What is TSH blood work?

Greetings,TSH, stands for Thyroid Stimulating Hormone. It is made in your Pituitary Gland in the brain and is needed for proper thyroid function. (allegedly).It was the single test given for a great many year to officially diagnose someone with a thyroid imbalance and generally, to prescribe

Why did my TSH go from 45.2 to 80.1 in five days while on Cytomel (I only take a T3 medication because Levothyroxine did not work for me)? I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's in June and my TSH was in a normal range in January.

hashimoto's is a complicated autoimmune disorder, not your usual thyroid diseaseThe symptoms vary from person to person.It can be inheritedAnd it has many other problems it can orient, such as arthritis, viral infections, high cholesterol, Vitamin D deficiency, diabetes, etc. All of which can effect your changes in blood level