Where did the British fight during WWII?

"We shall go on to the end, we shall fight in France,we shall fight on the seas and oceans,we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our Island, whatever the cost may be,

What are some good movies to learn about British history? I have watched 'The Last Kingdom' and I'm planning to watch 'The Tudors'.

I'll give you a hint. Neither of those.Bernard Cornwell, the original author of the Last Kingdom, maintains a high level of historical accuracy throughout his books, although some liberties are taken for narrative purposes e.g he frequently stated that he didn't do Aethelred

What was the course of the Black Death in England 1348-1350?

Again the problem is what does the questioner want to know?The Black Death was "caused" by the spread of Bubonic Plague through mouse and rat infestation.The "course" was that it spread throughout Europe in a mainly western direction.The "result" was

Who was the most evil Briton of the 20th century?

Evil is perhaps too strong a word, but I would say the most cold blooded and inhuman Briton of the 20 th century should arguably be Brig.General Reginald Dyer ,who ordered unprovoked firing on a congregation of thousands of unarmed civilians, killing or wounding hundreds, in the year 1919,

Who came closest to conquering England?

A lot of these answers are making the leap of faith that political takeover is the same is Conquest. I disagree, a conquest is the taking by force, not by marrying someone, or being asked to be king.Given that, the closest that England has been to being conquered since 1066, is. Without doubt 1588 and the Spanish

Was Ireland a colony of England/Britain?

Northern Ireland is more like a British colony.The Ulster identity deriving from Scottish migrants directly.The British, specifically the English certainly tried many things to ensure Ireland's long term support and acceptance.They tried everything except the one thing that certainly would of worked

When did tourism start in great Britain?

Tourism in Britain probably began with pilgrimages.  These were supposed to be for religious reasons but could be holidays.The Classical Romans also had tourism,  but I'm not sure Roman Britain was included.Modern British tourism

Did Britain ever ruled uttrakhand?

that time uttrakhand was not even existed uttrakhand got seperated from uttarpradesh in 2000.though they have ruled over whole india but still british can never forget legendry fighters of garhwal riffles who have fought for them in world war .just so you knowThe regiment had the distinction of

Did the Irish potato famine affect the rest of the UK?

Yes. It alerted the British government to the danger of monoculture and resulted in the repeal of the Corn Laws that restricted imports of grain to the UK. This had a beneficial effect for ordinary people in the UK as it lowered the

How accurate is the assertion that Britain has invaded all but 22 countries in the world?

While the assertion is not totally baseless, it is pretty misleading. By my slightly less sensationalist reckoning, Britain has invaded all but around 63 countries, and even that counts many different ‘types' of invasion, including very minor ones.The map in the question is based on the book All the Countries We've

Was Scotland ever conquered by England?

Apart from the Cromwellian Interregnum , Scotland was never at any time conquered by England. On the contrary , the results of wars between the Countries were as follows;1 1st Scottish War of Independence- crushing Scots victory. By its end Scottish armies were terrorizing the north of

What happened to Indians after Independence who had worked in the British police force?

As the Indian populace objected to the punishment of Nazi and other axis collaborators, the Nazi forces were either pensioned off, or mixed with the British India era Police and Politicians to form the new Civil administration:

What were the living conditions like in 1912 Britain?

See https://core.ac.uk/download/pdf/...The first large-scale official enquiry into living standards in Britain, published in 1904. Conditions were probably not very different 8 years later.