What would have happened if France had kept its American territories known as 'New France'?

France wouldn't have kept it for long.  US settlers were already pressing into that territory, and American expansionists were already clamoring for the seizure of New Orleans as a necessary outlet for the produce of the American interior.  Indeed, US president Thomas Jefferson had already warned the French that France's possession of New Orleans, a port through which 40%

Did France own the Louisiana territory when they sold it to the USA?

Prior to 1800 Louisiana was under Spanish control. Spain fell under influence of the French republic and then the French Empire (a formal alliance was signed in 1796) and Napoleon was able to force Spain to hand over Louisiana to France. Despite this France never send troops

How different would history be had France remained a monarchy after 1870?

If France had remained a monarchy, whether under the Second Empire dynasty of Napoleon III or whether under a monarchist restoration of some kind (an Orléanist restoration under the Comte de Paris seems the most likely outcome), it would

What are the biggest misconceptions about France during WWII?

Before the war, in 1938-39, the biggest misconceptions were :France would beat Germany easily if not quickly;true until 1938 but false after.Germans would never do the blitzkrieg and the Maginot Line will be unbeatable.This last one has been true as the Germans invaded France by violating Belgium's

What would have happened if France had kept its American territories known as 'New France'?

Then America would have declared war on France. No? Seriously if America could declare independence against the British Empire, it would do so against the eventual decline of France. Even if America chose to do so during Napoleon's time, Napoleon would be hardpressed to

Why could France not convert Algeria to part of France?

To hold on to Algeria, the French government would have to RECOGNIZE Algerian Muslims as full citizens of the French Republic, nor just grant them the full citizenship, because the time for handouts was over.Further, the French government would have to remove all bureaucracy and administrative obstacles to the Algerian Muslims' exercise of French citizenship, make an all-out effort

Why did France join the American Revolution?

After 1066, the King of England was also the Duke of Normandy. The Duke of Normandy, however, was a subject of the King of France. This caused numerous wars between the two nations, culminating in the Hundred Years' War (1337-1453), when the

Why did Napoleon sell the Louisiana territory?

Napoleon's main reason for selling Louisiana was that it didn't fit in well with his goals. Napoleon's main goal was to build a European empire, and the most good he saw in Louisiana was selling it to raise money for his conquests in Europe.Think what you would do if you were Napoleon. You want to build

Is it true Napoleon responded to his wife's accusation of infidelity like this?

It's true that in Book 1 of Die fröhliche Wissenschaft [1], Nietzsche claimed that Napoleon said as much.  Whether or not this claim is true is another matter.  Personally, I think that Nietzsche invented the quote out of whole cloth.  After all, Nietzsche considered the truth to be "the invention of fixed conventions for merely practical purposes, especially