What would have happened if France had kept its American territories known as 'New France'?

France wouldn't have kept it for long.  US settlers were already pressing into that territory, and American expansionists were already clamoring for the seizure of New Orleans as a necessary outlet for the produce of the American interior.  Indeed, US president Thomas Jefferson had already warned the French that France's possession of New Orleans, a port through which 40%

What were the biggest historical lies?

There is an inherent bias in every person, and especially when the political atmosphere in a nation is tense, rhetoric can easily distort the truth. For example, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is full of extreme conspiracy that constantly aims to bury the other side with

What are the most common misconceptions about globalization?

A single world government is the inevitable goal of a global economy.This is by far the most common misconception people in the west, primarily conservatives, have about globalization. It does not matter how diverse nation-states are, or the recognition and respect for their existence

What would have happened if France had kept its American territories known as 'New France'?

Then America would have declared war on France. No? Seriously if America could declare independence against the British Empire, it would do so against the eventual decline of France. Even if America chose to do so during Napoleon's time, Napoleon would be hardpressed to

Is there anywhere in the world where a 7 day week is not observed?

The Soviets actually experimented with various sized weeks. The thinking was that if the size of the weeks changed that would make it impossible to observe Sunday as a religious day of gathering (or Saturday for the Jews), this was a part of the general campaign to eliminate religion from the "Soviet Paradise"At first