I don't get scared of horror movies at all, what does that mean?

It means you have a strong counsiousness and you don't let people influence you. You don't get scared at a horror movie just because the poster says that it's a horror film or because other people tell you that the movie is scary before you even see it. Just like people

What are the scariest movies ever made?

The Exorcist -- In this ordinary house on an everyday street, up the stairs behind that half-open bedroom door is a little girl who is the devil. While the climax of the film is so fantastical that it loses its ability to terrify for a lot of people, the rest of the film (including

What makes scary music scary?

Our biology.Might seem confusing, so let me explain:An important component of any horror movie is the soundtrack, which often uses dissonant sounds and minor chords to send quite literal chills down our spine and make us feel apprehensive.Daniel Blumstein, a biologist at UCLA,

Why was Aliens (1986) an action movie, but the original film (and other sequels) have been horror movies?

Alien was great in that you (the audience) and they (the cast) wasnt really sure it was a horror movie until the original chest burster scene at the communal dinner table.  Its the classic calm before the storm.  Except for john hurt, none if the other cast members knew

Which movie is scarier than 'The Conjuring'?

A lot of movies are scarier than The Conjuring...but they do depend on your taste, whether you like Gory movies or Paranormal...!The Conjuring is Paranormal so, to suggest you more scary paranormal movies...I'll go for...It (2017)...Evil Dead (2013)...You can try Hostels, Nightmare on Elm Streets, I spit on your graves and Insidious...but they all come up

What are some of the real-life based horror flicks?

Some of the real life based horror flicks:A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREETReal-Life Inspiration: Wes Craven based A Nightmare on Elm Street on a series of newspaper articles from the Los Angeles Times about a strange phenomenon where young Asian refugees would mysteriously

Which are the best horror movies of 2015?

The Witch (2015) is definitely one of them. It's a debut film by American director Robert Eggers. The whole dialog is an adaptation of real folktales written by English people in 16th century and it really gives the story that factor of

What are the best horror movies on Netflix?

Here are my Top 3 Picks!SourceGerald's Game

What are the themes in Alien (1979)?

The outer space is not full of cute ETs but also home to dangerous creatures such as Xenomorph.Not all aliens are having similar life forms that we see on earth. Making any assumption at first encounter is an action of being stupid.And the only unchanged rule of nature is to survive at

What are some of the best horror movies?

Depends on what specific kinds of horror appeal to your palate. I am a huge horror fan, and I would have watched close to 300-400 horror movies till date. Here are a few movies I recommend watching.A. Splatter/GoreSaw series

Have you learned anything from the horror movies you watched so far?

Yeah sure....When you are trying to sleep at night, all alone in the house and you hear a haunting scream from the jungle behind your house, don't go investigating it. This brings us to a more important point.If you come across a house which is up for sale but is believed to be haunted, do

Would you want to watch Batman in a horror movie?

So long as they didn't go with a supernaturally powered Batman (like the vampire Batman nonsense), damn straight I'd watch that.Watch a movie like Don't Breathe. The protagonists are criminals, but we're supposed to root for them because the ‘monster' is so much worse.

Why do some people enjoy horror and torture movies?

I think people focus too much on the gore in Saw and not the intellectual horror.  To be fair, it is hard to ignore the gore, and I wouldn't mind if it toned it down a little.  But there is rarely another film that

What is the best English horror movie?

28 Days Later. This movie scared the crap out of me. It's an amazing independent horror movie that had a low budget that became hugely successful.[ wiki: 28 Days Later was a considerable success at the box office and became highly profitable on

Is The Signal (2014 film) a horror or science fiction story, and why?

They are not mutually exclusive.In fact, many genres are actually not mutually exclusive (I'd have to go through every genre to tell you whether it is or not); as for definitions, roughly provided:Science fiction deals with hypothetical questions which commonly but not always have technological elements to them;

Are classic horror movies better than modern horror movie?

I believe classic horrors and modern horrors are all good in their own right. I'd like to share some classic horrors that in my opinion are fantastic, and still hold up today.In the low budget A Bucket Of Blood (1959), Walter is a busboy working in a poet bar. He wants to be an artist and

What is so good about horror movies?

Horror movies are often not AAA, and can still be of excellent quality. Creative freedom can be put to better use because horror and its intent; to scare people, are so diverse it's relatively easy to come up with. It's like chess, easy to do,

What was the most poorly done horror movie you've ever seen?

Troll 2. At one time some group or another voted it as

What do deaf people think of the horror movie 'Hush'?

I was really excited to see this when it came out. The concept was unique. How often do you see movies where Deaf characters are stalked by a killer? You don't.However, my problem with this, and many movies like it is that the filmmakers

Is the movie Hereditary scary?

Hereditary is scary because many times during the course of the film I forgot I just wasn't watching a movie about a family with problems. The mom's a screeching mimi-an absolute nightmare every time she gets upset who throws blame around like a javelin aimed for whichever heart is closest. The dad

What's a good lineup of horror films?

To answer that, we all need to know one thing: What scares you?To help answer this question, the video store (yes, there are STILL video stores) near me has their horror section broken up by the Antagonist. Is it a ghost/boogeyman? It's in paranormal horror. Creepy

What are the best psychological horror books?

A2AThere are various books you can call best psychological horror book so the names I'm gonna list are the ones I've read and their 'best' status is due to my opinion. Having said that here are a bunch of names to answer your question.1) We have always lived in the castle by Shirley Jackson

Why do some people not enjoy watching horror movies?

I want to build on what J.M. Forth said in her answer, even though what she said is enough, and therefore you can scatter my answer to the winds.I think some people view horror, like comedy, as lowbrow genre fiction. And who can blame them? As Forth says, slash

Which are the best Kannada horror movies?

Kannada horror movie list is incomplete without mentioning the name, SHHH!!!! from none other than the Real Star, Super Star Upendra.This movie has set a bench mark for horror/comedy/thriller in KFI and very few movies have come close to the brilliance of

What are some of the biggest plot holes in American Horror Story?

Murder House: Hayden is pregnant when she is killed, but then her ghost isn't pregnant, and her baby doesn't have a ghost of it's own, it just doesn't exist.Asylum: Lana tries to give herself an abortion with a coat hanger,

What special effects and do they use to make horror movies scary and how do they make horror movies?

Well, in terms of getting a point across visually, a movie will use three things: SFX, practical effects, and cinematography.Practical effects are any physical constructs that are physically present during filming. This includes makeup, prosthetics, animatronics, etc. these slowly have been used less and less as improvements are made in the other two, though in my opinion some of

What are the common things you'll see in a Bollywood Horror movie?

Things in a typical Ramsay horror movie-1.A chocolate boy with a fair girl, both in love and their parents.2. An olde mansion(Haveli) with a big corridor.3. Smoke/Fog in the corridors before the zombie enters4. A muscular hero who thinks he can do a Dhobipachad to the

Which is the best horror movie you have watched?

I did a quick browse through everyone else's answer, just to see what others were saying. I didn't want my answer to just rehash material that's already been covered. And then I decided to rehash anyway, just because I happen to agree

Which is the scariest english horror film ever?

Shakespeare In Love.... it still gives me the shivers.Hearing Gwenie Paltrow's British accent makes me curl up into a ball and suck my thumb for hours and hours.The fact that it beat Saving Private Ryan as best film in the academy awards, made me question my sanity, humanity and when the planet of the

What non-horror movies are scarier than horror movies?

If I take your question as Non horror movies, Am including few creature features which were termed as adventurous but not Horror. Here's the list:Kill bill series is scary for the first time you see it, you feel sad for the protagonist

Is Tumbbad the best horror film in India this year?

Please allow me to just rephrase the genre i.e. ‘Fantasy/Thriller'There are no horror elements in Tumbbad, it may seem like at beginning but what viewers get instead is even better. Coming back to your question and, if you agree with my rephrasing of

Why aren't Indians any good at making horror movies?

If by India you mean Bollywood then that is just a place for making money and only make movies that appeals to larger set of audience to achieve more profit. Unfortunately horror movie fans do not belong to that larger set.Is Indian film industry capable of making good horror movies ofcourse yes.. there

What are some of the most horrific movies ever made?

Carrie (1976)The Orphanage (2007)SawThe Sixth SenseRECThe Evil Dead 1, 2AlienAliensThe RingThe Blair Witch ProjectBabadookThe ShiningThe OmenThe ExorcistHalloween28 Days LaterParanormal ActivitySinisterThe ConjuringPsychoPoltergeistThe Thing (1982)Dawn of the Dead (1978)Rosemary's BabyI saw the

Is there any truth behind horror movies?

Well, that depends on several factors.What type of horror movie are you talking about? Slasher horror? Supernatural horror? Creature horror?Probably the most important question is, what do you mean by

What makes a good horror/suspense story?

MYSTERY‘Easy man , behave'He heard the strange voice and woke up with a shrug , saw a strange man making faces at him for he was leaning over that man. He tried to remember why was he in that bus, but after wasting some

What are the best horror movies of 2017?

Saw : Legacy[Horror doesn't mean there should be a ghost in it]It is one of the most awaited sequel after years, the previous part which was released in 2010, with an interesting climax of Gordon returning, where Hoffman is brought to the the same old bathroom from first part and shackled by

What are some of the most underrated Hollywood movies of 2018?

So, here are some underrated movies that you probably never heard of and you should check out today.1. Session 9 (2001)Session 9 is one of those psychological horror stories that stays with you. Set inside an eerie setting of an abandoned mental facility, the movie is directed byBrad Anderson about

What makes a good horror movie/book/game good and bad horrors bad?

ok let me tell you few things as I consider myself having a good taste for movies (someone thinks I am :D).what makes a horror movie scary is the director not the writer.. the camera not the story.. the background sounds not the script..take

Is horror more effective in gaming or in movies?

Horror movies and horror games both rely on good use of story, character and atmosphere. Movies allow viewers to observe events happening to the characters while games give the players control of an avatar that is either a projection of

What makes a monster scary?

What makes a monster scary? Is it looks? No. Is it sounds? Kinda. It's how unknown and mysterious it is.What do you think of when I say this?There was a big black haired creature with enormous teeth watching me sleep. He had huge claws that could scratch metal and leave a mark. The groan and growl of

How would a Disney animation movie look, if you turn it into a horror movie?

Tangled is an easy one:Girl is abducted from her home at a young age, imprisoned, psychologically and physically abused (can't cut your hair?!). She escapes only to be waylaid by an outlaw who abuses her ignorance and manipulates her for his own personal gain. She

What is the single most idiotic thing you've ever seen a character in a horror movie do?

In Halloween 2018--BEWARE SPOILERS-Dr Ranbir Sartain (Loomis replacement), Sheriff Hawkins (one of the original Halloween survivors), and Allie (Laurie's granddaughter, I think her names Allie) hit Michael Myers with a police car. Sartain and Hawkins go up to his motionless body, and Hawkins draws his gun prepared

Why do most horror movies have the dumbest movie rules?

Because they are the pornography of the film world- people don't watch them for plot, dialogue, good acting, etc, they watch them for cheap thrills. Now, I'm not completely dissing horror as a genre. There are plenty of amazing horror films out there, and I