What will be the last day of earth?

It is said to be 5079, according to Baba Vanga, who predicted the beginning and end of WWII, the sinking of the Russian Submarine Kursk, the 9/11 attacks, and many more.You can find this article at http://themetapicture.com/the-gr...

If the Sun disappears, how long would it take for humans to feel the lack of oxygen?

The Sun does not give us oxygen, if that is what you think. The only things the Sun gives us are light and warmth. The oxygen we have in our atmosphere comes from the photosynthesis by plants and some marine organisms such as algae.If

Could there be humans on other planets. Not aliens but humans?

The twists and turns that lead to life, and us, evolving on this planet we're numerous and unique. Take for example the fact that we have plate tectonics, a characteristic unique to Earth in this solar system and perhaps essential for life

If the sun and earth swapped places, what would happen?

It wouldn't be pretty. First off, the moon would be consumed; Venus and Mars would fry or freeze depending on how far they were from the Sun's new position.Asteroids and small planets would be consumed or ejected as the entire solar system dynamic would

What would happen if Mars suddenly vanished?

A re-balancing of the overall gravitational fields will take place. Potential for more Asteroid debris from the Solar System to hit planet Earth.

What would happen if the Earth had the same amount of mass and became the size of Jupiter?

So, Jupiter has a diameter almost 11 times that of the Earth. Jupiter has a volume over 1300 times that of Earth.There are some experimental materials that are made by whipping a liquid into a foam, which then solidifies into an extremely lightweight matrix. Think of the volcanic rock, pumice. Or a dry natural sponge.Let's assume

What would happen to man-made satellites if humans suddenly disappeared?

Telecommunications satellites are generally built to be disposable in that no one is going up and doing mechanical repairs on them.Low-earth orbit -- which are a few hundred to a thousand-plus kilometers up -- often are designed to re-enter the atmosphere and burn up after a

What if earth received a message from outside our Galaxy saying never to leave earth or a killer alien race would find you?

To be blunt, we are fucked?I mean it really does depend on how fast exactly are they going to find us and get to us?We can barely leave our own planet, the best we could do is likely Mars and its not exactly habitable and wouldnt really matter

What can happen to the earth in one minute?

I'm answering for what can happen in earth in one minuteIn a single minute,1) Your body produces 120–180 million red blood cells.2) People ask GOOGLE 2.4 million questions.3) 25 million coca-cola products are consumed.4) Many of those bottles will end up in land fills where the world

Alien attack: What if the Aliens plan to destroy all the satellites around the earth before they attack our planet?

Sure the satellites would be largely sitting ducks and are small and fragile, a relatively small kinetic impactor could rip them to pieces with ease.  The problem is that you mostly are only going to take out communication in remote areas,

What happen if earth stopped moving?

How?As in, stopped rotating?Or, stopped in its orbit?Or both?Stopped rotating. - The super-fast winds of 1,692 km/hour would quickly kill most life on Earth. The Sun would slowly scorch the near side and the far side would freeze.Stopped in its Orbit. - The seasons would be still. As in, if it were winter in London when the

How would the governments of the world inform the public if extraterrestrial life made contact with earth?

If it became necessary for the governments on Earth to inform the public of alien arrival or presence, it would be a fiat accompli established by the aliens themselves. However, the aliens would have to have a very important purpose (benign or hostile) to reveal themselves openly.  As

What would happen to Earth if Jupiter disappears?

Not much. Earth's orbit is an ellipse with a certain amount of ‘ellipticalness' or eccentricity; this value waxes and wanes by a very small amount, on cycles of 100,000 and 400,000 years. Those cycles are due to the tiny influence of Jupiter. Without Jupiter, the eccentricity of Earth's orbit would not have that variability.

What would happen if everyone believed the Earth is flat?

what the readers are failing to recognise is that the flat earthers believe that the earth is the center of the universe that all the heavens are just holes to heaven in the firmament and the sun revolves around the earth.As for what would happen well first off no more flying from

How would a planet move if the sun suddenly disappeared?

Apart from the fact that this is totally impossible.The planet would no longer be in orbit as the force of gravity keeping it in orbit around its ‘Sun' would vanish. Instead it would obey Newton's first law and just keep on moving at the

If someday there is an alien invasion on earth, who would be the person best fit to represent earth?

The question is very subjective.Ideally, the Representative of the World should be the UN General Secretary- currently Ban-Ki Moon-who represents the Earth.Technically, the President of the United States is the most powerful person in the world and hence has the right to demand that he/she be chosen. (Imagine Donald Trump).A

If the solar system had an atmosphere, how loud would the sun be on Earth?

You could figure it out using Sound Intensity and Sound Level The sound intensity I in units of W/is defined in terms of I = (dP)^2/(2*density*v). So you'd need to find or estimate the dP of sound waves at the sun's

What would happen if a cubic nanometer of neutron star material appeared on Earth?

I doubt anybody would notice. It's mass is 0.0000000000000000000000001017 kilogram, just about the weight of a copper atom.Good luck.

If the US one day decided to nuke the moon, who would stop them?

First of all you probably think a nuclear bomb is a big powerful bomb that can do a lot of damage. This is true on Earth with our atmosphere. The bomb goes from normal temperature to very hot very quickly, this sudden increase in thermal energy explosively expands the air which is what

What would happen if the Earth's inner core was as hot as the sun's core?

I'm with Jack Noel here - that much energy would blow up the earth.The only reason the sun can stay at the insane temperature of around 15 million Kelvin is because of the immense gravitational forces pulling the sun back together, while it gets blown apart by the fusion in the core of the sun that

If earth was attacked by aliens and we won, would countries get along better after?

For maybe a short time. However, as usual, the next generation would return to the natural human tendency/behavior to control power, people and wealth. Something deeply ingrained into our species.

Why aren't aliens invading the Earth?

If there are aliens, why do they not invade Earth?Any advanced alien species would come from at least 4.5 light-years away, and probably a lot more. But let's go for best case: 4.5 light-years. That's the distance light travels in 4.5 years.

If aliens were to invade earth to exterminate humans, how would they do it?

Hi Rowan, frankly I would have thought that it would be a fait accompli by now if that was their intention. There are caves with 40,000 year old drawings showing suited humanoids and craft with vortex behind. In 2013 there was a meeting called The Citizens Hearing on Disclosure. Attended by many public figures incl

What's life without Earth?

There are so many planets with conditions to support some kind of life, that Earth's steriltiy would not even be a blip.

Earth (planet): Would Earth be ecologically balanced without humans?

It is believed that life started around 3.5 billion years ago on Earth.It was single cell till Pre-Cambrian era when life kick started its journey. Scientists have found the evidence of global glaciation around 650 million years ago. At this stage Earth was fully covered with ice. Popularly know as Snowball Earth. It lasted around 10

What would happen if sodium suddenly disappears from the Earth?

That is a very simple one: Everyone Dies™. Or at least all animal life. Plants wouldn't be affected that much.Hyponatremia (Low Level of Sodium in the Blood) - Hormonal and Metabolic Disorders - MSD Manual Consumer VersionThe brain is particularly sensitive to changes in the sodium level in blood.

What if there were no humans on Earth? Will Earth survive?

What do you suppose the Earth will do if humans cease to exist ? Hurl itself into the Sun in a fit of despair ? Humans need the Earth to survive, not the other way around. It was here before us, and it will be after.

What if humans disappear from the Earth?

A few hours after humans disappear, most of the lights around the world will shut off because most of the power stations will not be able to run.Fossil fuels power plants would run out of fuel and solar panels would eventually get covered in dust.The only power plants still running would be hydroelectric stations.'On the west of

What would happen if one in every ten atoms suddenly disappeared?

Really bad things.First off, most organic molecules have more than 10 atoms, so obviously nothing living remains viable. But it's actually much worse than that. If you simply delete an atom from an existing stable molecule, you get a free radical; highly reactive, with a lot of chemical energy. Matter

Do you think the earth will vanish one day?

Thanks for A2A.Do you think the earth will vanish one day?I certainly don't think that the Earth will suddenly

If you are the general of the military of an alien race with space travel, how do you go about attacking and conquering Earth?

What an interesting twist on this question; a plausible reason to abstain from orbital bombardments. Yet, this constraint of wanting an unspoiled colony does not preclude our hypothetical aggressors  from genocide.So that is what this little exercise becomes:1) The planet's native flora/fauna must be preserved, except in

How long after the sun stops shining/burning could life on Earth be maintained?

Plants would start dying immediately. Herbivores would begin starving within weeks. Carnivores would be able to subsist on herbivore carcasses for a few months, then they would die.Hovever, life in the deep sea would continue indefinitely, because deep sea spreading center hot springs would still continue supporting that ecosystem.

How long would it take for a gravity train to travel around (technically across) the Earth?

About 42 minutes and 6 seconds.Lots of unrealistic assumptions here.1) It travels in an evacuated tube.2) The tube goes direct through the centre of the earth (6370 km into the centre and 6370 km out to the opposite side surface)3) Earths density

What would happen to Earth if all the other planets disappeared?

If all the other planted in our solar system vanished, and it was just the earth and the sun, one of two things would likely happen.Since the careful balance of gravity across the system just got disturbed, the earth would either settle into a new,

What's life without Earth?

There are so many planets with conditions to support some kind of life, that Earth's steriltiy would not even be a blip.

What is the easiest way for aliens to destroy humanity without destroying Earth?

Well...lets say history repeats itself. Like in the French and Indian war, part of it was one by the spread of smallpox. Aliens, probably being immune to viruses on their own 'planet' could easily use a smoke bomb or even blankets carrying their own genetic viruses in a busy place; New York. Disease would spread quickly. Sooner or later

What would be the consequences on Earth, if all the humans suddenly disappear from earth?

There's a TV documentary and a good TV series about this scenario. Respectively, they are Aftermath: Population Zero (on National Geographic) and Life After People (on either History or Discovery).Basically, within a day, the skies will be empty as planes on autopilot run out of fuel and crash. Within a

What would happen if every planet and their moons were replaced with Earth and the moon?

Everyone Dies™Let's see what will happen to all of the planets in the solar system:Mercury: All of the oceans will evaporate and the planet will be turned into hell.Venus: Earth would slowly turn into Venus - If Venus and Earth switched places, what would happen to each?Earth: Everyone dies. You will see why.Mars: Earth would...

What would happen if the Earth suddenly becomes flat?

Since in the question physics is suspended during the flattening, let's assume everything is magically fine and topographically harmonious on our flat planet when physics is suddenly restored.As soon as gravity returns, the earth begins to reform into its normal spherical shape. At this point, all sorts of complicated flows occur, and

How fast would electron need to hit the Earth to obliterate all life on it?

Are you joking ? No i mean seriously.An electron to wipe out earth and life etc would never have enough energy to obliterate earth.Let us see why.First let us take an example first. A small one.The energy with which the

What would happen if one eighth of the Earth suddenly disappeared?

Well, there would be 1/8th of the world we'd stop caring about about for one.Other than that, we'd see the earth start to tilt out of its axis. Volcanic tidal waves, earthquakes which would rupture continents and tornado's forming from the wind and heat differences caused by extreme imbalances of the two...Animals and nature would be

What would happen if we spun the moon?

Duh, turn green cheese into green yarn?But seriously folks, if you could spin the moon faster or slower there would be no lasting effect because the near side is denser than the rest of the moon. It would FALL back to its present position!

What would happen if the Sun became a black hole right now? Would everyone die?

Yes. But the how is varied.If the sun became a black hole in the usual way, it would have to start by being a very massive star. Such stars are so large that Earth would likely be inside the star. And thus, we die by being a plasma.Everyone Dies™But

What would happen if all humans but me suddenly disappeared off the face of the Earth?

You would become the most outstanding person in the world in every single category you could imagine or otherwise. You also would probably not die of old age unless you were already significantly close to that point prior to the sudden disappearance of everyone else.