When dining out, I like to give generous tips to a good server, and zero tip to a poor server. I have had the poor server call me out on this. Is it expected that patrons should tip for poor service?

Honestly ok. I am a server and the way you word your question sounds very black and white.Good and Bad service is very, very subjective.I have had times where I thought my service could have been better and I was tipped 30%. I have had times

How to find the best travel software for an online travel agency model

If you are associated with the travel industry as a travel company, tourism development organization, resort, travel agency, consolidator or a travel adviser; you should be using travel technology solution that lends you the edge to attract/retain customers and beat competition.To set up an Internet Booking Engine, one needs to have a clear idea regarding the

What frustrates you the most as a travel agent?

When I was a travel agent their were two major frustrations. A) On the customer side. That people think that Cheap = Value for Money. That so many don't understand it is worth paying an Extra 100 euro so that you are doing your safari

How good is Kerala tourism?

its really bad selection. you will only find fraud people and nothing else. 99% education is just a waste, every single person there just finds chance to cheat you in one way or the other. I faced problem recentlyHello,I the undersigned is is writing this on behalf of my