How to become a full time teacher from a substitute teacher in a Public School

I did that. I decided to take the teaching tests in Massachusetts. (MTEL). I had an engineering background so I decided to take the Technology/Engineering test.  My license after passing the test was a "preliminary" license. I got into a program at Fitchburg State University that enable me to make that license into an Initial license.

How to prevent your cell phone battery from overcharging

All cellphones have a charge regulator circuit inside them that manages correct charging of the battery.  You don't need to prevent your phone battery from overcharging if it's inside your phone, and while your phone is working correctly.

How can someone completely new to cooking start learning?

I highly recommend the book Keys to Good Cooking by Harold McGee. It's not a cookbook, it's more like an encyclopedia of cooking and will teach you some great foundational skills to get you started.Next, visit your local library and flip through several different cookbooks. Keep reading recipes

How to check if my iPhone is being tracked or tapped

A regular house phone has lots of space to slip in a microphone transmitter! Not really possible in a cellphone, no free space!But! Your phone could be its own bug! Some Apps are able to monitor your microphone and send

How to feel more happy

With the Feeling of Being Desired!I'm telling you something very weird yet important.The one of limited feelings that makes a person happy is The Feeling of Being Desired.Interact with more people, make new friends, make good teams, make friendship with girls, do something remarkably good for you

How to unlock a word document

Quick Disclaimer: Crack responsibly. Don't break any laws. You're responsible for your actions.Easiest solution is to try out one of the paid and convenient password crackers already listed here (or a quick google search would reveal).If you want to learn some new skills and tools you might try John the Ripper

How to track mobile tower location using IMEI number

Practically this tracking is not possible with the limitation of technology at our end provided by the government..I suppose your question is regarding your lost phone, then you may lodge a complaint at police station and take the FIR copy to the network provider. Then the network provider will inform you about the location of the

How to track someone with their cell phone

Yes, you can. IMEI acts as an unique identifier for a cell phone. Tracking by online tool or IMEI is especially helpful when the SIM card has been replaced and it is possible to track by phone number.How can you track someone cell phone?IMEI makes use of

How to maintain my phone battery

There are many steps you can make to save your battery life to last longer than usual. one of the most thing that drain your mobile battery is :Screen: you need to set it on the least brightness you can adapt with.Connectivity: try to close your Bluetooth whenever you are not using it, also your mobile

How to hide my photos in my android phone

Do you want to hide your personal videos and photos? Do you know about

How to stay happily married

The following is an answer I wrote on The Q&A wiki, so it is my intellectual property, and not plagiarism.  The link below will take you to that page, but to make it easier for you, I copied the answer here.How  can you have a fulfilling marriage despite all the odds

How to repair a broken Apple iPad screen

1. Contact the ManufacturerBefore you attempt any DIY screen repair options you should check with the company that made your phone.2. Screen Protector or TapeIf you cannot fix your broken smartphone screen right away, there are some steps you can take to use the iPhone or Android with a broken screen. Assuming

How to find someone with only their cell phone number for free

Use Truecaller. It is an app in android which tell you the person calling you even when the contact isn't saved. The App is Freemium which it has both free and paid versions of the app. The free one access your contact list to increase it number data base. The premium doesn't collect your address book data.

How to find out if someone else is using my phone number or data

Your phone number is tied to your phone , another phone couldn't use your phone number on their phone at the same time as you . So unless someone is taking your SIM card out when you don't see them and make calls and then slip it back in I don't see a way were they could be using

How to know if my phone is locked

If you can take out your SIM Card and put in one from another cellphone provider and activate the phone and use it, then your answer is yes it is unlocked.If this is the reason for this question and you want to do exactly

How should one begin learning C++?

I like Udemy Online Courses - Learn Anything, On Your Schedule and I look for times when the have $9.99 specials.

How to use the number e in Microsoft Excel

=exp(power) Where power variable is the number you are raising e to.

How to properly charge my cell phone battery

Plug it into the wall, and when it's fully charged you can unplug it. If you were actually asking about battery conditioning, modern lithium ion batteries don't really need this. The charger supplied with your phone does a good job of moderating the power as needed,

What is the deep/dark web and how do you access it?

Before telling you anything about some given terms or how to access the deep web, I want to give you a brief description of these terms like Dark Internet, Deep Web, Hidden Internet.What is Dark Internet?Dark Web is the place, where Scientist put his all data, which they

How to use Microsoft Cognitive Services and Bot Framework for my final year project

Here's how you can begin with:Take a good use case like Flight Booking System / Food Delivery System / Movie Booking System.Design a IEEE SRS for the same and be clear with the requirements from the start.Think about the conversation flow, the dialogs. The dialog switching

How to track a phone using app or site

Many phones tracking apps for kids are available on the market, making people wonder which cell tracker apps have the greatest level of performance and provide an excellent user-friendly interface with numerous features. This review focuses on three best phone tracker apps. People worldwide prefer purchasing programs with an excellent feedback records left by happy customers worldwide.

How to merge two spreadsheet documents

To simplify my answer, I assumed the followingSheet1 has 4 columns in this order: ISBN, Author, Subject, TitleSheet2 has 3 columns in this order: ISBN, Publisher, Year of PublicationThere are 10 items in Sheet1There are 10 items in Sheet2Both Sheet1 and Sheet2 are

How to save YouTube videos in my phone gallery

Go to the videoTap on shareCopy link to clipboardGo to browserGo to Simply The Best Online Downloader! (9xbuddy)Paste url and select Video QualityAnd downloadThanks !

How to buy stock in Apple

Apple stock cannot be purchased directly from the company, which they mention in their investor FAQ page.So, the way to purchase shares would be to open an account at a brokerage firm, including online brokerages.   I would assume any and every investment firm would list Apple stock. 

How to start trading forex

I'm going to reply with my personal experience. Right now, celebrating my 11th year as a Forex trader.2007

How to use my android phone to find direction on compass if it doesnt have magnetometer sensor

Hello Friend, Tries with many third party apps but i strongly recommend to have a device with magnetometer to use compass. Samsung dont provide this sensor in budget phone. I recently checked for J7 series and even 18000 phone is missing Magnetometer.If you want to use compass for any third party use than phone without magnetometer is useless.

How to delete mail app from my iPhone 6+

Upgrade to iOS 10, once it becomes available. It will allow you to

How to find my cell phone

Misplaced your phone or left it somewhere around the house? Fret not!  Search engine giant Google can now help locate the smartphone.Using Google search on a desktop, users need to type in 'Find my phone'  and an approximate location of the device will be shown,

How to locate an inmate of the US Marshals

If they are in Marshal custody then they will most likely have been issued their BOP number. You can go to Federal Bureau of Prisons and to inmate look up. If they are between jail and prison they will most likely be in hold over in OK City and website

How should I know which stock index is worth buying?

This is an open question on how to invest in Indian stock market as there is no hard rule for this, as we all know, earning through these mediums is called as easy earning because you don't have to involve physically as your mental strength is only required,which is actually not that easy, but still

How to choose a surfboard

There are many variables, age,weight,height and how often you get to surf - flash little boards stay on the beach in small waves whereas a board slightly bigger will enable you to surf in more varied conditions, in short a mini-mal or longboard will get you surfing more often in the more frequent small wave days

How to make my aunt cook better

Take out the trash. Mop the floor. Carry in the groceries and put them away. Run to the grocery store for anything she's forgotten. Peel the potatoes.That will free her time and energy for better cooking.

How to trace a cell phone to its owner

You don't have to.If the phone is branded with the logo of the cell company, you need only bring the phone to the nearest store for that company.  They will get the phone back to its owner.  If

How to start my own cell phone business

Just do it...  If you really have interest,  find out what it takes,  capital involved,  SWOT analysis...  And just do it

How to become a better high school English teacher

My daughter is really enjoying English class this year; and the teacher is acknowledged as one of the best teachers in the school.This teacher is doing at least two things that I've never heard of any other high school English teacher doing.The kids read aloud, in class, every assigned story.  They take

How to implement loading page on website

Loading page is a message that keeps people from bouncing off your page prematurely and it's been shown that a some sort of animation is better than none at all. Assuming you've optimized your page and it still takes more than 10 seconds to load on a typical broadband connection,

How to use macro in Excel

A macro can be used to automate routine tasks.  Simply record your keystrokes as you perform the routine task and the next time you need to perform that routine task, you just play back all of those keystrokes and all of your work is done

How to get better cell phone reception

Don't buy a iPhone or Galaxy.  I do antenna testing and those are the worst.  Blackberry Z30 is one the best ever.

How to register VoIP phone numbers cheaply

Friendly speaking, There are lots of company who provide VOIP phone numbers. Voice clarity is also important. I suggest CallHippo for VOIP phone number because its very cheap and very clear voice.You can easily communicate with clients without any interruption

How to tell if my phone is not tapped

I did write this guide How To Tell If Your Phone Is Tapped? - Spycasa that you can follow if you suspect spyware installed on your phone.If you worry about a more powerful actor tapping your phone, like a government or a big corporation, then just assume it's tapped at

How to make my own car

Wow, this is a new question! Pal, what is your final objective?There could be two major implications : -Either you made it to explore the engineer in you, and make stuff out of junk, and keep it for show.You want to

How to figure out a restricted number that calls your cell phone

My network (Airtel Zambia) sends you a text message when you miss calls while your phone is off. If a restricted number calls, I quickly end the call so they call back...and switch my phone off before they can. Then simply wait a couple minutes, turn the phone back on, and wait for the text message!

How to find my lost mobile

Credit: 3 Best methods to find your lost Phone AndroidHave you too lost your android phone? Don't panic you still have some chances to find it back. Yes! with these 3 effective methods, you can find back your stolen or