How to buy a house without getting a mortgage

The obvious answer is all cash of course. - Lets look at some less obvious ones. You could trade something else of value. - Usually that would be some other real estate that you own.  But it could be a boat, motorhome,

What is the best advice for someone saving for a down payment on their first home mortgage?

My advice is to eat and drink in your home. Invite your friends to your home to entertain instead of going to restaurants, bars, and theater. Find activities that are free or low cost to do with your friends. Cut cable and sign up for a single site like netflix, hulu or Amazon prime to

How to buy a house without getting a mortgage

The obvious answer is all cash of course. - Lets look at some less obvious ones. You could trade something else of value. - Usually that would be some other real estate that you own.  But it could be a boat, motorhome,

What is the best advice for someone saving for a down payment on their first home mortgage?

My advice is to eat and drink in your home. Invite your friends to your home to entertain instead of going to restaurants, bars, and theater. Find activities that are free or low cost to do with your friends. Cut cable and sign up for a single site like netflix, hulu or Amazon prime to

What are some good ways to assure the value of a house goes up after getting a mortgage to own it besides renovating it and fixing it up?

I like this question, because the answer gives some background to where a homes value is derived from.If you can't improve the house, improve the comps :-)If you're going to refinance, the bank hires an appraiser to ensure the value of the collateral they're about to take Lien rights

What are the best places and websites to find a furnished apartment for rent in Vancouver?

CraigslistDespite being a household name in the USA and Canada, Craigslist might seem daunting if you're moving from abroad and conjure up some rather seedy imagery: However, it's one of the most helpful resources available for finding things on a budget in the North American continent.Co-op HousingThey're non-profit,

What is something that almost nobody knows about when buying your first house?

two things immediately come to mind.Most first time buyers don't realize that if they put less than 20% down, they will have to pay for private mortgage insurance. It will probably cost almost $100 a month, so that reduces the amount you are qualified to borrow.The second thing is, don't go out and buy all

What's something nobody tells you about buying a house?

Inspection isn't OptionalInvest in a home inspection report, and never use the inspection service recommended by the real estate agent. Find your own inspector and don't look for the cheapest. Buying a house is one of the largest purchases you will

Why is it better to rent than to buy in today's housing market?

It is not necessarily better to rent than buy, it depends on where you live and your goals.It's not likely that prices for homes in the U.S. are gong to drop drastically again nor will interest rates drop into the 3% range.Try this website Rent vs Buy Calculator - RetireCoast.comThe calculator will tell you the

What is the worst surprise you've gotten after moving into a new home?

Thanks for the A2A.We moved into a lovely, brand-new townhome.There was a powder room off the dining room. The first time we flushed the toilet in it, the toilet overflowed into the dining room! Fortunately, there wasn't anything significant in it so it didn't stain the very nice carpet.We called the builder and they sent a plumber

Should you buy a condominium and rent it out while living in your grandparent's house?

It depends on your situation.Will it pencil out? What are the yearly costs for HOA dues, mortgage, taxes, insurance and unexpected repairs? Will the condo appreciate, are there any special assesssments (extra HOA) payment coming up? How much rent to you expect to get. Is

Why is owning a house not a good investment?

If you have a house, but you have to live in it, you can not rent it or sell it, therefore, that house is not going to give you money.It's that simple.When you acquire an asset -in this case, the asset would be the house- the return is obtained by selling said asset for more

Which one is better to live in, a beach house or a lake house?

'Better to live in" makes this a trick question.  Better for aesthetics? Maintenance? Entertaining? Social status?  Solitude? With so many differing choices based on some very personal criteria, it is impossible to favor one or the other of the two answers sought by the OP. When we built the house

How much will a one room apartment cost in your city?

I happen to look for a society flat in Rohini, Delhi which is the only planned area apart from Dwarka and is around 10 kms away from the CP (center location of Delhi). There the flats whether society or builder floor made of around 900 sq ft is of whooping cost

Will a house siding repair contractor touch a rental house?

Depending on the age of the siding it may not match the weathering. Your better off being honest with them it's their property. Covering it up is just waiting for a neighbor to inadvertently mention it to the landlord. If the siding is new and on the non sunny

What is the point of owning a house?

A lot of good answers here on the personal and financial reasons to own a house. Sure, it's work and responsibility, but for many people it's a lifestyle that's worth it. For some people, it's an investment opportunity as a

Why do you need a good contractor when flipping houses?

You need to work with a partner contractor. Bring a contractor in who is also an investor in the deal so he puts skin into the game, whether it's his money or he's doing it at cost.Flipping houses with a contractor:Deal comes in. Pull

Comparatively, how much did you have to work before to own a house vs now?

Before what? In 1987 when I got out of the Army I had an $8.00 per our job. I paid $300 a month for a 2 bedroom townhouse and I was going to the University of Southern Mississippi 4 $3,500 a year for tuition and books my power bill was

What features add the most value to a house?

This answer is completely subjective depending upon who your target buyer is. It can be anything from the garage to pool to smart tech to bedrooms. For me it's the kitchen and an open floor plan. Someone else may be solely focused on a home entertainment room.

Should I live in my home or should I rent it?

That answer depends on your situation as well as the housing market. Sometimes we overbuy in a house: too much square footage to clean or too big of a yard to maintain. In this situation, it may be best for you

What's it like to live in a $2M house?

If you're talking about Palo Alto, then it's really nothing special. $2M gets you a nice 1200 sqft, 3 bed/2 bath home that's 60 years old and in need of constant maintenance.If you're in San Jose, then $2M gets you a home like what my parents have. It's about 2750 sqft with 4 bed/3 bath

Is it better to rent to own a house?

It depends. Are you currently encountering credit issues and need time to rebuild your credit? If so, then yes, renting to own is a good option of you plan to be in the home for some time. However, make sure before

How hard/easy is to build your own house in the US?

It all depends on your background and what you mean by building your own house. Are you very handy around the house or prefer calling someone to fix that leaking faucet?Assuming you own the land and have ample funds for construction, you have primarily three choices:Hire a whole house

How much did your first home cost?

bought 80 acres had a mort $37K that we paid once a year leased tobacco, land and barns. Sold black walnut trees and had a talc and garnet mine with a bear cave on the property. Brought in electric and dammed up the spring for water and still had a powerful 4″ overflow coming out of the pipe!!!

Is it better to buy a house or buy land and build a house?

It depends...The first question is, will you be purchasing directly from a builder or buying the land yourself and building from scratch?  If you're purchasing new construction from a builder, you'll likely be paying a premium for the house over houses that would be purchased as resales.  Of course, you'll be getting a brand new house as opposed to

How can someone underage own a house?

There are many ways a minor can own a house- through a trust, through a custodian, as an heir, as a member of an LLC., etc. In the U.S, there is no minimum age required to own a house, to my knowledge. The problem is that the house can't be sold or otherwise transferred by a minor. For

What should people know before buying a vacation home?

If you want to buy a vacation rental home, first visit the area. In fact, just go there and spend few days and explore so you know everything before you invest. Meet with people who are in vacation rentals business in that area. Find out the top and down time of tourism, also the fluctuation in rental

When looking to buy a house, what is a popular feature most people are looking for?

The most popular feature is the location, cost of capital and downpayment amount of the house. you can check HomeCapital for further details.

Does it make sense to buy a house to live in for a few years then rent it out?

It could make sense. If you sell the house, there will be selling costs. Then you will be looking at reinvesting the net proceeds of the sale. What would you invest this money in? Would that investment be safe? Would it get you a better return than simply renting the

What are the coolest tiny houses?

I present to you... my dream house. Keret house is a creative use of space that would be perfect for someone like me who is single and doesn't like big spacious houses that are difficult to maintain.It fits in a

How to buy houses in one payment and rent them out

I would head on over to BiggerPockets: The Real Estate Investing Social NetworkAlso, I recommend reading Brandon Turners book on investing in real estate. They're available on this website.Yes, you can buy them for cash one at a time and you could hire a property management company to

How would someone buy a house with cash?

I'm not sure if you are asking how a person accumulates enough cash to buy a home outright without taking out a loan or whether you want to know about the actual mechanics of a cash sale. I'll focus on the latter.A cash sale in real estate terminology merely means a transaction where the buyer

Can an international student buy a home in the US?

Yes you can buy a home in the US as an international student.. however it is unlikely that you will be able to buy it for anything but cash - or at least without a substantial down payment (50% of the value?). Very few, if any, mortgage lenders will take the risk that you might get thrown out

Do you ever regret buying the house you live in?

The only time I can imagine someone regretting a house is if they made an impulse decision at the worst possible time (read 2006–2007). It will only be really bad, if they had to sell it within 3–4 years, when the market was at its darkest times and nobody had any money, so they

Do you flip houses?

I flipped 26 houses last year, and have flipped 155 houses total in the last 16 years or so. It is a fun business but can stressful as well. Here are some tips on flipping:Make sure you know market values. This is one of the most important parts

How to know which home builder to trust while buying a home

Buying a home is a lifetime investment, you should take some safety measures to ensure that you are on the safe side. There are much competition in the construction industry and many builders are enticing people with their exciting launching offers. Though they ensure quality, it's not unusual to find residents complaining about the quality of

If a person lives for 25 years in a rented house, can the owner of the house get him out?

If the tenant is under a lease agreement, then when the terms of the lease are about to expire then the owner can choose not to extend it and give the tenant sufficient written notice according to the terms of

Is it better to rent houses for your whole life or to buy a house?

In 2003 I bought a house. I paid $250,000 for it.My mortgage payment was $1800 a month. By 2006 I had paid it down to $230,000 as everyone knows the firstborn few Years very little of the mortgage payment gets applied to principal. We refinanced in 2006 and Took out $35,000

Is it legal to build a house on land you do not own?

Interesting question. No, it isn't legal. Not in the sense that you would get arrested (though I supposed you could be arrested for trespass) but more in the sense that you are building a house for the owner of the land. The one exception would be if you could develop

Is it legal to buy a house insurance for an owner-occupied and then rent the house out?

Yes but tell your insurance company because insurance is cheaper on a rental.

Is there an era in which homes were built better and would be a better value to buy today?

Craftsmanship is a fickle thing.Generally speaking though, a well kept/tended home built btwn the 1930s - 60's is a decent bet in terms of 'bones'.Quality materials were a hallmark in that parenthetic snapshot. So was a sense of pride.With that tho, watch out for mass produced neighborhoods.Contractors have a tendency to cut corners, even back then,

Should I buy a house or build house in America?

Assuming you are comparing homes of the same size, in the same location, it will always cost more to build. If you want a more economical option but a new home that hasn't been lived in; buy from a builder in a new neighborhood. These are usually what we call quasi

What are key things to consider when purchasing a flipped home?

The quality of the repairs done to the property. Some occasional

What are some common mistakes to avoid that will drive the average home-buyer bananas?

Make sure you get an inspection and wdi (termite) inspection.Make sure you get a home service warranty, preferrably paid for by seller.Make sure you have a readable survey, preferrably provided or paid for by seller.Make sure you have a title policy from title company, preferrably paid for by buyer.If your home is in an HOA

What are some of the unexpected costs of owning a home that most people overlook when purchasing a house?

This is great question that more people should be aware of.It is crucial to have a realistic idea of all the costs and expenses involved in purchasing a home to ensure you are not panicking due to a shortage