Are there any fit people who hate working out?

Oh my goodness, yes!I work out in the weights room four days a week and have been doing so for over ten years. I like having a strong body and I also like that I have a muscular look. My workouts are without a doubt the worst part of my day. It's

Are there any people who hate anime?

You're kidding, right?Of course there are people who hate it.Sometime ago a UFC fighter tweeted:

Can people stop hating someone for once?

To hate someone is a very strong emotion. In most cases the reality is that they just dislike them, don't want to associate them, and don't want them anywhere near them. To hate really requires the person to have done something really wrong, really bad that offends. Again, in reality that rarely happens though recent world events have

Can we love and hate someone simultaneously?

At the same time? It would seem difficult.  Both ‘love' and ‘hate' are strong, all-consuming human emotions – and take up the entirety of heart and mind to be truly experienced. Co-existence of such diametrically opposing mental states, at the same instance, would question the very premise,

Can you hate enough that you run out of hate?

Im my personal opinion, this is one of the best questions I ever saw on Quora.It is a subjective, profound, serious and above all important question.Hate can be infinite? Definitely yes.Hate is always, necessarily infinite? I think not.Hate is a dangerous emotion. Sometimes, hatred is understandable; most of the time, it is completely irrational and unjustified; but is never,

Do most people enjoy working out by themselves or do they enjoy working out with a few people? Do real gym goers hate being bothered while working out?

I mostly work out by myself because I just feel like when I work out with friends, it's too time consuming. They always just try to chat, or dick around, and not work out. Like every time I go with a friend, a 2 hour session always turns into 4

Do Turkish people hate Arabs?

Hate is strong word. But Turks have prejudge about Arabs. Here is what type Arabs were seen negative by almost every Turks:Graceless oil sheiks: They are simply hate object in Turkey. We Turks do know what the hell is happening in Arab countries. Wars, tears, poverty... But these scums waste their resources for luxury items. We are getting

Do ugly girls hate pretty girls?

I used to fit under the mainstream standard of pretty, and went through the same experiences as most other pretty girls. I received cat calls and free drinks. Strangers on the street complimented my smile. I took it for granted, but men had a

Do ugly guys hate pretty girls?

This is a common misconception. Immature guys with low self-esteem hate girls that don't like them back. Yet a girl should never concern herself with what immature guys think. It's not her fault other people want her and she owes those people nothing. A girl should follow her heart and never feel guilty when some one

Do you absolutely hate going to the gym?

NEVER EVER.I love making it to the gym.Perhaps, people with firm determination never hate hitting the gym. ;)You attain the following once you regularly make it to the gym:You'll get deep tight sleep at night.Your body parts pain like hell. But you

Do you hate anime?

Yes.It is a procrastinator's worst nightmare because of how engaging and deceivingly short the episodes are - 20 mins per episode, I have time for one more.3 hours later...But there are only 4 more episodes until the finale, I have to finish it tonight!Is there

Do you hate your mother-in-law? Why?

I despise my MIL. I got married at 24. Both me & my husband hold pretty decent high salary jobs with long workhours. I didn't have any preconceived notions about how evil Indian MILs could be, I'm usually a very accommodating person who's had great relations with middle aged women at

Do you have any ideas for exercises for people who hate exercise? I don't enjoy physical activity of any sort. and I absolutely detest sweating, like almost to the level where its a phobia. What are somethings I can do?

I have written and said many times, for basic health and longevity, the best exercise is simply walking. You can walk, right? So go for regular walks. Try to walk at least 5 miles per week. The average human walking pace is about 3 miles per hour. So that's about an hour and a half or so of

Do you think hate is a healthy emotion?

Hate - a double edged sword that depends on your mental state and how you exercise your emotions.Why is it a double edged sword? Because hate, regardless of the outcome, can blind someone to their actions.This, however, can be manipulated into doing something that is

How to find the motivation to work out when I hate it

If you hate working out then you're more likely not able to find your motivation because you have all the reasons why you don't want to work out.It's not how to find your motivation to work out, but why do you want to work out?Before you seek your solution, you need to understand your reasoning.Just like

How to hate someone

Loving people is difficult, but hating is very easy ( since love takes more time to spread, whereas hate spreads with rocket pace).Anyways, why you wanna hate a person? ? any particular reason ?? Did u breakup with the person and wanna hate him/her, so that you wanna come out of your

How to not hate myself

Increasing the level of happiness is the best way to love oneself. When my level of happiness increased, I started loving myself more. Think high of yourself. See all your strength and plus points. Donot compare yourself with others. Give no entry in your mind for any negative thought to peep in about you.

How to stop hating myself for hating myself

I think you're probably trapped in a cycle of shame. Let me explain by sharing portions from one of my recent blog articles. At first you may feel like it doesn't really answer your question, but please read the whole thing, it will make sense :)In our shame-centric

How to stop hating running

Need more context on how you run to suggest change to your running habits to make you enjoy it more. A few things to consider:Get fitted for proper shoes that match your stride and gait. They'll reduce injury and fatigue when running.Run slower.

How to stop hating sleeping alone

It looks like you miss the genuine affection with physical contact. Sleeping is as Joe mentioned always naturally alone. Jet made a nice suggestion with the stuffed animal. I personally believe your consciousness is the blend of emotion and knowledge. This directly links to your feeling of solitude when you notice the absence of another person

How to stop hating someone

HATE is such a strong word.It's one of the worst things you can keep in your vortex. If you have decided to stop it then first step is done, let me help you with the second one. Identify your story and apply the solution.BETRAYAL is the story and Hatred is your vengeance.You loathe the person

How can married people end up hating each other?

Maybe, they are unaware of its value. If both are employed, reaching home totally tired no scope for sharing happiness. Tips for happy married life.In these modern days, more & more cases of divorce are filed in courts; wherein in love marriages without parental support, the couple fights and feels lonely, with zero counseling. Whereas in arranged

How to not hate someone

STOP SULKING AND SKULKINGBY ANSWERING 10 QUESTIONSIn a world where understanding ~ and not love ~ is the opposite of hate, there are workable and profitable ways to stop folks from stressing you out and making you sick.Study the personalities and behaviors of the people who un-nerve you and here are 10 questions you might ask yourself:What do

How to love myself when I hate myself

Hating yourself is not a normal reaction to yourself. I think you might mean that you hate the things you do, or your thought process. I know it's your thought process, because if it were a normal process you would recognize your talents, accomplishments and other deeds whether good or negative. Obviously, you are stuck on

How to make myself not hate you

I'm hoping that this question isnt directed towards me but towards people in general...I don't know why I'm answering this because I also hate a lot of people. Actually, strongly dislike. Hate is a really strong word.I suggest you think about the fact that they are also human and

How to start exercising when I hate sports

You don't have to love sports to exercise. In fact, sports require other people almost always.When you simply want to start exercising, you really do not need anyone other than yourself, so from that standpoint, you're in a good place to start!That being said, find

How to stop hating someone living with me

A2A.Have you tried telling her that her statements or whatever has been bothering you? May be she is not even aware that her jokes are hurting you this badly. Try telling her politely but firmly that you don't like personal comments. If

How does one stop hating on people?

In today's society ....if you look at someone wrong they call it hate. If you're Caucasian you're considered racist no matter what you did for other races in the past..... benevolence is considered, to have guilt for what every other Caucasian may have did or thought in the past and let's face it, a

I hate my mother as she shouts at me every day for anything possible. Am I wrong for this?

Don't hate you mother. She loves you more than anyone even if she shouts at you , sit with her and spend more and more time with her and tell her how you feel . Yes she definitely loves you the most. I know it's hard

I have began hating myself. What should I do to avoid it?

Here are five practical things you can do (I've tried myself). Hope you find it helpful.Stop criticizing yourself. I know it's hard, but you have to. Everything you do (that makes you hate yourself) take a step back and contemplate on it's positive aspect. There has to something positive

I started exercising regularly, but I hate it. Am I missing something?

Means your motivation is not intrinsic.What is your goal to begin with? Just to lose weight? Build muscle?If you want the end result, but cannot love the journey you simply will not get to the end of it. And even there it never ends - you will need to keep at it in order to maintain it.There are

Is it bad to hate my mother?

Yes, hate is bad. It screws with your physical and emotional health, shortens your life expectancy, and spoils your pleasure in the life you have.If your mother or any other person has treated or is treating you in a way that you feel justifies hating that person, you need to get

Is it healthy to hate?

In short, no.Hate is a complicated and simple emotion at the same time. When you hate someone or something, you direct some of your energy, whether conscious or not, towards hatred. That energy does nothing to the person that you hate, but instead takes time

Is it normal to hate my mother?

I've grown up in a dysfunctional family as well and although I pass off as a normal guy I have many demons I have to deal with on a daily basis mainly due to the abusive relationship I have with my mother. She is the tormentor of my life, a complete narcissist who seems very similar to the

Is it wrong that I hate it when people say 'It could be worse' or 'think about people with worse lives"?

Telling somebody:Don't worry, some people have it worse.Is as stupid as:Don't be happy, some people have it better.Yes, it is quite normal to feel anger because of hearing that line. People use it because they want to sound wise and also to not have to think about your trouble

Is it wrong to hate my dad?

Yes its OK. Try not to to have weapons of mass destruction laying around. Don't tell everyone. Thats motive.There is a fine line between love and hate. Sometimes we hate someone because we love them. Because they have expectations of good behavior. They are a mirror of your actions. Your being watched.

Is it wrong to hate your mother?

You have "wrong" in your question; as in right /wrong, good/bad.Then you tie it to Hate. Then tie that to Mother.We have an interesting concatenation of morals and values.My mother was kind of a country bumpkin who was pregnant at 16 and got married to my dad a

My friend hates anime, I want you to help me with one anime that can change his hate for anime?

While there are classic series that have huge, widespread fanbases like Cowboy Bebop, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, there's no

My husband is a narricist and hates me how do I leave?

Walk away with a backpack if you must but you will have your dignity and sanity.I have no idea what your situation is but don't have any children with him, or no more children with him. Ask questions at a local women's shelter

My husband speaks to his mother a few times a day. I hate it. Am I wrong?

Well my husband calls his mother maybe once a week if that. Or depending what his mother wants she call once a month or everyday. Like for instance just a few weeks ago, she was calling everyday because something was wrong with her laptop and she

My mother is coming to stay with us for a week and in hoping to make it a pleasurable experience, my wife is going to have to act like she doesn't hate her. What could be some good suggestions for my wife?

If you seriously fear they could battle it out, have your wife go visit her folks while your mother comes for her visit. Your wife could return early for a day to visit with her, but let her MIL take over the household for most of that week. That way each of them gets to benefit from the

What are some ways to exercise if you hate to work out?

You probably just need to try what type of exercise works for you. Everyone is different. I hate running BUT I love lifting weights. Some people like high paced intense workouts...others like things more like yoga and pilates. You have to find

What are the most hated professions?

Last week, I spent New Year's Day out at St. Pete Beach.It's a very beautiful area and it was in the 80s here, which is pretty damn warm for January.The problem was that we couldn't find parking.We drove up and down this strip,

What causes people to hate their job?

In my opinion it's mostly the lack of appreciation and recognition/reward if you go the extra mile and it's taken for granted or your input is not taken seriously.An example is the last company I worked for kept on asking for input from us of ways that we could save the

What do you hate about anime?

I'm a big anime fan, so don't get me wrong on these points I'm going to make.Awful plotsSome anime just have cringy characters, cringy resolutions or a bad storyline.Don't watch them.I hate fanservice.Right, so I'm watching some action anime and the characters are in this huge confrontation.This part is vital

What do you hate most about Scorpios? What do you love most about Scorpios?

My little sister is a Scorpio.2 of my exes are Scorpios.All 3 of them are complex individuals with varying personalities and attitudes but let's talk about the similarities they shared.I'm aware that people like to generalise Scorpios as vengeful, vindictive bitches you should

What is one thing that you hate about yourself?

I'm a lazy piece of shit.I'm not saying it just like that, I actually mean it. I'm lazy as fuck.I want to do well in school. I want to be the hard-working straight A student that I was in middle

What is one thing you hate the most about your GYM?

Germaphobes who have to clean a bench with sanitizing wipes before they sit on it. Sanitizing wipes are horribly inefficient at killing germs & bacteria.. Also people who regularly train have heightened immune systems and the lack of moisture or darkness in the gym Makes it very hard for bacteria to grow on surfaces.Women doing cardio workouts

What is something you absolutely despise about your country?

I sincerely despise 2 things about Russia.Doctors, teachers and elderly practically left to starve. It is weird to all my foreign friends, but doctors and teachers in Russia get very low salaries, despite the fact that those two are practically the most important jobs. No one wants to be

What is the most hated or disliked country in the world?

India & Indians by a long shot.As an Indian it makes me sad & also a bit scared sometimes to see the wild racism against India & Indians on the internet thesedays. Let me bring you some quick examples from every corner of the internet.The most shocking part is, haters are

What kind of people do you hate the most?

I am a very crazy person with some strange characteristics. In general, I have a very strong sixth sense, so when I meet someone for the first time, I can feel the evil or good in him / her after just seconds. Until a few years ago, I left

What makes people hate others?

There are several reasons why people hate others. They can hate them for having a different race, a different religion, a different sexual orientation, a different view. They can hate them for being better, being smarter, being faster, being different. In the end, We hate others when they present a threat to what we

What makes people hate their life?

lOTS GOING ON OUT THERE, But again I'm going to stress the word HATE again as a very powerful word. I think people are perhaps disgusted in, disappointed in, I'll even go as far as saying maybe hating what life has

What reasons do people give for hating Jews?

Many people here are writing that the Egyptian animus towards Jews stems from Israel and the Israeli treatment of the local Arabs, but this is nonsense. Jews have been mistreated in Egypt for centuries, ever since Islam supplanted Christianity as the

What's the easiest way to stop hating someone?

Any kind of feeling like Love, Hatred, Affection, Liking, Care, Jealousy, etc, etc arises only when we think about someone very deeply.The more you think, the more that feeling occupies your mind . Therefore, train your mind to focus on feelings that are good, positive and

Which personality trait do you hate the most and why?

Hate is a terribly strong word, you know. There are certain personality traits I automatically find off-putting and that I absolutely couldn't abide by should I have to spend a lot of time with the person who had them, and

Why do humans in general hate work?

Why do humans in general hate work?A2AAccording to a survey I read some years back, 75 percent of people were enjoying their work, and 25 percent were not. It is quite possible and even likely that the case has changed since that time, giving the continued gradual

Why do I hate going to the gym?

I know exactly how you feel. There were days when I just couldn't bring myself to wake up early, drag myself to the gym just to do the same workout for the 1001st time. At the end of which I would also

Why do i hate running and working out?

The brain does not quite work that way: it needs oxygen, which means you need some kind of activity. Evolution has not yet transformed humans so that they can sit 8 hours in front of a computer and watch TV the rest of the day. That is why so many people die early of a cardiac arrest. So you

Why do many people hate broccoli?

I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but everybody doesn't hate broccoli. It is, in fact, one of my favorite vegetables. But it has to be done right.The problem with broccoli is that so many people kill it by overcooking. Serving grey, limp broccoli is a crime against vegetables. Or food. Or the person you're serving

Why do many people hate successful people?

I grew up very poor and didnt have much. I would get picked on daily in school(by what we now know are losers for life). I used that as motivation. I am now successful and those same type that would pick on me call

Why do most Indian teens hate physics?

I don't think it's just with Indians. We can't generalise like that. I've spoken to many students, across the globe and most of them are terrified of it. Literally!Okay, so we'll go ahead with "Why do students hate Physics?"

Why do most people hate anime in America?

Well, I believe you have seen the majority answer of

Why do most people hate work?

Personally, I hate it because:I have to wait for the weekend all week to get some rest and do what currently interest me.I find work either exausting, boring, stressful, unhealthy or dangerous (etc) so I can't actually like it, only for a short while.I could do so many stuff instead but I have to pay the bills.You work

Why do people blindly hate on anime?

Anime, if you don't know already, is the Japanese form of an animated cartoon that has came to America since it was introduced in forms of shows and mangas. In Japan, anime is completely normal and is part of Japanese culture. However, in the environment I grew up in

Why do people hate corporate jobs?

I dont know how much my experience counts, but I worked at two corporations in food service, and one small business in Autocadd. I can say at both Food service jobs, I hated them. My first was a dietary aide at a nursing home, and my second a Dishwasher at a Culinary service for a

Why do people hate exercise?

Giving personal attention to this question and still figuring out the solution for the same :)I am listing out my reasons, why i hate going to gym or following any kind of routine exercise, the reasons are...LAZINESS : Though I am an active person but still i become lazy when it

Why do people hate rich people?

I have an explanation but first I will start with a an attempt at constructive criticism. Your question details contain this quote: "Why do people blame capitalism and capitalists when that's the system that allows THEM to build a business, make money and create value to the world?"You

Why do people hate to work out or go to the gym?

Gyms can be intimidating. I still find the free weight section intimidating as it's usually full of huge muscular men lifting massively heavy weights and looking like they know exactly what they're doing.  (On a side note most of them are happy to help if you catch them at the end of their set)

Why do so many people hate anime?

Because all they know about anime is Pokemon, Yu Gi Oh, and Sailor Moon. Oh and the dirty Hentai.A majority of people have no idea the scope anime covers, and if they did I bet it'd be a lot more popular. The fact that only a handful of anime is dubbed hurts the industry as well.

Why do so many people hate gay people?

A number of reasons: Their religion mandates hating gays.  Strangely, many do.   People who accept their religion without question just follow along because they think if their god hates gays, so they should too.Gay people destroy traditional roles male and female.  The tradition view in the US  is that the woman raised the children and keeps house, and

Why do so many people hate their jobs?

Jobs are modern-day slavery. We are paid just enough to live and not more. You are punished if you ask for more. We are often verbally abused on the job. Sometimes (more than is reported), physically abused, raped, castrated. The government gets up to 50% of your paycheck and then 10-20% of

Why do so many people hate themselves?

Rest assured, you are.A lot of people are.Maybe this is not the language you were expecting. Normally, when someone asks this question, the hidden implication is to say that you are not. I am not going to say that. I didn't even read the other 15 answers, as

Why do some people hate dogs?

I'm sitting here watching the dog I got talked into getting walk around me licking and trying to eat literally everything, whether edible or not. Just typing that sentence I had to stop him twice. Drool dripping from his lips, it grazes my arm i now have a huge streak of nasty

Why do some people hate emotional people?

Some people have so much awkwardness around emotional people. When someone is crying, some people tend to get more nervous then understanding. Those people then hate being around them because they don't know how to help that person feel better. Some people who say,

Why do some people hate going to parties?

Like others here, I dislike alcohol, loud noise, drunk people, dancing and big sweaty crowds.I don't know how other people are able to enjoy and even hear what's being said in loud environments, but some part of their brain or ears must just be different

Why do some people hate Mahatma Gandhi?

Gandhi was an excellent social activist, great communicator and an inspiring leader. However, he had some serious flaws and shortcomings that were not brought to light.This will be one of the longest answers in this thread, but I assure you, it will also be one of the most comprehensive.In this answer, I wish to highlight points in which Gandhi's

Why do some people hate Shah Rukh Khan so much?

Living with Shah Rukh Khan: 24 Years & CountingWe all dream. Dreams have hope. You dream when you sleep, and you wake up hoping. Ever so slowly, they become a part of your existence.May 30, 2016. It was late in the evening, and I had just reached home. As I settled with a

Why do you hate Narendra Modi?

Though I really hate him but I will still try to be unbiased here and give you 5 reasons.CorruptionGovt in last 3–4 years have really taken some very good steps to curb corruption. I have no valid data to support this but Aadhar like, making many procedures

Why do you hate to exercise?

Because reasons:First of all, I get really sweaty and sticky. I don't like the feeling at all. I don't like my hair getting all stringy, and my clothes clinging on my body. And I hate the hot feeling I get all over my body.It's hard to breathe. The more I do exercise, the harder it is to breathe.

Why does my wife hate me running or working out?

Maybe she has a need that is not being met. If you can figure out what she is needing the most, and teach her to associate that need getting met, with you getting exercise, she will be supportive.For example: If everytime you

Why doesn't anything work out for me and life hates me?

I'm going to offer you a Chinese story about a man and his love of horses. You can find it at this website A Blessing in Disguise (Chinese Folk Story) | YMAA.COM.The moral of the story, in case you don't have the patience to read it, is that you don't know that things aren't working out

Why haters hate and how to deal with them?

‘Haters' are basically normal people like everyone else. You could be a hater as well for hating 'haters' (haha get it?). So basically the question why haters hate doesn't really make a point here to be honest.And the second question, there are many ways you could

Why have I started to hate myself?

I would like to tread over this question very carefully because you must have had your own reasons to behave as you do but there is a general pattern here on which I would like to elucidate my opinions.Why does one hate oneself?When there is a deep rooted helplessness on their present

Why is it easier to hate myself?

It's easier to be critical of your own behavior because yours is the only behavior you're truly capable of controlling. You can try to convince other people of many things, but ultimately you can't make them do anything that they themselves are not willing to do. The only will can control is your own.It's good

Why is there so much hate for black clover?

I like Black Clover. Quite a lot actually... but it's hard to argue that it's a good show. It's predictable, the characters are just extreme archetypes, the story isn't fantastically written and it's not unique by any sense of the word. If

Are there statistics about people who hate their jobs?

Workplace morale heads down: 70% of Americans negative about their jobs, Gallup study showsAmericans hate their jobs and even perks don't helpJust 30 percent of employees are engaged and inspired at work, according to Gallup's 2013 State of the American Workplace Report, which surveyed more than 150,000 full- and part-time workers during

Can people really go from hating someone to loving them?

When I dislike someone, I usually tend to forget about them, but until now this was the only one I couldn't get rid off my head.He was my classmate who was also a housemate. We were in a language school abroad and we were both from

Can people stop hating someone for once?

You are beginning to set the alarm against the trend to hate people whom you don't like for simple reasons and magnify those petty deifferences into cultural differences and racial hatreds. The gun powder of hatred is bei ng spilled a little at a time, but in a sequential line, so that when they want ,they can trigger a

Can someone hate the person whom they really love?

I've always believed that you can't hate anyone if you don't actually love them. Let me explain. If you are in a relationship and one person hurts the other badly, they may cry, scream or act out because they are angry or hurt. It shouldn't make them angry if they

Can someone love you and then hate you?

When people are in the transient state of falling in love, they become oblivious to all the other person's misdoings and follies. They are willing to overlook everything hoping he/she is the one.Once they fall in love, expectations soar. People tend to get hurt when the other person does anything even slightly insensitive

Can you hate Japan but love anime?

Not likely. Anime, especially those made in Japan, tend to focus a lot on Japanese culture and their ways of life. So you are constantly remedied that it is Japanese just by their actions and customs presented in their cartoons.There are some Japanese anime that don't focus on their culture,

Can you hate someone forever?

It depends. I channel the concept of hate alternatively, with revenge.To innovate, It is often better to have a necessity. As the saying goes - 'Necessity is the mother of invention'. But it often happens that we dont have such emergent situations where we are put in dire conditions of stress, or calamities, which often triggers the spark

Did Walt Disney hate Jews?

Walt Disney was not an anti-Semite. He was a very stubborn man, and when he decided he wanted to do something, he didn't like anyone telling him that he couldn't do it the way he wanted to. As a result, he butted heads with people who got in the way of his

Do most Turkish people hate Islam?

May be you confuse Suud state religion with Islam.Turks do not approve extremist sects like Selefism or Wahhabism .Unfortunately western media only know this type of Islam and radical sect represents whole muslims ..Ottomans too were against Selefism , 5 of Selefi were hanged .One of them Abdullah ibn Suud was grandson of

Do people hate Islam or do they hate Muslims?

Probably only​ non-muslim here to answer this question.Now, let us come to this question. Do I hate Islam or I hate Muslims​?Answer: I don't hate people who are good to me! It's as simple as that​.However, I also don't like people who think that there is no other religion better than the

Do people in California hate animals?

I wonder why someone would think that.There is a small group of people in California, Republicans from the Central Valley, that have no use for them (except as food) and protest against our laws to protect them. Overall, we have the strongest environmental protection laws in the country. We are breaching levees to expand

Do you hate anime?

Yes.It is a procrastinator's worst nightmare because of how engaging and deceivingly short the episodes are - 20 mins per episode, I have time for one more.3 hours later...But there are only 4 more episodes until the finale, I have

Do you hate extremely skinny people?

Coming from a nation that is obsessed with being skinny (the USA), I find it hard to imagine that very many people hate skinny people except in the jealous way, as in, "I hate how skinny you eat all you want and you lose weight."  Of course, most people who are skinny generally work pretty hard