When does a human's heart start to beat?

The heart usually starts beating between five and six weeks. An early, trans-vaginal ultrasound may pick up a heartbeat at that point (I had one at 6w3d and could see the heartbeat on the ultrasound) but it's too soon to pick it up using a doppler at

Why does Kerala have high rate of crime against women despite having a high Human Development Index (HDI)?

TL; DR :  HDI and crime against women are not related to much extent. Also, higher crime reporting also increases the number of reported incidents compared to other states.Shown below is image taken from Epidemiology of domestic violence article in Wikipedia

Language is key to human development. Do any animals have anything that amounts to a complex language, and do they have the capacity to develop it further with or without human interference?

lol I have a great story for this. It iant technically complex language, and most animals are completely incapable of complex language because of their inability to move their jaws well, or not have tongues, or voice boxes to allow for inflections,

What is maturity? How can the maturity of a person be defined?

Maturity is when you realise that you can travel on an airplane without letting the world know it on Facebook.Maturity is when you realise that in Life, Goddess Saraswati( Indian Goddess of Knowledge) and Goddess Lakshmi ( Indian Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity) will always outshine Lord Kaamdev( Indian

Why do children love animals?

It's true that animals can be dangerous, but humans have had very long alliances with dogs, cats, and some livestock animals too.  I've even heard it argued that our relationship with dogs helped nudge our intellectual development along.  I think it starts with most

Why teenage is the most disturbed age?

Because teenagers' lives are the crossroads. They need to go through the transition between childhood and adulthood. Their bodies are changing, their homones are taking a wild ride and their identies are completely shaken and questioned. As Britney Spears sings in her old song:

Have you ever witnessed a change in someone's life just because of someone else's advice?

Yes, there has been, it was for me, and what follows is one of my most powerful episodes. One night, decades ago, I went to see a complete stranger I'd heard talk on New Year's Eve months earlier, Mr. Paull Ho Bom Shin. I called him and explained I had a serious life

What countries have the highest standards of living? How do they achieve this?

Three countries with the highest standard of living: Switzerland - With 0.903 HDI; Natural resources include waterpower, timber and salt; Industries include machinery, chemicals, textiles, watch and precision instruments. Switzerland is the country with the highest standard of living

What incidents and events can trigger a midlife crisis?

Coming face to face with death, loss, meaninglessness, physical decline, mental decline, peak success, peak failure, divorce, financial crisis, "running out of time", dissatisfaction, empty nesting, spiritual "finding", nihilism, hormonal or biological issues, delusions, illusions, societal programming, burnout, stress/nervous breakdown, introspection, futility, truth, etc.  Let it go and surrender to reality, it always wins eventually.

Why does Kerala have the highest Human Development Index (HDI) among all Indian states?

Human Development Index (HDI) basically estimates the literacy, per capita income, development of the particular state. Kerala has high HDI and there are following factors:-LiteracyKerala is most literate state in India having 92% literacy.Here is one master stroke delivered. Moreover the people doing mundane jobs are