Can steam vacuum cleaners be used as a regular vacuum cleaner?

Necessity is the mother of invention. Carpets were invented in the sixties and became popular very quickly. Following this breakthrough, manufacturers needed to make something to clean the carpets and preserve their texture. Thus, there came the invention of the first vacuum cleaner.In today's world, with the rise of pollution, dirt and grime has also become

Can vacuum cleaners clean dusty air?

As a first approximation, assuming your room ha a ceiling of ~3-3.5m, the total volume of the room is anywhere from 54m3 to 63m3 and at that would mean the total volume of the room is up to 63,000 liters. So at 58

Do robot vacuum cleaners work?

How does Roomba work?Roomba's makers, iRobot Corporation, describe their creation as a "vacuum cleaning robot"-and that's a fair and accurate description. Just like the industrial robots that weld cars in factories, it follows a series of preprogrammed instructions, but it also uses a certain amount of built-in "intelligence" to work out what it

How much should you get paid to clean? My teenage daughter is currently arguing with me that she should get paid $20 an hour for regular household chores. I told her we would give her an allowance of $8 an hour and she said that's too low.

If you're insistent on paying someone TO clean, the minimum wage in your area is likely to be a starting point for salary. Where I live the number varies based on how large an employer you are, but it's in the

I bought an old house I'm going to fix up and the whole thing smells like cigarette smoke. What's the most cost effective way of removing the smell from the whole house?

Start by washing the walls really well. Purchase the powdered TSP that you mix with water. Make sure you wear good cleaning gloves and use a mop (I use a sponge mop) to wash the walls. Wash with the TSP solution then rinse. Do this on the walls and ceiling. If

What are some 'hacks' to improve my robotic vacuums cleaning ability?

Robotic vacuums need room to operate. The more objects in the way, the less the ability of the vacuum to work. Under the dining table is the worse, as the chairs get in the way of all those crumbs begging to be picked up.Make sure to buy a sparce danish style living room set, so that the

What can a vacuum clean?

Now days vacuum cleaners has become much more effective and efficient when it comes to clean, pretty much everything from floors, carpets to even vomit. I have spend so much time cleaning with vacuum cleaners as I run a cleaning

What do you wish would be invented to make cleaning the house easier?

Something reducing microbe dispersion at home.

What is the best way t hand clean the seat of my car? I've tried every spray cleaner imaginable. Can someone suggest a product or DIY mixture?

My absolute favorite is a product called 'Dash Away'.Not only does it do an excellent job at cleaning almost all surfaces in a car (except shiny ones, where it leaves a slight, visible residue - albeit, without causing any damage), but it also doesn't produce an annoying, ‚Äětoxic

What tips and tricks have you learned to tidy up your bedroom?

Here are some simple cleaning services nyc tips on how to turn our bed into an oasis of freshness and cleanliness.Shake the pillows and blanket daily. And if you can, put them in the dryer for about 15 minutes -

What vacuum cleaners never break down?

I have had the top of the line royal for years . Then I bought a sears vacuum which was made by Panasonic which was unreal for everything about it and that was about twenty years ago and it's still running perfectly . It

When you clean the vacuum cleaner, do you not become the vacuum cleaner?

IMHO NO! You become a conscientious owner of your vacuum. Most vacuums(I have owned/currently own several)do not suggest vacuuming them clean. The instructions usually suggest cleaning the filter(s) sometimes by rinsing them with water and allowing them to dry. My shop Vacs suggest using a stream of water to clean the

What are some easy cleaning hacks everyone should know?

Are you looking for some quick and easy cleaning hacks?Getting bored and disturbed by cleaning your useful things?It is necessary, you have to clean your daily useful things regularly, right?We have to spend enough time and energy to make all things