Shall I go to abroad for my sake or stay in India and serve my country?

Thanks for A2A.It all depends on you but one thing you should have in your mind is that if you are going abroad it doesn't mean that you can not serve your nation. Only thing you should remember, you have to give your best on whatever you do and

Even after being mostly a rural country, India has good rankings in many economic fields. What do you think will happen of 'all' the Indians will work towards the development of India?

Almost all Indians are already involved in the development of India.All the countries of the world are artificially created. A country is a construct of human mind - when a lot of people come together as one unit, a country is formed.India is still a country under-construction. As an example, you can see some hate

How to track a mobile number current location in india

Tracking Mobile Number made easy with some good Online Services. These Online services allows us to track any Mobile Number with exact Location and Owner's details.Trace Mobile Number With Name & Address? (Exact Location)

What is the probability of acceptance of electric vehicles in India? If necessary policies are made amenable, can companies like Tesla, Inc. set up and run a successful franchise here?

For sure they can! In fact many start-ups and big auto companies are innovating heavily in the EV domain e.g. Ather, Emflux Motors, Tork etc. But a constraint to date has been policy inertia, especially around awareness, harmonization of environmental and manufacturing standards, eco-labelling, charging stations, incentives to kick-in battery manufacturing.

How can electric cars be manufactured in India?

The process is under consideration of the Central Govt. of India. Commercial production  & Technical application are being surveyed by the expert to promote the electric car in near future like the initiatives taken by other countries such as USA, China& other countries. Here the batteries made of lithium  used in the car have to be recharged in the

Should I go abroad to live or stay in India?

Others can only help you realize the pros and cons. Eventually its upto you to decide if the pros outweigh the cons or vice versa. Here's a few points to help shape your perspective :a) Friends, family and social circle : If you are someone in early 30s or late 20s, the thing

Which companies in India use Python for data analysis?

Most of the Data analyst,Machine Learning and NLP companies using Python.InnoplexusSocialCops | Better Data, Smarter Decisionspashmark.comFractal Analytics | CPG | Financial Services | Retail | Insurance | Telecom | Life Sciences | Government | Technology |and lotmore

Will India be a Muslim country in the next 20 years?

There will definitely be an increase in the number of Muslims in India and it would no longer be a minority population. It is possible that the ratio of Hindus and Muslims becomes equal, considering the fact that even though currently Muslims are in minority in India but the population growth is highest among them.

What is the future of petrol cars in India, after a decade? Will there be a electric car wave that will blow the present car market away?

I predict that electric vehicles will become centre-stage and commonplace, just like the mobile phone.There are 3 revolutions coming, all simultaneously, which will feed off each other - better and cheaper electric cars with more range, self-driving capability in cars, and abundant renewable energy,

Which country invented chariots?

People invented Chariots way before they had any freaking idea of what a country wasAfter domesticating animals like bulls and inventing the wheel, it wouldn't have taken a genius to figure out that a carriage would maximize the capacity. There are many instances where prehistoric carriages were found

Is it worth buying an expensive car in india?

I own a diesel car, nothing much wrong with that and i am going to suggest you to buy a turbo Petrol. I know i am wrong,but man get it if you can afford it. Diesels are good but the fun in turbo Petrol is awesome. Every other sports car these days,is a turbo petrol(inline 4,5,6 or v6,v8,v10,v12).Now your

Where can I buy a Tesla Powerwall in India?

Currently, the only way to purchase a Tesla Powerwall is through Tesla's website. Once on the website, click on Powerwall and click on the order tab. Hopefully India is under one of the countries who can order a Powerwall.

Which is the best two wheeler for women in India?

They can go with fascino because of its rich look, driving comfort and light weight . It provide easy leg reach and better control.

Is India advancing?

As far as i know india is still not advancing yeah we are ahead of many nations but only in some criterias or only ahead of some countries advancing is for them who are already advanced but india is improving not advancing so first india has

Where do you see Pakistan in the year 2067?

Pakistan is an important country in the region but a realistic analysis is required. How Pakistan performs will depend on three (two EXTERNAL and one Internal) factors:Geographic Realities: Pakistan's strategic location is very important and is a big opportunity (China, CPEC

How can India produce tech giants like Microsoft, Apple, and Samsung?

As told by Peter H. Diamandis, to become a billionaire (or a billion-dollar company in this case), you need to help a billion people. While India itself has a population of more than a billion people, there is a large population that is not able

Which sector in India can boom in the next 3 years?

Technology injection i. e. Digital PaymentsThe process to obtain forms, submitting them , registering yourself, booking tickets , online taxi , netbanking are so easy that they will replace traditional ways (though not completely)The government delaying and lack of accountability and

Why was Nepal not colonized by the British, like they did to India?

some of the other answers of this question seem more like emotional blabbering rather than facts, and comments about those answers being unbiased, precise and true is even more ridiculous. First one needs to analyze the background that lead to the war. The Anglo-Gurkha war started in 1814 A.D. The British

Between Turkey and India, which country is more technologically advanced?

Merhaba,I have been living in India since my birth and know a bit more about Turkey than most of common Indians. So perhaps I shall try to give the answer from neutral point of view.One thing you need to clarify, what do you

Is it possible for India to surpass the Chinese economy in the next 20 years?

No but 2–20 years later India's economic and infrastructures would have greatly improved and India would definitely become more attractive than usualIndia's growing power status is not without storm but India would definitely grow very fast. Of course while China remains ahead, India shall decrease the distance between two nationa

How to become a government school teacher in India of class 12th

At first get experience from by private tuition of yours.

When will India stop genocide of Sikhs?

The day when very informative and sensible people like you will not be in this world to ask a very very good question like this.Because this incident of Genocide is happening in your mind.....and not really in India......Unfortunate for you.

When is 5G coming to India?

The Jio 5G ecosystem consists of chipsets and peripherals that are compatible with 5G. This shall be available by end of 2019, or early 2020. The 5G based products and devices are also in pipeline and shall be available to users for affordable prices starting from 2021.Reliance Jio, partnering with Ericsson, showcased a live demo

Who has a Tesla car in India?

Essar Group's Shashi Ruia probably has imported a Tesla. I just read an article in Economics Times recently.It was a mentioned by Harah Goenka - RPG Group's Chairman - in a tweet. Though he didn't directly mention Shashi Ruia's name but when

Will Netflix replace TV in India?

No it won't!Not any time soon.Netflix started streaming services in 2007 in US, its been 8 years and  more than 85% homes still have a cable connection (according to this survey).India's Internet infrastructure is no where close to that of US, so penetration of streaming services will take time.So nope it won't.

What is the best way of advertising locally in India?

One way is through Digital Marketing!Yes, it is a good way of reaching your audience in local area without burning your pocket.And under digital marketing, you can best go for Facebook Ads, Instagram ads, Google ads & Email Marketing.You can measure results like

Why don't Indian car manufacturers use tesla patents?

India has a big market potential for electric cars, considering low range requirement. But none of the producers seems intrested. For instance, Tata Motors displayed indica EV in Delhi Auto Expo 2010 and Megapixel concept car at the 82nd Geneva Motor Show in March in 2012. They claimed the launch in beginning 2016. Still there are

What is the best hack for unlimited Uber rides?

Back in September-November 2014, I -Used a simple python code to mail usersPost on social media outside IndiaTarget users with adsResult - I had close to INR 1.2 lakh + (Rs. 1,20,000) worth Uber credits.Though not unlimited, I took Uber for close to 2 years absolutely free.Images (note the old uber logo) -

What is the maximum speed of Tesla cars?

Elon Musk's personal Tesla Roadster is currently clocking up a maximum speed (relative to the Sun) of close to 121,600 km/h (75,600 mph) at perihelion.Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster - WikipediaUnder its own power, that original roadster classic

How many Tesla cars are there in India?

Tesla cars are not officially launched in India till date. They are planning to launch Tesla Model 3 car in 2019 and its expected price is Rs 35 lakhs approx.There are 2 people in India who have been seen with the imported carsModel

Is it common for teenagers in India (15-19) to not have their own rooms and sleep with their parents?

No, I have not come across families in India where teenagers sleep in their parents' bed.However. it is common for babies and toddlers to sleep in their parents' rooms until they are able to walk with ease. Traditionally, babies and toddlers slept in

How many cars are running as Taxi in India?

Car cab taxi Rental booking services in Pune-Hire car rental in pune at ganraj travels for affordable rates. We are happy to provide you with the most excellent journey experienceGanraj Travels is the best car hire service

Where can I post free job ads or classified in India?

There are a lot of good quality classified websites to post free jobs ads in India. Based on my experience, I advise you to post job ads on Adaalo website in get a wide range of job module with options

Why doesn't India have Tesla cars in the market yet?

A2ATesla doesn't really work in an Indian context are simple. Elon Musk's larger project – across his almost science fictional repertoire of companies SpaceX, OpenAI, SolarCity – are about ‘saving humanity'. Running electric cars, charged on electricity generated through renewable energy, reducing humanity's dependence on fossil fuels, reducing pollution, creating fast

Which are the next industries which are going to boom in India and having future for next 20 years?

As we all know about the Digital India mission,so according to my point of view, every business is expending on internet so in next 20 years digital world will boom.PS: if your business will not be on internet so there will be chances to get the downfall in the business.So start expending your business on internet.Thanks

How many cars are there in India?

#Just_for_Information #Zone-Wise

Is it legal to use private cars for advertising in India?

cashURwheels-A marketplace that connects private vehicle owners with advertisers.Indian Version _

Are hydrogen cars manufactured in India?

Hydrogen cars are currently not the best suit to current world ,as they have many draw backs.since hydrogen is a gas , there are chances of explosion when temperature increases.Also hydrogen gas is colourless,So if any leakage is present in a car or storage station ,this will go unpredictable.Hydrogen enters auto ignition temperature

What are some ways to earn money while in India?

If you want to build your future - you should build your own business.

Who is the vehicle minister of India?

WHO SAY THAT THERE IS NO VEHICLE MINISTER OF INDIA .....THIS is the single ministry of INDIAN GOVERNMENT which has more than one minister can be two,three,four.................... even YOU are one of them.SHOCKED .........EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN FOLLOWING PICTURE IS THE MINISTER OF SUCH WONDERFUL MINISTRY:....

How to get stable and fast internet connection for very low expense all around India

First off, if you going to roam places in India, there will be a lot of zones where you will have poor to no internet connectivity. I am treating anything below HSPA as poor. Second, since most of us now have multiple devices which we want to connect to internet simultaneously (phone, tab, laptop, camera etc.)

Is the idea of India as a Hindu state feasible?

A2A The answer of the question is straight No. India was never a Hindu state even in ancient times. It was and is a Hindu nation though. There were many instances when a king followed a particular religion and

Will India ever be able to host the Olympics in upcoming 20-30 years?

Well , the answer to this question can be given on several bases.If you're thinking whether india will have enough fund or not to host the games, then let me remind you of the 2010 Commonwealth Games, which was estimated to be more costlier than

When will India only have electric vehicles?

It will take another 50 years from now ..