Do health tips always work in life?

#Questiion nameee: Do health tips always work in life?11 TIPS FOR ACHIEVING MASSIVE SUCCESS IN YOUR LIFE!Hi friends, I checked all Quora answers and useful resources on the internet and below are best tips to success in your life. I hope you enjoy it.#1. Seek knowledge, not results.If you focuss on the excitemment of discoverry, improving, exploring and experimenting,

Do healthy people live longer?

Usually they do. There have been exceptions (heavy smokers living into their eighties and nineties), but healthy people tend to live longer.I don't really care for analogies, but if you think of the human body like a plant, the plant usually needs sunlight and water to

Do I drink too much water?

If you exercise or engage in any activity that makes you sweat, you need to drink extra water to compensate for the fluid loss. An extra 1.5 to 2.5 cups (400 to600 milliliters) of water should suffice for short bouts of exercise, but intense exercise lasting more than

Do I eat first then exercise, or exercise first then eat?

This depends on a large number of things.Are you working out first thing in the morning? If you have a 30 minute period till you need to workout, then having an apple or small granola bar won't kill you. Just don't over do it or you'll destroy your stomach.What type of excercise are you planning on? Heavy

Do I have to eat healthy/keep a healthy diet to see results from exercising?

Question: When is eating healthy not important?Answer: Never.My guess is that you already know eating healthy is an important for a long healthy life. If you want to live a short painful life, feel free to eat whatever you want, as much as you want. Still, this is a good question. We

Do I have to exercise?

Good cardiovascular health, which shows as stamina, is vital for your health, and you don't get those benefits from dieting. Dr. Kenneth Cooper, who has studied cardio exercise extensively and coined the term

Do I need good sleep before or after my workout?

The real question lies at what time you workout in your whole day.But let me answer it more logically.The first thing that comes in my mind is When will we be more productive? So, logically i can say that isSleep is as necessary to humans

Do I need to drink a lot of water if I want to have clear skin?

Yes of course...i've experienced changes in my skin when i started consuming 2 to 3 litres of water a day...Earlier when i didn't pay any attention to my water intake,i used to have a acne prone oily skin...I used to consume somewhere around 1 to 1.5 litres of water daily..n that too i can't say surely because i

Do I need to lose weight?

Short Answer:Barring an unusual condition..... you're not fat, not even close.Slightly longer I'm not a fan of BMI. Why?Because it makes no attempt to measure, model or estimate body shape (ie body fat)So with an 'in range' BMI,

Do I need to stretch my legs every day? I'm trying to achieve splits. My legs are hurt after the stretching day. Sometimes I can't raise my legs and kick after stretching day. Is it normal?

Yes you need to stretch everyday. You'll get stiff if you don't and will never acheive your splits if you don't.It's normal for your legs to hurt after stretching. Its called being sore. It happens to everyone and anyone whose ever stretched or had a hard workout.To stop being sore and such you need

Do lungs benefit from daily exercise?

Yes they do. Lungs are our first engine which helps our body to get the nascent oxygens. Without these oxygens our body will be inactve in sense that if blood is not purified with the newly taken fresh air or i

Do magnesium supplements cure frequent calf cramps?

I recently posted a blog on how magnesium helps cramped muscles. Check it out below!Did you know that magnesium, an essential mineral that is required by virtually every cell, is especially important to muscles? Many medical specialists are now advising that magnesium should be part of every athlete's recovery process.Magnesium is an essential building block for hundreds of

Do muscles burn fat around them when exercised?

Target-fat reduction is a myth and easily debunked. However if you want to lose body fat, it depends how long you exercise, when you have depleted most of your glycogen (stored glucose) then your body will begin burning body fat. It all depends on the activation of lipolysis pathway. Cardio on empty stomach is

Do oats make you fat?

Definitely not, oats doesn't make you fat but the only thing you need to keep in mind is that oats are not supposed to be contains heavy ingredients,you may add some veggies and some basic spices only ,oats can be taken as breakfast or dinner as well.It contains:51 grams of carbs5 grams of fat13 grams of protein8 grams of

Do people actually enjoying going to the gym?

It runs much deeper than a simple pleasure.It's basically an acquired taste, like olives or dressing up in your mother's clothes.It's not a pleasurable feeling you can capture in the same way as finding money on the floor or having a nice meal.When I first went to the

Do people realize mental health is affected by physical health?

Health is a state of physical, mental and social well being. If we are talking about healthy living, we must not consider mental and physical health as two separate entities rather both are interdependent.Effect of mental issues on our physical health can be easily related. But it appears

Do people who exercise regularly have a greater lung capacity?

People who exercise regularly do not have greater lung capacity. Lungs are more similar to body parts such as you hand. It doesn't change size. The size of a lung can be fairly well predicted by knowing someone's age, height, and gender. A tighter prediction can be made by knowing someone's ethnic background (race). When you exercise, it

Do people who go to the gym follow a routine?

Yes most do.There are too many approaches to list here but for example I do strength training so my routine is Chest, Arms, Legs and then Back.  This way when I cycle back to the same body part it is repaired.  I also do cardio on

Do people who 'skip leg day' have skinny legs because all the energy is used by their upper body, literally 'skinning their legs'?

No.People have smaller legs because they either neglect to work them out or because of their genetics. Something else to consider is that calf muscles are notoriously difficult to develop. While some lucky folks are born with massive calves, others can

Do people with long legs run faster than people with shorter legs?

In terms of endurance running, the concise answer is

Do psychological disorders cause other health problems?

Yes, it's common for people with mental illnesses be afflicted with other health problems that are exacerbated or caused by their mental illness. For example, people with depression have pleasure-reward centers in their brain that do not produce as much

Do push ups get easier?

Yes, Push-ups get easier with time but they are must do even for the professional bodybuilders.If you are habitual of doing 50+ pushups daily at one go then with time you will find them easier to do and will become lesser effective as it won't take much effort. Therefore it is advised that after a month

Do sore muscles after a workout cause weight gain?

To the extent your muscles grow in response to the stimulus, you might gain weight, but presumably the kind you want. If you are losing fat at the same time (running an overall caloric deficit) then your overall results might be a net weight loss (or

Do squats also promote muscle growth in your shoulders, upper back, and torso by holding the weight steady on your upper back & shoulder area while maintaining correct posture throughout the entire range of motion?

When it comes to squatting and the results you'll see, you tend to get two answers. ABSOLUTELY and not at all. There is no definitive answer. If your an avid gym goer or otherwise experienced lifter, I'm going to have to say not so much and for a good reason. If your consistently going to the gym, you are

Do steroids stunt growth?

No. Steroids do not stunt growth. By their nature they encourage growth. But steroids are a very broad class of chemicals. Cholesterol is a steroid for example. Different steroids will have completely different uses and effects.

Do supplements work?

The American Medical Association acknowledges the role of vitamins for chronic disease prevention in adults. mreassociates.orgAmerican Medical Association Acknowledges the Role of Vitamins for Chronic Disease Prevention in Adults . Additionally, their is research done on the benefits of

Do we get fat after we stop exercise?

The best way to answer this question is to first explain how fat gain works.In order for your body to create or increase fat cells, there must be a stimulus of energy in surplus that requires the need for storage-positive energy balance.Everyone's body has a certain set point to maintain their weight. This is called your maintenance

Do we really need 3 meals per day?

I've skipped breakfast & lunch for over 2 years now...I mean, I drink coffee in the morning - and I snack on some nuts at lunch time , but I don't really eat anything.I just eat dinner now days. Mostly fish and sushi.Is it hard

Do weight loss patches work?

Weight loss patches are a pretty new phenomenon, and at first glance seem to be the answer to everyone's prayers - a way to lose weight effectively without doing any work at all and not even changing your eating habits. Are you

Do you always eat healthy food?

When you have put up the question, I hope your focus is finally on your health.Healthy food is definitely good for maintaining one's health, but physical and psychological fitness both can be achieved easily if you follow healthy eating habits.Foundation to eating habits is by and large

Do you consider your daily walking enough exercise?

No. Walking has it's benefits, no doubt. But it does nothing for the upper body, nothing for strength and endurance and upper-body bone health.It's simply not very energetic. The same can be said of running, which does provide cardiovascular benefits but again does not involve the upper

Do you exercise 3 times a week or more?

Yes.I had to work hard to be able to exercise on short amounts of time so I can remain constant.My monday routine is alternating exercises for biceps and triceps (no rest time between sets) then neck and shoulders (no rest time between sets); for wednesday it's similar, I alternate

Do you exercise your mind?

Constantly!And in various ways.Being here, reading questions to ask is one of the ways.Playing mind games like Luminosity is another.Reading every dayMeditating couple of times / weekSpending time being grateful every morningKeeping a success journal to write down 3 things I achieved todayWhen feeling tired at work watching motivational videos.Listening

Do you feel like you exercise too much? What is too much and how do you know when to quit?

As with any other healthy habit, too much of even a good thing like exercise can harm your body and mind. Here are some signs that indicate that you might be overexerting yourself -1. Prolonged muscle soreness.If you have muscular pains or soreness that doesn't go away

Do you feel like you have more energy throughout the day when you exercise regularly?

Dear John Driscoll:Positively yes. Affirmative. For sure.I am sixty-two years old, and I am in the best shape of my life. Eight years of weightlifting, I have drastically improved my energy output. I can lift weights for a full

Do you feel that people who exercise on a daily basis have personality differences? Why?

I have been working out for years now. And yes there is a difference . There are very simple scientific reasons for this like the fact that it releases Dopamine which makes you feel happy. De-streses you, keeps your body

Do you gain weight by sleeping after working out in the morning, and is it bad to sleep on an empty stomach after a workout?

Taking a nap after a workout can be great for kick-starting the recovery process because you effectively put your body out of the stress mode and into the relaxation mode. Ideally, you would have some food in your system before going down, but it's not absolutely necessary as you have hours

Do you have any tips to go to the gym all days without missing any day?

Thanks for the A2A.It is not a good idea to train every day especially if you are weight training, when I just did cardio I trained for 22 hours over 6 days with no problems, but with weights your body needs time to repair and recover.

Do you need less sleep if you exercise everyday?

actually the opposite is true. If you exercise every day with minimal exertion even your body needs rest in order to recuperate and replenish. It is assumed that you are causing some sort of growth to occur with said exercise whether

Do you prefer sports over the gym?

For me, sports wins over gym marginally (Saying it from my personal experience ;I have been a basketball player and I workout regularly)Sports helps in shaping a person's personality overall.Physically - Increase in stamina, helps in losing extra calories.Mentally - Confidence boost, increases concentration...making us more focused, helps in developing leadership and team

Do you prefer the Keto diet over the Atkins Diet?

Keto is dumbed down Atkins.That means keto does not work as well or for as many people as Atkins.That ALSO means that actually following the real directions for Atkins is more than twice the work of Keto.For someone in their first year the

Do you think the elliptical is a good way to start exercising even if you haven't exercised in awhile?

If you haven't exercised for a long time, common sense dictates you see a doctor for a checkup before doing any exercise.When you do start exercising start slow and acclimate yourself to whatever form of physical conditioning you choose.The elliptical machine will help you with a cardio workout using your energy to

Do you think yoga is really good exercise?

Workout fads come and go, but virtually no other exercise program is as enduring as yoga. It's been around for more than 5,000 years.Yoga does more than burn calories and tone muscles. It's a total mind-body workout that combines strengthening and stretching poses with deep breathing and meditation or relaxation.There

Do you workout every day?

How often should you work out each week?As you can imagine, there's no simple formula that's right for everyone. So if you're wondering, "how many days a week should I work out?," that answer might be totally different than, say, your BFF or your coworker. (Come on, you didn't

Does 478 breathing exercise really work?

Breathing exercises in general are a good thing as 80% of adults breathe poorly.And anything you do to improve this is very good for your health.This method works for some. I prefer exercises that help you slow your breathing down to about 6 breaths a minute where you enter the so called coherent

Does a keto diet always work?

The keto diet works by getting you to eat fewer calories. There's no magic to it.If you eat more calories you'll end up gaining weight, not losing it.The diet does does make it easier for many people to eat fewer calories though. Ketosis is a natural appetite suppressant. You're not allowed to

Does a ketogenic diet stress the body?

Ask your doctor to test your kidneys for damage.The main risk of using ketosis for weight control in repetitive cycles is damage to your kidneys. Since your kidneys are so important in detoxifying your body, it is possible to stress

Does a morning walk help mental health?

Yes. all means! I witness this every day. I go to my clinic every morning by Mumbai suburban train. I decided long back that the best time to share with my family will be mornings. So I

Does a morning walk really help in losing weight and fitness?

yes it really helps.But there are few steps you have to follow:1. there is difference between walk and brisk walk.For loosing weight you have to follow brisk walk .2. Always wear shoes as it helps to gain speed and also maintain balance.3.Try not to skip . If by chance you have some urgent work and you

Does a sedentary lifestyle lead to a skinny built?

No. Other things to do with your genetic make-up and your nutrition decide that.In fact, if you are sedentary, you are likely to burn fewer calories, so you are more likely to gain weight, if your genetic make-up and nutrition dispose you to putting on weight.I have known people who were very active mentally, and who always seemed

Does alcohol kill the built muscles on your body?

Effects of Alcohol on fitness:As is a fast carb, most of it goes directly to fat.Is a heavy diuretic. It deshidrates you for many hours. Stop muscle building completely.For the same reason, fucks up your electrolytes, and that start some catabolic reactions, making you to lost some muscle.Being drunk and the next day

Does an exercise ball help with back pain?

Nice doubt, to make you understand everything I have included an article in detail here. Find some time to check it out.The Swiss Ball or Fitball has been present since the 60s in the field of physiotherapy, but was not alone there, eventually expanded

Does apple cider vinegar have any documented health benefits?

Googling apple cider vinegar returns seemingly endless search results, many of which describe apple cider vinegar to be the key to a healthy lifestyle.Apple Cider Vinegar's purported health benefits – from weight loss to blood sugar regulation – have been reported in a wide range of websites from from Cosmopolitan to Authority Nutrition.But is

Does being overweight affect your height?

Not much. In a large multi-center study Stovitz et al. Am J of Human Biology (2011) came to the following conclusion:

Does bicycling or running consume more calories?

Over the same distance, cycling consumes far fewer calories.  Very roughly speaking, running burns around 100 calories per mile, while cycling burns only 30.Wheels are much better at conserving momentum than legs are.  Even if you don't coast, you're

Does burning calories through exercise help you lose weight?

Indirectly yes, but not because you burn more calories - because it changes your metabolism favorably to burn more of your own fat for fuel, improves glucose and insulin metabolism, promotes fat burning instead of fat storage, creating more muscle mass that increases your metabolism and again improves your fat utilization.That being said, you need to make sure that

Does caffeine before the workout help with burning fat?

I agree with Sunny.  The energy boost from caffeine would probably help you increase the intensity and duration of your workout, but I would also caution you to practice moderation.  A lot of the energy drinks and over the counter supplements available today are more powerful than a cup of coffee.  You could possibly push yourself

Does caffeine consumption increase worker productivity?

Perhaps, if used correctly (small, infrequent doses).As a stimulant it increases locomotive activity and makes us feel euphoric [1].Preliminary studies have shown caffeine increases memory and speeds up reaction times in the short-term [2]. It may also increase cognitive performance at the appropriate dose (200mg) when you are in adverse conditions, e.g. sleep deprivation [3]. 

Does chilli burn calories?

Here answer for your question is YES and NO both, totally depending upon the situations. There are many substitutes that are available to burn calories but what is more important is how much you are consuming.Chilli is low calorie and it helps in burning calories by reversing the metabolic activities

Does cleaning count as cardio if you walk over 10,000 steps?

Sure.. if your hustling at a good pace and treating it as such. Work is a form of activity.. and cleaning fits as such. Get a heart rate app or a heart rate watch and try to work in the fat burn HRT zone. Your device will

Does cramming a ton of exercise into 1-2 days per week work just as well as spreading the same amount of exercise across 5-6 days for losing weight?

Don't cram, you can overtrain and increase your appetite while reducing muscle mass, causing you to gain fat quickly.Regular and consistent exercise with 2 to 3 strength sessions spaced out every week over a long period of time will help you to invest in building muscle mass which helps you to increase your metabolism.Regular and consistent cardiovascular training also

Does cycling for 30 minutes every day meet the daily recommended exercise requirement?

It depends on your aim of exercises.If you want to keep yourself in a good overall health it will be perfect. Also if you train hard during this 30 minutes you can even gain strength. I'm telling about interval training - maybe it will be the best choice for 30 minutes bike training.But to improve your hearts'

Does depression lead to weight loss?

Hi Guys, Interested in finding more about "Weight loss"? To make you become very clear there's a simple site with ample of connected write-ups in it. All you need to do is to type " Hack2lossweight " in Google. I'm not really promoting the site in any way. It taught me lot and gave

Does doing cardio on an empty stomach help lose fat?

Losing weight is almost totally driven by food choices (what and how much). Exercise (such as walking, running, and workouts) is needed for stamina and strength and for making sure that the weight you lose is fat and not muscle, but purely in terms of weight loss, exercise

Does drinking alcohol make you gain weight?

Can alcohol ensure that you gain weight and fat? Or can you occasionally drink a glass of wine or beer and still keep losing weight? I will tell you the most important ins and outs!First alcohol, then fatLet me immediately start

Does drinking warm water reduce cholesterol?

Drink hot water every morning and every evening and every night before going to bed hot water what's the lemon and honey one teaspoon of honey and I have dropped a lot of pounds off of me especially off of my stomach..My stomach has dropped down,

Does eating butter increase your body fat?

Not all by itself, in fact, from the reading I have done, many people avoid fats to their detriment. HOWEVER, there are healthier choices for consuming fat. Olive Oil is chief amongst these.If butter is a portion of your diet and you're consuming the correct number of calories to

Does eating fat actually make you fat?

The fundamental question is when the body stores fat, where does it come from? Do we store fat we eat? Or fat our bodies create? Or some mix of the two?We've known for a long time that it's a mix of the two. All

Does eating healthy benefit you more than exercising?

Depends on your goals.If you want to gain weight/muscles, exercise is more important than food. However, it doesn't mean you can eat whatever you want whenever you want, but have some diet plan.If you want to lose weight, then diet is more important and you have to stick with the diet. Exercising just makes the process faster

Does eating healthy food make you live longer?

I had the same complaint from my grandpa, he  used to say when faced with his greens " are you sure these are going to make me live longer or will it just SEEM longer.  "  Despite this I like my greens and believe definately a healthy diet will help you live longer- but

Does eating healthy really make a difference?

Eating healthy does make a huge difference in your life. You will be healthier, fit and feel great.

Does eating less give you more energy?

I'd have to disagree with everyone here.Eating less does give you more energy for one simple reason.The more food you eat, the longer it takes your body to break it down, digesting food is one of the most taxing jobs your

Does eating microwaved foods cause cancer?

Maybe,but my conclusion is that it is very harmful anyway.Well, there are many harmful effects of heating it in the microwave. These harmful effects are slowly deteriorating our health and make us susceptible to many health complications. The following are the top 5 reasons why microwave cooking is harming us:1. Microwaves

Does eating too much chicken breasts cause too much estrogen?

This is an amusing question.I'm assuming this is coming from the notion that "breasts" are secondary sex organs and they're more pronounced on females, thus ESTR andOGEN!People are mammals. Mammals have a number of characteristics:VertebratesInternal skeletonsHairLive birth (except platypuses)Mammary glands (breasts, or utters) for nursingChickens are birds:

Does exercise help lower cholesterol? If yes, how? How much?

Yes, in my case.My readings are as below. Type, before, after and recommended.Total 7.3 5.7 5.2 (less than)HDL 1.17 1.58 1.04 (more than)LDL 5.4 3.69 2.6 (less than)Tri 1.6 1.02 1.7 (less than)Total/LDL 6.2 3.6 5.0 (less than)Do not look at the absolute

Does exercise help prevent diabetes?

NOTHING cures diabetes mellitus - of any of the three types. That said... in the two major forms of diabetes, cleverly named Type 1 (T1) and Type 2 (T2), exercise is an important component of treatment. It's more important for T2s, but still very important for T1s.But first - BOTH T1 and T2 are GENETIC diseases - you don't

Does exercise help with aging? If so, how?

Exercise is the best way to counter the effects of aging on your functionality in daily life, mental function, metabolism and appearance.How?First, a brief explanation in muscle physiology:Muscle is composed of three main muscle

Does exercise help with depression?

Yes it does. It releases endorphins which are the body's natural antidepressants. Unfortunately, if depression is bad enough, it's very difficult to get motivated enough to exercise. Best bet, find a friend who also wants to start exercising and is at about the same

Does exercise improve eyesight?

Blinking is an often overlooked yet simple way to keep your eyes fresh and being able to focus longer. Computer users and television watchers tend to blink less, especially when they are intently focused on something. Try it just now as a simple exercise.

Does exercise increase pulse pressure during exercise? If so, why?

Your pulse increases, but after some times doing the same excercise or a similar one the pulse increases less than before, then you will be tired because you are in the fitness zone. Some exercises demand more effort to the hearth than other ones. Then, if you want to

Does exercise increase the amount that you need to sleep?

A person usually needs deep sleep from 1100 pm to 0300 am for a scheduled repair and maintenance of the body organs so the body is nourished during the night. This can be witnessed by how a baby sleeps. A baby sleeps many hours and it grows very fast.Another person may need more hours of

Does exercise slow down or hasten aging?

Exercise in moderation reduces the degeneration of tissues and function that comes from aging. Excessive exercise can cause damage faster than the body can heal itself, so you end up with a cumulative effect.A minimum of 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week is currently considered the minimum to maintain good

Does exercise speed fat loss?

If someone follows a VLCD (very low caloric diet) say less than 1000 calories to lose weight they are going to have a tough time following it in the first place.Probably for a week or so, you can severely restricts calories

Does exercising facial muscles really help prevent signs of aging?

Yes! They really do! Where most of us will spend lots of money on products and creams, however most of us are unaware of facial exercises which you can do daily or weekly to help reduce the signs of ageing.Facial exercises really can work wonders!

Does exercising help reduce cholesterol?

Researchers aren't entirely sure how exercise lowers cholesterol, but they are beginning to have a clearer idea. "Lots of people, even lots of doctors, assume that exercise lowers cholesterol," says Amit Khera, MD, director of the University of Texas, Southwestern, Medical Center's Program in Preventive Cardiology. "But until recently, most of us weren't sure just what the connection

Does exercising regularly impact your face?

Definitely, it does.Regular exercise when combined with an equally healthy and balanced diet with perfect hydration with water always hits the bull's eye! That triggers a great metabolism leading to the expulsion of toxic impurities from your body which often aggravate skin irritation, acne, blackheads at the skin level.Coming to the actual benefits

Does fasting/intermittent fasting help depression or anxiety?

I am a chronic depression sufferer that recently tried fasting for 4 days.( Update ) Here is an update on how fasting has been helping me: 5 WAYS FASTING FOR DEPRESSION HAS HELPED MY MENTAL HEALTHI have to say the results

Does fat get burned evenly throughout the body?

#unanswered/Does fat get burned evenly throughout the body. Tips and tricks for the question: #unanswered/Does fat get burned evenly throughout the bodySoup recipes are one of the best ways to lose weight naturally. Many soup recipes that are low in calories, fats, cost and high in fiber content.

Does fat loss slow down weight loss?

YES,Because fat is lighter in weight,but it covers more space and our body don't need that.Doing a weight loss than maybe it can lead you to BMR disorders,because sometimes losing weight means there is a maximum loss of muscle and minimum loss of fats because muscles are heavy and it doesnt cover space like fats because muscles

Does fellatio (blowjob) relieve stress? Once I saw my cousin getting a blowjob while he was busy working. He told me that it relieves stress. Is it true?

Its a thing which guys enjoy and instead of being open with what they enjoy, they blame it on stresswomen enjoy shopping in the mall with visa and mastercard and american express and then also blame it on stressif a guy has stress, he should visit a de stressing clinic and have a change of life

Does flavoured green tea have health benefits?

Drink Edmark Red Bubble Tea(Green Tea) And Enjoy These Amazing Health? BenefitsGreen tea has been used as a medicine for thousands of years, originating from China but widely used throughout Asia this beverage has a multitude of uses from lowering blood pressure to preventing cancer. The reason that green tea has more health

Does healthy food make behavioral changes?

The answer is yes. In Shri Mad Bhagvad Gita, a significant text is there in this context.Ahaar ie food intake of mankind are of three kinds - Satwik, Rajas and Tamas.There are three Gunas in every one. The three Gunas are known as Satwik

Does hearing songs while studying effects concentration?

There are some genres which in fact help you improve concentration.I listen to calming jazz music when I'm studying something like math. It even calms senses,remove stress and improves ones concentration while reading. However,some music can actually be very disturbing while studying,such

Does humidity cause joint pain?

This is an excellent question and one that does not have an easy answer. Many people with knee ostheoarthritis report increased pain with temperature or bad weather conditions (cold makes it worse, and stormy weather makes it worse). It's not a question of humidity but rather of barometric pressure.

Does intelligence affect sleep?

You're Probably a Night Owl -- And That's a Bad ThingRecently, scientists discovered a quirky side effect to having a high IQ: You tend to stay up until later hours and get up later in the morning. That's right -- the more intelligent are

Does intermittent fasting burn stubborn belly fat?

So the problem with intermittent fasting is what happens after you stop. I don't think you plan on continuing for the rest of your life although it can be done safely. Anyway fasting will work but you must also eat the right kinds of food when you fast. Here's the basic problem I see

Does intermittent fasting work for fat loss?

By writing this I hope to show you exactly how intermittent fasting will work for fat loss. This is the exact method I follow, and use to melt fat off my body. I will show you exactly how you can use intermittent fasting keeping your growth hormone naturally high to burn the most

Does jumping rope burn more calories than running?

NO. Running is a far more complicated motion and is a higher-output exercise.Jumping rope involves hopping up and down in place. The work you do raises your center of gravity straight up, then it falls straight down, and this oscillation continues over and over.