Have you ever regretted firing an employee?

We are talking fired not laid off now. The answer is no.However I have greatly regretted not firing someone sooner.I am not saying I enjoy firing people or that I don't feel compassion for someone who is being fired, I don't enjoy it at

How can a company reduce costs without firing employees?

Look at every single process under your company's roof.Identify and eliminate the things that take up a lot of human resources, but don't actually produce anything of real value. Re-arrange policies and procedures so that they make sense and allow for efficient work flow between departments.You've now freed up a ton

What are the biggest frustrations of HR professionals?

Can only talk about my own experience. I spent 5 years in HR and then left for more exciting job in consulting. During those 5 years I've done pretty much everything in HR field - HR admin, recruitment, compensations and benefits, training and development, budgeting, controlling,

What are the human relation approaches?

Neoclassical Theory of Management: The Human Relations Approach. In the early 1920s, a shift away from classical management theory took place as theorists began to consider the human side of an organization and the social needs of an employee.For reference: Neoclassical Theory of Management: The Human Relations Approach -

How much time per day should an entrepreneur spend reading?

This is a neat question. I think it has a lot to do with what you're trying to do, but in any case, the answer should probably be "a lot."That said, most of the reading I do is in peripheral or totally unrelated areas to where I'm trying to make money. I feel that I

What is the single biggest challenge the HR professional faces in dealing with management?

When you say dealing with ‘management' it can be interpreted in two ways....The first is when HR has a seat at the executive table. The most common problem you will see here is between the Chief Financial Officer and the Chief Human Resources Officer. CFO's and CHRO's

What is your most frustrating experience with HR managers?

(must read 2nd point)I work as a footwear designer in surat. It is my 1st answer on qoura ( I am that frustrated with my HR), We face all sort of people while our job.. I have bit bad experience with gujrati people. Mass of whom I met were not so broad minded. I and some of my colleagues