How to increase your IQ

In theory IQ tests measure your speed of learning. You can change this somewhat:In the short term as much as 50% of the difference in IQ between you and another person is environmental and therefore changeable. However, some of this will disappear when you quit doing whatever you did to increase it.In

Should it be mandatory for people to take an IQ test in order to determine if they're worthy of biological reproduction?

No.Raw strength, functionality, ability to endure hell, should be prioritized over intelligence. This is a sieve an organism, humans included, will pass through naturally if they're fit for the earth itself. There's a very good biological reason for the stereotype of the muscle-bound dumb jock and the weak-yet intelligent Nerd.Going against this law through

What is Rahul Gandhi's IQ?

I my opinion and knowledge I don't think he had ever attempted or gone through any IQ tests which has at least been made public. Though his party claims that he is a Howard graduate, which is being questioned now and then about its authenticity.Let's go through some of his legendary

What would an IQ of 500 or 1000 look like?

A person so intelligent would quickly realize that he knows nothing in the universe; he would, also, on many levels, be accepting and have extremely radical views. For example, if put in a judicial position, he may not convict a rapist or murderer, since the rapist or murderer cultivated bad habits based on

Can IQ questions improve our brains?

Based on past experience, yes. But more broadly speaking, any kind of practice in a specific field of achievement/knowledge/skill whether it be sports, counselling, art, engineering, creativity, dance/music, acting, business, social activism, law, philosophy, whatever is going to improve your

Can non-gifted people take a wide range IQ test, or will they underscore?

I'm not sure what you mean by a "wide IQ" test. I looked it up, and didn't find anything useful.I'm also not sure what you mean by "gifted" either, which has many subjective definitions.*******Anyway, if your IQ is in the

Do official IQ tests only measure logical/mathematical intelligence?

They do NOT test logical and even less mathematical intelligence. As someone with an IQ of 55 on my spatial part, 78 on my logical-mathematical part and now on my way not only to finish my study at university but also seeing sucess on my way

Does depression affect one's IQ?

That depends on how you define IQ. Strictly speaking, IQ is our attempt to measure innate intelligence. If you define IQ as the result of a single test, then yes. The score will be lower than on any previous tests when the person was not depressed. If you define IQ as the person's innate intelligence, then

Does exercise actually increase IQ?

Damn hell it does... Aerobic exercises help in secretion of BDNF Brain development neurotrophic fac4tor) hormone which further helps the synapses in the brain to form connections which act as neural pathways for the other (math, science, literature) signals to travel through.Aerobic Exercises

Does IQ really measure intelligence?

A Emmanuel said, you can't quantify intelligence so we measure intelligence in relation to other people.If you're wondering about the validy of an IQ test to judge your intelligence, well, for one, I've written about it on: Understanding IQ - Index by Ethan Hillman on The Educational Blog.Basically, IQ tests were invented in 1905

How to get my IQ tested

There are many ways for someone to have their Intelligence Quotient or IQ tested in today's society. With the ever expanding realm of the Internet at our fingertips, measuring one's level of intelligence has never been easier or more difficult for that matter.Why are IQ tests important?Intelligence Quotient tests

How does an IQ test work and what is determined from an IQ test?

As someone who administers IQ tests, has studied them extensively, and has even written a few questions for several of them, I know just a little about them...First, the reliability and validity of any test score declines as the value

If I have a higher IQ than Einstein does that mean I will do better in life than Einstein?

ONE NEVER KNOWS, DO ONE?You might be happier:"I think of you in heartfelt love every spare minute and am so unhappy as only a man can be" ~ Albert Einstein in a letter to a woman not his wife.You may

Should I take an IQ test?

If you think the number (and the accompanying report which you can discuss with the person testing you) will help you in some way, than yes, definitely do it. Some people feel more self-assured knowing they weren't imagining things, others find it useful to have the number on paper in order

Should it be mandatory for people to take an IQ test in order to determine if they're worthy of biological reproduction?

No.Raw strength, functionality, ability to endure hell, should be prioritized over intelligence. This is a sieve an organism, humans included, will pass through naturally if they're fit for the earth itself. There's a very good biological reason for the stereotype of the muscle-bound dumb jock and

Should there be a mandatory IQ test before breeding?

No, it would be a mess to set up, a mess to implement, and would lead to several unintended and very negative outcomes.On the face of it there are some merits. intelligence is roughly 50% genetic so stupid people are more likely to have stupid kids who will contribute less to society and stupid parents might

What is it like to take an IQ test?

I took a Mensa Admission IQ test in May. It was a two-hour written group test held at a psychologist's office. I had overslept and arrived just in time for the test to start; a little later and I would have stood in front of locked doors, because they don't allow latecomers, probably

What is the standard deviation of the Cattell Culture Fair Intelligence Test (Scale 3, Form A) - Mensa suggests it is 16, but all other sources seem to suggest it is 24?

The question can be asked. As a test supervisor in Mensa France, I had the scale giving by test the threshold of admission and the decile bounds including the Cattell III A. If a candidate had 100% correct answers to the Cattell III

Who is the most intelligent person alive today?

Before we attempt to answer, let us know about ‘intelligence'. Intelligence is defined as the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills. This means if a person who is able to use his brain to gain knowledge and knows how to apply

Why is race and IQ such a controversial topic?

I think that the reason these are so controversial is because you can't do anything about them. Almost everything about you can be changed. You can change how you talk, your habits, how you dress, you can change your gender, you can

Are there journal sources on the POSITIVE effects of music on any of these areas: brain development, coordination, spatial IQ, cognitive IQ?

No, despite many attempts. What is there is an association between musical and other cognitive abilities. Music doesn't make you smarter, but it is a little flag you can plant in the dirt and say

Aside from IQ tests, how would you determine how intelligent someone is?

This has no bearing whatsoever on neurological reality, so be warned, but here is what I would do:Ask them

Having an IQ above 130, how do you feel being in the top 2% of the population?

Answering anonymously because this is personal information.I've been seriously tested, Mensa certified, psychiatrically tested - consistently above 170. I can't answer the question as to what it feels like to be in the top 2% as I'm in the 99.9998th percentile. One in 620,000 or so.The long and the short of it

How to stop being ashamed of my IQ

Why would you be ashamed of an average IQ, let alone ADD? Are you ashamed of your skin color, gender, and hair/eye color?! You were born with an average IQ, so what. There's a lot of people with high IQ's that are quite arrogant about it despite it

How to make yourself more intelligent

Original question: Can we make ourselves more intelligent?Short answer: YesYou can become a more intelligent person, how can you do it depends on your definition of intelligence.Type A: Physics, Math, Science - like intelligence. This one is related to academic life (We've all been there). We are said that becoming more intelligent will

How to increase my IQ to 150

(updated Jan 10, 2018 following some research)In theory IQ tests measure your speed of learning. You can change this somewhat:In the short term as much as 50% of the difference in IQ between you and another person is environmental and therefore

I procured an A in psychology even though, according to Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC), my fluid intelligence is 79. How does this add up?

First of all, there is a low correlation between grades and IQ. For example, though I myself have a minimal Verbal IQ of 160+ sd15 (same as rarity of 1 in 31, 560 or greater) and a logico-mathematical IQ just as high or higher

My IQ was tested at 127, but I'm extremely terrible at math even though I try. How can that be?

First: I do not believe in IQ tests at all. They are mostly depending on speed and speed is quite unimportant.You may be intelligent, but still have troubles with math. In this cast, the reason is bad teachers. There may be some fundamental thing, you missed or got wrong. It is the teachers duty

Was Einstein a genius?

An average IQ ranges from 85-115. Fewer than 1% of people in the world have an IQ over 140, which is around the range where genius begins. Classification of 'genius' has changed over the years, so the numbers and terms have varied over time. Einstein is estimated to have had an IQ of 160,

What are some hobbies that improve your IQ?

Hobbies that require different responses and have more variety will be better for IQ improvement than those repetitive ones that basically keeps your brain in the same groove all the time. That's affirmed by various studies I've read.I doubt there

What are the benefits of joining a high IQ society or club?

If you are a person with high IQ and you are around others of a similar nature it is likely the jokes will be more intricate, more drawn out and you'll get a much greater laugh being willing to tell it again to others maybe

What can a person with low IQ understand that a person with a higher IQ can't?

Answers to this question are without end. ANY person can grasp & comprehend virtually ANYthing which escapes ANY other person.To believe that someone with measurably higher intelligence is able to ‘understand' more than someone else is to subscribe to a deeply flawed notion. Simply any of the arts, for example, may be experienced more acutely by those

What does IQ really mean? Is it accurate? Can a person actually become smarter with age?

IQ: Intelligence Quotient, or a summarization of how intelligent you are with a number. It is entirely innaccurate and the most frequently used test was designed to figure out if kindergarten French kids were able to move on.Yes, you can absolutely grow more intelligent as you age, but that's not to say your literal ability is

What IQ score would a 34 on the ACT correlate with?

ACT is not an IQ test and its scores are not always comparable to an IQ score. But they do correlate well and especially at the highest end of the ACT score scale.That is, the upper few percentiles of the ACT score are generated by people

What is the most frustrating part of having an IQ greater than 130?

I can only answer this from a personal perspective. So i may advice you not to generalize based on my own personal perspective, but I like to think this will be an adequate representation of the struggles of people with high IQ. The most frustrating aspect

What would the world be like now if the highest IQ anybody had is just 115 and that's as rare as today's 220?

If, in the interest of the thought experiment, one sets aside the extremely important issue of extrapolation errors, and considers the Flynn Effect to account for that much of a difference, one could calculate that, at a rate of 0.3 points per year, it would

Are very high (IQ>176) IQ tests reliable? How can a one-in-a-million test reliably differentiate IQ values? If the founder of an ultra-high IQ society wrote his own high-range, untimed tests to test IQ, how can we know those IQ scores are valid?

A2A request about the reliability and validity of the Four Sigma IQ Test.There are professional standards that must be met by test developers to provide evidence of an instrument's psychometric properties. Those standards are published jointly by the National Council on Measurement in Education, the American Psychological

How smart is someone with an IQ of 147?

An IQ of 147 (SD-15) is in the genius range. An IQ of 147 belongs to the 99.91th percentile, therefore its rarity is 1/1100 people. There are people who will chime in stating that IQ means nothing but that is false. Each point increase in IQ test scores is associated with $202 to

How would an IQ of 1-10 look like?

A person with an actual IQ of 10 would not be functional at all. They could not feed themselves or take care of any of their adult daily living needs. Imagine a week old baby, that would be the level of functionality of a person

If a 12 year old got 110 on an adult IQ test would that translate to an IQ of 147?

No, unequivocally, no.For two primary reasons ( and other more minor reasons):You cannot give a 12 year old an "adult" test because you have no standardized administration and you have no comparative data for that age group. However, there is something called a "mental age," that is sometimes used with persons with

Is 122 IQ good for a 17 year old?

IQ is a mean of 100 and a standard deviation of 15 (16 for some tests). Youth have separate norms groups by age group.Also an IQ score or near-IQ-equivalent from a test that is not on Mensa's list is very questionable. Mensa Qualifying test scores . Stanford Binet, Otis-Lenon and Cogat are

Is it possible to create an IQ test for people with IQs over 1000?

Even if creating such a test was possible, nobody will ever score that high - by definition. About 1 in 1 billion people have an IQ of 190 (six standard deviations above the mean); i.e. ~7 people alive now have that

What is considered a good IQ?

       The IQ score of 158 is already within the realm of Genius, this is true. At the same time all people whom score at or above that of IQ score 140 are considered to be that of Genius. Having

What is the IQ of a 15-year-old taking an IQ test meant for adults and scoring 124?

The IQ is still 124. This score is above average but within normal range, therefore it is a good, desirable result. Very positive outlook for this 15 year old.Online IQ tests don't count, by the way, you must be tested with a standardized test for your score to compare with others. Much of the information on IQ you find

What kind of abilities would someone with an IQ north of 250 have?

They do exist; however, most out-of-level tests (SAT at age 12...) and extended scoring maxes out around 220. I'd expect at least a few dozen to exist based on how many hit the ceiling on these measures, and they'd likely be profoundly gifted in multiple areas, as this

What's the average IQ for a XX-year-old?

Theoretically, the average IQ for most people, whatever its age, is 100.Because with the years and universal attendance to school, since the times Lewis Terman since 1916, the IQ test had been increasing 0.5 points per year. That means an average of 15 points in 30 years. But 15 or 16 points is approximately 1 "standard deviation". Look

Who has the highest recorded IQ of all time?

What is IQ ​?IQ is nothing but the number that a person scores after taking one of the many standardized tests to measure the intelligence level of an individual. The general score of 95% of the population from these test ranges between 70 to 130.