What screams 'I am new to Idaho?'

As Tani has said,and I agree, agressive behavior in driving, and actions. I can spot a newcomer quite readily, without seeing license plates, just by the way they drive. Idaho is mostly rural and laid back. City living is high speed, and high

What screams 'I am new to Idaho?'

As Tani has said,and I agree, agressive behavior in driving, and actions. I can spot a newcomer quite readily, without seeing license plates, just by the way they drive. Idaho is mostly rural and laid back. City living is high speed, and high

Did the early Mormon settlers in Utah and Idaho suffer inbreeding?

If you mean incest, no. Siblings could not marry. However, some of the plural marriages were men being married to two sisters, thus making the children of such unions not only half-siblings but also cousins. The child's aunt would also be his

Is there an FBI office in Boise, Idaho?

I am be happy to help. Being a long-time Idahoan, I am very familiar with the internet. One extremely useful tool that would help with your query is called ‘Google'. It will not only answer this question, but it will

What's it like to grow up in Idaho?

I am originally from southern California, but came to Boise, Idaho in the late 80s to attend Boise State University and have been here ever since. I was also in the Idaho National Guard, and work at The Nature Conservancy of Idaho, so

Are there gangs in Boise Idaho?

Do they exist here? Yes. Will you have any problems because of them? No. Street crime basically doesn't happen in Idaho. Pretty hard to make a living mugging people when pretty much everyone has a gun and law enforcement take crime very seriously here. Nobody goes to jail for defending themselves here.

When will they build a food lion in Idaho?

It's pretty unlikely. There's very little brand recognition for Food Lion in Idaho. I don't think most people have heard of it. Also, it's so far from other food lion stores. Chains of almost any kind like to expand into areas where they can build several stores or that are near

Is Boise, Idaho an expensive place to live?

Compared to the nation, no. Compared to most of the rest of the state, yes.The national median income is over $55k. For idaho, it is $48k (Idaho State Household Income)So, people live here well below the median income.I live just outside of

What should you never do or say in Idaho?

Just remember if you're from California that Idaho is a very Red State with GOP

What is it like to live in Idaho?

The cost of living is low, very low wages, poor public education system and beautiful wilderness. Excellent fishing. The people are friendly, but beware of the Mormons/LDS Church. They have their hands in a lot of businesses and politics and are unpleasant people and fake. It's extremely gun friendly and you can carry concealed without a

What can you tell me about visiting Idaho?

It is a state with varied topography, from arid desert to lush, green mountains, to Sand dunes, to snow capped mountains. You have Craters of the Moon National Park, a volcanic rift area. Part of the state has a lesser known entrance into Yellowstone National

What are the pros and cons of living in Idaho?

This totally depends on where in Idaho you're talking about. It's a big state, with lots of land, and relatively few people.Northern Idaho is very different from Central Idaho, and both are different from Southern Idaho. I can't speak to Southern Idaho, but I have lived in Northern Idaho and still live in

What should I put on my 'Must see/do' list when visiting Boise, Idaho for three days?

If you're from the western US, there's not a lot about Boise that's particularly special. It's a nice city, but not really a place to visit unless you want to drink a lot of craft beer (which is also a good way to spend

Is Boise Idaho a nice place for Muslims?

Yes. They seem to like it here a lot. We have quite a number of them living here.

What are some 'must-see' places when I visit Idaho?

Idaho is a northwestern U.S. state known for mountainous landscapes, and vast swaths of protected wilderness and outdoor recreation areas. The capital, Boise, is set in the Rocky Mountain foothills and is bisected by the Boise River, which is popular for rafting and fishing. The city's riverfront Julia Davis Park is a downtown green space

What is your review of Idaho (state)?

I have lived in Boise my entire life, so I think I'm qualified to answer this.There's a running joke in Idaho that the rest of the country only knows us for potatoes. And that the rest of the country gets us mixed up with Iowa.There is a bit of truth to these stereotypes, but it's

Is it legal to go jogging alongside irrigation canals in Boise Idaho?

Private property, no trespassing. I saw that someone suggested you use the

How right-wing is Idaho?

Idaho has one of the largest concentrations of white supremacist (NeoNazi) groups in the United States.  That should give you some idea.

What is the average snowfall in Boise, Idaho? How does that vary?

Boise is considered a mild high desert, so precipitation is very light all year round.That being said, weather is consistently dry and snow is only broughtin by occasional storms. There is a fleet of snowplows that have to work about one week combined all winter. In winter, the ground will usually be blanketed by about 1–3

Is Washington better than Idaho?

The western part of it - yes. For much of the eastern part it is exactly the same.

Which would be a nicer place to live, Philadelphia or Boise, Idaho?

It depends upon what you need in your life.I'm certain that a great and noble city like the historically important Philadelphia has many good neighbourhoods. But there are plenty of less illustrious aspects of it as well.If you are looking to have major artistic acts or sports venues in your town, Boise is not your place, Philly is. If

How common is gang activity in Idaho?

It is a growing problem in Idaho. Where I grew up on the border of Idaho and Oregon by Ontario, gang activity is on the up and up, often related to drug and sex trade. I suspect this has something to do with the prison that was built there about 25

What would happen if Oregon invaded Idaho?

Presumably, Idaho didn't see this attack coming so has not readied any defensive forces.First, the Idaho State Patrol would try to evacuate Governor Otter - via aircraft - to Utah. However, the Governor of Idaho's plane is a King Air turbo prop so it would doubtfully be able to make it to Utah before

What does Idaho do better than California?

It's not full of liberals, it's beautiful, it's the perfect place to raise kids, it's an outdoor paradise year round, you can still have the American dream and purchase a home. Traffic jams almost don't exist.

What is wrong with Boise?

The wrong kind of growth.Boise was great when it was below a certain population level. The food scene keeps improving, as well as the job market.However, everything else is devolving rapidly.

Why is BYU-provo better than BYU-Idaho?

While I think you can get a fine education in Rexburg, in the accepted methodology of ranking schools, BYU-P is better than BYU-I for the same reason Harvard is better than the University of Florida--more rigorous standards of admission.  BYU-I

What natural disasters affect Boise Idaho?

Earthquakes are probably the biggest natural disaster threat which we rank #7 in the nation.Nevada Seismological Laboratory ranks top 10 states for earthquake activityThe top 10 rankings, based on the magnitude of earthquake that occurs once per year on average: 1, Alaska, 6.70; 2, California, 6.02; 3, Nevada,

What do you dislike about Idaho?

The only thing I dislike about Idaho, is the growing population. I have lived here almost 40 years now, and I have seen so many changes. I miss the small city atmosphere, Boise had years ago. I miss the wide open fields, with birds of prey sitting on the telephone poles. I miss all the wild birds coming

What are the prisons like in Idaho?

Crowded. We are a state with lots of laws & old-school rationale when it comes to crime & punishment. If the news reports crime is on the rise the thinking is that we need to be harder on lawbreakers! More cops are hired,

What should one do for a weekend in Boise, Idaho?

There are some well known places to go in Boise on a weekend, ID. Also there are a lots of restaurant in Boise but I recommend to visit boise seafood as this one of the best restaurants in Boise for seafood and steak. You can go with your family, your date or all by yourself.

What is it like living in Eastern Washington state near Idaho?

It's great!I live in Clarkston, WA. I also live on the eastern edge of Clarkston, which means I can figuratively throw a ball to Idaho from my front yard. (To be honest, I would have to go to the end of my

What is the state tax for Idaho?

The answer depends on which state tax you are referring to. The state sales tax rate is 6%. There are local rates that are added to the state rate that range from 0% to 3% depending on the location and type of transaction.The corporate income tax rate depends on a number of factors, but the stated rate is 7.4%.

What are some fun facts about Idaho?

Idaho is wonderful! Just a few miles from where I live is what is called the Niagra of the west. It is a majestic waterfall from March until July. It is on the web. There are many falls along the Snake River Canyon which spill out from

What is it like to live in Lewiston, Idaho?

I attend college here. It is unlike many places in Idaho. It is in a valley, so it is extremely hot in the summer, with temps usually above 90 the whole summer, and only cooling to 65 on a good night. The town is on a big hill, so it really sucks up your gas. There is also a

Why is Arizona warmer than Idaho?

Lower latitude therefore sun is higher in sky and provides more heating of the ground than in Idaho. For the lower desert in AZ where the temperatures are higher, this is more of a result of air compressing and heating as the air flows

We're Polynesians moving from Hawaii to Idaho. What can we expect?

Well, you're in for a real treat. There are different attributes to Idaho's geography, but let's say you end up in Boise, or in Ada or Canyon County. You can look forward to four relatively distinct seasons but not huge swings

Why are Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming among the most conservative states in the US?

I live in Boulder, Wyoming. The nearest Walmart to me is 100 miles away. The nearest house to mine is 3 miles away. The only source of heating my house has is wood.You might think that is all useless information but here is why that relates to us being super conservative/Republican. We have to work

Why is rent so high in Boise, Idaho?

Because thousands of people from out of state are moving in a they have driven up the property values. There are almost no homes available for under 200,000. We used to have many homes in the 150,000 range. All it does is screw everyone . The

Why is Idaho called 'The Gem State'?

There seems to be a few sources for this. I'd say the most official is from a Visit Idaho Brochure: https://visitidaho.org/content/u...

Why is Idaho a good state to live in?

Idaho has a lot of open spaces. If you like the beauty of nature, this is the place for you. If you like outdoor recreation, this is the place for you. If you want a city vibe without the mass of people in a huge town, Boise