What are the most disturbing facts about the Spanish Empire that most people do not know?

There's really nothing much that we don't know, but if I had to choose, I'd say that the destruction of the cultures that they had contact with is probably one of the most disturbing facts about the Spanish Empire.The Spanish were just so

How did Spain not convert to Islam despite centuries of occupation?

All the answers here so far are very good.I'd like to add that when talking about Muslim rule in Iberia and the Reconquista, nothing is simple or black and white.This has been a long period of almost 8 centuries when the interaction of cultures and religions was intense and in constant flux.

What are the major societal differences between Spain and Portugal?

I lived in Lisbon for 8 months and have spent a combined year in various parts of Spain. On the surface the two are very similar. They have bullfighting, wine production, romance language, similar architecture, both had massive new world empires and eventually became fascist states.

Is Spain known to be a racist country or was it in your experience?

No, I don't think so. At least, I cannot perceive it myself. Unfortunately, it doesn't mean that we are racism-free, but not to a generalised level that I would expect from the most racist country in Europe.This is tricky because then there must be another country that it is, but I don't know which one it is.

If the British Empire had never existed, which empire would have prospered more, the Spanish or the French?

Although Britain and Spain were rivals for most of their imperial history, they were active in different parts of the world and were never quite in a serious position to press claims against the core imperial territories of the other. Britain did acquire marginal positions on the fringes

How would Vietnam be different if it had been colonized by the Spanish instead of the French?

I can't think of any great changes to Vietnamese society or culture brought by the French. French influence on Vietnam is highly exaggerated. To be honest, there's not a lot of French influence in Vienam besides some old buildings, a few words for things the French brought like butter, carrot, chocolate and some French

What was the status of Muslims in post-Reconquista Spain?

Converted to Christianity, had new names, forbidden from observing their traditions and their culture was completely suppressed. They were also under tight and close control of the Christian kingdoms, mainly in making sure that they profess Christianity and punishing those who displayed any element of either their culture, used their original names or were heard practicing Islam.

What would have happened if Franco never ruled Spain?

Well, I think it would depend on HOW history would happen in order for Franco to not rule Spain.I.e. if Sanjurjo had survived and rule Spain, instead of Franco. How would have he ruled Spain?Or if the Second Republic would have won, would Spain have

What would Latin America be like today had its independence never happened? What would Spain and Portugal be like then?

Portugal were united with Brazil under the United Kingdom of Portugal, Algarve and Brazil after the end of Napoleon as the Portuguese royal house escaped to their brazilian colony during the war. Had the Portuguese liberal revolution of 1820 failed in Portugal, Brazil might still be united with their mother country but with limited power as

Why did India not have a Reconquista like Spain did?

It did, when the Maratha Confederacy managed to conquer from South India to Punjab. The Marathas were generally much more tolerant than the Christian Spanish crusaders, but their conquest led to a resurgence of Hinduism, and they built many temples and shrines along the way. Shivaji, the founder of the empire, wrote a letter to the Mughal emperor