Why was Islamic world not affected by Black Death as much as Europe?

One of the reason is that the Roman Catholics back then claimed miraculous healing, while the Muslim didn't.The original Christian church from the Book of Acts believes in

Is the Current war against Islamic extremist, the new crusade?

1 The Crusades were holy wars fought between Christians in Europe and Muslims in the Middle East between 1095 and 1291. The main goal of the Crusades was to take control of the holy land Jerusalem away from the Muslims.Crusades was directly a religious war.Christian church head Pope Urban

Do Muslims believe the prophets lived perfect moral lives?

Obviously. Prophets are created that way. (this notion is universal).Read:- Which Morality-Modern or Virtuous–is Right?Behavior-Martyr/Damned-Sinner!

How did Islam spread to Africa?

Islam claims more Africans than any other world religion. By 1980 there were about 190 million Muslims compared to 140 million Christians. Although these figures are only estimated they give credit to Islamic Dawa' and how it has been applied in Africa. Although unplanned, it has achieved

What was Africa like before Islam?

There was some powerful large kingdoms before Islam contrary to what Muslims claim examples are in Zimbabwe, kingdoms of Ethiopia who dominated the southern part of the Arabian peninsula along the red sea long before islam,Nubians dominated even the powerful Egyptian empire for a moment and a few others in African empires in west Africa

Alternate Histories (Hypothetical Historical Scenarios): How would the world be different today if Spanish Muslims successfully resisted reconquista?

Without a unified Spain and maybe a few Christian kingdoms in the north... wow the world would be such a different place. Would we have had the crusades (and in that case would Constantinople have 'fallen' to the Turks - it was sacked in the last crusade by its allies). The 'discovery' of America by Columbus (poor Leif Ericcson,

Is the theory that Jesus and Muhammad never existed taken seriously by historians?

Muhammad existed. But the Islamic faith and the Quran were not formalized yet in his lifetime.Greek gospels contradict the general history of ancient Israel and it appears that finally the emperors Flavian will be shown to have no clothes. The

How were the Crusades viewed from Muslim perspectives?

The early Muslims during the Crusading era did not think much of it since they were rivals with other Muslim powers so some of them had tried to use the Crusaders in short alliances against their other rivals. It was a initial shock that an

If Muhammad never existed, how did his grave come to exist?

Ignoring the religious argument you opened up with your question lets answer it anyway. Graves are a shrine to the deceased. They are not always made with an actual body. For example in war a soldier may be know to be in

What if Islamic empires had conquered Britain, Spain, France, Dutch, Germany?

It did conquer Spain actually! For 7 centuries, until Ferdinand and Isabella kicked them out. Andalusia, 'Al andalus' was prosperous with relatively much religious freedom and acceptances (although Jews and Christians were not allowed to display to much of their faith in the

What if the Spanish Inquisition never happened? Would Spain and Portugal become Muslim dominated nations?

Have you ever heard of Bosnia? They are basically muslims, since the days of the Ottoman Empire. Ditto for Poland: in the East they have a Tatar minority and they remain muslims to this day. They are basically undistinguishable from their non-muslim neighbours. If everything

Why did India not have a Reconquista like Spain did?

It did, when the Maratha Confederacy managed to conquer from South India to Punjab. The Marathas were generally much more tolerant than the Christian Spanish crusaders, but their conquest led to a resurgence of Hinduism, and they built many temples and shrines along the way. Shivaji, the founder of the empire, wrote a letter to the Mughal emperor