What evidence exists for synchronicity?

I asked myself that when a large number of coincidences happened in early 1988.Until that meteorite shower I was tending to take the same view on it all as Neyman here.But there were so many - Feb 14th providing the focus for six - and on recurrent themes ...And also

Why did you become a humanitarian?

It has been said believing some lives have more value that others is the root of all evil in the world. The antidote to despair is solidarity, working to ensure that we all have peace, security, basic services, and opportunities not because of the birth lottery of which country we are from but because we

Who is the world's greatest humanitarian?

It is very difficult to pick one and therefore here are some of the Greatest Humanitarians in history and why they are called so.

How does one, especially as a woman, go about making a great humanitarian influence? Do you have to already be established as a figure to do humanitarian work?

People that work in humanitarian affairs, and make a difference, aren't just people with good hearts. They are, rather, people with specific skills that are needed in the developing world. They are sanitation engineers that can help people readily access clean water. They are health educations that can help people

How to begin a career in humanitarian aid

You start by getting experience, wherever you are, and no, you do not ever need to move to Washington, DC...Humanitarian aid requires experts in logistics, in talking about birth control and maternal health care to conservative communities, in public health, in nutrition, in disease prevention, in water and sanitation engineering, and on and

What are the best humanitarian aid organizations?

In terms of what indicators and parameters? To answer such questions, someone must first define the indicators. Then, the measurement tool has to be proposed. Finally, the tool can be tested on the existing HAOs. It is hard to find a holistic way to assess all parameters for a typical HAO. However, if you look at the literature

How does one get involved in humanitarian aid overseas?

The world of international humanitarian aid is an interesting and challenging one. I can only draw upon my own experiences and only as a volunteer: I have no intention to work full-time in this world for a number of reasons. This world is also now quite, competitive with many people wanting to get

While doing humanitarian work, what was the most heartbreaking moment?

I remember, a couple of months ago, when I was in Germany volunteering with the German Red Cross.Our team took care of welcoming refugees in the "Clothing tents". Our security guy, Nolo, looked at each of the refugees and evaluated their needs only. That was because

How to start a humanitarian organisation (medical)

What a great and noble idea my friend. Kudos. I would suggest that you go to this link titled, How to Start Your Own Humanitarian Nonprofit Organization Guide, and download the PDF to your computer for easy access,Good Luck!https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&...

What humanitarian efforts can I get involved in?

Life Altering Development. I've been trying somewhat to drum up support to launch this project in Papua New Guinea. The end goal is to bring 128,000 people from a background of subsistence farming to a full scale self-reliant community. It involves 64 villages located in a remote coastal region

I want to travel the world and do humanitarian work, how can I do this?

Depending on your skills and experience there are many organizations where you can volunteer to do humanitarian work, ranging from professional groups (e.g engineers without borders) to other organizations worldwide.Mathis does not necessarily mean you will get a free ride. Most of the times you will have to cover for your travel and living expenses,

What is humanitarian software? What companies are involved in humanitarian software projects?

Hi there!ActivityInfo is also used by a big number of smaller and larger NGOs as a web-based Monitoring and Evaluation tool for humanitarian projects. It is a software developed by BeDataDriven, a Dutch company based in the Hague.As a humanitarian software it offers the possibility for humanitarians to create Databases

How to do a sustainable humanitarian work

What you need is to have an expertise that's actually needed in humanitarian work. Modern humanitarian work is about empowering local people to do what is needed *themselves.*See: How to Pursue a Career with the United Nations or Other International Humanitarian Organizations

Can you travel the world for free while doing some sort of humanitarian work?

Everything has costs. To do humanitarian work as a career, you will need to develop relevant skills, experience, and languages. You'll need to study, may have to take an unpaid internship along the way, and work in very challenging settings. Once you establish yourself with a humanitarian agency, your

How to become a humanitarian photographer

Having a degree in journalism or photo journalism is essential, showing that you have studied the communications skills and ethics required for this very sensitive work. Having a robust portfolio of work with local nonprofits where you are photographing subjects similar to what you would do

How to do humanitarian work while doing a full time job

You can volunteer online, outside of work hours, via UNV Online Volunteering serviceYou can volunteer onsite, locally, doing work that relates to humanitarian work in your own community: helping refugees, helping people who are victims of domestic violence, helping educate the public about HIV/AIDS...

How to help others in need

Some time we can help others by not helping them let them do their work ✌Let them try.

How to use my software engineering / web development background to do humanitarian work

Forgive my English, French is my background but I will try.Well, I have been pondering over this too. we can put our mind together over it. Do you want use your skills to help existing humanitarian organisations?You can access their services and delineate part needs improvement with the help of technology. If you

How to work in a humanitarian organisation

Being an humanitarian requires passion to help people, taking risks and adaptability. Humanitarians usually work with people in crisis communities to assist them recover from the scourge of tribulations that have befallen them. So, a humanitarian must be ready to live

How can we get ‘above' politics and become humanitarian and help those in need?

The main problem with human beings is with their honesty. There is a lot of talk of honesty in all religions and moral teachings in schools worldwide. But few people understand its true meaning. We need to learn to be honest with our own

How to go to Africa for humanitarian work

Acquire a useful skill needed in the area or nation you'd like to work in, save up enough cash to live for awhile and visit. Do the necessary research to drum up business contacts in your chosen industry, and get a job.Once you

I want to do Humanitarian work in Africa. What are the best organizations to sign up for ?

Dear Generous Friends,I am very glad and exited to be connected with you through this media, from a remote Village, Tuichawng in Lunglei District Mizoram, India.Our school, Mahabodhi Residential School, has been working for strengthening the orphaned children in the

Is working in the humanitarian sector and in governmental politics contradictory?

No.Other than being an anarchist, I can't think of any other role that would be contradictory to working in government politics.By making part of the design, development and implementation of public policy, you're able to advance your cause.The extent to which you'll be successful will

Should I do foreign humanitarian work?

I left a good corporate consulting job in Canada to do disaster relief work in South America. Knowing no Spanish, I ended up volunteering at Pisco Sin Fronterras in Pisco, Peru (a earthquake devastated city). Doing it was life changing. The different location, language, smells, people are always new and exciting.

What are the best post college avenues for someone who wants to work in humanitarian relief?

If you are a US Citizen....look for jobs with US AID, the State Department, and many of the contractors who work around these organizations. The military can also be an option, but it is not guaranteed that you will be able to pursue humanitarian missions only. My last deployment was an interesting mix of humanitarian assistance and military focus.

What is humanitarian work?

Service based on shared humanity rather than a desire to further political, military, or other objectives. Humanitarian assistance is work based on humanitarian principles such as independence, impartiality, neutrality, etc. Humanitarian work must be based on humanitarian needs - so that means being able to properly determine needs, rather than guessing what people need. If you