Why are Hindu Indian-Americans living in America so loyal to India?

Not sure if they are loyal to India or America, maybe prone to patriotic jingoism or trying to loudly proclaim their identity.It's because they are a minority group that lacks social acceptance from the dominant white majority. Their role in America is transactional at best (write code, conduct surgeries, sell gas, drive cabs, run motels,...) for which they

How famous was Swami Vivekananda in America?

After reaching Chicago few days before the dharmaparishad, swami went to Boston because boston was much cheaper. A woman named miss Catherine abott sanworm invited swami to live in her house because as soon as she got that he is going to represent in dharmaparishad.At her house, Swami

Are Indians third class citizens in USA?

TL; DR. Overall, I would say professional Indian non-Muslim middle and upper class people tend to fall into the residual category between White and Black that is increasingly cultivated as part of the elite, but at a psychological and emotional cost, so more

Who was the first Indian to go to the USA?

Red Indians or Native Americans or Indigenous Americans being the original inhabitants of America, it must have been one of them.Other than them, everybody else in the USA is an n-th generation immigrant, where n >= 1.But if you are

Are Indians successful in the USA?

Please take a look at the list of CEOs ofMicrosoftGoogleBershay HatthawayMaster CardCoca ColaDo check outRamit SethiNeil PatelAnd also do check the country of origin of Obama's Chief data scientist.Don't forget our deceased Kalpana Chawla.RIPNow I hope you should not ask these type of questions without googling.

Astronauts: What was Kalpana Chawla like in person?

I'll get back to this question. I guess I knew her for quite a few years (maybe at least 10?). I guess her accident happened 12 years ago, plus 2 days, as I start this.I first knew her when her title was Vice President of Overset Methods, Inc. This is a method of solving

What is it like to be an Indian born American?

Depends.I was born in India, but I was brought over soon after- I've spent less than 6 months in India throughout my entire life.Of course, I still grew up eating Indian food, and I had pretty strict

What should Indians buy from the USA?

Hey,First off, if you have been in the US for some time and are now traveling back to India after a long time, understand that things might have changed back home. India's growth is incredible and when you are here in

Are americans racist against indians?

Are all Americans racist towards Indians? No.Have I met or know/ known the ones that are? Definitely yes. Is it funny? isnt. Is it common? depends on location. are the racist ones less educated or of backward backgrounds? surprisingly not- even the well educated ones tend to be proud of their bigotry.

Why are people in USA more innovative than Indians?

America is a really big country. By population, it's the third largest in the world, and it boasts the most racially and culturally diverse society in history. This is a huge impediment for those who dream of mimicking national policies suited to tiny islands

How is it to open a south Indian restaurant in the USA?

This would be a very good idea if you could provide the south Indian foods. The South Indian restaurant must maintain the traditional standard of foods taste and feel by preparing it in a traditional style. If you have a good cook with knowledge and experience then no matter how the interior of the restaurant, it will

Do Americans find an Indian accent funny?

Actually yes, an Indian accent can sound quite funny to me, but I don't hate it or anything. The Indian accent can be quite nice too, but many have a quality to their accent that they do this high pitched somewhat squeaky up pitch at the ends of a lot of words,

As a Desi Indian in America what do you think of American food?

Actually there is no true perse American food it is a conglomerate of all types of food worldoverPizza Pasta. Italian French fries the name says it all Noodles East Asia bread uk other types of bread AsiaThere is nothing fresh in America all cold storage's foods imagine sheep

What do Indians think about Americans and American culture?

You know, growing up, F.R.I.E.N.D.S was my only source of information on American culture. It was only after coming to the US for graduate studies that I finally got to experience it. And I was really surprised!! The media does such a good job of projecting only

Are Indians better integrated in the US or the UK?

I think Indian immigrants and first generation kids (1st gen to be born in the U.S. or U.K.) are better integrated in the United States.My nuclear family, extended family, and friends and their families seem to be far more integrated Americans than the Indians I have met

What are some cultural similarities and differences between South Asian Americans and British Asians?

It's kinda like explaining the difference between an American and a Brit except for a couple of obvious facts, that influence how people think.Hong Kong A very important part of British and Asian relations is the fact that that for a long while Hong Kong was

What are the very usual things about Indian society when you told Americans, shocked them?

After Kathua episode, there are articles and things written about India by many; a friend of mine brought to my notice an article written by an American calling about a

Will a traditional South Indian girl face cultural shock in US? If yes, how?

They may be surprised by certain things but a 'cultural shock' in this web connected world? May be yes if they are not web connected. Social media along with google have really shrunk the world. There are things about US that I learn here are

What's the best thing about being Indian American?

There is nothing extraordinary or great about being an Indian American. The only thing that I can think of as ‘best' at the moment is the amalgamation of Indian and American cultures, 2 really interesting , wonderful cultures that you get to experience as an Indian American. Typically many Indians who are not

What is it like to be an Indian born American?

Depends.I was born in India, but I was brought over soon after- I've spent less than 6 months in India throughout my entire life.Of course, I still grew up eating Indian food, and I had pretty strict

Why do Americans hate an Indian accent?

Like always, hate is too strong a word. As a non-native speaker of English of non-Indian descent, I think people in America experience stress with English spoken with an Indian accent on two fronts: first in college campuses and second with call centers. As extremely talented and educated populations, there are many Indian professors in US college campuses.

As an American, what is a fact that shocked you about the Indian culture?

I was surprised and disappointed to discover that Mother Teresa was in actuality quite the jerk who liked her patients to suffer and also that Gandhi, this Christlike figure of goodness and tolerance, despised his own son and never spoke to him. It was something of a disappointment to find he was so human.

How is life in India after returning from the USA?

*Before USA*Me: Mom! Can you please make me some

What are the best travel companies that provide tours for Indian parents visiting the US?

I have tried taketours and tours4fun when my parents visited me last year. Both of them are just online booking agencies and the tours are actually organized by local tour operators (mostly chinese).Taketours - Used them for 6-day West Coast tour covering SFO, Yosemite, LA, San Deigo. As you

What are the things that Americans like about Indians?

I've never lived in California or any other place where there are a lot of Indians.  The only ones I've "known" are my old primary care provider (no longer my PCP since we moved out of state) and Raj on The Big Bang Theory.  And when Americans think of India itself, what they think of

What did you like the most in America as an Indian?

Gratitude - On my part, I have nothing but Gratitude, coming to U.S from India, has given me opportunity to see a different world, a different system and expand my awareness.Many times in India, due to our conditioning, we take a lot of things for granted. I am listing a few of them -We take for granted

What should an Indian tourist buy in the USA?

If you are asking about stuff to bring back to India, I would suggest trips to BednBath and IKEA. They have so many goods that are practical, cheap and not easily available in India. Certain electronics goods are far cheaper in

What things should an Indian American be proud of?

I need to answer this question in 2 steps.  A true Indian American is someone from the Indian Sub-continent who has emigrated to the United States or been born in later generations to immigrants, which means they can be of Pakistani, Bangladeshi or Indian descent.  There are dozens of subgroups, both racial and religious, from the Sikh to those

Why do Indians go to the USA?

Well..Let's say USA is not just a study destination but a brand that many students crave to be a part of. Of course, many students are lured by names such as Harvard or Yale. But the country with over 4000 universities has more on offer than just a name. Here are some of them:Name