce, there is much less stigma around divorce now, and because of societal pressures such as financial pressures.I have been with my wife for twenty years and

Do most people enjoy working out by themselves or do they enjoy working out with a few people? Do real gym goers hate being bothered while working out?

I mostly work out by myself because I just feel like when I work out with friends, it's too time consuming. They always just try to chat, or dick around, and not work out. Like every time I go with a friend, a 2 hour session always turns into 4

Do people become more happy or less happy after marriage?

I can tell about my situation.I have been married for more than 5 years now and I feel that my life before marriage was much happier and exciting.Before marriage :Never had sex. Never had a girl friend. Believed that, after marriage, I will

Do people need ambition to be happy?

Life is all about maintaining balance. You do need a minimum amount of ambition to get you out of bed in the morning but on the other extreme you don't need to be super ambitious and aspire to become Supreme Ruler of the World!!!!With regards to the relationship between ambition and happiness, it will

Do you do what makes you happy?

There are numerous things and little stuffs that put a glowing smile on my face . Some are presentedSpending time with my family and friendsEating chocolateHanging out in bar with strangersThinking of good timesAccomplishing tasks in given timeBeing optimisticFeeling gratefulMediating and having positive vibesPlaying with my puppyEating food made by my motherBeing praised for what I doLearning something

Do you enjoy making out?

Lol.  I don't do it. Have never done it. Reason : I am a Muslim . A practising one. My religion doesn't permit any sort of physical contact that is not necessary with the opposite gender if she is not amongst the people you can't marry.

Do you enjoy your life? Why?

I guess the life is not just about enjoyment. It is about the experiences and memories that make life beautiful.I understand what made you to ask this question. I am myself going through a tough phase in life presently which is not in my control. Practically speaking life

Do you enjoy your work?

When I started my career, I did not know how important it was to enjoy work. For me, at the age, money was all I needed from my job. But as I spent more years in corporate, I realized how if one does not enjoy work, every thing else does not give lasting happiness. So, I paused, asked myself

Do you ever feel a crash after being happy?

Yes, every time. Not everyone's peak and crash is as extreme as others' but it's very common that our mood runs in a cycle related to the amount of serotonin in our brains. Perhaps the only people who don't experience this have a milder ebb and flow and/or they are habituated to it, and that's the solution:

Do you have a happy, healthy second marriage? How do you feel about the idea that you only repeat the same problems from your first marriage?

No, I don't have a second marriage at all. My husband of almost 38 years died in 2013, and I have no interest in further romance. I am comfortable in my home, which has no room for anybody else except my brother who lives with me and my grandson, who will be coming in a

Do you know a couple who has a happy marriage?

No, I have never seen one yet.  I see once in a while on a picture that an elderly holding hands together with a smile but it doesn't mean they are truly happy for each other.  I also have seen a gorgeous woman married to a wealthy old man and thought the woman is after his

Do you need other people in order to feel happy or can you make yourself happy?

Well this is how you make your happiness whether needed with presence of other people or you yourself.I think you like there is no one else other than YOU YOURSELF to feel happy as a pre-requisite to be actually happy and then presence of your dear and near

Does being poor make you happier?

Being poor is a disempowered position, but doesn't necessarily mean you have to be unhappy while not having money. Having some money creates freedom to do what you want to do. You don't need to have a LOT of money, just enough to do some of the things you want to do, like travel, or even just have

Does happiness depend on marriage?

No, I don't think so, just look at the divorce rate, that means half or more percentages of married couples aren't fulfilled nor happy (Speaking only in terms of North America statistics), can't speak for other nations. I do feel it does create a sense of stability and can move couples forward to the next adventure in

Does love alone make a happy marriage?

Nope. We're gonna need more than love. Assuming a

Does money make you happy?

It depends upon the definition of happiness. Some consider money is everything in life, so money can make them happy. Some consider money is just a medium of getting essential things, so money can't make them happy.Being practical, money can and can't make a man happy.HOW -Money can buy

Does unhappiness stunt growth?

The word growth can have many meanings, young grasshopper.I would venture to say that unhappiness will not stunt your physical growth. No, it's much worse than.Happiness is an option. The longer you choose to be unhappy, the longer it will take you to find happiness. I know that sounds redundant.I have had

Have you ever felt truly happy?

THE ACTUAL HAPPINESS LIES IN MAKING OTHERS HAPPY, THE INEXPLICABLE SMILE THAT IS CAUSED BECAUSE OF YOU IS A REWARD OF HAPPINESS WHICH IS UNMEASURED.i go to Sai mandir almost every thursday trying to donate some of the food items to the needy. Everytime

Have you ever found happiness after despair?

Yes, I have, on numerous occasions throughout my life.It's usually a gradual process, with different degrees of a feeling that resembles happiness: at the first sign of despair's imminent departure there is a feeling of relief, followed by gratitude, then the recollection of happiness and the emerging belief

How can a husband forever stay happy with his wife?

Honestly, a husband can't stay happy with her wife forever. Its totally hypothetical. There may be a lot of good days and very few bad ones but there will be a balance between happiness and sadness.You can keep the love intact between the two of you and treasure it all along and build on it. This will

How can being intelligent make one happier?

I think it is wrong to see intelligence, as a quality, in isolation. Also, not to forget that intelligence varies not only in magnitude but also in types. So are intelligent people happier or are they depressed? Well, we must consider other factors too. The general belief that intelligent people are depressed is based on the premise that

How to be happy alone

I consider myself expert in the art of loneliness. Let me tell you, it did not come easily to me; this skill did not come without a fight.As a child I was vivacious, loud and social. My habit of incessantly talking was a running joke among all who knew me. I rarely

How to be happy in an unhappy marriage

First of all define unhappy marriage because it means 10 different things to 5 difference individuals. What I am saying here is that every individual has multiple reasons for an unhappy marriage.Second, you can clap only with 2 hands, which means you have

How to enjoy everyday

You need to really start. With KNOWING, you simply won't enjoy everyday.Do you want to know one of the easiest ways to get depressed? .. try to be happy.. all the time. Oh you can't. Boo you must really suck at life.No one

How to feel happy after a breakup

Breakups are hard. Here are few things which may help you come out of the painful trauma:Cry your heart out. Cry as much as you can. It will reduce the pain of your heart.Share your feelings with someone you can trust. If that person is your

How to look happy in pictures

Try to laugh rather than smile. This will engage the muscles in your cheeks up to the side of your eyes, making your expression appear more natural. It's worth practising with a few selfies first as this is a dynamic expression and you'll want to keep it

How to make my life beautiful

Start learning something. Forget the past, whatever happened just forget it. Make a list of things you love doing and just dive in. If you can't find out what you love doing then make a random list and start checking out the options. The list can contain things like programming,

How can one become a happier person?

First, personal, practical advice is often more effective than generic advice. If a friend asked me this, I'd first work to find out if any particular things were making him or her unhappy before answering. You may need to identify any specific issues in your life and address them directly. However, here are some suggestions that

How can we resolve conflicts in a marriage in order to live a happy married life?

Resolving conflict in your marriage is a huge factor in life happiness in general. In order to resolve conflict in your relationships in a healthy and proactive manner, there are a couple of things you must recognize as reasons for conflict:- Gift/Task exchanges:A gift is something you do for your loved one with

How to tell if your wife is unhappy

If she constantly swears at you and tells you what a jerk you are.You sit down to dinner and instead of putting food on your plate she dumps it on your head.If you hear her on the phone making a date with another man.If you go to

How to achieve happiness

I recently posted an article on this very topic, however I will copy the main points of the article below:Money does make us happy ..but only up to the point of $75,000.You have probably heard it said many time

How to Live A Happy Single Life

Happiness would be a feeling depending of infinite variables our mind is working or thinking.Thus a mind that is puzzled for whatever reason could find happiness that tries to address the puzzle.Another mind with specific desire or an obsession could be having a

How to live happily after divorce

The number one thing, I think, is to give yourself the time to get over it. I personally found divorce to be more difficult than dealing with death. Unlike losing a loved one to death, divorce is the active, purposeful disintegration of a relationship.So you need to take time to just deal with

How to prevent my parents from getting divorced

I grew up in a happy home. An older brother whose 2 years older than me, a half sister whose 12 years older than me (but didnt live with us since she was old enough to be on her own) and my mom and

How to remain happy in times of adversity

A story of a Tea cup!A Tea cup haven't always been a Tea cup, there was a time when it was just a lump of clay.Then its master took it and began to pat and mold it. It was painful and hurting. It begged him to stop.

How do people enjoy life?

Generally people enjoy life by Sense Gratification.Sense Gratification means, Satisfying the senses with Sense objects.Example:For Eyes- a nice object to look at.For tongue- nice eatables to eat.For nose- nice fragrance to smell.For skin- something nice to touch/Hold.For Ears-some mundane, good sounds/music.For mind- Gossip, other affairs of this material world.A Enlightened Personality explains in His book.Everyone is hankering

How do people feel after getting divorced after all the struggle to make a good future, do they feel happy about a second marriage?

Everyone get marry because they want to be the way they are forever (in love ) . No one has ever gotten married knowing they are going to divorce after but reality of marriage kicks in and shake the love so much that some people lose and others hold it

How do people usually feel after getting divorced? Do people ever feel happy?

I still remember the day I received divorce notice. Divorce notice says that I am mad and not fit for marital life. My Heart and Mind became total blank . I cried like anything. I felt that my life is over. I didn't do anything except crying ..crying

How to define happiness? Why

Happiness to me, simply means feeling good. It means the absence of negative emotions, such as stress, fear, anger, and disgust. It can mean the presence of positive emotions, such as calm, joy, excitement, and pleasure. But it can also mean not having any emotions at all – for example

How to enjoy your daily life

Clean Your Room and organize EverythingGardeningGiving bath to my dogs singam,sivangi,tunnuGo out for a WalkGo to RamaKrishna MathGo to TempleGo to Movie in a theatreGo to a Restaurant and eat something you likeGo out for a cup of TeaWriting useful answers on QuoraTeach on YouTubeGain New skills ( how you

How to find happiness again after a divorce

You need to learn the secret of feeling rather than avoid all the feelings and the pain. Grow through them. Read The Journey, Brandon Bays.You need to overcome any shame about what others will think. If you know who you are, don't blame your

How to keep yourself happy

1. Commit to doing one nice thing for yourself every day.Do your best to do something loving for yourself, however big or small. Making the commitment means you'll remind yourself on a daily basis to treat yourself with loving kindness.Keeping that commitment will bring real benefits. It motivates you to take

How to motivate yourself to exercise when you're already happy with the way you look

For me, exercise has never been about how I look. From an early age, I started running simply because I like to run. It's an easy form of exercise to keep up with because I enjoy it, period.Still, as time goes on, I

How to remain so happy

Happiness is a relative term.In relation to what do you consider someone happy should be the intent of the question.I'm not a very happy person internally but somehow I've managed so far, so well.If happiness is associated with having truckloads of friends.. I'm the least happiest person in that sense. At any given

How does exercise affect happiness?

Working out can decrease even depression. So much impact does it have on emotions and

How does it feel like staying in an unhappy marriage?

I, personally, have never married. But I observed 3 different marriages, my mother&father's and their 2nd marriges.My mother and father lost the love because of family issues that kept bothering them for 20 years. After living so long with a person, sometimes your patience towards

How does it feel to lose the only chance you ever had to be happy?

Excruciating. You continuously bleed, like in one of those Japanese terribly beautiful paintings, where you see a young woman (or a man) holding an open wound with his two hands. And then Time comes, with his infinite detachment. One morning you wake up and you realize you can breath again, looking at the sky. The wound is there, half

How does one enjoy each moment in life?

Have gratitude for one.Work out in any form. Trust me, it makes you feel great about yourself.Feel the music. Just enjoy the feeling of being in some other world staying within this.Groom up yourself for the day. Have a shower, wear comfortable clean clothes. That is to say

How many people are happy after their marriage? Who is happy after marriage?

I have been happily married for almost three years. Sounds odd and lie but that is a truth. It does not mean that we do not have our moments of arguments, ugly fights or anything related but still at the end of the day we are back together. Good or bad, my husband is the first one I would

How many years you stayed in unhappy marriage?

Thanks for A2A,For me I stayed in unhappy marriage for around 2 and half years before the separation and the cases started. It took me around 4 and half years further to finsih the cases.I tried everything to save the marriage. Including suggesting the marital counselling. However, it did not work out.Regards,Shonee KapoorHome - Shonee Kapoor

How should one stop worrying about the future (job, money, etc.) and start living happily?

I think it is a very good question, and we all should know these hacks in-order to fight worries about our Life.I will explain to you how to stop worrying too much with the help of summary of my favourite book

I am unhappy in my marriage. Is it selfish to leave my wife after 4 kids?

It depends on the situation.If it is a home with parents who argue and quarrel with each other in front of the children everyday, with no way of stopping the quarrels, then you might want to consider separating from your

If you had to marry the last person you dated, do you think you would be happy?

Before I met my wife, I dated a girl, who one night after a few deinks and while having sex, she started to call me gary. Gary is my Dads name. It put me off her and I never slept with her again.A year or so later I

In an unhappy marriage, is it better to stay together for financial security/children's wellbeing etc. or is it better to divorce?

Tough question. This is one of those times where all I can do is tell you how things worked out for me.I stayed because I couldn't bear to be away from my children.My reward? My 22 year old son no

In one sentence, what makes you happy?

When I have a strong urge to watch porn and I open my laptop, plug in the charger and put the headphones on and start laughing like a child. Yes,Shinchan is that funny. I feel happy when I am able to practice self-control.When I hear the song

In one sentence, what makes you smile?

Your parents smiling or happy because of you will definitely make u smile.Seeing your life partner after a long time will make you smile.Recalling old incidents with your best friends will make you smile.Innocentness of a toddler/ playing with a toddler will

Is ambition the absence of happiness?

I want things.This desire is ambition.I want to be loved, to feel safe, to always be learning something new. I want to feel intellectually (and otherwise) engaged. I want to travel. I want money and a new black, rain repellent

Is divorce better than an unhappy marriage?

Yes, and here's why:Life is too precious a gift to waste on making your and your partner's lives unhappy. Given the choice between the certainty of unhappiness (in an unhappy marriage), and the possibility of happiness (either alone or in a different relationship), the opportunity to replace what is clearly not working with something potentially more

Is happiness always short lived?

Material happiness is short lived. But there is a real happiness which can last forever and which is already within you.True happiness doesn't come from material things or money. It comes from deeper fulfillment and by being content from within.First let me explain why a lifestyle based off of money and material

Is happiness part of an ambition?

Ambition = success = happiness?    Not quite.Ambition May Bring Success, but Not Happiness.Here comes the PROBLEM:People who are ambitious tend to attend the best universities and go on to have prestigious careers with high salaries. It's not a bad quality, though.

Is it normal to feel happy all the time?

It is possible that what you are feeling is simply the relief of the burden of depression lifting. If you are young, though, or if the depression was relatively new, beware of the possibility of bipolar disorder, which is characterised by alternating periods of depression and energised happiness.

Is it normal to feel jealous over other people's happiness?

It is Absolutely normal to feel jealous about someone else's happiness. Nothing could be more "Normal" than this. It is basic human nature, and attributes like these make us human. But then comes our intellect and our character to get over this and be happy for someone else's success or happiness. It makes you who you are :)

Is it normal to need people to feel happy?

In all likelyhood,you are just another extrovert whose batteries get recharged with social contact. (As detailed by Simon Huggins). However, your choice of the word "depressed" makes me wonder if there is more to it. Extroverts do need social contact to feel happy but they do not necessarily feel depressed when they are alone. Bored -

Is it possible that two person can stay happy together forever?

I presume, you are as much concerned about the other one's happiness as much as you're about your own (at least your question can only be interpreted to mean that way)Yes, but only rare combination make it happen. And these will invariably be people who can also

Is it possible to have depression but also sometimes be very happy?

Yes.I have suffered from clinical depression since I was a teenager. For many many years it went undetected and undiagnosed. I simply thought I was crazy, too difficult and too stupid.There were times of great joy.The day I married, the days my children were born, a trip, a hug from an old school friend,

Is life really meant to be enjoyed?

Life is a gift. A one time opportunity ( or one amoung many based on your religious beliefs). Our aim should be to appreciate every single bit of it. The basic human tendency is to stay depressed and helpless. It takes some effort in raising your morale and sustaining

Is there an inverse correlation between happiness and ambition?

I think so, but why can't you be ambitious and happy at the same time?  I know you are never satisfied when you are ambitious, and satisfaction is happiness.  Thus, happiness and ambition shouldn't exist together, but why can't you just be super ambitious and super happy?  I guess

Is there infidelity even in a happy marriage?

So are you implying that all marriages have infidelity or are you just asking if there is sometimes infidelity in an otherwise happy marriage? Do sometimes happy marriages have infidelity, well I guess there are all types but certainly not my marriage. Some men actually have

Is too much ambition making people miserable?

It's not the ambition that makes people miserable. It's your attachment to achieving this ambitions. Yes, it's like having too much expectation, thus increasing the chance of not meeting that expectation(failure you might say).  Even if  you get to achieve all your goals, what next? New goals? It's a vicious cycle. Having too

To those with high ambition but have not managed to succeed, do you think your ambitious tendency has hindered your ability to feel happy? If given a choice, would you trade your ambition with easiness to be pleased with modest things in life?

Being ambitious and enjoying modest things in life are not mutually exclusive.What stops me from striving to engage with my life intensely and fully, relishing every moment in all its ardour?Isn't that somehow the very definition of being ambitious? Of going as far and deep as one can go?I want to experience the length and

What are some harsh truths about happiness you learned after 25 years of marriage and 2 kids later?

My top 5.After 45 years of marrige, 2 kids and the most beautiful grandchild ever later.You think, "I'll be so much happier after I get married." Well some days, yes. And some, well, maybe a lot less. If you or your spouse are

What are some moments that make a person truly happy?

There is always something to be happy about!That sound when you empty recycle bin.Using your mobile at 100% battery.When you are late for class and teacher haven't came yet.When you get chocolate from your loved one.Watching food coming at restraunt.When a baby smiles at

What are some of the best tips to enjoy life?

#Questiion nameee: What are some of the best tips to enjoy life?11 TIPS FOR ACHIEVING MASSIVE SUCCESS IN YOUR LIFE!Hi friends, I checked all Quora answers and useful resources on the internet and below are best tips to success in your life. I hope you enjoy it.#1. Seek knowledge, not results.If you

What are some simple life hacks to do that make an already hard life a little bit easier?

Life can be hard. It may get harder. Sorry. That's the way it is. More money would be nice, but it won't make you happy. Some of the most miserable people I have known had more money than they knew what to do with. Ultra wealthy people sometimes kill themselves.Do you feel

What are some things that make Indian wives happy but don't really affect husbands?

*At the vegetable vendor's cart*Wife(W) : Bhaiyya, aaloo kitne mein diye?(Brother, how much for the potatoes?)Vendor(V) : 30 rupaye kilo.(30 rupees a kilogram.)W : Aur Gobi?(And the cauliflower?)V : 25 rupaye, ek.(25 rupees a piece.)W : Itna mehenga? Yeh toh fresh bhi nahi hai! Yeh bhindi ka kya daam hai Bhaiyya?(So expensive? It isn't even

What are the causes of unhappy marriage?

I reckon there are as many answers to that question as there are marriages. But, there are several stand-out causes of marital misery. Probably the most important one is a serious lack of understanding of what marriage is and what it entails.

What are the jobs where you can make people happy?

I'm a social worker and that career is all about helping others.  There are lots of different types of jobs in social services, counseling or healthcare.  The type of job depends on your education and whether you're in a position to do more education.  Another thing to keep in

What are the little things one can do to make him/her happier at work?

Dress nice every day. Come early. Leave on time. Don't eat your lunch at your desk. Eat in the lunchroom. Only stay the allotted amount of time for lunch and breaks. Take your breaks and lunches everyday. Eat slowly. Don't gossip with your coworkers. Don't Facebook. Don't play games on

What are the simplest pleasures in life, and what defines a simple pleasure?

The simplest pleasures:1. A conversation that is full of soul. Warm tea and rain. A group of creatives who come to be lifelong friends. The trivialities of acquaintances: book clubs and music suggestions, theater performances or movie.2. Using something to it's full capacity: A