Are Hong Kong people rude?

The trick is, has anyone privately tracked them?I have - for years - and not just for Hong Kong people. (smiles)Since my early teenage years, I do

Is China killing Hong Kong?

NO. Mainland China is now sustaining Hong Kong. Without support from Mainland China, Hong Kong would quickly loss its current fabulous prosperity.STOCKSHK's major source of growth is its financial sector. The size of the HK Stock Exchange is a key segment of HK's financial industry. It is now one of the fastest growing

What industry do most expats in Hong Kong work in?

The most expats in Hong Kong work in home jewelgry industry. but since the competition is so fierce.I suggest you to choose a very innovative, exclusive, and non-competition product to sale. I have seen a very creative product when I went abroad few days ago. It is the globle pioneer backdrop product and all the patterns are original

What is it like to work in Hong Kong?

I'm assuming that you've got an internship with a big company.If it's an international company, 95% of it will be like any other company.  A few differences are that people tend to stay in the office longer, and the culture is much less flexible.  If you

Where is Hong Kong going?

It is becoming just another Chinese city in the same way Shanghai became just another Chinese city 70 years ago.Hong Kong was always a Chinese city with a western veneer. Westerners and westernized Chinese liked to think of it as being fundamentally different because of the British colonization, but if

How is the LGBT culture in Hong Kong? Is the LGBT friendly?

Yes.  HK is extremely LGBT friendly.  The only weird thing is that people would rather their own kids not be gay/lesbian, but no one cares about other people's kids.  It's not a matter of shame, but finding out that your kid is gay is a