Are certain character/personality traits genetic? If so, how do those genetics impact our personality? Do they make us more susceptible to the activation of those traits? Are personality traits really just survival mechanisms?

I was tempted to just pass on this because a proper answer requires a book and maybe a couple of them. The short answer is that biology provide a general template, and experience makes a huge difference because that template provides the option for a great deal of behavioral plasticity. The

If being a homosexual is genetic, why is it so hard for them to find a homosexual gene?

If being tall is genetic, why is it so hard to find a tall gene?Forget what you learned in middle-school science class. Most traits are not controlled by a single gene. If you look at poodles, the color of their fur is controlled by a complex interaction of no

What should I know about Edwards syndrome?

Edwards syndrome is caused by an extra number 18 chromosome. It is entirely analagous with Down syndrome which has an extra number 21 chromosome. Cardiac defects are extremely common and there are major difficulties the intestinal tract, urinary tract and the limbs.