What are life hacks for saving water in India?

Water is a precious natural resource that is essential for human existence. Like other natural resources, its supply is limited. Therefore, it should be used in a judicious manner and best efforts should be made to conserve it. Here are a few practical

Does India have ecosystem to support Tesla cars?

Tesla will build the charging infrastructure when they begin selling in India. In every country they sold their cars, the supercharger network was installed as well. All that govt of India should do is to provide more incentives for people to buy electric vehicles.

How good are Honor cell phones in the Indian market?

HiiThanks for A2AThe Honor is quite a good player in Indian Smartphone Market. It is getting competitive in terms of both price and specifications giving tough competition to brands like- Samsung, Xiaomi etc. In terms of buying phones in the mid-budget range, you can consider honor as the perfect choice for buying smartphones with good specs that offers

Why doesn't India have companies like Tesla?

India has companies like tesla !!India is going through unprecedented transformation as a nation. It's turning into a product economy from a service economy. We are no longer looked upon as an outsourcing destination for availability of inexpensive software talentIf

Which is the best waterproof smartphone under Rs. 10,000 in India?

Moto X4 is waterproof phone . But it is priced 16k to 22k on amazon/flipkart depending on 32/64 gb modelThanks.

What is the cheapest way to call land/mobile lines in India?

You should check out YaloThey have very cheap packages to call India from most countries, and you can call from mobile or landline to any device.They also give you 30 minutes free trial, well worth it.

Does anyone in India own a high end Tesla vehicle like the Tesla Roadster?

I am sure that some dude in Delhi or Gurgaon must be owing one.. North people cannot survive without importing one. Tesla can be charged with a normal plug point with a particular voltage. Not necessary to have charging stations. People in India do have surplus money to buy fancy vehicles, specially Sainik Farm area of Delhi. So I

Which car manufacturer in India is safest?

The short answer is none.None of the Cars that are manufactured in India have received a 5 Star safety rating.All hatch backs are equally unsafe. If you go for European makes VW, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, skoda, Volo. They are far better / safer than Indian counterparts.If

How many people in India use electric cars, and how many use Tesla?

Not enough people in India use EV. Not because they would like to but because there isn'T enough choice on vehicles and the infrastructure for charging is simply not there. Also most people are discouraged due to range anxiety.

Why is PPF rate of interest in India so low for a 15-year scheme?

Why do you consider the interest to be ‘so low'?The interest from PPF is tax-free and has pretty much exceeded the inflation rate. For the last 2 years, the interest rates are linked to the yields in government bonds and hence you can expect that the rates would be above inflation rate.With all the other advantages of the

How can india have a car manufacturer like tesla?

I believe there are electric cars made in India. Tesla fits US/EU more than in India, mainly price difference. But also road conditions and specifications and functions.Join the forces with those who already do or plan bringing EV-s to Indian market.

Can India produce a Mark Zuckerberg?

Startups that have been successful in India did not aim to be the next Facebook, and rightly so. Successful Indian startups have always looked to solve a particular problem at hand. Successful Indian startups became successful because they tried to build infrastructure where there was none. Let me explain.Case # 1: redBusInfrastructure built:

Why do IITs get such super fast Internet connection?

Internet connection  depends on your ISP (Internet Service Provider).There are different types of connections provided by different ISPs like broadband, lease line etc.Other Institution and private houses can also get super fast connection if they ask for such type of connection to ISP.

What is the fastest way to earn money in India?

There are lots of ways legitimate ways to make and invest money, but a way which I invest/make money and would recommend for anyone who's looking to make money is binary options trading. I make a lot of money trading binary options doing it the easy way. For those who do not have an idea

How does Tesla's Autopilot work in India?

Definitely NO.Tesla uses 8 cameras all around the car to have computer vision and uses complex processing to identify the lanes, traffic, signals, signboards and many such things to have a safe drive. The logic behind this is if humans with 2 eyes can drive

Why doesn't India own Microsoft?

India will never have a company like Google or Microsoft until,➖➖This answer is copied from Quora only ➖Parents would start letting children decide careers and other things for themselves. Many really good artists, singers, dancers are doing 9–5 jobs and killing their passion.The concept of settling down is the biggest enemy of Indian talent. We are too

How to think the farmland prices are going to change in India for the next 10 years

depending upon the current pollution rate i don't think we should worry about such a long termfarms will not be so fertile anymore if we don't do anythinggetting back to your question prices will be rocket high in south and western region of india but in north india farmlands will be converted to

What are the ways to stop Islamophobia in India?

...We indians....Muslims and HindusChristians and JainsBuddhists and Atheists..Everybody are living in harmony together..We are against terror just like you are.Against ISIS.Against any terror group.Why the hell does this ISLAMOPHOBIA question rise in INDIA.WHY?WE ARE PEACE LOVING PEOPLE...WHY THE HELL ARE YOU DIVIDING US?People like you should learn the meaning ofPeace and Harmony and

Why are there no importers of tesla model s/model x in India?

So far Tesla hasn't tapped Indian market but Elon Musk, Tesla CEO announced at the unveiling of model 3 that Tesla will enter the Indian market before the model 3 production begins. Customers for all the markets including India,

Why India connt produce electrical cars like Tesla and others?

Everything wrong with the Indian EV scenario.Electric mobility is one of the most happening sectors in Indian startup scenario these days. Every day, there's a new policy, product announcement or product launch. Startups like Ather energy, Twenty-two motors, Ampere vehicles etc and giants like Mahindra, Tata, Volkswagon etc are making news for EV.Despite so

What is quality of life?

Everyone's quality of life is different. Quality of life is the image of you when you're in your death bed reflecting on you're life. Imagine what you did in your life that you wish you did less of and what you did that gave you fullfillment and joy. What you reflect on in

How much should an Indian spend if he imports used car? Can he import left-hand-drive cars to India?

Hey! If you are planning to import a used/new car you will have to shell out 108% extra as an import duty. Plus if you are planning to get a used car there is alot of paperwork included before getting a used

What mobile phones do most rich people in India use? iPhone's or Android phones?

I think this is a question of interest to many people who are either climbing the ladder of success to become rich or have come to realise that their progress graph has hit a platue.My answer is- it depends on what the rich people desire from the phone.Being rich is a very generalised term..Became rich the hard way-

How advanced is India in technology?

India was getting advanced before. Now it looks like relegions have taken control. Its science versus religion always. The more you go towards religion, you are going away from science. For ppl looking from outside may think or see great things happening. But it isn't. Except few things. In few areas India was really well

I want to sell mobile cases on Flipkart. Where can I find suppliers for mobile cases in India?

It is not feasible to manufacture phone covers in India at low costs. So they are imported from China. Now here you can do two thing,  either import directly from China or buy it from someone who imports them in bulk. If your import quantity

What it is about Indian patent law that makes it better than other countries?

The expedited patent examination system available for few category of applicants.Most of the users of patent system want patents to be granted early. An early patent grant can be a shot in the arm. Normally the process of examination is slow.The new expedited system, available to start ups and applicants that chose IPO as a search

What is the maximum speed of Tesla cars?

Elon Musk's personal Tesla Roadster is currently clocking up a maximum speed (relative to the Sun) of close to 121,600 km/h (75,600 mph) at perihelion.Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster - WikipediaUnder its own power, that original roadster classic

Does anybody own a Tesla Model S in India?

I don't think anybody owns a Tesla automobile in India.But there's hope that the company would soon set up its base in India.There are some things that need to be looked into this matter like:Tesla is building a GIGA-FACTORY in US. Elon Musk (the CEO of Tesla) said that all the Lithium

Did the British create India?

No, India was not created by British.British converted the name  Bharat to IndiaBritish transformed India into a consumer of British goods.British created a typical administration. In 19th century, both the direct administration of India by the British crown and the technological change ushered in by the industrial revolution, had the effect of closely intertwining

Which are the top self drive car services in India?

Best bike and car rental in GuwahatiAwe Rides wins hands down when it comes to bike and car rental services from Guwahati.Let me tell you why:- Zoom car and Myles either not present or too expensive- They also charge large extra fees for pick up and drops- Local rentals are not reliable especially if you

Who was the king in India 1400 years ago?

It's difficult to put a finger on the exact year for one and for the other, there was no India back then. Answering this based on the assumption that the OP is referring to the ruler of the landmass of modern India. The problem is that

Why is Tesla not in India?

Indian traffic and roads are not compatible for tesla. Answer in one sentence. Hope you understood.

In India, what is the perfect age to get married for a boy?

I would say 25 is the right age, if you worry about settling always you should worry because expectation keeps on increasing .And do you think marrying at 29 will have the same love and romance factor as marrying at 25 ? And wat will you do in

Who was the king in India 1400 years ago?

It's difficult to put a finger on the exact year for one and for the other, there was no India back then. Answering this based on the assumption that the OP is referring to the ruler of the landmass of modern India. The problem is that

Do we really need a 4K phone in India?

Although the difference between a full hd screen and 4k screen on phone is hardly noticeable but its a move towards future and is well appreciated. Uses are minimum and it also drains lot of battery. Till now its just a feature you can show off but world is moving fast.

Is there a way to learn professional photography from home in India?

Hi Dibyojyoti,Thanks for the request ...I am one of the self taught professional photographers ....There are many ways to learn professional photography from Home ...First and foremost you need to ask or answer what kind of Professional Photography you want to get into ...You need to have the following before you get on to Professional front ..Thorough knowledge

Who can investigate military accidents in India?

Military Accidents???What exactly you mean when you say this?Accidents involving Military Personnel and civilian: Police will investigate as it would in any other case of accident.Accidents involving military person only: A military court of Inquiry will investigate presuming it happened in military area and

How has the Internet changed the life of an Indian?

As science and technology have evolved, our lifestyle experienced changes.From the basic needs to the utmost luxuries, almost every facet of our lifestyle is now impacted by the internet. And as we go towards the future, the dependence on the internet and its role in our life

Why is LeEco not releasing new phones in India?

Thanks for asking.Well, the company is in a dire financial situation and is most probably going to exit India. If you do a cursory search online, you will find many articles with this information.They overspent on a few of their ventures in the US and they were anyway selling phones at below cost in India as the plan always

Can we live happily without getting married in India?

The answer is subjective because it depends on many factors1. The place you live -metro you won't have a problem,south India except Banglore a bit difficult . I dont know about the northern part2 The type of family that you two have.If your

How to reduce my international roaming mobile bill

Hi,There are many travelling apps you can use but few of them which i used on my trip to abroad are: whatsapp, viber, imo and AjuraTo know more follow Ajura

Which is the largest car manufacturer in india?

by sheer volumes of sales it has to be the Maruti Suzuki. it has a a 40% share of the market. it sells a million cars every year which the next top 4(hyundai, tata motors, mahindra and toyota) put together.its manufacturing capacity is 2 million of the remaining it uses for export purpose. but maruti suzuki's main

Where do you see Outsourcing to India in next 10 years?

We enable outsourcing to India (and the Philippines) with http://Staff.com and are seeing some of these trends already. 1. Greater specializatino of outsourcing organizations2. Moving up the value chain. Performing tasks that were previously not outsourced3. Increased focus on quality and service

How much will the Tesla Model 3 cost in India?

Cost of the US-spec variant of Tesla MOdel 3 is USD 35,000, while the India-based model could be more costly because of GST imposed on fully developed units (CBUs). As of now, the luxury segment cars are drawing in 28% GST and a cess of 15%, accordingly making a sum of 43%. This may turn the

What will be the effects of global warming in India in the next 20-30 years?

I will go from what I feel are more likely to the less likely.More flooding especially towards the end of the Monsoons - so Aug/Sep and Dec/Jan. more so in cities where the population is increasing and out management of waste is

Which is the best electric car purchase for India?

Best is BMW i8 But it is too costly,next option for Indians Mahindra &Mahindra -Reva e20 and Mahindra &Mahindra everito and Tata Tiago ev