What are the major societal differences between Spain and Portugal?

I lived in Lisbon for 8 months and have spent a combined year in various parts of Spain. On the surface the two are very similar. They have bullfighting, wine production, romance language, similar architecture, both had massive new world empires and eventually became fascist states.

Can Brazil colonize Portugal?

Not only we could, as we are doing this!Portugal spent a lot of money on Euro 2004. Many Portuguese stadiums became white elephants. Portugal has historically never had a strong economy. It only produces cod, oil, grape, wine and olive oil. Products that do not have much added

Why did India not have a Reconquista like Spain did?

It did, when the Maratha Confederacy managed to conquer from South India to Punjab. The Marathas were generally much more tolerant than the Christian Spanish crusaders, but their conquest led to a resurgence of Hinduism, and they built many temples and shrines along the way. Shivaji, the founder of the empire, wrote a letter to the Mughal emperor