What are the biggest negative traits of a generalized INFP?

Passive-aggresiveness.I could rant about this for hours. I'm not an INFP, (INFJ here) but I have plenty of experiences with INFP and this bugs me out the most.INFPs have this

What is an INFP's view on marriage?

Choose wisely. I'd say this to any mbti type. Marrying someone doesn't complete you. Marrying someone with the same values enriches your life hugely. It challenges you especially an INFP to communicate in different ways and to reflect in ways

What are the best career choices for INFP/INFJ personalities?

Instead of just giving you career choices, i'll tell you how do these 2 types see the world. Bear in mind that if you typed yourself using the popularised way,

What attracts INFPs in men or women?

I'm an infp male and this is a list of what I find attractive it isn't in any particular order just what my thumbs type first. Caution contains hypothetical situations im not directing my post towards anyone in particular.Authenticity- basically