Is Friedrich Engels underrated?

Probably.A couple of his major works are slightly dated. They haven't stood up as well as Capital to the test of time (Origin of Fam/Private Prop/State, Conditions of Working Class, and parts of Anti-Duhring). So they just don't get read as much.The works that he and Marx collaborated on (Holy Fam, German Ideology) are

Did people work out in the middle ages for the sake of being fit?

A handful, perhaps, but it certainly wasn't a regular thing.The average person in the Middle Ages was a peasant farmer whose entire working day was composed of manual labor, so there was simply no need for exercise. Members of the

What are some common misconceptions about the Middle Ages?

There are a number of other interesting answers almost all worth reading. Like the others, I find it impossible to confine myself to a single point because the misconceptions about the (misnamed)

What are some common misconceptions about World War I?

The Britain, France and the Allies are the good guys. The Germans, Austria-Hungarian and the Ottamans are the bad guys.Oil reserve in the mesopotamia region (under the control of Ottoman Empire) was well known. For example George Bernard Reynolds drilled an oil well in the region in 1903.Around that

What is the best, historically accurate film about monarchy?

Most of the films mentioned here are on my list as well:Elizabeth (1998)The King's SpeechThe QueenYoung VictoriaBut there are a few older ones that are good as well:Lady JaneLion in Winter (Peter O'Toole version)Elizabeth R (Glenda Jackson)The Six Wives

What is the biggest misconception we have about common life in Rome during the Roman Empire?

That most Romans went to school and that Romans spoke Latin.Whe we think of ancient Rome, we have in mind a society where children went to school and learnt to read and write Latin, read the classics, learnt to count and studied law,

Which European countries never had monarchy?

Lyonel Perabo's answer is informative but incorrect. A monarchy is not the same thing as a dictatorship: its definition concerns sovereignty, not power. Specifically, it is a form of government in which sovereignty is embodied in a person

Why does the European Union not become as united as the US?

Because the European Project is many times more complex than the American Project was.  Sovereign countries bear almost no relationship to American states.  The  states lost very little of their unique character by joining the Union -- yes, we did have a Civil War -- but each European state will sacrifice a great deal more of its

Were arranged marriages common in medieval Europe?

Yes they were. Similar to arranged marriages in South Asia. Christianity was the main religion practiced, which accepted these unions fully.Women had no choice in marriage. Mostly, women did not even know the man before they married him on the

What are some of Europe's most important contributions to the world?

Interesting Question, thanks for a2a.There are so many nearly everything is connected to Europe. But i go with:Science (Greek)Maths (div.)HygieneMedicine  (Greek, Swiss)Aufklärung - Age of Enlightenment (French, German)World Wide Web (British, created in Switerzland, proto type USA)Democracy (Greek)Exploring the worldTime (second) (Swiss)SteelConcrete /