Why is the Indian Education System a failure?

Sarcastic Version: This question is not from NCERT, hence out of course. So I cannot answer it.TL;DR Version: Indian Education system crushes every last bit of creativity in the Indian Student, forces them to get in the rat race to score good marks and

What are the biggest lies about IIMs?

Thanks for A2AI have not lived the IIM life yet, but i feel the biggest lie is that if you work hard and get 99+ in CAT you can make it to an old IIM. This is specifically for general engineers, for non engineers the dynamics change. The

What is the best way to study for the IIT exams?

As you are studying in FIITJEE, so I'll answer accordingly.I enrolled in ALLEN, Kota in 2013 for preparation of jee 2014 (1 year course).Before that never took coaching for JEE. By that time I only knew the basics which are taught in CBSE board.After starting study in Kota

Is the lifestyle in Manipal University main campus very expensive?

The question asks about the main campus, where I was for four years. I can assure you that in my class of 100 there were a few people who belonged to filthy rich families, but there were more people like me, people with regular/limited resources.But we

What are the most frustrating things about being an IITian?

The thing that frustrates me the most about being an IITian, is to see such beautiful minds here being destroyed in a rat race, for money and job.This rush for money is what raises the question on the purpose of existence of IITs, they were

What is the best book for biology for CBSE class 11th?

You can go for the classic NCERT textbooks and exemplar problems or books from Arihant publications, full marks publications ,Pradeep publications and S Chand publications. But the problem with going for books is that they require a huge time commitment there's a huge possibility that even after devoting sufficient time

Why do foreign students not come to India to study?

Well, it shouldn't be a tough one to answer,Hot climatic conditions in a decent share of the country.News about crimes like rapes, harassments, corruption, bomb blasts. (A couple of exchange students from Norway in my university left for their countries after being harassed publicly with no proper action taken by the authorities. )

Should the Indian education system be changed?

Hi, I have explained here how India is failing in giving good education to our youth and eventually results in unemployement.Recently 3,700 PhD holders, 50,000 graduates and 28,000 post-graduates applied for 62 posts of messengers in UP police - a

What are the advantages of the Indian education system?

Of course, there are many things positive about our education system:-Our education system makes our theoretical knowledge of tje subjects very strong which is very important for conducting research.India grants Right to Education to every child so that every child gets compulsary schooling.Government schools provide free education to all its students so that

What is wrong with Indian schools?

My daughter was 10 years old when just for fun I asked her,

What should one know about the Indian education system?

Me: What do you want to become in life?She: C.A.Me: Why?She: Because I have no other option.Me: Wait... what?Father: N.D.A forms are out.Me: Great.Father: Fill them right now.Me: Why?Father: 'Cause you cannot crack IIT.Me: Hey what will you do after 12th?My friend: