Are push-ups and pull-ups useful for women?

Yes, pushups are definitely useful for women. Strength training is strength training, irrespective of the gender.Pushups will strengthen your forearms, biceps and those hard-to-tone triceps on the back of the arms. The pectoral, or chest, muscles are also strengthened for a more firm breast area. You

Does exercise improve your skin?

How Exercise Can Help Improve Your SkinExercise significantly improves your skin's complexion specifically in controlling acne. There are a variety of reasons that can contribute to breakouts. A leading factor is due to hormonal fluctuations within your body. Although, hormonal changes

Every time I cough a little bulge pushes out under my rib cage, I can push it back in with my thumb.. What is going on?

Every time I cough a little bulge pushes out - wherever, I can push it back in with my thumb..Beautiful description of a hernia. Medical students should memorize. The wherever is usually in my groin but it does happen where the muscles arise of the ribs and sternum.Substernal or subxiphiod are exotic but textbook sites.

How to run a 400m in under 70 seconds

Like Jay Prefontaine said, you should be able to run 400m in under 70 seconds if you can run 5K in 17:00; consider that it may be a mental block. But whether it's a mental or physical block (or both), the only way to break through it is to train.When I used to

How to get a fit body in 2 months

don't be a fruitarian.fruits got sugar whites= 20-30chicken breast boiled/grilled= 300-600 gfish= 300-500gfruits= apples(2-3),oranges(1-2),guvava(2-3)water 6-7 litresgreen tea 2-3 cupsblack coffee 1-2 cupssaladveggiesbrocoli=300-500gworkout-cardio twice  a day= 15-20 minutes running fast n modrate paceweight training=train every body part twice a week.suppliments-whey protein isolatebcaaglutaminemultivitaminfish oilfat burner

How to have chubby cheeks even though I am skinny and go to the gym

Lol. I can so relate. It's all in your genetics my friend. I am a prime example though I'm not skinny. I regard myself as quite muscular and have a body fat percentage of around 11-13% currently.Unfortunately for us, our bodies tend to store fat on our faces. For me, its the

How to reduce fats in my body without doing any exercise

Some people work way too many hours to exercise, while others might be in their senior years or have back issues. What if there was a way that you could burn fat without starving yourself and exercising. I know what you're thinking, in a perfect world right? Not really, there are some simple things that you can do to

How many push-ups should you be able to do to do one pull up? Or, how to get strong enough to do pull ups?

There is no relationship between the ability to do pushups and pullups.They use directly opposite muscle groups.The only common factor is that both are bodyweight exercises (well, pushups are arguably a half - bodyweight exercise) so both benefit from being light.PS. Yes, there will often be

How should I deal with constant pain?

How would you deal with constant pain?I have been in pain since 1984. Having used opiates, narcotics, and all forms of pain relief, I have found that marijuana is the best pain reliever, next to physical exercise. Long term usage of pharmaceuticals actually brought more problems, not of an addictive nature, but of bone

I am going to eat a 500mL Haaegen-Dasz ice-cream. Can I reduce my changes of getting diabete by performing an intense intellectual or physical activity immediately after to consume the eaten calories?

Doing something silly like this once is not going to give you Diabetes. Eat 500ml ice-cream every day for 6 months and then you might have an issue with Diabetes.Diabetes is caused by the messing up your body's ability to process/regular sugar levels and you can do that by binge feeding sugar to your body (such as

I am looking to start exercising to tone my body and stay fit? What routine would you recommend for me?

You can go head for Cardio as well as GYM but you should have proper workout plan.Here's the info you need to understand before you get started.1) Perform workout for 4 days in a week for one month and resting one day at least in between workout session.

I am to weak to go to the gym and have a sedentary lifestyle. How should I start exercising and gain weight if I feel very weak and tired throughout the day?

Only a well nourished body can exercise effectively, so start by nourishing your body properly, everyday.Drink water.Eat only whole foods.Eat a lot of vegetables and fruit, and a bit of everything else, like various animal meats, legumes, and grains.Eat nothing processed or packaged.Master the following movements

I am very thin. How do I become physically strong?

First, I don't know what's your height. Anyway it doesn't make any difference. There are two things you could start with: training and food. Training = If I were training you, I'd start you off on a 3-day-per-week program that has you do the Clean & Press and the Deadlift plus two or three other exercices (like

I can do one strict pull-up. How should I progress from here?

I assume you want to become a pull up beast. You are on your way by doing one and having a bar in your house! Doing one pull up every time you pass that bar is one way to increase your pull ups as you begin your quest. But don't stop

I cannot seem to eat more than one full meal in a day without throwing up, yet I can eat lighter foods with no problem and am very often hungry. What could be wrong with me?

You may well have GERD (gastroesophageal-reflux-disease), based on your description of a full vs. lighter meal effects. Or it might just be heartburn. I would definitely recommend seeing a doctor, particularly a gastroenterologist, sooner rather than later.Now, don't freak out. See the doctor. Continuing to

I consumed Six Star whey protein powder 4 times a week for two months, now I have learned it is contaminated with things like heavy metal, what can I do to prevent any problems besides to stop using it?

You consumed a concentrated product and thought that it wouldn't concentrate everything in the original substance, common mistake. But to break it down you just consumed the concentrated product that you and everyone else would consume without problems. If there were a real

I don't think I'm overweight, but people around me do. Am I overweight like people say I am?

From a technical standpoint:Calculate your BMI. Which is your weight in kilograms (divide your weight in pounds by 2.2) divided by your height in meters (get your height in inches and multiply by 2.54). Or just use google search for your numbers, or

I drink 4 litres or more of water every day. Is that harmful?

Here's a great article by Adam Dachis (posted on Feb. 26, 2013)You'd be astonished!How Much Water Do I Actually Need to Drink Every Day?Dear Lifehacker,I've heard you need eight glasses of water every day, but I've also heard that it might be more or

I go to gym often and I require a high-protein diet but I also experience bloating issues so my appetite is pretty poor. What are some practical solutions and suggestions for me?

I suggest you take the time to figure out what is causing the bloating. Large or painful amounts of gas is not normal, and it may be a signal that your body is intolerant of something you have been eating. Many protein bars and supplements are filled with ingredients

I had a back injury and have been sedative for about 8 months. I am starting to walk on a treadmill 15 minutes every 3 hours. Will this make a difference or do I need to try to go longer?

This is more than sufficient. Check with your doctor as it depends what kind of surgery you had. It may be excessive. I could not even sit followers ng mine. It took a year to move with a walker. Now two years later, i walk with crutches or canes for fifteen minutes three times a

I have been on a weight loss regime which till now has worked good and I lost 27 pounds, but now it seems to have struck and what so ever I may do it does not budge. What should I do to reduce more?

There's really nothing magic about this. There's no secret that you need to know. When what's been working stops working, you need to analyze and adjust.A fundamental fact of weight loss is that the more you succeed, the harder it is to keep going.

I have hard time keeping fit. How to stop this?

First, there is a difference between stressing over things and caring about things. Stressing means that you are worried about things that are not within your control or that are within your control but you either cannot take care of them right now or

I have skinny arms and legs but a lot of belly, which makes me feel horrible and disfigured. Which diet and exercise plan should I follow, as a 28-year-old male with a sedentary lifestyle, to have a healthy body?

Alright:1.Eat more protein-rich foods, and get some healthy fats in there. (Think oily fish, avocados, olive oil). Ditch the sandwiches, pizzas, chips and big pasta meals. A little's alright, but these carbs absorb quickly and often go straight to that

I have to lose weight. I'm now 87 kg, 21 yrs old. What should be the proper diet and exercise?

Diets dont work, because the mindset behind them is always temporary ( let me deny myself for a week...?). No, you should realise and accept that you're eating less optimally than should be & need to permenantly fix for life, to reduce cancer risk. Decide to soon,

I have walked 9.01 km. How many calories did I burn?

Hard to tell without any mention of the terrain (flat, with elevation, e.t.c.), your current weight, fitness level, and pace. Did you take any breaks? If so, how many, and how long were they? Did you break a sweat? E.t.c....Given all the unanswered questions above, I'd be

I heard that working out on a empty stomach will lead to the body eating your muscles. But I heard that if you gained muscle, you can't lose it. So what happens if you workout on an empty stomach?

It depends on how long you are working out and how long it was since your last meal.  If you have eaten normally the previous day, you should have enough glycogen stored to support a 1 hour workout.  If you are starving or haven't eaten any

I just read that regular physical activity can help reverse or help prevent cognitive decline. What type and how much?

I don't think the type of exercise matters, so long as it has an aerobic component (walking, biking, running, tennis, etc.) How much depends on your age and physical condition, especially of you are older and / or haven't been

I just severely (though temporarily) injured my ankle. What are my options for cardio exercise?

Keep in mind that cardio doesn't have to be running/biking/swimming/anything else along those lines. While those are the main exercises to keep your cardiovascular fitness up, your key intention is to keep your heartrate at 85% MHR (max heart rate) while you're working on cardio - as opposed to 65-70% MHR when you're trying to burn

I'm overweight and decided to start walking. After walking for about 20 mins I stop and when I do my heart rate increases about 10 beats per minute, is that normal?

First of all congratulations you have taken fitness seriously and started walking. Waking is by far the safest and surest way to exercise. It doesn't need any hi fi gadgets, gym ,specific gears and you start exercising as soon as you step out of your house. 20 min per day is the

I need to lose weight. And I have a month to do so. What should be my exercise schedule?

One month is good enough to tone your body. There are two stages when it comes to loosing weight - the first stage is where you loose weight and the second stage is where you make sure that you don't regain the flab that you lost in the first stage.

I need to lose weight. How much kilometers should I jog a day?

The kilometer is not important the important is that how much of sweat you had lost in this process of running. And the more you would run in speed the more amount of sweat you lose.And we all know that sweat is directly proportional with the calorie consumed there in your body.So

I often workout for a month or two. Then life happens- I travel or get sick etc- and I stop working out for a long time and find it hard to get back into it. How can I keep myself on track?

The best thing for you is to write down your training goals and keep them visible to you at all times. These goals need to be attainable and specific.If you get side tracked because of life, read your goals. Take

I recently started a more rigorous exercise program, hoping to get more energy, but after two weeks I'm more exhausted than ever. Is this too be expected? And when will I see the benefits?

You are probably overworking yourself. Rigorous exercise programs should be pursued when you have a lot of time to rest up and regain those torn muscles, such as during holiday breaks. However, if you push yourself to the limit every day, you will feel an energy

I run 3km every day. Am I fit?

I used to run 16 kilometers every other day. That's my bragging right. Fitness is basically defined by however you want to define it for yourself. I personally have said that as long as I have abs and can run pretty much as long as I want, I'm

I run 5 miles a day is that bad?

Last week, at the peak of my marathon training, I ran 100 miles in 7 days. That's an average of just over 14 miles per day. The 7th day, Saturday, I ran 24 miles. My typical mileage is 50–70 miles

I started exercising regularly, but I hate it. Am I missing something?

Means your motivation is not intrinsic.What is your goal to begin with? Just to lose weight? Build muscle?If you want the end result, but cannot love the journey you simply will not get to the end of it. And even there it never ends - you will need to keep at it in order to maintain it.There are

I want to become fit and healthy, where do I begin?

A healthy person is not only physical fit but mentally also. You can start working in this direction now onwards as you have already made your mind. Here are some tips below if it helps : 1) Start doing exercise, walk, jogging Etc. what ever you enjoy more. I will suggest you to hit GYM as it will

I want to gain weight but also want to lose belly fat. What could be the health tips for me?

here i am going to suggest few  tips and balance workout plan that will help you in gaining weight and achieving a healthy body.1: How to gain weight2: Veg/natural  protien soruces3: balance workout let discuss each point in details..1:How to gain weight

I work in an office, what are some good stretches or exercise I can do in breaks during the day?

Here are some quick, effective stretches that are perfect for desk job hustlers. Perform these flexibility exercises during your short breaks, and notice the difference:Chest StretchChest stretches are probably one of the best and most necessary exercises you can perform when you have a desk job.Since most of

I workout 1 hour in morning and 1.5 hours in evening. I want a well toned body, no body builder type. What should be my diet chart? I eat only veg and eggs,no meat.

First of all you shouldn't be working more than your body's capacity,  when you're working out properly your muscles are being pushed to their best limit after that you need to take proper rest so that the muscle tissues gain their strength and grow,  now that when you're

I workout 1 hour per day for 5 days, and work cardio for 1 day (30 mins - 400 calories burn), I also take 1 day to rest. Will I be able to lose the small fat belly I have?

You will be able to lose that small belly fat you have by sticking to a caloric deficit.Calorie Deficit ExplainedA calorie deficit is the magic everyone has been looking for.Well maybe not everyone, but everyone who is looking to lose weight and body fat. This is what makes weight

I write all day for a living. Does getting up each hour and taking 250 steps help me stay healthy?

It depends. Are you saying that you're walking around a bit to keep from sitting too much? Yes, it helps.Are you saying that's all the exercise you get?Well...It's better than nothing, but if you work a ten hour day, you're getting in

If I am hungry for a long time, there will be a moment where I am no longer feeling hungry anymore. My body still needs food, but I don't feel hungry. Why is that?

If I am hungry for a long time, there will be a moment where I am no longer feeling hungry anymore. My body still needs food, but I don't feel hungry. Why is that?The actual hunger pangs or pain are not caused because your body needs food. These are caused by the normal contractions of the

If I do 100 pull-ups a day, how much height will I gain within a year?

are you serious? I cannot believe people are asking this question and others are validating it with bullshit. you really think you can get taller by pullups? first of all try doing a 100 pull ups in a day and let me know how that goes. You wont be able

If I do 100 squats per day for 100 days will I get lean lower body?

A LOT of idiots answering this question and from doing some facebook and name image searches... fitness is the LAST thing they should be talking about.REAL talk. 100 free squats every day will get you far better legs than most have in the western world. High rep squats require a lot of oxygen and

If I have a sleepy feeling, can I continue studying?

The appropriate drink strong tea and coffee, but can not drink too much, can not rely on them. You can learn one hour or half an hour, then rest for ten minutes, do some stretching exercises, take a look at the video, listen to music, look at trees safflower, what

If I over eat healthy foods does it make me healthier, or does the extra intake go to waste?

I was at my heaviest 225 pounds. At the time I was very frustrated I felt like I was eating very healthy food and I didn't understand why I was not losing weight. Then when I finally went on a calorie restricted diet I realized how little food we really need, when I

If I stop exercising, but start eating right (no binging), will I lose weight?

Most people think jumping into an exercise program head first will get them a six pack, and then continue to eat whatever they want. Then they wonder why the weight isn't coming off and exercise isn't working. The answer to your question:

I'm 12 and insanely skinny. I have no equipment. How can I get bigger and stronger?

You're very young and by no means have you stopped growing.It's a tad too early to be using equipment to build muscle as the weights could damage the delicate bones in your body that are still growing.I'd recommend body weight exercises. Pushups, body weight squats and the like.Eat lots and

I'm 13. How can I get fit at home?

I am going to give you the names of some young guys on a YouTube to follow who can help you. You do not need a gym. No one really needs a gym. YOUR body is your gym. It would be good if you could

I'm 16yrs old. Is intermittent fasting safe, or will it stunt my growth?

Are you diabetic? CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR IF SO. And get a second opinion if your doctor doesn't specialize in endocrinology. Periodic/intermittent fasting such as following a schedule like ‘no food during daylight hours' (approximately Ramadan) followed by ‘eating a healthy

I'm 24, and I've never exercised regularly. I want to get physically fit. As my body is unfit right now, what's the best way to start exercise?

प्रणाम (PRANAAM )/GREETINGS-------------------We have to take three things into consideration -PROPER DIET, EXERCISE & SLEEP for fitness and weight loss. The following are easy and best way for fast weight loss which I am following without going GYM . The process is enjoyable and results are fast.[A]-DIETA small change

I'm 24, I feel like I'm getting dumber. it's like I'm having only half a brain and I can't focus. What's happening with me?

As per your post, your current problem is loss of focus and not able to think clearly.  You also say that you were pretty upset about something a few months back and were depressed for sometime.  It is likely that you have suffered an episode of depression which has

I'm 5'2 and 346 pounds, is that healthy?

To be completely honest, no, you don't seem healthy. If your extra weight is from fat, I suggest you avoid junk food and sugary food as this can cause insulin resistance, thus leading to type 2 diabetes. Also please eat fruits and vegetables. You may think too much fruit is

I'm 65, workout 4-5x a week vigorously. I've taken a couple falls in the last couple months. Can you recommend any lifts or exercises that will help my balance?

Yes. You need to do leg exercises, to improve your leg strength and thus your mobility.The basic exercise you need is the leg press. If you belong to a gym, there should be a leg press machine available to you. You don't need to use a heavy weight.

I'm a 15 year old female. I'm 5'3 or 5'4 and I weigh about 100 lbs. I'm also a freshman in highschool. What can I do to at least be a healthy 120 lbs by May and maintain that weight?

I'm 17, and I too have this problem. I'm about the same height as you but I still look unhealthy because of my weight. I've never weighed more then 110lbs in my life. Right now I'm in between 107-110 but at one point a few months ago I was 98lbs and my doctor was concerned. The best thing I've

I'm a 22-year-old guy. I am a bit lean and I have little belly fat. How do I stay fit if I have no means to find a gym and can workout only at my home? What exercises do you suggest?

Well, I completely understand your situation so I would give you a suggestive workout and a suggestive diet. I've personally tried this diet and it worked for me. I was 78 kgs at that time. I lost the extra 8–9 kgs and my fitness levels improved to a great extent.

I'm busy with a daytime job. Is 50 pushups a day enough to stay healthy?

Push ups are great, but they only address your upper body and core, and they are not aerobic.Try this 7 minute list, I have been doing it for months now and it is great.You do each exercise

I'm horrible in sports, and I am very skinny. Should I start going to a gym? (I'm 16)

If you want to be better at sports and have more muscle you should do something about it.I don't think you'd be asking this question if you were happy with where you are.You don't have to go to a gym though. You need a floor, somewhere

I'm naturally fit, why should I start to work out?

Naturally?Ha! Nature is a cruel taskmaster.I have seen the most

I'm on a low carb diet and lost 10 pounds in 1.5 months. My protein and fats are the same. My abs are coming out. I've been training just as hard before my diet but my muscles are no longer sore after workouts. What's wrong?

I agree with Mindy. There's a good chance that your routine needs to be changed in order to continue stimulating muscle fiber growth. I'd recommend doing something completely different than what you normally do to restart the process. Good changes could be drop sets, tri-sets, giant sets, pyramid sets, extremely low

I'm sitting at a PC 12 hours/day, is it enough to run 4KM/day to stay healthy?

While running is an excellent way to keep healthy and fit, eating well is important too.  Assuming that you do eat healthy food, my only concern about your lifestyle is not so much the length of time you work, but the spans of time

Is cycling for 45 minutes a day enough to stay healthy and fit?

buddy if you are cycling only for 20 min that enough for healthy and fit your duration is about 45 minutes thumbs up but cycling is not only option for weight loss journey you should start green tea or follow some tips down

Is dairy good or bad for you?

The idea of "good" and "bad" foods is quite an odd one in general. The way that most people understand health is that of basically there being a baseline level of health, and there are some foods that improve health and some foods that hurt it over the long term. However, in reality, humans

Is it healthy to wake up early even on nights when I go to sleep late?

No. Its not healthy. Sleep is very important.However. I goto bed late almost every night and wake up early enough to realize i hate myself for not going to bed early the night before.Its a never ending cycle that will catch up to you. I take a nap if i have to

Is it important to keep in shape?

Yes, it is important to keep in shape. The definition of

Is it normal to have a headache every time after exercise?

Thanks for the A2A, Jennie :)A worrying question this.No, from what I understand its definitely not normal to have a headache after exercising.Hypertension, hypoglycaemia and spinal or nerve problems can be the culprit for headaches in some (not all) scenarios.If a

Is my fat loss diet right?

One needs more information than what you have provided but here are some low hanging fruit (no pun intended) that you can work on (based on what you've mentioned as your diet).1. Space out your protein shakes and fruit in a better way.Eg. Have a fruit (Apple, pear) before your

Is working out during fasting any good?

Hey Naeem. Fasting already puts enough stress on the body, that I tell my clients not to do

I've been jogging 5 miles a day 5 times a week for the last 2 months. Why are my jeans tighter? No weight loss.

Weight loss = Calories burned > Calories ingestedSay that you are 160lbs.  The amount of calories you burn by running a mile is about 120kcal.  If you run 5miles a day, you will be burning 600kcal extra on top of your basal metabolic energy expenditure which is about 1500kcal.  So overall, you are

I've started running every day. Do I need to take days off to rest?

Rule of thumb: if you are pushing your boundary (of soreness, fatigue, endurance, or pain), you will need to take time off (be it days or mileage) to let yourself recover and not push yourself into a hole. If you feel like you aren't pushing any boundaries, you do not need time off --

My lower back is hurting from push ups, am I too overweight? Should I add lower back exercises?

If your low back hurts after doing push-ups, your core is likely too weak to support your weight. Because of this, your back likely bows in, toward the ground, straining both the muscle, ligament, and compressing the lumbar vertebrae.Here is a picture of that incorrect form:

My stomach is bruised from exercise rowing last night. Should I row again today?

If you are bruising yourself rowing, then you are doing it incorrectly. There is literally no movement in any exercise that requires you to strike yourself with something, rowing included. The row finished with the handle paused at the sternum. You don't strike yourself with the handle, you pull back to the sternum.

My stomach is just about flat. However I still have a lot of fat on my back. How do I get rid of it?

As Bart Loews said, keep doing what you're doing.  There's no such thing as spot reduction, no exercises that will stimulate fat loss specifically and no set amount of exercise that you can do to guarantee fat loss.  There are far too many variables to consider

Should I do pull ups and push ups everyday, or one day pull ups, and another day push ups? What will help in gaining max strength and endurance?

Best to separate push and pull days. If you exercise four days a week, do your push exercises on two days and your pull exercises on the other two days with rest days in between so your muscles have time to grow

Should I eat chickpeas after a workout?

I'll give you two facts :Total protein consumption throughout the day matters, not just post workoutYou don't need to consume the protein within 30 minutes of your workout! This is just a myth spread by supplement companies.As for your question, i suggest you something high in protein and moderate

What are tips for good health?

Hi thanks for asking such meaningful question.Today we are living in 21 century,our life style is so flexible and lavish. We don't do more physical work,connecting with virtual game and Friends, disconnected from nature. Some tips are here which i follow daily to live healthy. Its necessary maintain

What could I eat before going to the gym?

Many people carry out what's called fasted cardio in an attempt to burn and lose body fat- but unless you are carrying out this cardio from 6 to 7 am you need to fuel your body before each and every workout.Before I answer what you should consume, you have to remember that there has to

What Foods Are High in Vitamin A and Will improve Your Health?

Vitamin A deficiency: A lack of vitamin A.Vitamin A deficiency (VAD) occurs where diets contain insufficient vitamin A for meeting the needs associated with growth and development, physiological functions, and periods of added stress due to illness. Infections such as measles may precipitate a child into clinical VAD.

What is the best health tip you can give today?

Acupressure** Techniques-NO MEDICATION. NO SIDE EFFECTS. NO HOSPITALIZATION. NO COSTS. IT IS SAFE ALSO. The best remedy for hormonal imbalance. With ur thumb, press ur/his/her palms and soles, wrists and ankles on both sides. Suppose pain is felt while pressing a particular point in the palm/sole, u have

What is the best workout I can do to get abs quickly and effectively? The workout should be convenient to do anywhere and should not involve any weights.

Whilesitting at your desk, in your car, or watching TV you can simply contract and hold your abdominal muscles for 10–15 seconds. Slowly and controlling release the abdominal muscles only to slowly and controllingly contract them again. This is not

What is the easiest way to be in shape?

The easiest and most efficient way to be in shape is to regularly exercise and watch your diet.You can choose any type of sports or exercise, though the best combination is doing weight lifting and cardio.As for the diet, it's important to calculate your daily energy expenditure. It's

What should a person eat every day to be healthy?

Food and water.There are no nutrients that you need every day. There are no foods that you have to eat every day. What you eat today doesn't matter. What you eat this month matters a lot.In other words, your overall, long-term diet is what you should focus on, not a search for

What's the fastest way to reduce fat and gain muscle?

There are lots of persons to suggest a lots of things to all you to in respect to this question. But with in my knowledge i know that this two phenomenon couldn't be occur simultaneously .Firstly you have to reduce your weight and get ripped and then only you could start building up muscles

Why am I always feeling tired?

This is like asking how long a piece of string is. Strangers on the internet cannot evaluate you.You could sit down and determine some steps you could take to improve your health. These would include improving your diet, cutting out stimulants and added sugars, getting regular exercise, having a sleep schedule

Why am I gaining weight and losing muscles?

I don't know much about what BBG by Kayla is. I tried doing a little research. I found some reviews that looked like they were just advertisements made to look like reviews. But I guess it really doesn't matter.  I can probably help you out without knowing the details.First I would like to ask about these "healthy foods"

Why am I getting more cellulite on my legs after working out and getting stronger?

The American Council on Exercise says that exercise can reduce* cellulite. With consistent exercising, individuals can lower the amount of fat in their body. Over time, this will reduce* cellulite. To lose* weight the fastest, individuals must use a mix of cardiovascular and strength training. Cardiovascular exercise burns more calories per hour while strength training

Why am I not able to build shape in body after lots of gymming?

It could be a plethora of things, but I will point out some of the main reason why many people workout like animals but never build muscle.1. You are not performing the excercise correctly.    Many of us, especially when we first start our fitness journey, don't

Why am I tired after school?

We have no way of knowing, but here's a few suggestions:You have a medical condition. That's a rather vague statement, but nevertheless an option that should not be ignored. Have your health checked.You do not sleep well. Meaning you're reasonably

Why am I tired all day but can't sleep at night?

If you tell someone you can't sleep at night, or that you have insomnia, you're going to be getting a lot of advice. Unfortunately, much of that advice will be ‘sleep hygiene' advice that is not proven to actually help people with insomnia fall asleep. In fact, many clinical studies give the

Why am I unable to do chin ups?

Like Kulpreet said, your muscles are the key here. You need to build your shoulder muscles to help you hold firm.Trust me, your body mass is much more heavier than most weights you carry around. If you really put your body weight together in one piece, you'll discover that

Why do I always feel so calm a few minutes after working out?

Please see Summer Saad's (presently collapsed but accurate) answer explaining the calming neurochemical and hormonal changes which occur during and following exercise. Feel-good dopamine, happiness-including serotonin, invigorating norepinephrine, and calming endorphins increase through exercise, while stress-inducing cortisol and adrenaline are reduced.

Why do I catch a cold after intense exercise?

Original question:> Why do I catch a cold after intense exercise?I don't think that is a cold. A cold only lasts 1 week or so.It sounds like you might be allergic to something at the gym. Someone else's perfume, chalk, someone brings their dog, the

Why do I feel good after a good workout?

A good workout changes the level of hormones in human body. Mainly the hormones that are enhanced by a good workout are Dopamine, Endorphins, Adrenaline, Serotonin. All these hormones help a male feel happy both mentally and physically; especially Dopamine is the pleasure hormone which can really

Why do I feel so bad if I don't exercise for three or four days?

Most probably it is about hormones that makes us feel happy during or after physical exercise. Endorphins and dopamine are the ones playing role in this situation. We secrete these hormones to over come physical pain and to live the sweet feeling of success. After some time your body gets used to

Why do I feel terrible during and after working out?

I like Aakash's answer here as your CNS is by far what makes the magic happen especially when you first get into a new workout routine it is your CNS that is making the most gains believe it or not but I will digress as I could go

Why do I feel tired and sick all the time?

In addition to the answers given below, and taking in mind the description you've provided for the question. It may also be worth noting your mental well-being can also have detrimental effects on your physical health. If you felt strongly attached to the environment in the city, and

Why do I gain weight working out?

Your weight gain could be one of 2 things:1. Muscle, which weighs more than fat (in which case, high five!)2. Fat, from eating more than you need to despite burning extra calories during/after your workouts.  One way to find out: Tracking your weight regularly (but not obsessively) on the scale (once every