Am I considered fat?

OK, first, you look fine to me and your weight is normal. You are NOT overweight, and you do not weigh a lot for somebody your height. You're just fine how you are!You're already tall, so let me tell

Apart from eating clean and exercise what else can I do to stay healthy?

They say you have to make your mind and your thoughts healthy as well because happy mind produces happy hormones or positive chemicals that will contribute to healthy body. So here are some tips to make you healthier:Try yoga. Its work out

Are push-up better than lifting weights for chest muscle mass?

Push-ups is a great exercise to build strength into your upper body core i.e. it involves multiple muscles mainly Chest and Triceps. It helps to increase strength but here the strength is limited due to the only involvement of body-weight. You will gain the initial muscle mass to support your body-weight framework.

As a teen, how can I lose weight in a healthy way?

Managing your weight and being happy with your look is hard for anyone, especially a teen who's subject to peer pressure and images of skinny celebs. But bodies come in different sizes, and you can be healthy at a variety of weights. If your doctor has suggested you lose weight, though, and you're

Can exercise beat aging?

Yes and no. On one hand, four of the best predictors for longevity are:Lean muscle massLeg strengthCardiorespiratory endurancePhysical mobility and flexibilityAll of these qualities are achieved almost exclusively through regular exercise. So regular exercise will help you live longer.In fact,

Can I actually do a clean bulk? To where I bulk and won't lose my six pack?

You're going to put on fat and that's a neccessary evil if you want to bulk up and get insane results. In saying that, you can still keep your six pack if you're lean enough.Think of it like having a haircut. If you get down to 10% and bulk up to 13–14% you'll still have your 6 pack,

Can I be fit without working out? How?

Yep, it's possible to get fit without a gym!Going to the gym isn't always the best option when you want to work out. In fact, sometimes it just doesn't make sense at all. Hitting the gym can be costly; both for your bank account and your precious free-time.Personal trainers

Can I become fit in 3 months?

Three months are around 12 weeks. The body can do magic in 12 weeks. However, you will define what satisfies you. The very first question you mat want to answer yourself is if you want yo be fit or you

Can I consume a protein shake as a pre-workout energy supplement instead of a post-workout recovery drink?

Thanks for the A2A!You absolutely can consume a pre-workout protein shake instead of a post work out. A couple studies have shown a amino acid-carb-protein mix before a workout improved the net response to net muscle protein synthesis (Tipton et al, 2001) compared with a post-workout drink.Either way, you can consider it

Can I eat a lot of good and real food and stay healthy with exercise?

Depends....if MONSANTO has had ANYTHING to do with it....throw it away !Are clear and easy to read. Good answers are very clear to read and understand, even for someone who is reading quickly or skimming the page. It's helpful to

Can I eat fruit during my fast in intermittent fasting?

Sometimes, it depends on the type of IF (intermittent fasting). If is not the same as the keto diet which restricts carbs like fruit and veggies to about 5–10% of daily food intake. A keto diet seems to end up with the same results as calorie restriction (CR) which allows the body to go into

Can I lose 15 kgs in 7-8 months like this?

Yes definitely. Your diet doesn't include fried items, you have included all necessary nutrients which is required. Plus you have also planned out well your workout of running and yoga. It is said that for weight loss, your focus should be 75% on food and 25% on your workout. Also, if

Can I lose 5kg in 1 month by jogging, eating 2 meals and running up to 7km every day?

Who does not want to reduce excess body weight by rushing? But it will not be the case. To know the weight loss, you should know what to eat during the day. And for him the effort and the initiative. And to take your step forward one step, today's diet chartsThis diet chart is

Can I lose weight while fasting?

Yes fasting can help in losing weight but only if done properly. You need to understand that starving is not the best of losing weight. Yes, you can lose weight by starving and fasting but it won't be considered healthy. If you

Can I snack without gaining weight if I run for 20-30 minutes after snacking?

It depends what you snack on, and how much, just because you consume calories does not mean you have to burn them out with physical exercise.You see, when I was on my weight loss journey I had this vision for every calorie I consume, I have to burn it with physical

Can we build muscles without protein supplements?

Yes you can build muscle without consuming whey protein supplement.Building muscle results from a proper training program and good nutrition. Even the biggest of bodybuilders do not rely merely on protein shakes to achieve their muscle building and fat burning

Can you eat in a caloric surplus and still get ripped?

No, getting ripped demands an unwavering degree of discipline. Here are some rules to keep in mind: Rule #1 - Have a carbohydrate strategyIt all comes down to using them completely, not cutting them completely. To get lean, a balance of the right amount

Can you exercise directly after eating?

The words 'body is fit you hit' And so the body needs fitness to keep fit. Regular body exercises should be done regularly to survive. But when and when to do it, many do not know. ABM Abdullah, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University, said, "It is important to

Can you lose weight through anaerobic exercise?

I'm no expert, but I know a little body chemistry. From what I understand, during  exercise, the body first turns to glycogen stores in the liver, which is pre-stored energy which is replenished quickly. during anaerobic exercise it releases the energy in the glycogen quite

Can you recommend a great pre-workout supplement that's healthy & gives you energy to fuel your workout?

I remember myself when I was desperate for a pre workout supplement but couldn't afford it.I could barely pay my gym membership so every kind of supplement was far away from my reach.One day I was talking with one of the bros in the gym I frequented and I presented

Disregarding looks, what is the most important exercise I can do regarding health?

Weight lifting. You can have a cardio workout and muscle workout. If you don't take as long of a break or any at all. Keep the intensity up. You can get a great workout in. Yes you can see improvements in your physical form but inside will feel great. Running is

Do I have to eat healthy/keep a healthy diet to see results from exercising?

Question: When is eating healthy not important?Answer: Never.My guess is that you already know eating healthy is an important for a long healthy life. If you want to live a short painful life, feel free to eat whatever you want, as much as you want. Still, this is a good question. We

Do you consider your daily walking enough exercise?

No. Walking has it's benefits, no doubt. But it does nothing for the upper body, nothing for strength and endurance and upper-body bone health.It's simply not very energetic. The same can be said of running, which does provide cardiovascular benefits but again does not involve the upper

Does eating healthy benefit you more than exercising?

Depends on your goals.If you want to gain weight/muscles, exercise is more important than food. However, it doesn't mean you can eat whatever you want whenever you want, but have some diet plan.If you want to lose weight, then diet is more important and you have to stick with the diet. Exercising just makes the process faster

Does exercise improve eyesight?

Blinking is an often overlooked yet simple way to keep your eyes fresh and being able to focus longer. Computer users and television watchers tend to blink less, especially when they are intently focused on something. Try it just now as a simple exercise.

Does exercise speed fat loss?

If someone follows a VLCD (very low caloric diet) say less than 1000 calories to lose weight they are going to have a tough time following it in the first place.Probably for a week or so, you can severely restricts calories

Does walking help in weight loss? If yes, then how much should one walk? How much time will it take to lose weight by simply walking?

The short answer is yes, walking can definitely help with weight loss.Walking is the oldest form of physical activity known to humankind. It has been successfully used for centuries for effective weight loss/weight management.However, with that being said, simply adding more walking into your life may not be enough to cause weight loss. Other factors to consider are:Your

Does working out increase or decrease your sleep needs?

Poor sleep is a detriment to your well - being,  regardless of your workout regiment (unless you are the gifted few who can operate on minimal sleep).To be specific, the importance of sleep does not change, however, consider that most

Food or fitness?

Definitely food. Right nutrition provides the basis of health. You need to fully cover all need of your body - carbs, fats, and protein not only to have the energy to live but have supplements to your body to regenerate, protect the immune system, help liver and kidneys to extract all toxins and do not deplete. If your health

For fitness I can't get motivation how do I?

Motivation to do something is the sum product of everything you believe. You don't need motivation to not kill someone it's automatic because it conflicts with your mindset. Motivation isn't something you acquire. Motivation is the result. Asking for motivation is like if I put your favorite food in front of you when you are really hungry

For people who started an exercise and diet regimen, how long did it take before you could visibly start to see results? How long did it take for others to start to notice?

I noticed some results within 2 weeks, but then it was slowly incremental for at least 6 months. Within 1 year is when I truly could see how far I'd come. I understand this to be pretty common. Do NOT go by any

For someone looking to lose weight & begin exercising for the 1st time, what are some of the best fitness blogs, apps, & publications that you recommend?

This is such a good question and I feel quite hard to answer. Most PT's work for themselves and therefore have their own blog (yes I do) which they'd recommend, but generally speaking it's quite hard for me to recommend any sources that are my ‘go-to'.For tracking nutrition I generally get clients to use MyFitnessPal app, this

Health: What basic exercise can I start to stay healthy?

1) If you cannot be regular, you might as well forget about your health. Your body doesn't care if you are lazy or not. So if you don't take care of your body, your body will simply fail, and you will die sooner than the rest. 2) If you don't make time for your own

Healthy Eating: Should I eat breakfast before or after a workout?

It is equally important to eat before and after workout.Before work outAvoid wake up in the morning and go directly  to the workout without eating. Your body need to be kick start after a  long night of empty stomach.Pre-workout meals prevent muscle breakdown, boost energy level, increase blood sugar 

How beneficial is a protein shake before exercise?

Why would you take a protein shake before exercising?I think a little background on pre & post workout snacks is necessary here.For having energy during exercising so you perform at your optimal level and not get

How can exercise keep the brain fit?

Brain is the centre of all learning and experiences and cognitive skills are the core skills required to process the information. Cognitive skills like Memory, Logical Thinking, Attention Span, Learning Ability are critical to performing any task, simple or complex. Cognition requires multiple areas of the Brain to function simultaneously.We at

How to became fit in home without dieting

Dieting has got nothing to do with fitness, infact dieting makes you weak and less fit.Take it from a person who has touched the zenith of dieting :).Okk as for your question as to how to get fit at home, there are a muriad of options and let's explore

How to continue tracking weight loss from dieting when I start a strength training program that will add muscle weight

Weight can be confusing to track because you can experience variations in: fat weight, muscle weight, water weight, and food weight (the food in your digestive system).The best way I know of to get a general idea of what's going on, if you want to be really thorough, is to do each of the following:Weigh yourself

How to get a strong and big body

Focus on big muscle groups like back, chest and legs and do exercises like squats, bench presses, deadlifts. Do not go too heavy if you are just starting out. Get a trainer to show you the proper way to do these exercises. Eat better. Meaning you gotta eat in a manner that will help you

How to know how much exercise I need daily

Depending on which category you fall under, it will do no harm to follow either of the following:Adolescents - should get at least 1 hour or more a day of physical activity in age-appropriate activities, spending most of that engaged in moderate- or vigorous–intensity aerobic activities.

How to lose 25kg weight in 6 months

OBESE*: Time tested with no scope for anorexia symptoms. Those putting up weight, without eating much food stuff, may go in for thyroid check-T3, T4 & TSH. However, Acupressure techniques can regulate, thyroid function, on daily basis. Strong determination is sine quo non + strict compliance. A rough idea about normal weight is -----Suppose height is 5'.5

How to lose a lot of water weight fast

Water weight is the extra water that's stored throughout your body. Sometimes your body retains too much water. This condition is called edema or fluid retention, and is a common side effect of chronic inflammation. (1)Excess water retention is caused by many things, from poor diet,

How to make my body fit, healthy, and strong

(favorite Resources and Information.) What is the most important summer? Of course, bathing regularly. It needs to be bathe at least twice this summer. If you do not take bath, there may be various physical problems such as discomfort, sweat and sweating, frequent thirsty fever,

How to make my body strong and healthy from the inside

Hi, Trust you are doing well! I am answering you my prospective towards health and best practices. You only know what you do and what you know. Does not it feel great to know the truth and follow it!?  When you go to a nutritionist/Doctor/Online help/Weight loss centers Or

How to reduce belly fat and get 6 pack abs

Myth: You can just cut your belly fat. Spot reduction is a myth. i.e You cannot just get rid of fat from a specific body part. It doesn't work that way.Fact: You can reduce overall fat from your body. Tip: If your fat is just around the belly. Maybe it's just because of

How to remain healthy

Get a good night's sleep! it increases ur immunity!!!Brush and floss your teeth routinely! Good oral hygiene protects your overall health, not just your teeth.Eat a balanced diet that includes 5 servings of fruits and veggies per day and don't skip the protein! If you want to cut calories, focus on the carbs. This will give you

How can someone get fit on a vegan diet?

Haha, I can go on re. this questionHowever, to sum it up, I'd say:1) Avoid processed food like white flour, white sugar, deep fried stuff - anything that is heavily processed2) Incorporate more raw foods like fresh vegetables and fruit in your diet (smoothies is a great idea)3) Watch your oil intake

How can someone who hates sports be healthy?

As Daria has said, it's worth trying out as many things as possible, and also figuring out exactly what it is about sports that you hate.  I have some experience of this.  I hated sports and all forms of physical

How can we maintain our fitness for a long time?

Three things have a tremendous impact on human life.  Pure air, clean water and organic food.  But it's irony that as we are developing more and more, we are polluting air, water and food.  According to the study conducted by NGO in india the traces of carcinogenic pesticides

How to become fit if you are thin

Eat right ,work tight​Pre-Gym: Jog a kilometer to the gym. If you live close to the gym, set up a circuitous route that will end up at the gym. If you live far away, park a mile away and jog to the gym. You'll arrive warmed

How to discipline yourself to exercise regularly

Gratification. Very quickly.Many people start exercising because they want to see a change in their body. Be it to slim down or to get ripped.Working out is hard. When you keep at it for awhile and you don't see or feel any difference, naturally you get discouraged and lose the motivation to continue. However,

How to learn to love exercise

When you start to see physical results, you will really like exercising. But when you start to see physical results and you realize that you're training so much more than just your body, you will really love exercising.You realize that exercising has affected you

How do foodies stay thin?

YES. I'm foodie. I'm an average Indian guy, 26 years old and I love to eat a lot. I mean seriously. I goes to Gupchup stall in the the evening every once a week and eat like Rs. 200–250 of Gupchups (Panipuri) and after getting back I'm still ready to eat dinner.Now you

How to check my fitness level

Your positive thinking,Your smiling faceYour motto to enjoy lifeYour energy to start & finish workYour time to get up early without setting alarmYour good relation with people aroundYour practice to have nutritious meal thrice a dayYour enthusiasm toward your jobYour non disturbing sleep

How to gain weight without working out

The best way to gain healthy weight is to go after lean muscle weight.Being underweight usually occurs when energy intake is less than energy expenditure. In other words, you need to eat more and your entire calories intake should be as nutrient as possible. Consuming junk foods like pastries, soft drinks, and chips which contain empty calories is not

How to get a flat stomach without having abs

Spot reduction, i.e. reducing fat from just one part of the body while ignoring other parts, isn't possible. (At least, not without an operation. But, the results of operations look ugly and the people tend to regain all the weight back after a while because

How to get fit and strong

Well !! Being fit and then having mascular as well as good looking physique is everyone's dream.But it takes time as well as constant efforts to achieve this.The things that I have practiced and implented gave me fruitful results are:-1 Running:-I started running first in the evening and

How to get into the habit of exercising 5 days a week in the gym

Ummm..Do not worry about that,it is the first stage where the situation is as I CAN'T but at last you will say I WILL.You do like to exercise in morning that is very good of you,when you wake up just drink 2 glass of water and then

How to get myself to eat and exercise more

I've never had a problem wanting to eat more! However, if you want to exercise more, you could try one of two things that have worked for me. First, find exercise you really enjoy--a sport or an activity you'll learn to love. Cycling, tennis,

How to get myself to get fit

Hello. Thanks for the A2A.Fitness could be broadly categorized in mental fitness and physical fitness. Kindly note that mental fitness and physical fitness are closely interrelated. Try adopting a routine and a diet plan that can target both. Since you are a working professional;Start your day with

How to get rid of a double chin? Is there any exercise for facial muscles

Maybe. Is the double chin because you are generally overweight? If so, then running on a treadmill could be one small part of losing some weight, and thus the double chin (but weight loss is primarily achieved through consuming less calories, so your best

How to gradually get fit and healthy on my own

Step by step. You have to develop a plan, set out a schedule that fits you and stick to it. Progressively make the workouts harder; by adding more reps and increasing the intensity of the workouts by giving a time limit to complete them in. 

How to increase flexibility

Instead of taking you through the typical

How to insist on keeping fit

It all begins with the mindset.  It is said that developing (or breaking) a habit can take upwards of 30 days.  There is a proven solution to achieve this *much* quicker.In addition to developing a "Champion Mindset," another one of my favorite tips is to find a workout/accountability partner.  You'll want to find someone whose

How to know if I need more exercise

Feel physically and/or mentally tired? Do you feel lazy or unproductive the majority of the day? Are you unhappy and uncomfortable in your skin? if you answered yes then go get some exercise! doesnt have to be in the gym, go for a walk, join a sport, do something

How to motivate my wife to get fit

I will write in the form of list (some of the ideas are already said), hoping that you'll find some of the ideas helpful.1.) Motivate by Inspiring - like Ken suggested, do things that you would like her to do. People in relationship tend to mirror each other, so if she sees you

How to motivate myself to get up early and exercise

Motivation that comes from external resources wont last long, so you have to be willing to change your mindset to achieve your goals. Write it downWrite all your fitness goals on a piece of paper. Do not use a smartphone

How to reduce 25 KGS in 3-4 months time? What is the recommended diet and exercise

Reduce Weight In 4 MonthsLosing weight requires you to burn more calories than you consume. A pound of fat is equal to 3,500 calories. Losing one to two pounds per week is a safe and effective approach to weight loss. Therefore, you can

How to remove fat from my lower abs

There are two types of fat that you have in your abdominal area. The first type that covers up your abs from being visible is called subcutaneous fat and lies directly beneath the skin and on top of the abdominal muscles.

How to start exercising knowledgeably

This is a great question.  Mainly due to the fact that there is so much misinformation on health and fitness out there.  I'm not going to try and list out all the misconceptions and fallacies of health and fitness in the 21st Century.  But I will give

How to start exercising when I hate sports

You don't have to love sports to exercise. In fact, sports require other people almost always.When you simply want to start exercising, you really do not need anyone other than yourself, so from that standpoint, you're in a good place to start!That being said, find

How to stay fit as I get older

(Note: This question was originally about how to lose belly fat...I dont know who changed it:)There is one simple thing to do to lose weight and stay fit after 50. Stop the insulin production that kills us after age 50 (and makes us diabetic). Insulin production causes

How to stay fit without thinking about it much

Getting into a routine has helped me stay fit without thinking about what needs to be done tomorrow. What I mean is - plan your week ahead of time. 1. FoodBuy your groceries before a busy week starts. And dedicate

How to stay motivated to exercise and eat right when I am busy

You are perhaps depressed because you are overweight and you are overweight because your feeling of depression weighs you down from proactively doing something to reduce your weight. The net outcome is that you your in a spiral from which you find it hard to extricate yourself.I am sure you have tried various therapies/

How do people from Hyderabad keep themselves fit and healthy?

Most people in Hyderabad are the people with proper allegiance to the taste buds. They take pride in their food and why not?I am a vegetarian myself but I can still tell you from the fondness and excitement on the face of

How to keep yourself motivated to eat healthy and workout

I honestly think it depends on what moves you and it is important for you.Ask yourself:Do I care about my health?Does not taking enough good care of myself has had consequences for my health, my self-esteem, my relationship with my partner?Can

How to keep yourself motivated to eat healthy food

Eating healthy food not only makes you feel good, but it also boosts your energy and improves your memory. A healthy diet doesn't just affect your body; it also affects your mind. Not only can you be more motivated to get active, but the endorphins from that activity keep you happy. A good diet also helps

How to shape up and stay healthy for the rest of your life

I made some changes to my physical activity five years ago and these have helped me to maintain a healthy routine over time. Find something you enjoy and make it a part of your routine.  This will keep you motivated and it will not feel

How to start getting fit as a beginner

Some good answers already, so I will just share my top thoughts.You need to make exercise an unalterable part of your schedule. That is tough because I think we tend to de-prioritize it when life starts impinging (e.g. we get tired, we are hungry, that work deadline looms etc.). As coy as it sounds, you have to

How to stay healthy with a 10 hour workday

Let's first start by acknowledging it's great you're working long hours. Often, people think greatness is achieved through mediocre working habits. A 9 - 5 if you will. Hustling and grinding is for winners. Winners work at all hours of the day. Nobody said success was easy. Working long hours can take

How does exercise promote healthy skin?

How Exercise Can Help Improve Your SkinExercise significantly improves your skin's complexion specifically in controlling acne. There are a variety of reasons that can contribute to breakouts. A leading factor is due to hormonal fluctuations within your body. Although, hormonal changes can be triggered for numerous reasons "stress" can play a huge component. When

How does overall fitness affect my lifestyle?

We all know that doing regular Exercise has a great benefit to our Wellbeing and Body Fitness. Let's look at how fitness affects lifestyle.Weight loss and controlNo matter the exercise you get involved with, you can always burn down some calories from your body. This

How does regular exercise benefit internal organs?

Here are the advantages of exercising to internal organs of our body.1. HeartThe synchronised pulses pump blood through veins. This supplies the elements essential to the functioning of the body. The moderate physical activity of up to 150 minutes per week is beneficial

How does regular physical activity help prevent diabetes?

If you have diabetes, your body either does not make enough insulin or it can't utilize the insulin it makes. However when you work out, your body gets to be more receptive to insulin. It takes less insulin to keep

How drastically can your face change through exercise and by getting lean?

I was 330lbs (150kg) when I put this question on my Answer Later list as a wishful-thinking vanity project. I ended up losing about 160lbs (73kg)-enough that I actually wear a smaller size of fitted baseball cap now.I look better of course, but the change in my face isn't quite as drastic I'd hoped. Once

How effective are Fitness Blender workout videos?

I would say that, truly, not very effective in the long run. Here's the thing: FitnessBlender workouts are very appealing because they are free (big plus understandably), very well-structured, in real time and delivered by two really likeable people. Sounds too good to be true? Well, I'm afraid it is.I've nothing against them.

How frequently should I do ab/core workouts for best results?

I agree with the statement "Abs are made in the kitchen" to a certain degree. Your abs are muscles and for any muscle to grow, get stronger, or change the appearance of your going to need to work them out. You need to train your abs like your train the rest of your muscles, train them hard

How important is exercise for looking good?

Exercise is a key part of a healthy lifestyle, but just one part! Health is about balance of these key ingredients: sleep, nutrition and exercise. You might note, I put exercise at the end of that sentence. I think of health in that order. Every day

How important is exercise? What is at risk if one does not exercise (besides a few unwanted pounds)?

1) You risk muscle and bone strain and contractures;  your skeletal tissues were not only made to move, they need to move to maintain their integrity.  Muscle tissue which is not used (or severely under-used) tends to contract, causing- wait for it- contractures.  In your arms, your fingers bend into your

How is exercising and eating healthy good for the mind?

Your question is very important as you asked that exercising and consuming beneficial foods for health are complementary to each other.To get a better health, exercising in it, the body's metabolism rate increases and the body Basic actions such as respiratory, blood circulation, nervous system and much more have

How long can someone stay fit for?

Hi Diaz:I have answered this question before included an example, doing a three-year fitness plan and then undoing it. The answer covers many subjects ranging from muscle reduction to weight gain and a few other things.Thank YouMansour Ansari's answer to Do muscles shrink over time if you quit working out or do

How long do you spend working out in the gym?

It depends on in which phase of the year you are working out. During off season I just work out for around 2 hours which includes 1.5 hours of strength training and 25–30 minutes of cardio.But during contest prep time, it is

How long should I wait to exercise after eating?

You are very wise to be asking this question as exercising on a full/partially full stomach is not ideal. Diverting blood flow to exercising muscles from digestion is not only uncomfortable but it makes exercise unpleasant when we want to enjoy our workouts.Your optimal time for exercise after eating will

How many calories can you burn running for a kilometre?

It depends heavily on your weight but does NOT depend on how fast you run nor does it depend on hilly ground provided you end the run back where you started. It doesn't even depend on wind if the run is

How many hours per day do you have high speed in daily activities?

If you are referring to a fast pace work environment, then the hours per day vary depending on your type of job or career. If it is more of a general question it may depend on the type of activity you are completing. For example, if someone is working in a fast food restaurant then

How many kilometers should I walk per day to lose weight in one month?

Hi Jonathan and thank you for the question.This is a technique I have used many times with my clients over the years.First off, walking is such a great form of exercise and I want to congratulate you for taking notice. Many individuals make the mistake of using high impact exercises to burn fat and for various cardiovascular

How many kilometres should I run in a day to stay fit?

In a gym you would run about 3.2 kilometers (2 miles) in 30 minutes. But then you would do a circuit of different weight machines to utilize all of your muscles. When you run, you train mostly your leg muscles, but other

How many steps do I need to walk daily to keep myself healthy?

Healthy means much more than taking a counted amount of steps. If you eat nothing but McDonalds every day and walk 50,000 steps you will be far from healthy.Walking ANY amount in addition to eating the best whole foods you can find

How many times a week should one exercise and for how long? Which exercises increase endurance? My goal is to be able to do 40 push-ups, and tricep dips without stopping in-between. I can barely do 10.

Hey, as per my knowledge and experience. If you are a beginner you can exercise 3–4 days per week, if you already are in a habit then 6 days a week won't harm too.Just make sure after a session of exercise that

How much exercise is bad for your health?

Exercise is just one tool for weight loss. I believe the diet is the most modifiable factor for a novice athlete. Over-exercise typically occurs as a result of a long-term exercise regimen. For example,