What is heaven/hell according to islam?

A place where every soul that shall enter will be content and at peace. A place where every curiosity will be answered. There will be no evil thoughtz and there will be no grief or any displeasing moment at all.The best of people will have an elevated status from where they will never wish of coming down. They

Can non-religious people go to heaven?

Thank you for your question. The answer is found within the scriptures, the Holy Bible.You said you believe in god as well as Jesus Christ. If you believe in Jesus Christ then you must believe in the things that He says as being the truth. The truth of the matter is this:All mankind will be saved through Jesus Christ

Do animals have souls? When they die, do they go to an animals' heaven?

Our family dog, Princess, died two years ago. I had to make the decision to end her suffering. I had to actually sign the paper to end her life.That was tough and I cried my eyes out. I felt like I was the one killing her.Princess was a shelter dog. She didn't like anyone who tried

My Christian friend is telling me that I will go to hell because I'm an atheist. How can I get him to understand that hell is a Christian concept, and will not affect me if I don't believe in hell or heaven?

I used to be you. All full of big dreams, knowing I'm right. Just looking to help the poor sods who didn't know what hit them.To start off I thought I'd target the easy ones, just to get my toes wet. Young earth creationists. On Sodahead and youtube, I schooled them left and right.Oddly enough, that didn't work.Three

Can homosexuals go to Heaven although the Bible says that it is a sin?

Well you have 33 answers from those with their own opinions and emotional ties to this question but I hope I can teach you what the Bible really says.#1 - Humans were not created to go to heaven or hell.

How does a human not get bored for an 'eternity' in Heaven?

There are no humans in Heaven. To understand the spirit world requires the realization that you and your spirit, though closely aligned, are not synonymous.Spirits do not give any thought to being bored for eternity, for there is neither the concept of time nor the state of boredom in the spirit world. It is a

If heaven were a place in the afterlife and not (potentially/as stated in the Bible) here and now, how could anyone who made it enjoy it (Heaven) if everyone they loved wasn't also there?

The two answers from Thaet and Anirudh are evidently from someone who is unfamiliar with the bible. Heaven is a real place, but we won't be living there in the afterlife, other than the first thousand years after Christ returns. We will be living on a new earth after this one is burned off. We will have flesh and