What are the best foodie cities in the world?

1 | NEW YORKNew York is a city of superlatives and that obviously also applies to its food scene. It has over 10,000 restaurants where you find every kind of cuisine imaginable -- and for every budget. It's the world's true food mecca allowing you to go

What does it feel like to be a foodie?

I believe you love food or are a foodie / foodaholic, then you would do the following things :Your bookmarks have a folder created for 'Recipes/ 'Food' and is overflowing with recipes from all over the webYou are a

What is the best food destination in the world?

One thing that unites us is food. That precious moment when we are together around the table to satisfy hunger and delight every sense is perfect for bonding. Thus traveling around the world looking for exciting places must be completed with the perfect food.Here are a few amazing places which you will enjoy

Which cities of the world serve the best street food?

Perhaps most foodies would agree that the best food is often not the one served on fine china inside palatial restaurants but, in fact, the ones those are offered by hawkers and vendors amid bustling markets. The street food of any place is also the embodiment of

What are the best foods to try while visiting Sydney?

What are the best foods to try while visiting Sydney?Sydney isa hugely multicultural and diverse, cosmopolitan city. It is probable that Sydney provides cuisines from every corner of the earth, so it is never a problem trying something new in Sydney. I like to

What was the best thing you have eaten while traveling? What city/country was it in?

When we were about 17, my sister asked me what the top three things I had ever eaten were. I found the question to be very interesting and I took some time to think about it. We then proceded to name the three things from first

What is special about Kerala food?

Kerala the 'land of spices' famous in variety of tasty and yummy dishes which is healthy and rich in protiens,carbohydrates,minerals and vitamins.Coconuts grow in abundance in Kerala so it used as main ingredient in their dishes,which made foods more tasty.Coconut kernel, coconut cream and coconut milk are widely used in dishes for thickening and flavouring.Kerala's