Why do some homeless people prefer to stay on the streets instead of going to a charity-shelter?

I lived in shelters during much of the time I was homeless. There's good folks who volunteer at shelters, don't get me wrong. There's folks who get into that for the right reasons-to do good for their fellow man who has come onto

Why do some homeless people still have tons of fat when they barely get food?

I'm afraid you don't understand a lot about homeless people, neither do others replying here.I had a group of people here from India. They were very poor. They were shocked at how many obese people were in America.I had to explain that

Why do we give money to homeless people when it is the Government's duty to take care of its people?

It is not the task of the government to take care of its people per se. A government's role is to protect the sovereignty of the nation it represents, to essentially create a safe space, free from intrusion, corruption, criminality, insanity invasion and all those

Are homeless people ok with being homeless?

You want the truth? Sure some are. It can make you feel incredibly free. I knew a guy once who rode the rails. He wasn't an alcoholic, he never did drugs. He had even graduated high school. He could've gotten out of the life anytime he

Are homeless people okay?

Like all people on earth, every homeless person is different.I have met more than one that simply had no desire to have a fixed home and a lot of possessions.The most recent was a hitchhiker (and his dog) making their standard huge circle around the country, following the weather, seeing - but never imposing on

Are the numbers of homeless increasing or are attempts at reducing the number of homeless a totally working?

The numbers of homeless are most certainly increasing for several reasons. 1.) Undocumented aliens are probably one of the main reasons. That is because they are not factored into the population because they are seeking asylum for various reasons but never report back to

Could tiny house communites ease the homeless problem? They would allow autonomy, while still making it easier to provide services.

Simple answer - no.Someone comes up with this idea at least once a week. They've watched a few YouTube videos and seen how small these houses are, and stories of how people build them for between $5–10k and think it's the perfect answer to homelessness.Well it's

Do homeless shelters help people find jobs?

Firstly there is an assumption you are making innately in your question: That homeless people need help looking for jobs. This is a rather ignorant thing to assume. Many homeless people:Already have jobsAlready have the skills needed to look for work if they don't have a job and

Do you think most homeless people deserve to be homeless?

No one "deserves" to be "homeless."It is simply a state of being that a relatively few people in any overall populace find themselves in at various stages of their lives. I do have to disagree with Murray Godfrey; it couldn't happen to most people. Most people have a

Given the homeless shelters and women's shelters available in America, why are there still homeless people on the streets?

As previously mentioned, many times shelters just don't have enough room for everyone who needs a bed for the night. Therefore, many are forced to fend for themselves any way they can.I have never actually stayed at a homeless shelter, but when I moved to a new

How do homeless people get jobs?

As of right now, in 2018, I don't see any evidence that they do.1.To get hired, they need transportation to get to work.2.To get hired, they need a place where they can sleep at night.3.To get hired, they need a place where they can bathe every night.

How do homeless people stop being homeless?

I can't answer the question for all homeless people, but as a board member of a non-profit that helps adults with mental health illness recover their lives and dignity, I know many wonderful people who I am happy to call friends and are now employed who have recovered from homelessness. The ‘easiest way', which is still incredibly difficult is

How many homeless people commit crimes in order to get off the streets?

It sounds like a good idea, right? It's not. Listen, there are all kinds of homelessness, just as there are lots of homeless people. Some stay on people' couches on a rotating basis. Some stay in cheap hotels. Some stay in various

If you've been homeless at some point in your life and feel comfortable answering, what are some things people can do that will actually help the homeless?

Well, Isabella, I have been homeless many times. The best thing to give me is money. Then I can get what I need. I'm 6' 7

There are tons of homeless people in my town. How can homelessness be ended?

Until a great man who wants to fix it comes along (or woman) it will be lived with rather than fixed probably. It's been going on for a real long time though and none has. Many people say that if the homeless would take responsibility for themselves and work harder they could have homes. Maybe this is the

What are the best things that can be done for homeless people?

Okay, so I'll take my time and answer what can be done about homeless people. This is a typical effort that single individuals can't afford to do. As this isn't a simple question, I'll write it as an answer to a separate

What are the reasons why many people are homeless?

There could be a number of reasons. Loss of income, mental illness or drug addictions are just a few. Some people have been tricked out their homes by fraudulent agents. I've seen that happen a lot in NYC. Others are now homeless because properties are being sold to giant realtors and they can't

What city would be most hospitable to an out of state homeless person, specifically in terms of things like finding short term shelter and eventually getting back on their feet?

In terms of weather it's best to go somewhere warm year-round to avoid the worst effects of living outdoors. Not that you have to live in the Mohave Desert exactly but it shouldn't get too to cold where it's ever dangerous to sleep outside in non-exessive amounts of clothing. Granted, if that does happen there's a good chance

What is the best solution for having no homeless people?

Do you know that government in all countries trying hard to solve this problem. But they failed in every way. The reason of their failure is that they try to treat symptoms instead of treating disease. It is like treating a high fevered person

What is the long term solution to getting homeless people off the streets?

To quote my favourite dumb-ass ‘No body knows for sure, folks'.During the Labour Party's rule in the UK from 1997 to 2010, homelessness was almost eradicated by a concerted effort by government, and charities. But it costs too much and the individuals who would otherwise

What is the most polite way to offer a homeless person food?

One day a person came up to me and asked if I had eaten breakfast yet. It left it open for me to say yes or no. If I said yes, I would have had a meal. If not, the person could go on his way.The

What is the single best way to help homeless people that doesn't seem to be done at all?

To be honest...a hug. Some kind words of encouragement or hope, so that i could remain with the tiniest piece of faith still left inside...that maybe, just maybe something would go better today. I felt super dehumanized. Although, when u saw me from the outside, you would never have guessed my situation...but...I knew how everyday i woke up

When did you stop giving money to homeless people?

I haven't. I gave a guy ten bucks yesterday, after I discovered I had bounced a check because I am so broke these days, having overspent on Christmas, and I am a shitty bookkeeper. But I had ten bucks. And him? He looked like he could use a friend.Yes, I know money is not a friend. Evil shit

Where do homeless people live?

They don't really live. Not in the conventional sense.We survive, we exist. Some of us show the pain and effects of our struggles. You see us talking (to anyone?) on street corners, huddled in doorways, underneath thin jackets, wearing summer clothes in winter.Others of us live in our cars, our belongings are either limited to the trunk

Why are people mean to the homeless?

Your question presumes that homeless people are ridiculed by society, which hasn't been established as a fact; it's more of an opinion. While it's true that in the U.S. there are people who do ridicule some homeless people, one can also find many examples of people being very supportive and kind towards

Why Do People Drive By Homeless People Knowing They Can Help?

for the same reasons as people who don't go out of their way to help those as well-off as they are.-they don't know this person, or how they behave-they might not have the money to help them-they need the money they do have for something else, or they are saving up-their money

Why do people remain homeless?

In my college days, I had a fun-loving, wild, crazy friend with a heart of gold. He used to give money to the homeless whenever he could. One day, he passed a five dollar bill out of his window to a homeless man standing on the divider on a freeway exit. He

Why do some homeless people still have tons of fat when they barely get food?

(a comment of mine that I left on another answer was very much well-recieved, and there was requests to have it posted as a separate answer)This idea of overweight homeless people is more common in countries like the USA, as others have explained here.A homeless person here in the Philippines is very much different.

Why do some people avoid giving homeless people a job?

For about the same reasons they avoid giving convicted felons a job. Past history is a strong predictor of future performance.There are some people who have become homeless through no fault of their own, because of a series of unfortunate events. That is not the case for the great majority of homeless people.If you fall far

Why do some people choose to be homeless when there is an alternative?

I purchased a small flat using cash from my previous business once. It was a mistake, because even trying hard to find any job in that town, I never got one. And I wasn't able to live and keep that flat from the money I got from local social services. The house and

Why does it seem like the number of homeless people is growing everywhere?

I will assume by everywhere the questioner is referencing the Untied States. I am not sure there are a lot of homeless in Antarctica. I am sure there are other places where the homeless population is non-existent or stable.In the United States, it

Why does the government not care about the homeless people?

Older women facing 'silent epidemic' of homelessness (my nortwest.com)The government isn't doing much about homeless people in America because millions of Americans aren't homeless. Millions of people are doing just fine financially and live in beautiful homes.The percentage of homeless people with regards to the entire population is

Why doesn't the government help homeless people get menial jobs to survive?

Because the people hired to do menial jobs are illegal immigrants hired by businesses that pay below minimum wage, observe no employee safety or health govt required work conditions. If the homeless were to be hired their employers would have to pay minimum wage and have to obey govt health and safety employ requirements,

Why don't homeless people just go to homeless shelters until they get a job?

I once stayed in a homeless shelter and my impression is that alot of homeless people actually enjoy the

Why is there so much homelessness in the USA?

Hi, William,Can I just "pre-answer" this question? I want to put some thoughts down and maybe then come back to it?I think the question of homelessness in the US is quite unique, first off. I mean, there is the level amount - the numbers of people, families, unions, groups, that are homeless,