Can I be healthy but not fit?

Yes, but we need to define our terms first.Americans in the US typically use

Can I become fat through gym?

So you just started working out.That means that the pounds will start melting off you like Kylie Jenner's face is going to in a couple of years (let's be real, she's had some work done...and will have more because cosmetic surgery is like junk food: you can't stop at just one)?!?!Well, not exactly.You betcha

Can I become fit in 3 months?

Three months are around 12 weeks. The body can do magic in 12 weeks. However, you will define what satisfies you. The very first question you mat want to answer yourself is if you want yo be fit or you

Can I consume 2 cigarettes per day without any risk of health?

A2A.No you cannot do away with health risks by reducing the number of cigarettes consumed per day, though it is quite difficult to root out the daily propensity for having an occasional puff or two. Switching to nicotene tablets/gums would be a feasible trade off between health risks and addiction. Read Nicotine gum.P.S: I was

Can I do hiit before or after weight training to burn more fat?

HIIT – that's high intensity interval training – has been the core subject of many training inquiries as of late.

Can I do intermittent fasting without losing weight?

Absolutely! Intermittent fasting covers a very wide range of eating patterns from daily time restricted feeding up to fasting for a few days each week. If you do not want to lose weight but still want to get some of the

Can I do pushups on rest days?

A2A.It is difficult to answer this without knowing your training plan, what level you are at among other things.A generic suggestion would be to not do push ups immediately following chest/upper body workout because the body needs to recover.If you want to

Can I eat a lot of good and real food and stay healthy with exercise?

Depends....if MONSANTO has had ANYTHING to do with it....throw it away !Are clear and easy to read. Good answers are very clear to read and understand, even for someone who is reading quickly or skimming the page. It's helpful to

Can I eat fruit during my fast in intermittent fasting?

Sometimes, it depends on the type of IF (intermittent fasting). If is not the same as the keto diet which restricts carbs like fruit and veggies to about 5–10% of daily food intake. A keto diet seems to end up with the same results as calorie restriction (CR) which allows the body to go into

Can I get 6 pack abs while doing daily activities?

Exercises is safe method to get six pack abs. For people who want to get six pack abs in short time, you can try Imodstyle 6 Pack Abs (please search on google) . I was pretty lean before, but after a 21 days of follow that guide I actually

Can I get abs by doing lots of crunches and sit ups throughout the day?

Thanks for the A2A Lauren SternadIf your body fat levels would be too high, doing abdominals daily will build the muscle but not allow it to be seen.To get visible abdominals would require a lower body fat percentage, and depend on each individual with the amount they would need to be at.My recommendations

Can I get fit body just by walking one hour a day?

It all depends on what you mean by

Can I get rid of gynecomastia by exercising my chest?

Unfortunately, no. Cardiovascular exercise and a clean diet can help you lose your overall body fat and reduce the severity of the unpleasant aesthetic of gynecomastia. However, those with this condition often find that the chest is one of the last

Can I get rid of stomach fat while keeping the fat in my legs and thighs?

Just so you know... Men who like girls with thick thighs and fat butts are after muscle, not fat. Stretching out the Levi's is all fine and great, but do understand that what you're after is probably a misconception.To answer your

Can I go to gym as a beginner for 5 days per week?

That depends on the volume and intensity of your workouts, as well as the amount of time put into each session. Also, saying that you will go to the gym for five days a week is different from actually going to the gym (I mean this in the nicest way possible). People

Can I increase my strength with weight training on an empty stomach?

In the beginning, sure, you could do this.I'm not sure why you would want to, but it's certainly possible.Once you get past your novice phase, or even into the middle of it though, you're going to notice that your energy level simply isn't up to the task. You'll want to eat something, preferably carbs,

Can I lose 5 kgs in 2 weeks by just drinking 2 litres of water per day?

You are 16 years old, and you have a serious medical condition that is linked to your hormone levels. You say it is "under control", but it still has many serious long-term implications.  Your weight and nutrition are important factors in dealing with your condition for the long term. There

Can I lose fat by eating healthy and doing only weight training for exercise?

I have lost close to 12 kgs in last 3 months thanks to the following lifestyle changes :Zero added sugar. Glucose part was dealt with breads etc.5 to 6 small meals with mix of fruits and leafy veggies.Drinking close to 5

Can I lose weight by eating healthy without exercise?

Short answer: YesFitness is 85% diet/nutrition and 15% exercise.If you don't go over your Total Daily Energy Expenditure then you will come out of exam period unscathed.Proper nutrition starts with first understanding the law of energy balance, or as it's more commonly known, the rule of calories in vs. calories out:If you consume more calories than

Can I lose weight by exercising three times per week?

Work out your Total Daily Energy Expenditure, then eat 10-20% less than that, or if you are shooting for Lb/week weight loss, then eat 500 calories less than that. Keep exercising 4x/week, i'd suggest weightlifting as well, but do whatever you like best.Some

Can I lose weight by not eating for several days?

Sure, it is called starving. People generally lose weight when they do that. Also, your metabolism will slow down. Your body will adapt by making it harder for you to lose weight.There is a concept called intermittent fasting. This is not starving. It is going

Can I lose weight from stomach fast without exercise?

I believe your question is whether you can lose abdominal fat (fat in the stomach region) without exercising. Yes, it is possible to lose abdominal fat or any body fat by creating a calorie deficit. Or in simple language, by eating less or taking lesser number of calories than you spend. But that is not a healthy way to

Can I lose weight using laxatives and diuretics?

The short answer is yes you can. And a number of people with eating disorders have done just that.It works by moving food through the gut faster, leading to malabsorption. Thus the body absorbs fewer calories. However, it also means the other nutrients that the body needs are

Can I lose weight while fasting?

Yes fasting can help in losing weight but only if done properly. You need to understand that starving is not the best of losing weight. Yes, you can lose weight by starving and fasting but it won't be considered healthy. If you

Can I lose weight within a month by drinking 2 big bottles of water a day?

For a long time, drinking water has been thought to help with weight loss.In fact, 30–59% of US adults who try to lose weight increase their water intake.Many studies show that drinking more water may benefit weight loss and maintenance.Drinking Water Can Make You Burn More CaloriesMost of the studies listed below looked

Can I run on an empty stomach?

Running on an empty stomach – yes or no? There are lots of different opinions on this topic. For some, it is a regular part of their training, while for others, working out on any empty stomach is out of the question. In today's blog post, we

Can I still get a fit body?

There is no hard age to say you can be for, till that age. Age is just a number. It all depends upon your initiative. I myself started at the age of 46 with sciatica in me and am 52, presently. I am epileptic too.You are very enthusiastic

Can I stop eating sugar and start exercising to get a six pack or a two pack at least?

Sugar has no nutritional value. It simply supplies energy and too much is turned to fat. Eating healthy foods will build muscle and strong bones. Toss in some exercise each day, and soon you will start to develop a great body and mind.At your age, you

Can I take creatine at night time after workout?

yes you can. here is an in depth article that displays some valuable information about Creatine as a supplement.It's Creatine Not Heroin-The real information you need to know about CreatineCreatine is a valuable tool for muscle recovery, but should not be abused just like all other supplements. While creatine monohydrate

Can I take creatine twice a day if I workout twice a day?

In general, the consensus is that you can ''load up'' with creatine monohydrate for 5 days by using around 20 grams per day (split in 5 gram doses). Of course, there are opinions against the loading phase, but I am in favor of it.

Can I take multivitamins during dieting?

Certainly. There are only a few issues to look for. (1) If you take a supplement and skip a meal, watch for signs of stomach distress. Zinc, for example, can cause nausea. In other words, some supplements should be taken only with food. (2) If you eat just a snack, consider the

Can I train if my muscles sore?

Generally speaking - I wouldn't recommend it. The soreness in your muscle is typically a result of two things:Mechanical damage (micro-tears in actin-myosin pairs that make your muscles contract); orDamage from hydrogen ions and mounting acidity as a result of high-intensity exercise in largely anaerobic condition(many people mistakenly think of soreness as

Can keto diet cure diabetes?

For people who are finding a way to reverse type 2 diabetes without taking more pills, drugs or insulin injections,... You should try Imodstyle Reverse Diabetes Secrets (please search on google, I don't remember the link). I've got great results with it. I am on day 15, following that method. I am completely OFF ALL MEDICATIONS. I have absolutely

Can lifting weights alone lower blood pressure?

I am assuming that you mean normal, resting blood pressure.No. Lifting weights can never reduce blood pressure or else the experts on heart diseases would have recommended weight lifting for those with high blood pressure.Blood pressure rise in older people is due to blockage and hardening of the arteries. The ways that

Can most people do a pull-up?

That is a very open ended that is hard to back by fact. However, one point I think 85% of people would agree on is pull ups are hard. Most people don't like to do hard things.Now lets discuss just regular gym attendees. How many times have you walked into a

Can one become fit by simply eating healthy?

No, but you can certainly begin the path to getting fit through nutrition.To be fit, you need to develop your muscles to be able to function efficiently for your daily life. This can look different on everybody. Someone who wants to run a half

Can one exercise the brain?

Brain is the centre of all learning and experiences and cognitive skills are the core skills required to process the information. Cognitive skills like Memory, Logical Thinking, Attention Span, Learning Ability are critical to performing any task, simple or complex. Cognition requires multiple areas of the Brain to function simultaneously.We at SochGenie

Can one start running after 30?

Of course, you can run but follow these instructions:1. Reduce smoking to two per day- 1 morning & 1 evening.2. Start with the distance which you can run easily.4. Run this distance for at least one month, then increase

Can osteoporosis be reversed?

Per The American Chiropractic Association, they recommend the following tips to both prevent and manage the disease:Exercise – Exercise puts various forms of stress on the bones and help to strengthen them. Exercise should typically be done for a minimum of 30 minutes 3 times each week. Of course, if you have osteoporosis already and have

Can people still lose weight with intermittent fasting without exercising?

Anyone can lose weight with any method whatsoever, as long as they consume fewer calories than they need to maintain weight.The average male needs 2,500 calories per day to maintain weight, the average female 2,000 calories.Let's say you are an average female. If you

Can pull-ups be done daily without overtraining?

Theoretically, yes. However, if you're doing pull-ups solely on a straight bar then you do risk causing some injury by straining the tendons and ligaments in the shoulders. Basically, by using a straight bar you're putting shearing forces on the shoulder joint which wants to allow the arm

Can running a few days a week be better than running every day?

Yes it can! As long as your not overdoing it, when you do do it, its great! It will give your body time to rest, and will also keep you motivated, and looking forward it. I like to call it teasing myself! One thing I control very well

Can shoulder workouts stop shoulder dislocations?

The first thing that needs to be noted is have you been to the doctor??? The first time your shoulder has been dislocated, you absolutely need to go the doctor. If you have never been to the doctor, then ignore everything else and make an appointment. My

Can sitting all day make your butt bigger?

Exercises is safe method to get bigger butt. For people who want to get bigger butt in short time, you can try Imodstyle Bigger Butt Fast (please search on google) . I have got great results with it. I've *gained an inch and half

Can swimmers eat whatever they want without getting fat?

In my experience, competitive swimmers, who are in hard training, can eat whatever they want and are the terror of the buffets!  The people who ran the all-you-can eat pizza night at the local bar hated us!Also in my experience, competitive swimmers

Can the Keto diet cause you to have a heart attack or is that just a myth?

Myocardial infarction (death of heart muscle, or heart attack) is caused by atherosclerotic heart disease, not any particular type of diet. ASHD (as we abbreviate it) is multifactoral in origin. These include genetics and various epigenetic influences, the presence of hypertension,

Can too much exercise cause inflammation in the body?

Yes.If by exercise you mean strength training, then when you squat or bench or deadlift, you are already causing micro tears of connective tissues and muscles leading to a controlled inflammation stage.If you know what you are doing, the inflammation gets

Can Twenty Press Ups every morning be regarded as Exercise?

The definition of exercise is "activity requiring physical effort, carried out especially to sustain or improve health and fitness."So yes, 20 press ups every morning is regarded as exercise. Though, it wouldn't impact your body that much as your body would get used to 20 press ups every morning.

Can two people working together lift a weight heavier than the sum of what each could lift on their own?

Yes, it's possible but it all depends on the leverage and grip they are able to get on the item as well as each person's individual strength. Another tool that can help two people carry extremely heavy weights is the forearm forklift.Not sure about the world record, I just know this

Can walking at a slow speed lower blood pressure?

You folks are really looking for something that will allow you to stop taking meds for hypertension. Take it from an old hypertensive who gave anesthesia to thousands of hypertensives. The change of life style that is required is so drastic and inimical to how we live,

Can we do yoga before body exercise?

Yoga is most beneficial after a workout as a great cool down. The poses will stretch all of the muscles you just used, which can help to reduce soreness and speed healing. Because yoga focuses and relaxes the mind and body, a class is a great way to end a workout.In classical scriptures, the best

Can we drink 6 litres of water a day?

➡ According to a video,

Can we prevent aging?

Aging cannot be stopped, but it can be significantly slowed down. We cannot change that our DNA ages and that mitochondria in our cells deteriorate. These are the cells' power plants. Also, the telomeres, which are the caps at the end of chromosomes get shorter as we age. When the telomeres are all used

Can we sleep after exercising? Why or why not?

I assume your question means is it healthy/unhealthy or desirable to sleep shortly after exercising. The answer is that studies are hugely varied on this specific subject. This is because of the broad term 'exercise'. Are we talking about cardiovascular exercise routines which improve conditioning and stamina, weight training routines which encourage muscle gain, weight training

Can we start workouts immediately after 20 hours of intermittent fasting and break fasting after workouts?

As far as giving advice on this goes - whether you should or should not, that you may have to sift through if it is contained in this answer at all.How do you feel after the fasted 20 hour periodBefore

Can weight loss cause back pain?

I have answered your question and for more about the back pain . you can look over this link for more info.It is well-established that being overweight or obese increases one's chance of experiencing lower back pain. With

Can weight training prevent diabetes?

It will definitely help reduce the chance of developing type II diabetes, but not prevent.Even though it helps, it does not mean you should start consuming large amounts of sugars thinking you're fine; there's a limit to everything. If you are going to consume large amounts of sugar/related, make sure you expel the energy

Can working in mental health burn you out mentally?

Absolutely! It can be both mentally and physically taxing. There is a reason

Can you achieve a fit looking body by just doing squats, deadlifts, and bench presses... and no cardio?

YES! In fact, my training program when leaning out primarily consists of the big three (squat, bench, deadlift). The key is to train for neuromuscular strength, ala powerlifting, by training at high intensity (percent of 1 rep max) and low volume

Can you convince me to start exercising?

Some Steps For Making Workout A Routine ActivityStart Slowly. As a beginner, it is obvious that you don't know much about lifting. In order to get used to of the exercises you need to perform or what angles you need to focus which exercising, you need to start

Can you drink coffee during intermittent fasting?

It depends on how you take your coffee. Coffee with milk and/or sugar will affect the fast. Milk proteins and sugar need to be digested, and the sugar will also affect blood glucose levels. Coffee without milk or sugar will have a much lesser effect on the body. The key is to not overdo

Can you eat a healthy diet without fruits?

Absolutely. Great question. While I was researching my book I was a bit shocked at just how fruits are not needed at all. Veggies are far more nutrient-packed than fruit, and fruit has much more sugar.I even went to the extent of saying that we shouldn't eat too much fruit if we are trying to stay lean.

Can you eat unhealthy and still get abs?

Yes.There are 2 ways to get abs without having a strict diet :Naturally high metabolism. Some people just never get fat regardless of what they eat. This is especially true for teenagers.Burn more calories than you eat. Most people will tell you that your diet is more important than your workout. It is not

Can you exercise directly after eating?

The words 'body is fit you hit' And so the body needs fitness to keep fit. Regular body exercises should be done regularly to survive. But when and when to do it, many do not know. ABM Abdullah, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University, said, "It is important to

Can you explain power training and strength training using bodyweight exercises?

Bodyweight exercises are extremely convenient and effective. You don't need any equipment or gym subscription since you'll be using your own body as your resistance.They can be used to get stronger and more powerful but to an extent. If you want to make serious gains in strength and power you

Can you gain good size/mass by doing the strength program Stronglifts 5x5?

While I certainly don't think that SL5x5 is the best program out there for hypertrophy objectives, your question alludes to the significant importance of nutrition in any mass-building program.Namely you'll get stronger on SL5x5, but you won't gain much muscle mass if you're in a hypocaloric

Can you get abs while still being fat?

Maybe you will be able to have them but they will be buried underneath. That's why I don't focus on that much anymore. I used to think I could just do an excercises. But you need to lose the body fat before you can see them. I can feel my abs. They

Can you get fit by just walking the stairs?

Walking or running up and down stairs will certainly improve your cardiovascular fitness and add strength and endurance to your legs.Depending on the size of the stairs you may be able to take them two or three at a time. If you

Can you give some good health tips?

Men and women are facing the problems of overweight but also youngsters are being targeted and that is why heavy weight in today's era is being alarmed highly. Lifestyle modification, unhealthy habits, less physical activity all are the factors that are contributing

Can you hurt yourself by working out at age 80?

I had 3 workouts today. I rode my Me-Mover scooter to the health club to weight train and back I also had a fairly heavy workout routine. I increased the weight on a

Can you inspire me to build a muscular body without consuming suppliments?

1)To be straight honest, you have to accept the fact that these physiques like lazar cannot be acheived without the use of body enhancing drugs or 'steroids' for the matter of fact, let alone supplements. Also even if you take these drugs, you still need to have that kind of symmetrical genetics in order

Can you lose fat on exercise alone?

Losing weight is almost totally driven by food choices (what and how much). Exercise (such as walking, running, and workouts) is needed for stamina and strength and for making sure that the weight you lose is fat and not muscle, but purely in terms of weight loss, exercise is neither

Can you lose fat with only dieting?

This is actually a great question that exposes a lot of the nonsense that the fitness industry perpetuates. The short answer is: Yes, absolutely.Here is some additional thoughts:If you ONLY diet - you will look thinner but end up sort of a shapeless

Can you lose weight by eating one meal a day?

Of course yes. If you're not getting enough amount of Protein you'll lose a huge number of Muscle Tissue and therefore lead to weight loss.But why do you even want to starve. Doing this will make you a weaker you. Do you want to

Can you lose weight through anaerobic exercise?

I'm no expert, but I know a little body chemistry. From what I understand, during  exercise, the body first turns to glycogen stores in the liver, which is pre-stored energy which is replenished quickly. during anaerobic exercise it releases the energy in the glycogen quite

Can you motivate me to always exercise, stay fit, and eat healthy?

Nope.Nobody can make you change your behavior and form new habits.Nobody but you can want it enough to substitute new patterns for old.Nobody but you will be stronger, slimmer, more comfortable in your skin, and more energetic if you exercise and

Can you pass out while exercising?

Oh yes you can, it's awful.I played pro tennis and trained with the olympic team in Poland.This included everyone from swimmers to track runners.We did this exercise called the 100-50.You run 100 meter as fast as you can, then you jog back, and run 50 meters all

Can you recommend a great pre-workout supplement that's healthy & gives you energy to fuel your workout?

I remember myself when I was desperate for a pre workout supplement but couldn't afford it.I could barely pay my gym membership so every kind of supplement was far away from my reach.One day I was talking with one of the bros in the gym I frequented and I presented

Can you stay fit into your 80s and beyond with enough exercise?

Yes. By all means exercise works wonders. I started working out playing football in Jr.HS. We had no weight room so for 5 years in HS. I ran and worked construction and pulp wooding. 1 year of college football and 4 years of Heat in the engine room of a USCG ship.

Can you stay fit with only 15 minutes of vigorous exercise per day?

The answer to that is that you can stay very fit with only 15 minutes of vigorous daily exercise.A fairly good runner will be able to cover 2.5 miles in that time, or you would be able to manage 6 x 150 m sprints with

Can you stunt growth?

Being tall is a good thing. If you're straight, most females prefer taller males.You're not even

Can you suggest some exercises for healthy heart?


Can your body detoxify itself?

Yes. This is the main function of organs such as the liver and kidneys and at least a minor function of nearly every cell.This is insufficient in cases where you've been exposed to a greater amount of toxin then your body can handle, fairly

Could a person with less muscle be stronger than the one with more muscle?

Of course. Muscle strength is affected by many different factors. Metabolism Type (aka Muscle Type like Type II Fast Twitch), speed the Muscle can metabolise Energy (Depends across people, some have Oxidative aka Aerobic Respiration that is carried out so fast that it matches the speed of Type II

Could someone help me to quit smoking?

I smoked cigarettes for 22 years. During that time, I tried to stop several times, but failed.Then one day I had enough, and succeeded. Now I am smoke-free for five years and a half, and can't possibly imagine a situation that would cause me to go back.

Dating: Does going to the gym really work?

Considering that this question is in the dating section, I'm going to answer it with respect to that. Overall, being more attractive is always going to help with dating. We use physical appearance and first impressions to decide whether or not we want to date someone, and going to the gym can

Did the Russian sleep experiment really happen?

The story is fictional. No such experiment took place.None of the claims in the story are based on actual events but are actually a work of fiction by an anonymous author. As first published on Creepypasta ( a twisted version of "copy-paste"), which describes a genre comprising short - mostly supernatural - stories

Disregarding looks, what is the most important exercise I can do regarding health?

Weight lifting. You can have a cardio workout and muscle workout. If you don't take as long of a break or any at all. Keep the intensity up. You can get a great workout in. Yes you can see improvements in your physical form but inside will feel great. Running is

Divorce more than once is it healthy?

I don't think you should go into a relationship with the expectations of marrying that person. It's best just to not think about it Marriage. You have been there once before and look what it brought you. A divorce ,....a failed marriage. Why get into something

Do ab exercises make your stomach look bigger if you have some fat?

If you strengthen your abdominal muscles and do not lose weight then it is likely that belly fat could be pushed out by the muscle growth and make your abdomen appear bigger . This can also be true if you are doing heavy exercises for your obliques. These exercises can make you look more

Do all body builders use steroids?

99% of professional bodybuilders use some form of steroids as do a large amount of professional athletes of any sport. Most people look at mass monsters of today and think bodybuilders are crazy muscleheads and steroids abusers because it is in

Do apples help burn belly fat?

Apples are a nearly perfect food for primates. They provide energy in the form of fructose, they provide moisture, and they provide dietary fiber. They are not a complete food, but they are wonderful wonderful wonderful for daily life.Exercise burns

Do cell phones cause cancer?

Let's look at the facts about cell phones.Cell phones emit microwave radio-frequency radiation. Fact.This radiation has the ability to penetrate our bodies. Fact.Our governments do virtually nothing to protect us from these dangers.  Fact.And yet there is strong evidence, multiple peer reviewed studies, to indicate that cell

Do certain workouts or exercises prevent aging more than others?

There has been an absurd amount of research looking into how exercise impacts the aging body.Some types of exercise are much more effective than others when it comes to enhancing health, maintaining function, and delaying the negatives effects of aging.These include:Strength TrainingThis has been shown to cause improvements in both bone mineral density and

Do drinks affect your health and fitness goals?

Yes , drinks do affect our health and fitness goals .First question being , What type of drinks ?1. Alcoholic ( Beer , Tequila , Vodka , Gin etc. )2 . Non - Alcoholic ( Tea , Coffee , Mocktails , lassi, soda etc. )*Both* Alcoholic and Non - alcoholic drinks affect

Do fat people age faster?

The percentage of body fat at any one time is a symptom rather than a cause.When it is caused by insulin resistance as with metabolic syndrome or diabetes and is associated with high glucose and insulin, those other factors cause more rapid ageing AND increased body fat.

Do fitness models get off steroids?

Assuming they are using, most probably. I'm not advocating their use but it would be advisable for someone who were to go this route to use medical supervision, especially if they are using them professionally. Typically supervision would cycle the use of an anabolic

Do gym rats smoke weed and then hit the gym?

I'm sure there are gym rats who smoke weed before hitting the weights, but in my experience the gym rats I know who smoke weed do it after working out. In the gym you want to be physically and mentally as sharp as you can be. You have to feel