A woman wants to divorce her husband. Should the husband move out?

My ex divorced me, because I had a hard time getting along with her parents, and she used the excuse that

According to Indian Law, what are the legal entitlements of the wife over the husband's financial assets?

Thanks for the A2A.Legally, apart from maintenance from husband, a wife is not entitled to anything else, either movable or immovable, owned by the husband. However, at the time of Divorce, she would be entitled to alimony, and if the husband dies without leaving a

According to Islam, what is a woman supposed to do if her husband is abusive?

According to Islam, and logic, if the husband is abusive, she should seek a divorce, and consider a protection order. Despite what some misogynistic cultural interpretations claim, Islam is inimical with any form of oppression, and this is clear oppression. It may be emotional, or physical abuse. This is why divorce is an option, and that is in the

After 16 years of marriage and my husband still doesn't respect me. Should I leave?

Yes, absolutely divorce him, but please do so with the help of a therapist and a lawyer, and if possible, with a few trusting and supportive friends or family. 16 years of living in this kind of marriage has unfortunately eroded some of your self respect and self esteem, and if

After 37 years of a cheating husband, will counselling now help our marriage?

Yes, You Should Go to Marriage CounselingIf you go to any kind of counseling, you know there's a brief hitch in a conversation whenever it comes up. Even if you just casually drop that you had a counseling appointment the other day, the person

After a divorce with my husband, how do I let go of my feelings?

If you really love him that love never really goes away. But ways you can move on is first of all accepting the divorce, and not hold any negative feelings for yourself nor for your ex husband. Focus on all the things you gained and learned throughout the years

After being married for 10 years, my husband wants to have kids, but I don't. What should I do?

This is a complex question. Most couples address this paramount decision before marriage. Since you are past this-it seems like you, both, need to make a dicision. Parenting is not something to "do" under pressure-it's very challenging and NEVER ending. If your husband

After divorce, should the parents and/or siblings of the ex-husband continue to pay alimony and child support to the ex-wife if the ex-husband dies?

First determine what is the likelihood of this.Many terminal illnesses today are curable or can be put into long remission, eg. cancer.An organ transplant might solve the pressing health problem.No, the family of the ex-husband will not do it except if they are extraordinarily kind.You

Am I a bad person for wanting to leave my recovering alcoholic husband?

Original Question: Am I a bad person for wanting to leave my recovering alcoholic husband?No Original Question CommentsI have more than quarter-century of personal and professional experience with alcoholism and drug addiction including a significant relationship with an alcoholic.The short answer? Absolutely not, you are not a bad person.The longer

Am I being emotionally abused by my alcoholic husband?

Whether or not he has practiced abuse, living in the world of an alcoholic is harmful.  He must create a world where what he does is ok.  He must serve his God first, the bottle.  He must be loyal to his life partner, drink.  You may be a valued

Am I being selfish for not wanting to have kids with my husband?

I met my wife at the age of 33. Having lost two children forever I never wished to feel that vulnerable.. that lost ever again. My current wife had never wished to have children from the time she was a little girl she preceded horses and livestock you could bond with and leave out in

Am I in danger of my husband becoming abusive?

Number 1: If you feel something is wrong, then it's wrong. If you aren't confortable with his current behavior, then you are allowed to leave. Number 2: Read Number 1 again. Number 3: Go to a safe location and call the National Domestic Abuse Hotline. 1-800-799-7233 Ask questions. Number

Am I wrong for moving out on my husband?

It would seem that you are having second thoughts about your decision to move out. The best thing to do is to reconsider the reasons you had at the time you made the decision. For example, if it was one of

Am I wrong for wanting an abortion now that my husband is asking for a divorce?

This is tough. I'll start by saying I am VERY pro-choice.If you are considering aborting this child because the MAN is no longer going to be in your life then - and I say this with no judgment - it has to be considered that you don't want

Am I wrong to want my husband to lose weight to save our marriage?

I was hot right before I got married, or at least my version of hot: fifteen pounds down from when I first met my husband, teetering on the edge of a size 8 (a milestone for me). In our wedding photos, my stomach looks flat in my fitted dress, my arms toned, my cheekbones visible.Real

Are husbands or wives more likely to seek a separation or divorce - why?

Seeing as women file 70% of divorces, then yes they are more likely too seek a divorce, but separations I believe are roughly the same, 50/50.But the thing too remember is that separation can't completely turn your life upside down, divorce can and it

Are Indian men good husbands?

You will have good, not so good, not so bad and bad everywhere. As a joke, in the wife's eye, the husband is NEVER up to the mark; to his mother's eye - he is the best her daughter-in-law could get. Education and economy also matter; a well-educated man in a

Are married women physically abused by their husband?

First I want to mention I am not against Husband but just to give a glimpse I am penning down some facts which people should know--( including girls who worships their shitty husbands).Most of the times women get abused specially in North and East states. I found South Indian Women

Are narcissistic women abusive to their husbands?

If he does anything to bruise her pride, (not call her back right away, seemingly hitting on another woman, getting too drunk, refusing to deny his family and friends' attention, etc...) she might retaliate with abuse. More often than not, it will be verbal. Over

Are there countries where the law may require a woman to pay alimony to her ex-husband after the divorce?

Sure. It happens in the US.Alimony, or spousal support, is granted to one spouse to allow that spouse to get on his/her feet following a divorce. It's normally granted in a temporary basis and only for as long as is necessary for the

Are there marriages where the wives abuse the husband?

Yes. Abuse takes many forms. It can take physical forms and it can take emotional forms. Women are as capable of abusing men as men are as of abusing women. Unfortunately, I have known several men who were or are in abusive marriages. Women do not tend to do serious physical damage

Are wives and husbands naturally jealous about other women?

Insecure people are jealous of other people. Wives, husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, unrequited crushes, complete strangers--people in general feel jealous when they feel insecure, fear abandonment, or feel they might lose something they feel entitled to.In my experience, secure people tend not to feel jealous. This has nothing to do

Are you cheating on your husband? Why?

Yes I am.Terrible i know.He is a nice person. Decent, handsome, clean and honest. We met when we were very young and got married very young. I guess the reason i married him was that i know he would never hurt me based on those good qualities. But i had kept lying to

Are you cheating your husband/wife with someone else? Why?

YES i did ...and i m happy that i didi met my wife when i was in my 2nd year of graduation since then she is the only women form whom i had my eyes for ..i loved her more than i love myself some of

Are you satisfied with your husband?

As per the renowned Oxford dictionary Satisfaction is defines as

As a Muslim woman, how can I get four husbands?

In the name of Allah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful.You can not have 4 husband at the same time in Islam.Allah has created men and women as equal, but with different capabilities and different responsibilities. Men and women are different, physiologically and psychologically. Their roles and responsibilities are different. Men and women are equal in Islam,

As a woman, have you cheated on your husband? How did he deal with it?

Yes, I did.Some backgroundI met my then husband where we were working together. I fell in love and everything was perfect, one of the things that I fell in love was the fact that I could trust him with everything. My secrets, my

As an Indian husband, what do you wish wives knew?

Not married. I want my future wife (Definitely not wives) to know these things.You don't need to pay me for letting me into your life. But, if you want a grand wedding I'm not spending my entire savings on it.Be prepared for our

As an Indian husbands, what do you wish wife knew?

Dear future wife, hope you are reading this.I am sure it will be our arrange marriage and I want you first to be my best friend then a wife.I may sure you are busy in chat with your boyfriend but hope that I will NOT be the last one in your life.

As an Indian wife, what do you wish husbands knew?

This is for my FUTURE HUSBAND :)I wish I could have a love marriage but unfortunately in my family there is no such thing as love marriage.If you (my future husband) are reading this, I want to tell you some things before our marriage.As I told

Can a divorced husband deny alimony (under Hindu act) if wife stays with her parents?

If you have got divorce decree from family court without to pay alimony or had paid one time amount, then you need not pay. If you were ordered to pay alimony after divorce you have to pay it. You cannot deny. There are legal provisions to

Can a divorced husband get ex wife's retirement benefits?

It would be in the divorce decree (settlement agreement).Before I got divorced, I called my pension fund and asked them about changing my soon to be ex-wife as a beneficiary. They said I could do it at anytime.I then asked well

Can a husband and wife be together after divorce?

In Islam it is prohibited..this provision is to make Talak a serious issue.In most of other religions ,it is possible but before Divorce relationship is distroied to the extend that both do not wish to see each otherOnce Divorce is granted person feels relived Sometimes they do not want to remarry also ..In Europe,break is celebrated and party organised

Can a husband and wife leaving together from the same house apply for a mutual consent divorce?

The divorce by mutual consent is filed by both parties on the ground that they have been living separately for a period of one year or more, that they have not been able to live together and that they have

Can a husband ask his wife to leave his house without divorce?

Sure, you can ask for almost anything. That doesn't mean you're going to get it. If a husband and wife are living in the same house, they're both entitled to stay in the residence. Either can ask the other to leave, but neither is obligated to do so. If there's a divorce, the courts

Can a husband be in love with his wife while having an affair?

I work in the field of infidelity, so I've heard this story from a variety of husbands.Often the story starts out like this:

Can a husband claim property of a late wife after being divorced?

Can a husband claim property of a late wife after being divorced?Not unless it was specified in the divorce decree that the ex-husband would get possession of the property after the wife dies. For instance, if he was granted the family home as his share of the marital assets, but she was granted a life

Can a husband file a case against his wife's lover?

Officially yes. Section 497 IPC can be registered against the lover.However unofficially No. 99.99% cases will not be registered by the cops who will insist that the case be filed as a PCR with magistrate , so that FIR can be registered

Can a husband force a wife to take a divorce?

Maraige is a divine institution although sometime over hyped topic still this should get highest priority. When two people are involved in decisions should be taken mutualy. Both should be agreed upon and no one should force or influence their decisions.In india major problem is

Can a husband get a deceased wife's mother's property?

Yes because he is consider Heir to her estate through the deceased wife if she was listed in her mother's will if there was no will he still has a claim threw the wife.. as legal heir and he was still married at the time of her death.However if the wife's mother

Can a husband learn to respect his wife once he's used to disrespecting her?

When a woman learns that she has a right to be treated with respect and starts honoring herself, then she can learn to confront disrespect whenever she encounters it. In this way, she will teach others to respect her.Yes, absolutely, a wife can teach a husband to respect her. Once she starts confronting and standing up for

Can a husband leave his wife for another woman?

It's very common and happens all the time. Sometimes the other woman gets lucky (as well as the man) and things work out just fine, but often just the opposite happens and the husband loses his wife, his family, his money, and both his self-respect as well as the respect of many people he formerly thought

Can a husband & wife live together after giving a divorce notice?

By Divorce Notice, I'm assuming a Contested Divorce filed by either of the spouse.Yes. Despite the notice and pending Court case, both the parties can live together. There is no legal objection to the same.The husband can also opt to move out and live in a separate accomodation till the pendeny of the case.The wife too

Can a married woman divorce her husband if he is not mistreating her?

That depends where you live. The law is different all over the world, and legal questions are meaningless unless you specify your jurisdiction.If you live in an area that has no-fault divorce (e.g., Australia) then you don't need to cite any reason at all for a divorce. You just apply for it after a year's separation.In Britain there

Can a Muslim woman divorce her husband?

Praise be to Allaah.The procedure is called khulaKhula' means the separation of the wife in return for a payment; the husband takes the payment and lets his wife go, whether this payment is the mahr which he gave to her, or more or less than that.The basic principle concerning this is the verse

Can a second marriage of 8 years be considered void if the husband come to know that his wife was previously married, but was not divorced?

Yep. The Catholic Church considers second marriages invalid if the first was valid. No one can validly marry who is already married.But it doesn't matter whether the wife got divorced or not. If the wife's previous marriage was invalid, (and she isn't Catholic) the second marriage *might* be valid even without a divorce. If the wife's previous marriage was

Can a verbally abusive husband ever be reasoned with?

I don't know, can he? I'm not trying to sound flippant, but I'm going to assume that you are the one who has tried to reason with an abusive husband. So can you reason with him? Does it ever work? In the rare instances that he seems to

Can a wife claim a share in her husband's property, even after getting permanent alimony?

Yes if the marriage survives and no decree of divorce issued dissolving the marriage, then the status of the woman after the death of the husband shall be that of a widow, she can get share in the property of her deceased husband. As such no right of the wife is their in husbands property when the

Can a wife claim her husband's self-acquired property when the husband is a drunkard and is losing the property due to his addiction?

If the property is self acquired by your husband, you cannot touch it during his life time for any reasons. You have no rights to your husbands ancestral/inherited properties as well. Don't go to court and waste your time and money if any stupid advocates says

Can a wife cope with the death of a husband?

Year 2008. Sultry afternoon in Mumbai. I was waiting for that phone call. That was the time when my daughter would call me every day.Finally I heard the phone ring.

Can a wife file a divorce if she is not physically satisfied with her husband?

No. Impotence (Erectile Dysfunction (ED)) of husband is a ground for divorce, but that is a much stronger condition than dissatisfaction. Also dissatisfaction can result also due to psychological issues (as opposed to physical like ED) between couple, and it

Can a woman get addicted to an abusive husband?

Addicted is the wrong word to use to describe a dependency or an insecurity derived from living with an abusive spouse. The word addiction suggests a biological component to a need that arises between the person and the behavior. Chemical changes occur when some individuals inhale or ingest particular substances or engage certain behaviors. To

Can a woman leave her husband when he is retiring?

I know I should pass this question...but I can't help myself. So here it is.Yes she can, ( as god/she said right? ) I don't know who came up with this rule that it is not ok to leave your SO when:It is his b-day (hey 50 cents

Can a woman seek divorce from her husband?

To be honest I have no idea about what other religion says.but islam allows.Can a woman seek divorce from her husband?Can a woman seek divorce from her husband?All Praises are Due to AllahThe divorce of a Muslimah from her husband is

Can a woman still live with her ex husband even after divorce?

Yes, many do such an act. If you two do not mind staying together then it's okay to stay together. But do not try to force enter your ex husband's house specially with wrong intentions. But i would like to question you,1) Why did you get divorced if you still want to stay together?2) Don't

Can an ex husband pay his ex wife only $1 in alimony? Is that allowed?

One of my friends was only getting $1000 per month in Social Security. Guess what? The X-wife collected her alimony, about $500 per month until it was paid off, maybe in 4 or 5 years. He was used to operating a grinder in a machine shop. Then all the shops went to Mexico and then to China,

Can anyone force me to stay with my husband if I don't want to?

The answer I have written is for Indian context (can extend it to South Asian region to the max.Ideally no one should be able to force you, but life is not ideal.In India the marriage is considered to be a

Can I ask for a divorce from my husband if he is not willing to leave his parental home?

No, you cannot! as law does not classify that as a reason enough to file for a divorce.Off late, I have a feel that people think

Can I ask for a divorce immediately after a court marriage to my husband?

Of course you can ask for a divorce immediately after a court marriage, or any other legal marriage, to your husband. In my old courthouse in downtown Los Angeles you could get married on the first floor. You could then take the escalator or elevator to the fourth floor to get the

Can I convince myself to have another child? My husband wants another but I feel like I already have my hands full keeping the household contained.

Hey there fellow mom! What is interesting about your question is what you don't say. You don't say:I put my studies or a career on long term hold so I don't know if I want another child.I have challenging health problems so I don't know if I want another

Can I divorce my husband if he cheated on me?

Most states no longer require proof of grounds or fault, such as adultery, in order to obtain a divorce. The most common standard today is irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. And as long as one of the parties insists this

Can I fix my marriage with my husband if he doesn't try?

You can't fix your husband only yourself. It might be that nothing you do can save your marriage but it's always worth trying. Think back to when you were dating or first married what things did the two of you enjoy doing together. What are things you did for him that brought you both close. I'm not talking

Can I get my husband back from his second wife and three children?

#Question name: Can I get my husband back from his second wife and three children?TOP 21 TIPS TO MAKE YOUR HUSBAND FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU AGAIN!Hey friennds, I searched all Quora answers and marriaage tips on the internet and below are best tips to save your marrriage. I hope you love it.1. Try to be adventurous in

Can I get proof against my cheating husband?

It's certainly a question you shouldn't ask another person but rather decide by yourself depending upon what you want out of your marriage.You must try to get the truth i.e his reason behind his behaviour. I am certain that you have noticed this first and probably heard from 3rd person about it or some other

Can I recover from a narcissist husband of 20 years?

This sounds ridiculous but if you're asking that question, you're beginning to heal already. Healing is a long, hard journey. If there is a want, and a need, you can work towards it. It is a journey. You will hate him and yourself. You will hate time for moving so slowly. You'll hate

Can I save my marriage when my husband is depressed and refuses any therapy and now we're on the brink of a divorce?

#Question name: Can I save my marriage when my husband is depressed and refuses any therapy and now were on the brink of a divorce?TOP 14 TIPS TO SAVE YOUR MARRIAGE!Hii friends, I checked all Quorra ansswers and marrriage tips on

Can I trust my husband if he left me for a mistress then came back?

#Question name: Can I trust my husband if he left me for a mistress then came back?TOP 21 TIPS TO MAKE YOUR HUSBAND FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU AGAIN!Hey friennds, I searched all Quora answers and marriaage tips on the internet and below are best tips to save your marrriage. I hope you love it.1.

Can I win my cheating husband back?

Why would you win him back?To all the wives in this world: Why would you always make the effort to keep your husbands? Why would you keep someone who does not make the effort to do the same with you?What you need to do

Can Indian women divorce their husbands?

Of course.How you approach divorce depends on a range of factors, including the law you were married under, the status of your marriage and the relief you are looking for. It is important to know the options available to you under the law.If you or your spouse were not legally eligible to get married, you

Can my husband forgive me for cheating on him?

That is a tough one. Each person is different, however there is a way to increase your chances of success. It is a lot of hard work. Here is a outline of what MIGHT work. Realize that your husband may treat cheating as a deal breaker and there

Can the wife force a divorce and request for compensation on the grounds that the husband is impotent?

In the U.S. you don't need to have serious reasons for a divorce. All 50 states have

Can wife gift property to his husband?

I think the question you're asking is what gifts can a wife get for her husband that he will really like? The answer to that really depends on what things her husband is interested in.For example, I work for a

Can you ever get over your husband having an affair?

You may not get over it but you can learn to live with the knowledge. It's a terrible disappointment but it cannot spoil a good marriage unless both parties hold bitterness and anger in their hearts. Start talking to each other. Forgiveness may seem impossible but it isn't and this can make

Could a guy who had multiple affairs in the past be a trustworthy husband?

Do this yourself. Make a survey of cases on extramarital affairs. Look at how many people involved were

Could a second wife get custody of the husband's children from his first marriage after a divorce?

Could a second wife get custody of the husband's children from his first marriage after a divoreiw?If the children's biological mother is dead or her parental rights terminated AND the 2nd wife can prove she has a very close maternal relationship with the children AND that the children will be harmed by being separated from

Could a woman divorce her husband in biblical times?

You probably mean from the followers of God like The Israelites.A quick answer to that is NO!Can a passage saying YES be shown to me from the Scriptures BEFORE Jesus came?Why THIS Scriptures?Because that was a time when The Creator used to speak

Did any woman regret divorcing her husband?

I am currently part of many Divorce help groups.I coach a few of them.I will particularly highlight 2 such cases.1.Priya (Name changed)Hasbands name( Tarun)Tarun was a loving Husband ,both Priya and Tarun were Child hood friends, they were living in Delhi together before marriage.Things seem to be fine,suddenly one good

Did anyone divorced a nice husband?

Yep.My second husband was a really great guy. Handsome, VERY intelligent, cultured, funny as Hell and just all around amazing. My family loved him and honestly I really did too.He only had one teeny-tiny problem. He was an alcoholic. Yes, I know that isn't tiny. To be perfectly honest I don't

Did you ever hurt your husband physically?

Anonymous, because I put hard work into making my children never have to see this.Yes. I bounced him off of fridge and kicked him the sack in the same incident.Why? Before we married I was very clear that while BDSM would be fine it was not something regular, or the main thing.The minute I married

Did your marriage become stronger after an infidelity?

I believe it could have. But she still is denying it because she is afraid for her persona or image to be tainted you could say. She has ALWAYS been the woman that would never do that kind of thing because of the character she cast herself as for years. So she went with Divorce and I found

Divorce: Why does my ex husband phone me to put me down and argue?

The possibilities are numerous but I think there are a few that are consistent in the situation you describe. It could be that he desires to communicate with you more. For example, if you shut him out (not saying you have) and the only way he can get you to engage

Do abusive husbands/wives realise what they're doing?

I will specifically address verbal, emotional, and psychological abuse from first-hand  experience and over 15 years of research on the subject, but I believe this would apply to physically abusive people as well. The answer is YES, but the

Do all husbands want to have other women?

Hi,Speaking from the married man perspective :No, not ALL.You cannot say 'every', 'always', or 'all' without having an exception to the rule.Remember, if you say it is true for one gender, it is likely to be equally as true for the other.Back

Do all wives make married life miserable for husbands by nagging, irritating, and being illogical?

You have described a life typical in many families in India. You are not the first husband and will certainly not be the last one to go through this phase of married life.Your wife must have either had a

Do an Indian girl have a right on her husband's and parent's property after getting married? What happens if her husband wants a divorce on the basis of adultery?

Indian Hindu married woman has only inheritance right on the property of her husband and parents. During the lifetime of these persons the Hindu woman cannot claim any right in their properties however after their death if any or all of them die intestate, namely without making any Will or Testamentary

Do Arab wives feel when their husbands marry again and flaunt their new wives without any restrictions?

We all have feelings and what so ever and they do feel anger but religion brainwash is just strong.As you know, Islam is being taught from childhood in schools and they teach them to surpress their feelings and be submissives.If they show a signs of disapproval either divorce is

Do boy-friends/husbands really take you for granted after a period of time?

Yes my husband has taken me for granted .. it's been 5yrs of our married life . Everytime he keeps hurting me in some or the other way thinking that i will never leave him and go .he knows that I'm badly in love with him and

Do controlling men make good husbands?

Do controlling men make good husbands?No.

Do crossdressers make better husbands?

As the wife of a crossdresser I can assure you that they really do make the best husbands.Now my husband was not a crossdresser when we got married and it was my fault that he became one and we both followed this white rabbit down the

Do divorce court judges grant any legal protection for dedicated fathers and/or good husbands?

Custody cases are decided on a "best interest of the child" standard.  While I'm sure that most judges are happy to hear cases where both parties are dedicated parents, a lot of times this description fits neither and it comes down to "which party has a better chance of offering

Do divorce settlements usually let the wife keep the jewelry her husband bought for her?

It's true that gifts from one spouse to the other spouse become the recipient-spouse's separate property, but in California if the gift is "substantial in value taking into account the circumstances of the marriage," it won't be an effective gift unless it's accompanied by a

Do divorced wives remember their ex-husbands?

Remember as in they will remember their names and who they were . And why it did not workout between the two and thats about it . Dont we all remember all those friends we fought with ? Its just the same

Do Ethiopian men make good husbands?

I am an Ethiopian, so, I can say Yes, but conditional.Respect is Everything to Ethiopians.we offer ourselves genuinely, and expect the same in return.when misunderstanding occurs, we prefer to talk with the wife only. not third party. (Remember we are proud people, we have never been taught how we should take defeat.

Do German husbands take a wife's surname after marriage?

As a German native I'd say it's still very uncommon, but it definitely happens, and more often so. I know of a few cases where a man decided to take this wife's last name - just to make a statement

Do girls have issues if their husband had affairs?

yes ...this the answer of your questionwhether if this is before(During)/after marriage then she must have issues from this.... not only to girls should, same applies on husbands too.both of you are in relation because you are complementary to each other for some feelings

Do husbands like stronger wives?

Well, humans like/love/admire/envy/follow/wish-to-be stronger humans. Strength means :1. the capacity of an object or substance to withstand great force or pressure.2. the influence or power possessed by a person...and similar meanings..!!.So everyone eventually requires a stronger everyone...son wants a strong dad/mom, wife wants a strong husband, mother wants

Do husbands love it when their wives initiate love making?

I was thinking the other day about the miscommunication that occurs between husbands and wives when it comes to love making. This analogy came to me. See if it works for you.The husband is like the ice cream man at an ice cream parlor. His greatest satisfaction comes when he serves his wife a flavor

Do husbands love their wives less after they have kids?

Answering this anonymously because of the potential backlash I may get.Do not mistake what I am about to say. I love my wife to death. She is one half of my soul, my teammate against the world.BUT, I do not find her as sexy as I used to before she had our son.Before you