College debt has exceeded credit card debt. Is college a good investment for EVERYONE?

While investing in education is good; nowadays, where a lot of high school graduates who want to pursue college education rely on student loans, there is a significant probability that they may not be able to find a job to repay the loan. Some may find

Does doing a PhD make you smarter?

We should start off by defining what "smarter" really means. I'll define "smart" as your general ability to make good decisions in any scenario, both old and new. My belief is that experience helps greatly in this. Diane Wu has a great approach to the answer, which is how you

How to make studies more interesting

You are not alone.I myself faced some of the following issues but overcame those.Majority of students face common study problems like:-Lack of interestDifficulty in concentratingEasily distractedLack of focusLack of motivationLow productivityDifficulty in retaining what one has learntCertain topics look insurmountableSilly mistakes in

How can one find out if a certificate is genuine or fake?

It is illegal to hold a fake certificate. Although it is a crime, but there are some services from where you can buy a degree from a real university with proper authentication and process. If you want to find if the certificate is real or fake, then there are few points you

How to improve my IELTS vocabulary

A proper grasp of vocabulary is definitely one of the most important criteria in the IELTS test. Not only does vocabulary make up 25% of your mark in IELTS writing and speaking but it also plays a crucial part in IELTS Listening & Writing.However,

How to relieve college stress

I'm reaching the end of my degree and believe me when I say the vast majority will also feel the way you do.You went in thinking that you would love the degree you chose and then in comes the flood of related but mind numbingly boring content

If you get disbarred, does your law degree get nullified?

Your JD is a degree confirmed by a university and has nothing to do with your admission to the bar.  If you properly earned your degree, your degree cannot be withdrawn simply because you are disbarred.  Consider this: there are indeed law school grads who do not pass the bar exam. As

(Obviously it's different intelligence but) in your opinion who is smarter the millionaire or the person with a PhD?

Generally speaking, the people with Ph.D.s have a fairly high IQ. Their mean has been estimated as being around 125 or around the top 5%. Its an endeavor that tends to be more natural and attractive for the very intelligent than

What are people's biggest frustrations with education?

I guess it depends on the country, the field, the level and the institution, but here are the main criticisms:costnot customized: 1-to-1 learning is far more efficient (many 'geniuses' were home-schooled)most classes aren't recorded, which makes it impossible to access it at a

What are some common misconceptions about university professors?

Some of the answers given below are good, and the picture is very amusing and not far from the truth.I'm lucky to be a professor. I have an enjoyable job, I get to research things which interest me, and I

What are some of the coolest study hacks?

I developed an extremely effective method for teaching and helping my students to learn by focusing on the only two educational theories that have any merit (in my opinion). These are the concepts of Learning Styles and Dr. Howard Gardner's theories of Multiple Intelligences. While teaching my students with and

What are some underrated study techniques a lot of students don't utilize?

As an undergraduate at Johns Hopkins University, I studied computer science, operations research, and mathematics, as well as the usual chemistry, physics, and languages. From the summer of my freshman year, I held a paid, graduate-level teaching assistantship in computer science. That required really knowing the subject material.As a graduate student in a Ph.D. program at Cornell, I

What are the academic requirements for becoming an astronaut in NASA?

Astronauts come from many backgrounds, so you have a lot of options.  The three most common are engineer, pilot, or medical doctor.  But NASA has selected everything from chemists to Navy Seals.  Choose a path that you could live with, because you will have to live with it,

What are the best ways to study biology?

For the most part, biology is basically a

What college has most students?

This depends on what specific question you are asking, because we count full-time and part-time students differently. For total enrollment, Miami Dade College (principally a community college) has the highest total number, a claimed 92,000 credit students (students who enroll in at least one college-level, credit-bearing course during that academic year; Highlights and Facts) in 2014–2015.

What frustrates people in school?

Behold, I present to you all the daily struggles of students:Revision provided by Maths Teacher for upcoming tests:Q1- If Jen has X amount of apples, and 3 of them are rotten, form an equation for the amount of good apples Jen has.Ooo nice and simple...Q2- Find the value

What is efficient studying?

The most efficient studying requires that our nervous system be fresh, clean, and clear of stress and dysfunction. Unfortunately, growing up in this highly stressed world makes us all somewhat dysfunctional.The solution is to practice an effective and efficient form of meditation to dissolve and eliminate our internal stresses.Concentration and efficiency in studying is natural. Enjoying schoolwork is

What is the most effective way to learn and facilitate skills and knowledge into long-term memory? Is there a proven technique one can follow to learn any subject effectively? What works best for you?

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.- Benjamin Franklin.Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.-Mahatma GandhiLearning never exhausts the mind.- Leonardo Da VinciLearning is a continuous process always, it never stops, till the end of

What's the best way to save money for college?

Here's a comprehensive list of them according to many people who wrote about this online.1) Buy supplies like body wash, shampoo, laundry detergent, toothpaste, and other necessities in bulk. It sucks buying at first but I did this and I haven't had to buy any of these things all year.2) Always look for

Which colleges accepted/rejected you (April 2019)?

This entire admissions cycle has made me realize just how fragile my ego is. I applied to a LOT of top private schools, thinking that, at the very least, one of them might accept me. Although it worked out for me in the end, it was a very long ride that

Why do most people change schools for graduate school?

There can be several reasons in support of changing schools.1- Changing the environment, city, school is appealing to many. After 4 years of college you get to know the town pretty well, you get to explore different classes, extra-curricular activities and so change can be nice. Newer city,

Why do people go to grad school?

Because it made me happy.I went to Penn for undergrad and was studying both Finance and Materials Science. In my junior year after I got back from Christmas break, it was time to apply to summer internships. Too many of my Wharton peers

Why is physics so hard?

Physics is actually difficult because it involves alot of knowledge from mathematics and you need to think out of the box to understand itPhysics was difficult is difficult and will be even if you have a PhD in it. Physics

Will studying philosophy make you smarter?

Absolutely, YES.Of all the humanities subjects, this one is perhaps the most under-rated, in terms of utility.The ability to think, to reason, to understand assumptions, and conjectures, to use rhetoric, example and counter-example, to use inversion in argument, understand fallacies, etc, etc, etc, is a very useful ability; and

How to get through tough times

You are dealing with a lot. When I was 18, I had 3 members of my family sick at the same time, my mom had a brain tumour, my grandfather had lymphoma and my grandmother had just had an operation to remove a 6 pound benign tumour

How important is exercise for PhD students?

PhD in most science streams (I don't know about other streams) is hard work. Long experiments done on your feet, late night +Early mornings etc. You can not do this and remain lucid enough to make sense unless you have a healthy body. So exercise and healthy food is a must. Otherwise you will

How important is going to a prestegious college? Does it really affect your happiness or salary?

I was am undergraduate at Oxford University.This made my parents proud of me.  It made them happy.I was unhappy during term time (insecurity that everyone was brighter than me) and happy out of term time because people assume that you

How important is studying?

While your question is concerned,studying is the basic requirement to obtain a good degree which inturn makes you a respectable individual in the society.Nowadays the trend goes on like

I had a 2370 SAT, 5's in 6 APs, 2 scientific publications, and Bronze in a country-wide Math Olympiad. Why was I rejected from all the top schools in the US?

Join the club...Did you actually apply to all of the top 25- or just specific ones?Just like admissions - which makes decisions based both on

What are the academic requirements for becoming an astronaut in NASA?

Here is my stock answer, remembering that it is Thirty times easier to be admitted to Harvard as a freshman, than it is to become an astronaut.....:There are two methods to become a NASA astronaut:Join the military and become the best and safest pilot you can be.  Then become a test pilot and then

What do successful students do during their study breaks?

The general census is that you should do something that is NOT studying. And I mostly agree. I'm sure a few people will hate some of my suggestions, but hear me out.DO:Grab a drink and/or snackTake a short walkDo a short, simple exercise

What mistake do college students make picking a university?

Oh boy, there are tons. Essentially, they revolve around the matching between your personality (which will evolve), your desired career path (which will also evolve), and the school's student culture (which can evolve, but less likely).Picking a university solely to attend a prestigious school: Ignoring

Are high school graduates ready for life?

       Simply put ;No they are not ready for life, in a way no one is ever ready for life and what it may hold for you. Within the boundaries of life there are people whom are better prepared for what life

Can an average intelligence person get a PhD?

Although it's popular to say that earning a PhD  is mainly a matter of endurance and persistence, most of the PhDs I've met--and I've met hundreds--seemed to have above-average intelligence, and many seemed way above average. In a sense this is a trick question because it depends on

Can an average maths high school student study pure maths?

It depends on how much you have understood. Understanding a maths problem is of at most importance. Maths major would involve many courses, and you simply cannot sit one day behind one exercise. I would suggest trying to pace up. Make sure you don't have any other interests too. A career should be the one you love,

Can I change my signature after graduating from school?

There is no problem in your case.You are entitled to change your signature at will and at different places at different times and occasions.If you use any documents on whiv you have signed till not you will have to sign as you have signed on them when you use the sameNot a tough or lengthy process.Now

Do college professors treat student athletes any different than other students?

I don't. I certainly don't grade them differently, and they're just students in my view, with a job of a distinctive nature. And here's what's even more interesting: I generally don't know which students are athletes and which aren't.As others have noted, they have scheduling issues that other students don't (games, etc.). Also, their coaches

Do MIT students work hard but party harder?

There are two populations in that regard. Both work hard but some don't party at all and some party very hard. MIT has far more diversity and the answer is really far more nuanced but there's also significant semantics involved. Is a 48 hour stratego marathon partying? Is sailing through your work because you're a bloody

Do you recommend staying in my home university or moving?

Your question and details are quite confusing, though I will try to answer. From my knowledge you will get the degree from your home university and not from the German University. Your a regular student of Lebenon, so you get the degree from there. Check the course modules and syllabus that they are going to teach you in

Do you regret getting your Ph.D.? Why or why not?

I had some regrets at graduation nine years ago. Effectively no regret now.I've written some general comments previously about life during grad school: Shane Ryoo's answer to Is there anyone out there who really enjoyed or is enjoying their time as a PhD student?Some people only look at the

Does doing a PhD increase intelligence?

I have never considered the PhD about increasing intelligence. To be honest, completing the degree is about tenacity and perseverance! The process of earning the degree is about learning to think critically, to broaden your perspectives, to apply that knowledge to problem solve carefully and creatively within your field of knowledge. Who cares how smart

Does it make sense to choose a university solely to take classes with one professor who is renowned in your field?

Revised Answer:It depends on the situation. When I first answered this question, I was thinking of situations in which someone chooses a particular person as a mentor, and applies to the institution. I have known people who have done this - I was focussing on personal experience.However, after reading Justin Ausanka's comment, I have to

Does testing make students smarter, or is it other work, like projects, that makes students smarter?

Projects improve skill, testing motivates students to improve that skill. However projects and testing does not make you smarter, just more experienced.It is the difference between a person who has 20 years of fencing and someone who takes up a saber and naturally knows how to use it. The outcome may look the same, but what

Given that one has the option, what are some of the most important reasons to choose not to pursue a PH.D in the humanities?

The most important reason not to pursue a Ph.D. is debt. If you cannot get funded through a research or teaching assistantship and cannot get a tuition waiver, you either need the independent wealth to fund yourself, scholarship/grant support (if available), or perhaps a stably

Has anyone ever regretted getting a PhD? Do you feel you missed out on real life experiences or working while pursuing a PhD? Does the opportunity cost of studying for a PhD haunt you?

I had a miserable time toward the end of my PhD research career. I had two advisers, one at the university and the other at a pharmaceutical company (3 hours away in another city) where I did my graduate research project.One day, my

How can college be improved?

I used to say or write: Change the college / faculty emphasis from TEACHING to FACILITATING LEARNING!Then I changed that to: Change the college / faculty emphasis to FACILITATING EFFECTIVE LEARNING! (Effective Learning is Learning that is USABLE and USEFUL for addressing important sitations. IMO, getting a good

How to study better for math

it depends... math is something that comes naturally... observe the world around you and try to connect things... never try to memorize or remember stuff, rather try to reason it and you will never require to remember(most of the stuff). and good guidance is as important as good will. so

How do American students study math?

Badly.  We have shifted the emphasis in learning to socialization skills such as reading comprehension and literacy.  We have lost our pure appreciation for the mathematical sciences.We are shunted away from math to other pursuits, and the ability to perform complex math functions is now seen as

How to motivate myself to start studying again

STUDYING AFTER A LENGTH BREAK--IN YEARS!Paul, I'm assuming the seven year break has ended.   I don't think you need much to motivate yourself. You simply have to examine yourself and determine that you really want it. Then get an idea of

How to pick a grad school

A better question is,

How to relieve college stress

I'm reaching the end of my degree and believe me when I say the vast majority will also feel the way you do.You went in thinking that you would love the degree you chose and then in comes the flood of related but mind

How to score good marks in the CA Foundation? How do I study each subject

It matters to some extent from the stream of 12th if you are from science then focus on accounts and maths stats will be cake walk if you are good at number and please focus on basic accounting, if your base is strong then it

How to study math effectively and easily

A2A, thanks.Can't say anything about

How to study the math of college by myself

With apologies to Nike, you just do it.  It's not always pretty, but when it works it works far better than normal classroom instruction.In my personal experience, early in my education I'd get books which I'd have no business reading.  In math, there's this annoying convention that every book is called "Introduction to [so-and-so]."  Whether it's an introduction

How do top teachers teach?

Teaching is not easy for everyone. A degree is not a enough to become a good teacher, one you have that kind of skill which makes you a top grade teacher. A teacher must have passions, care, good observer and kind. He/she should be able to understand the student nature, problems and how

How to catch a student cheating in college

Have to admit that I haven't seen huge numbers of students cheating in college/university.A couple got nailed for plagiarism - not the full blown

How good is SRM university?

There are many. I wanted to answer this question under #metoo moment. I joined in first year, expecting to be a manager at SRM University (management department). On the second day one person whose name i do not remember, a staff came to

How good is the certified ethical hacking course offered by the EC-Council?

The Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) v9 is a world-renowned and world accredited credential of a cyber security professional.Unlike other courses of cyber security, CEH v9 is the most comprehensive and advanced course in the world to provide the widest range of curriculum in order to equip oneself with the knowledge and technicality of tackling

How hard is it to not graduate from high school?

Extremely hard.I once heard from a high school teacher here in Pakistan that the education department instructs them to make around 30 or so marks easily attainable so that the overall passing percentage would look good. In Pakistan, you only need 33% marks to pass an exam. If

How is SRM University Haryana?

Now Imagine yourself , out to have dinner on a friday night.Normally you'd prefer a nice place with suave ambience and a good value for money meal, given that you belong to an upper middle class (assumption).You drive to the new and untested outlet of a famous restaurant chain XYZ , for whatever reason ( closer proximity to your

How is SRM university's culture?

It is the most free culture even by western standards. In western universities you need to study. Here there is no compulsion for that also. You can do biological experiments after 5.30 pm in the campus. No one will both. It has 60 fashion shows (small) and ten big

How many and how long are the classes you attend in college?

When I attended, my semesters were 8 weeks and classes were 2.5 hours twice a week. I liked it because the classes were at night and with the hassle of getting there and parking, 2.5 hours made for good discussion time and longer test taking time. After 4

How strict is SRM University?

Well, SRM is private,so strictness obviously would be there.In the year 2018 new rules and regulations got prevailed,as they were not few years back.We r not allowed to got out of the campus without the gate pass,even they don't allow to go

If you spend most of your time studying and learning how much time should you spend on physical exercise?

The best way is to find a perfect balance between brain exercise and body exercise. Both are very important.So 50/50.Even if learning comes with more priority for you at this moment, you can't always learn without refreshment with the exercises. You will just exhaust yourself very quickly. And the physical exercise has one more huge

Is a PhD a researched-based degree?

It should be but the research base of PhD is under continuous pressure. The problem is confusion of training with education.In UK and Australia a PhD has no stupid time wasting coursework and is entirely thesis based. You are expected to publish 3 to 5 first or single authored papers out of it otherwise your PhD is not taken

Is Ankur Warikoo a PhD dropout?

YesWhen I was in grade 5, my aunt gifted me a book titled the big book of space. I read it. Over and over again. And fell in loveI decided I wanted to become an astronaut.

Is graduate school really necessary?

Of course graduate school is not necessary. There are plenty of jobs that only require a bachelors degree or just a high school diploma. Some of those jobs even pay well. Have you ever had to pay a plumber to fix a problem at

Is it a waste of time and money to study philosophy at university?

Everything else is a significant waste of my time. Then yeah, it is a waste of time. It was an entire waste of time.From school work to careers - in starting a company or even just our every day lives.

Is it common to apply to only one graduate school?

No, but it isn't unheard of either. I've done it, twice. I was accepted once but decided to take time off instead. Almost 30 years later I applied again but was rejected (as it turns out, because the person with whom I wanted to study had just gone

Is math required for being a good programmer?

I will speak from requirements of the industry point-of-view, rather than that of how difficult your college experience may be. My opinion stems from my experience of having recently gone through ~50 programming job interviews after completing a masters in software engineering.Your

Is physics applied math?

Math is one of many tools used by physics. Even more important is observation and experiment. Another is the discipline of accepting only phenomena that can be reproduced. Perhaps most important of all is a willingness to doubt one's intuition. All of these things are necessary.Physics can't exist without

Is SRM University a Global University?

Well I will present you with some points which will portray a true picture of what are getting yourself into in case you decide to join SRM University Ramapuram Campus.After that you decide if it suits you or not.Ultimately you should be the one to decide what is best

Is SRM University AICTE approved?

SRM University is approved by the University Grant Commission (UGC).The following B.Tech courses of SRM Kaatankulathur are ABET Approved.B.Tech Information TechnologyB.Tech Civil EngineeringB.Tech Mechanical  EngineeringB.Tech Electrical and Electronics EngineeringB.Tech Electronics and Communication EngineeringBut they are not AICTE approved. From my understanding, either UGC or AICTE approval is enough and SRM is UGC approved.

Is SRM University better than Christ University?

Corruption in education.Dirty dances and total disregard towards sentiments of parents.I am one of the parent and wish to bring to the notice the most disgusting things happening at SRM University Milan. Eight hundred students worked for two months with no classes. For what? To

Life Advice: What should I do if nothing is working out?

Let's look at some of the effects that you have mentioned.GPA is extremely lowNo real friends or a girlOverweightJust upset with the quality of my life1. GPA is extremely low.Ralph: Do you really want to work in the investment banking industry?                        I have more than 20

Should I get a PhD if I'm not sure that I should get a PhD?

Whatever you do a Phd or not, remember it is a very expensive project. It takes very long time, lower stipend or even no stipend and students even have to pay for tuition fees, like me. The worst part is students don't have any right to decide his/her own

Should I go for higher studies or continue working?

Hey hi.My straight advice for you.If you have entreprenual mind and wish to do something on your own in future then i think you should take up the MNC job get some experience and start with your own firm.If your looking for doing job for long term them and if your getting MBA

Should I go to a college or a university?

A college does NOT have graduate programs but a university does. An example of this statement is Christian Brothers College (CBC) in Memphis, Tennessee. CBC was strictly a private four year undergraduate catholic college until it added graduate programs and then it became Christian Brothers University (CBU).As

Should I go to Graduate School?

I have a theory that Everyone who earns a bachelors degree should consider attending graduate school at some point in their life.Consider, not necessarily attend.There are a small percentage of students, who, during the beginning of their senior year,

What are some common misconceptions about university professors?

Some of the answers given below are good, and the picture is very amusing and not far from the truth.I'm lucky to be a professor. I have an enjoyable job, I get to research things which interest me, and I

What are some of the most amazing things your high school teacher did?

I had to think about this for a minute because nothing was coming to me-but then I remembered Ms. Rita Johnson, my senior English teacher. She wanted to record a TV presentation of Hamlet for us, I think it was the one with Richard Chamberlain. This was in the day before

What are some recommended biology books?

Step 1 - Start with Campbell's Biology for a fundamental understanding of the living world.Step 2 - Then go for Albert's Molecular Biology of the Cell, it will give you a clear idea about how a cellular system worksStep 3 - Then learn about

What are the biggest mistakes made by graduate students, past or present?

Not being active during their studies! They should do internships, go on summer schools, be parts of projects, volunteer in another country, even have a job! I can suggest a website that will help any graduate

What are the biggest mistakes made by people applying to top tier colleges?

Trying to get SAT scores over 700. Low 700s is enough...Worrying about GPA & Class Rank too much. (Note: Many non-elite schools use SAT/GPA/ClassRank formulas. This seems to confuse people.)Doing too many activities. Do one, but at a national/international level. Do one thing you really love.Taking too many APs.Very hard to get in by being smart (top 50–200 out

What do top students actually think of other top students?

I got into my University as the only Fulbright student of my batch (highest marks in admission test) but then got a silver medal instead of the gold one in my first semester. So I think I can answer the question.There

What does the average student pay for college tuition?

It depends on where they go and if they are full-time/part-time.For public, in-state full-time tuition and fees, the College Board reported an average of $3,780 for 2017–18, for full-time private nonprofit it was $14,500. Source: Average Net Price over Time for Full-Time Students, by Sector

What frustrates people in school?

Behold, I present to you all the daily struggles of students:Revision provided by Maths Teacher for upcoming tests:Q1- If Jen has X amount of apples, and 3 of them are rotten, form an equation for the amount of good apples Jen has.Ooo nice and simple...Q2- Find the value

What is the best education?

There is a big future in my opinion, for online education via for instance MOOCs and the use of technology in classes. Our world is made to go through changes, and our educational systems are living one with the integration of technology in education for the good of both students and teachers. Technology can bring many benefits to education

What is the biggest mistake that people make when applying to graduate school?

I read a lot of applications for grad school. I don't see very many mistakes. The most common one however, is the one where a person writes

What is the measure of a successful college professor? Do they provide the 'easy' A's or challenge the students despite grades?

Successful is subjective, but let's look at who would be evaluating the metrics for success. The faculty/administration of the University would deem a faculty member successful by meeting or exceeding the requirements for tenure: instruction, scholarly productions, and service to the

What is the most effective way to learn and facilitate skills and knowledge into long-term memory? Is there a proven technique one can follow to learn any subject effectively? What works best for you?

We spend our many years studying only, and then gives that a name of the "age of learning", but what is the age of learning? There is no age for learning, learning is a painful process, the sooner you learn it is better to learn.Now, the question comes - what is the best way to learn? Here we will

What makes graduate school worth it for you?

There is a presentation by Philip Guo which really hits home for me. You can find it at Why Pursue A Ph.D.? Three Practical Reasons (12-minute video) (thanks to Abhinav Upadhyay!) The crux of it is:At age 22 (right out of

What matters the most in college for graduate school?

A2AGetting excellent grades in your courses, particularly the ones that pertain to the field you'll be studying in graduate school, and having some kind of record of being able to conduct research in the field you want to pursue. This can range from researching and writing a paper for a history seminar to

What motivated you to do well in school?

A2A. What motivated you to do well in school?I honestly don't remember what motivated me to do well in school-ideally it was because I wanted to learn or more realistically I had an immense fear of failure.I think back to my Berkeley days, and I

What must an educated person know?

My answer is dependent upon my understanding of the question which to paraphrase is what skills must one have acquired after being educated and so I say:The ability to make connections between all the knowledge you possess.The ability to communicate an idea. The ability to

Which schools do USC undergrads usually go to for grad school?

I would suggest the question is too broadly posed. If one were to say focus on graduate studies in statistics then distilling the universe of graduate statistics programs to those statistics programs ranked by the US News and World Report graduate statistics program rankings then there are 97 programs

Who is someone that is successful and has never been to school or college?

The question is whom we say as successful.Success does yet whatever way we try to describe can be measured by the wealth they are able to give in masses.Wealth can be financial need for improving living standard or providing assistance to live a respectful life or impart knowledge.Successful people would have capability and

Why do Caltech undergraduate students take classes with graduate students? Is that normal for other universities? It seems to put an unfair advantage on the graduate students.

It is true that most, if not all, Caltech undergrads take some classes that are a mix of undergrads and PhD students.  The reason for this is because we don't have enough undergraduates to justify undergrad-only courses at the advanced level -- we have about 950 undergrads across the entire Institute.  It is also the case that

Why do most people change schools for graduate school?

There can be several reasons in support of changing schools.1- Changing the environment, city, school is appealing to many. After 4 years of college you get to know the town pretty well, you get to explore different classes, extra-curricular activities and so change can