Is it illegal when someone force you to say something?

This is an interesting question, because there are a number of issues here.First of all, generally the use of force is illegal. So, yes, if someone points a gun at you or makes physical threats, then that would be illegal.But then there are other types of force. Such

Why do people hate Apple iOS?

I'm not pro Apple and I don't use iPhones, yet this gives me absolutely no reason to hate it.Credit must be given to Apple for creating such an efficient and nice looking operating system. It looks clean and organized.

Why do people look at their cell phones while walking?

Because they don't think it is dangerous, maybe from past experience of doing it and surviving (normally with no harm to themselves what so ever). They may cause harm or inconviennce to others, but that may go unnoticed and thus not change future

Are cell phones making people 'rude'? Why or why not?

Truthfully, I believe they do. From a psychological perspective its bringing people to a world where we do not see the need to communicate unless its through technology. I can see the difference in my son's behavior after using his phone for a long period of time. In public everyone is staring at their screens with no regard

Why should I be sad? I personally smile every time, but people give negative looks. Why?

You can notice often that whenever someone is sad, spending time with that person makes you sad too because Emotional states are as infectious as physical diseases. You may feel that you are helping the needy sad person who is always complaining about his/her life that everything is going wrong in that person's life but

Why are people afraid to be happy?

People are afraid to be happy because they care too much of what others think of them

What are some reasons for a person to stay away from the nursing profession?

Two back surgeries, knee replacement, arthritis in my hands and most of my joints, blood sugars that I was unable to control over a 12 hour shift etc etc. I wasn't fast anymore. At anything. It was time to leave after 35 years.

How do they test for sleep deprivation?

There are questionnaires that test the amount of daytime sleepiness you have like this one: Sleep Disorder Evaluation Tool This is only a very short test, there are more thorough ones.Often people with sleep apnea have sleep deprivation. This can be directly tested in a sleep laboratory. Sleep study - Wikipedia

What is the best way to help old people?

Casually.I don't make a deal out of helping.Just make polite conversation while helping and make it appear that you are just helping unconsciously.That saves their pride.

Why are some people so afraid to say 'I don't know'?

Ego. Protecting one's pride and reputation.It's about social conditioning. You're generally more comfortable saying "I don't know" to friends, or saying it to superficial issues. You're also very likely to hear "I don't know... but it doesn't matter / concern

Are most people happy?

It doesn't matter actually, because you will never know if they are truly happy or just pretending to be, except for yourself.Once you really get to know yourself (which I still have to do though...) you will know whether or not

How does a child control their parents?

Child control their parents by Emotional blackmail. Child tell if you don't get be mobile , bike , dress ect i will not study or i will leave home. He / she tries to cry & get their requirements to be bought by parents. Emotional blackmail their parents & get their work done.

What makes you feel important?

You.Its youIts only youYou can make urself feel importantBy being positive all the tjmeBy making happy people around youBy supporting your lov onesBy enjoying moments with ur friendsBy having amazing time in aloneBy remembering GodBy keep thanking HIM for having such a wonderful lifeAnd last but not least...your parents. They make u not only happy

How to be more valuable to everyone around me

Become the kind of person that you feel is a person that you value yourself. Above all,respect for yourself is paramount. Not everyone will find value in the same things but a person that has value for themselves sets an example for others to follow and to respect. It is not your responsibility or your obligation to

Why does sex lose its feel as people get older?

Hmm. I am a 65-year-old man. And, for me that is just not true. And, it is mostly not true for the hundred or so of other 60 year olds that I happen to personally know. What makes you think that this is true for

Do some people not like being happy?

Yes. Some people love being totally miserable. It is all based on the reward system. If you get more enjoyment (usually in the form of adrenaline) from pain and drama, which is actually often exciting and entertaining, then you will prefer that

How to deal with people using me against myself

Avoid them or keep information from them. If they are in the dark about you, they can't push your buttons.

Are old people jealous of young people?

There are things about youth that I would love to have, and there are things about youth that I'm so glad I don't have to deal with any more.What I love about youthHaving much more energyBeing able to stay up all nightBeing able to imbibe all kinds of noxious things and

Why do people never get off their cell phones?

There are already a couple of good answers to this question. The answer will depend on the person, of course.  Since you're question is generalizing the problem, I'm assuming you want a general answer, so I'll try to give you one.According to a recent Pew study, the average US smartphone user uses their phone to:Text

Why do people fail?

Okay so this question has its own importance and the answer can be versatile.I always prefer to answer by relating it to incidences I have been or I have seen. I think one should always be optimistic and buoyant . But more importantly I think consistency only comes through interest. Once you are disinterested sweet turns

What is mobile phone hijacking? How can we protect ourselves from this?

1. No Download the and No install the app from un-trusted website or app store. Download the app from official website if possible.Because the hijacking app are always disguising some famous app.2. Be careful of the second hand phone if you want to buy a second hand

As im getting older I seem to becoming less and less emotional. Should I worry?

I don't think so. Less emotion is not so bad. I think it is one of the blessing of age that the edges get worn and we are less passionate about things that used to matter. I think this is to a large extent nature's gift,

Is crying easily good or bad for girls?

It is neither good nor bad but it is quite natural. Women have hormones that make them emotionally strong and vulnerable as well while men are physically strong but many a times emotionally weak. It is the estrogen in women that makes them behave the way they

What is the most effective psychological trick you use daily?

Ever felt runner's high? That euphoric sense of elation, contentment, and well-being you feel after long exercise?

Why are people so insistent that Tesla, SpaceX and other companies helping this world are going to fail?

Others have written about Tesla and its short sellers.Regarding SpaceX, I suspect that much of the doom-mongering is wishful thinking by people making money from expendable launchers including Boeing and the SLS program.

What is something that not many people know?

The gambler's fallacy.This bizarre phenomenon happens quite often, even if you aren't or never have been a gambler. This is a belief that if something occurs more often than usual that it will happen less frequently in the future or

Why is everyone else's life so amazing?

As it is a well construed fact that the grass is greener on the other side. This is the biggest myth that our generation faces, thanks to the wonders of social media.We as a person look at ourselves with so much of self pity that it eventually makes the lives of others to appear to us

Why do people flaunt their Apple products?

By flaunt, if you mean that they display the very conspicuous Apple logo on their MacBook Pros and such, then I would venture that they are just not taking extra effort to hide the logo. The logo does not look bad, does

Is it possible to be alone and happy?

Yes, it is possible to be alone and happy. I say this on the basis of first-hand experience. I was married. I am now divorced. I have no wife and no girlfriend. I am happier than I was when I was married. But there is moreI have realised that I could have

Why do some people dislike dancing?

Because it's unnecessary. I feel like an animal showing its agility if I was to dance. I get embarrassed because I disrespect myself if I dance, for seeing the lack of reason in it. It feels like conforming to a bunch of monkeys. It's wise to befriend those monkeys and show them you're alike if

Does life always punish arrogant people?

Not necessarily. Quite a few can get through their lives without getting their arrogance checked. If we knew we were definitely going to be appropriately punished for our misdeeds we wouldn't have crimes, would we?

Why do people hate being fat?

In a society where thin appears to be the only acceptable body type worthy of making the cover of magazines and the only body type that can make it in particular industries, is there any wonder? We have been fed this ridiculous notion that if you

Are selfish people happy?

To answer your question I'd just say that selfish people are selfish, selfish enough to believe they are happy, selfish enough to have their happiness as a priority over others.If you can't make others happy, you can never really be happy, but if they do believe they are happy....Well their happiness has some serious existential crisis.

Is it true as men get older they care less about looks?

For me personally, no, but from what I have observed about other men, definitely yes.I have been asked many times why I continue to pursue bodybuilding and care so much about my appearance when I have a significant other. When I ask them why they would assume that just because I have a significant other, that

Are people who steal from others happy?

Unhappy people only Steal from others. Different ways of and reasons for Stealing exist. Whereas reasons like poverty, destitution; some sudden circumstantial necessities are to be understood with Human Common sense, Reasons arising out of Greed, Lust, Envy are to be condemned. Whatever be the reason,

Why do so many people buy expensive cars?

A2A ThanksThere are a whole range of reasons. I think number one is that they have simply been "sold to" - it is the accepted social norm to place a large proportion of their capital into a rapidly depreciating mass produced

Is turning evil really makes life easier?

It might see so and might as well - I've been contemplating this for a while, but to me has every time seemed that it is harder to turn evil than just get on with life as you know it.By turning evil you want to become

Why do people like to feel afraid?

It's an adrenaline rush when you feel afraid. Your body is fighting every instinct to stop going and get away.Your body is always ready to fight or flee. Fear increases dopamine and endorphin levels which are feel good chemicals and give you like a natural high.Its like being

Is crying good or bad?

CRYING IS GOODThe person who is emotionally weak can only cry but they were mentally very strong.They were very Bold but this society says they are weak - It is totally false statement.This society allows women to cry but men should not cry. that's the reason women are mentally stronger than men.

What should people always remember in life?

That there is no point to live if you don't feel happy about something in your life.It can be a person, a pet, a passion or the sunlight.But It has to be something.Live YOUR Life!PS: All middle things are not to be ignored.

Can teachers envy their student?

I'd actually say that was unprofessional behaviour from that teacher... though there is a chance she was being flippant and trying to get a smile (which is a tactic often used by teachers to gain rapport) but in this case

Why are so many people afraid of technological singularity? Maybe it could be something better, than worse. Or are people just afraid of something they do not know?

Stupid and egocentric people think that everyone is trying to harm them. Therefore, they see EVERYTHING as a threat.For those who think ai is dangerous: we have thermonuclear weaponry. Which is infinitely more dangerous than ai. Chill out.

Are we all afraid of something?

Twelve thousand years ago, there was two men, Hukie and Bukie. Hukie was afraid of nothing and Bukie was afraid of dangerous things. Which genes, do you think, humankind has inherited?This is the rational logic of evolution: we carry the genes of those who were best at survival. That was a man who prepared for

What kind of people dislike Apple products?

The people who have been using MS products for decades, decide to give an Apple product a chance only to learn it's 6 of 1, half-a-dozen of the other.