Can our generation's dependence on internet for day to day activities be considered as the next step of human evolution?

We have always been depended on something, first we were depended on the wise men of the society, then the manuscripts that they wrote, then the printed books and now internet.We have always been curious, that's probably one very important trait that makes humans human. But now through these mediums we are trying

Why don't you believe in evolution?

Because nobody *believes* in it. Evolution is nothing to be believed of, there is no *faith* here, it is a well documented, well studied fact of life, and the origins of species.Evolution is to be understood, it is much well established that quantum

Will humanity actually consume all of Earth's forms of energy before humans go extinct (or before human planetary migration)?

No, on a technicality.We might be able to consume all the fossil fuels and mine out all the nuclear fissionable ores but there are always other sources of energy. But there are many MANY non-consumable sources of energy.Geo-thermal is fairly reliable.Hydroelectric power is

Will humans ever evolve to use telepathy?

Will humans ever evolve to use telepathy?I have a feeling that if telepathy evolved, it would be very similar to hearing.Information would have to be transmitted using a physical medium, perhaps radio waves.There would be an organ (or coordinated organs) to transmit information.There would be an organ to receive information.There would be

How to describe the human evolution within time

This is oversimplified just to provide an approximate timeline.Primates (6o million years ago) looked like larger rats or today's lemurs. Some of these survived what killed the dinosaurs, along with other small species.Catarrhines (30 million years ago) - tree climbersApes diverged

What is the next species going to dominate the earth after Humans?

The next dominant species without a doubt will be the Feline Species. They have been having a ball while evolving and have been through quite an extreme level of evolution.It won't be a surprise if they would be walking on their hind legs within a time of ten

How will humans look 10,000-100,000 years from now? Do we have any scientific models on how our body, brain, mobility, etc. will change over the next 10,000-100,000 years?

Based on the evidence we have, you could make a case for head size going in either direction. Most of the other predictions are equally shaky. Sexual selection will probably have a stronger effect on future human faces than natural selection will.First, we should note that average human head

How long until humans evolve?

Evolution is a process that involves generations. Evolution goes as fast as the follow up of generations. Humans need many years between generations. Some bacteria in the right environment 20 minutes. Mice can produce in a favorable environment ten generations in one year. Perhaps it is possible to

Why didn't all monkeys continue evolving into humans?

Questions like this show why there needs to be better education in science. If you understood the concept of how Evolution works, you would understand that evolution is not a linear process where species metamorphosize from one to another, but rather a process

What will happen if the entire human race is suddenly wiped out?

There is a documentary series called LIFE AFTER PEOPLE that explores this in depth. In a nutshell, the planet takes a short-medium term hit as infrastructure like Power Plants (nuclear, coal, hydro-electric dams) fail, then recovers as it gradually devours all trace of human activity. Usually, after about a thousand years, there isn't much

How did Homo heidelbergensis disappear?

The most likely explanation is that _H. heidelbergensis_ evolved into _H. neanderthalensis_. Some have proposed that _H. heidelbergensis_ is also ancestral to anatomically modern humans. That's a possibility.We don't know for certain if the range of _H. heidelbergensis_ extended into Africa, or if the contemporaneous population of hominins in Africa should be assigned a different name.That's

What did humans look like 1000 years ago?

People were shorter and, on the average, smaller. If you look at armor from the plate armor age (even later than that), it's noteworthy how much smaller overall they were. Sometimes the armor of grown men was downright tiny.That said, there were six

How long does the human race have left?

Very thought provoking question. The answer will depend on what you want to believe.An optimistic person may see things as being better in the future.A pessimist will succumb to Hollywood's scenarios of the future; unavoidable apocalypse.A realist will believe we can try to fix the damage humans have wreaked, but knows that NASA is searching for a

Why were humans created?

We are in this world because we committed a horrendous crime, and this life is our chance to redeem ourselves, denounce our crime, and rejoin God's kingdom.It all began a few billion years ago when "a feud arose in the Heavenly Society" (Quran 38:69). One of the high-ranking creatures, Satan, entertained supercilious thoughts that his God-given powers

Were Neanderthals humans?

Neanderthals were the first people that lived in the cold climates of ancient Europe.  Let us look at the climate of that time.  Glaciers covered much of the continent, the weather was generally cold and wet, and the diets of these people were not up to par with

Is anarcho-capitalism really the natural expression of human nature?

No, it's the natural expression of young men who've never faced adversity in their lives and who view government as an obstacle to a free market.Anarcho-capitalism sees the

Did humans evolve from other species?

7 million years ago the ancestors of modern humans and the ancestors of modern chimpanzees diverged from a common ancestor. These were all

What if monkeys did not evolve into humans?

What if monkeys did not evolve into humans?What if pigs couldn't fly? What if rocks weren't edible?Monkeys did not evolve into humans.

Why haven't humans evolved to grow wings yet?

flight is the most energetically expensive form of travel, and needs the entire rest of the physiology to be tailored for flight. In particular, flight requires as little mass as possible with a large wingspan and ability to rapidly move muscles. This

Did aliens engineer us from a mix of their races and earthly monkeys?

Wow! That's a new one on me! Where did you get that idea? I don't think they did, but even if they did, Why? Why mix with monkeys? Why not with elephants? Much more important question for me is why did the

Are humans evolving as we speak?

I'm not opposed believing we do evolve knowingly or not. There is no set pace. For those that feel they're

When will the human race leave earth?

If you mean space colonization, it's simple: when it's cheap enough to.Right now, lifting materials into space is expensive. It takes a lot of fuel, time, and technical expertise to get things into space, and all of that costs money. And while it's cheaper now than it once was, lift cost is

Would human beings become the most dominant species if dinosaurs weren't extinct?

Human beings wouldn't even be here if the dinosaurs weren't extinct, and neither would monkeys or wolves or elephants. Prior to the extinction of the dinosaurs, mammals had already been around for a very long time. In fact, the earliest mammal-like reptiles precede the dinosaurs by quite a long time. The earliest ancestors of

Did the ancients consider apes a kind of humans?

I don't know how earlier ancient people in Europe and the Mediterreanean saw apes and monkeys, but I know Saint Augustine, who lived in the fourth century AD, considered at least monkeys to be animal and not human. It was in The City of God, there he discussed the borders of humanity,

How can people believe that God created humans when evolution in the animal kingdom has more or less been proven?

Yes evolution in the animal kingdom has been proven. Are humans mammals? Are mammals part of the animal kingdom? Fact, it has been proven humans evolved from a lower form of mammal. Here's the deal. One of God's days is not equal to one of our days. In essence creation and evolution

How did the human race conquer Earth so quickly?

In my view which is not just an opinion, we have NOT yet. To conquer Earth is to turn into City and we still have plenty of non urban environments, though seemingly most land has been parceled, which is different, and all lands have been parceled because he do have outline maps

How did humans first come to life?

There was never a first human.All evolutionary change is gradual. So take something man made, like a Dalmatian. Dog breeders created Dalmatians by breeding dogs with particular traits they liked. However you cant go to a grave somewhere and dig up the first Dalmatian that existed. They evolved gradually

Are aliens us in the future, more evolved, checking up on our past self?

No.The atoms and particles from Present Time become re-used to form the future and 99.99999999999999999999% [ guess] of the particles here now can NOT be in two different spaces simultaneously therefore the present and the future can not exist simultaneously and the present and

How is it that humans don't have a truly competing species on Earth, from an intellectual perspective?

Look at the dolphin.They have food. Not always and obviously humans are hurting this, but in the big picture they have been great hunters with more than enough food.They can mate. Not too much hunts dolphins. They were abundant. Again at least till humans invaded their territory. They are let's

Are humans intended to die on Earth?

I'm coming at your question from a slightly different angle. If we are an example of a sentient species that has achieved the technology to launch ourselves into space then does that improve our chances of surviving as a species - on the planet and off?  According to the Fermi paradox:Where Are All the

What are your comments on the claims by Dr. Ellis Silver that humans were put on earth by aliens?

I honestly think this book is a decoy, a probe of sorts.. An experiment to see whether the idea is accepted and how far do people take it.What mystifies me is that there are some truths in it that are not common knowledge and I can't

According to the theory of evolution, why do we die? Not how we die, but either why it is more advantageous to die or why it's impossible to circumvent death despite the inclination to survive.

Excellent question. And before I explain the real answer, which is rather mind-bending, here are some previous arguments and why they are wrong.Myth 1: We die to make room for younger generations. Genes are selfish, and each individual body

Is it likely that we (human beings) were put on earth by, or born from aliens?

It's mostly highly unlikely and improbable that human beings were born from aliens. Depends on what you understand by

How do humans know that we've only discovered a fraction of the species on Earth? And how is that possible given we're 8 billion strong?

As you explore, you expect to stop finding new things. You expect the rate of discovery to go down. For example, nobody is about to find a new continent on Earth or new planet in the solar system.With species, the rate of discovery isn't slowing down. Blog post:

Are we evolving to use our technology?

Since I am not a scientist, I do not have to worry about scientific peer pressure.I was brought up with a strong Catholic education in a more or less conservative community, then educated in Liberal Boston. So I've been immersed in both ends of the spectrum.Since I am from a creative profession, I have

Do the Great Apes have the same vision humans do?

Yes no difference at all we are great apes!! we see 3 colours so do they. in terms of evolution though an Eagles eye is far more advanced, it can see a field mouse from way up in the sky. This is because birds are dinosaurs & have had longer to evolve. So religious people talking about if

Is there any hope for humanity?

NIT Calicut, 2014After the tiring finals of Tatva college fest, Rubik's cube open 2014, my friend and I were trudging across the stalls where they sold ice-creams and all other tempting edibles, ogling at everything delicious. We had almost spent everything except

What do you think the average human diet will look like 100 years from now?

Thanks for the a2a, but I'm no more qualified to answer than any random person.100 years a short time frame. Culture send unlikely to change dramatically in that time.My guess is that meat consumption will continue to rise as the standard of living in third world countries rise. This has been what we've seen so far and there's

Assuming robots become the dominant species in the future, will they also create something else that will then become the new dominant species?

Sci fi often has the robots creating human like beings often made of organic flesh. It is from our inherent belief in the superiority of organic life. The robots ultimately want to be just like us, only better. They want to feel, to have real

How did the human race manage to survive the past without vaccinations?

People would die from different diseases than we do nowadays. Smallpox, the plague, cholera, typhus, dysentery to name just a few. Tetanus, too, although not that often. You knew from experience that not all of your kids would make it into adulthood. It was fairly common to have a celebration for 3 rd birthday, for if your kid had

Who says humans are the dominant species?

Humans do. We look at our way of dominating, and feel intuitively that it is the way to do so, the way to succeed as a species.The humble ant, whose species outnumbers our own by an intimidating margin, might disagree if only her method of dominating the ecosystem involved being

How long will the human species last? What are the main barriers to the survival of our species? Have there been previously dominant species that were completely exterminated?

Some version of the human race will survive. Homo Sapiens, modern humans, have prevailed for about 50,000 years. Our immediate predecessors were the Neanderthals. The Denisovans, a variation on Neanderthals, did not last long. Neanderthals lived inEorope and in other places around the globe for about 500,000 years. Built for strength, cold living conditions and resistance to many diseases.

Why did humans evolve only the ability to view the visible light part of the EM spectrum?

Because of our star and evolution.People need to realize we humans didn't simply popped into existence. Nor were we made in some special garden and whatnot.Homo-sapiens is the result of millions of years of evolution. Our sun emits most of it

Are humans evolving as we speak?

I'm not opposed believing we do evolve knowingly or not. There is no set pace. For those that feel they're