How can one avoid gaining weight when visiting their family in Punjab?

by actually going around the punjab orenjoy reviewing the punjab in hot weatherwalking along the roads,cities,public spaces ,gatherings or even the farmsif minding to visit the native then would actually spews out few tonns of sweat thereby helping one to shedd some kilos that they might gained or feel

Is it possible to have six packs on an Indian diet?

I am not a vegetarian so if you are looking for vegetarian options then look for elsewhereNo bullshit but slight reminder - there's no replacement for animal protean source, vegetable protein options isn't compatibleYou better off taking those protean supplement like whey protein for

What are the advantages of keto diet? What is the diet plan?

#Questiion nameee: What are the advantages of keto diet What is the diet plan?TOP 10 KETO TIPS FOR BEGINNNERS!Hey friennds, I searrched all keto resouurces on the internet and Quora ansswers and below are besst keto tips for you, I hope you enjoy it.#1 Always meal prep for the week.You

What is the best healthy Indian diet?

A low carb diet is really known to work well for weight loss. Indians on a low carb diet are always on a look out for low carb Indian diet plans as they don't have too many options. Those on a low carb vegetarian diet have a

What's an outsider's experience with Kerala cuisine?

In the words of a prominent Quoran, "Norway has an excellent standard of living, but it is not heaven"I could say the same about Kerala, being a north Indian vegetarian. I like many aspects of Kerala culture, food being the least of them.Breakfast:Kerala breakfast is different than breakfast in any other part of India.

Where do you get the best Kerala food in your city, outside Kerala?

I live in Bangalore, currently. And here, I chanced upon Achayyan's restaurant located on 100 Feet road, Indira Nagar. I found the beef fry and parotta absolutely scrumptious. Every bit worth the price and very much similar to what you get in Kerala.Also, the lunch meals are quite good both

Can we have Rasam while we are on a diet?

Yes, but in limited quantities.If you want to include some soup, here is the best soup to reduce weightThe following soup is intended as a supplement to your diet. It can be eaten any time of the day in virtually unlimited quantities. You are encouraged to drink large quantities of this soup.23 oz water06 large onions02 green

How healthy are South Indian foods?

I am from TamilNadu and my answer is based on TN food habits.Most of our breakfast food items are prepared from rice and lentil(Urad dual) batter after fermenting them. I read an article that states Idly is one of the healthiest food across the world and I don't doubt it!For lunch, we eat

How would you lose weight without removing rice from your Indian diet?

Thanks for A2A. Instead of eschewing rice completely from your meal,you can reduce intake of rice.You can plan a balanced meal replete with protein,fiber and small amount of carb rich diets.Dal,legumes and greens can be included with small cup of rice. Prepare simple salad with three or more raw vegetables. In a bowl add

Is indian vegetarian food healthy?

Yes! Absolutely. Indian food is not just the most the delicious and exotic food but also the healthiest. It is probably the only kind that offers such a diverse range when it comes to vegetarian dishes. The ingredients used to make Indian meals are a variety of vegetables and pulses, the latter are rich in various vitamins

Is spicy food good for health?

Spicy foods have good and bad sides like most things - but for most people, the good will outweigh the bad.Good things about spicy food: - Weight loss: studies have shown that hot chillies can help curb appetite and speed metabolism. There is also data showing capsaicin (the ingredient in chillies that gives you the scorched feeling in your

What are some of the healthiest South Indian breakfasts?

The Delicious South Indian Breakfast Recipes:Did you ever have a South Indian Breakfast? Do you know that the breakfast dishes from south India are a combination of taste and health? If you are looking forward to trying out a few of these recipes.The Best South Indian Breakfast Recipes you can ever find!1. Idly:

What are the best breakfast recipes in India?

In India, Gujarat, Karnataka, Rajasthan and many other places are known from its Indian Cuisines. They start there day with breakfasts like Sabudana Vada, Poha, Stuffed Idli, Aloo Paratha and many more are listed below. We all know that mornings always seem to be crazy hectic, whether you're trying to

What are the options for low carb, low sugar, low fat diet in Indian food?

If you would like a low carb/sugar diet (which is not a long term solution for weight problem, IMO), you could go for the following options:Breakfast: Some carbs so you have energy all day through Idli – Provides a balanced meal when combined with chutneysand sambhar. Daliya Porridge- add some veggies and green mung for

What is a typical Indian breakfast?

I had written this earlier here  Ratnakar Sadasyula-రత్నాకర్ సదస్యుల's answer to What do people eat for breakfast in India?, just copy pasting the answer.  For a typical Telugu guy like me, in an urban middle class family, this is what the breakfast would be in a standard  Andhra household.In my place though

What is the most healthy breakfast served in India?

Your breakfast items should be healthy, tasty and filling. Don't over-eat but remember that your stomach has been empty the entire night. Eat till you feel relatively full, not completely full. Also, eat comparatively easy to digest foods as your digestive juices have been on a break all night

Which are the favourite food destination for foodies in India?

Well, India is all about delicious and Various food cuisines. India has 29 States and each state has it own style of food. I shall state a few here-Rajasthan- Gatte ki sabzi, Dal Bati Churma, Ghevar.Punjab- Makke di roti and Sarso da saag, Aloo paratha with

Which Indian food can be used to detoxify body?

Well! That's so fascinating question! As Indian food is best known for its spices and chilly taste,thinking about the detox food made me baffle. Though many juices are made in Indian homes like nimboo pani( lemonade), Lassi, Jaljeera, sugarcane juice and many more, but thinking about the meal that can detoxify the body is really surprising.But let me tell

Which is the best Indian food to burn fat quickly?

Greetings!Here are a few foods that will aid you in weight loss,Whole Grains.Oatmeal.Green Tea.Yoghurt.Almonds.Hope this helps! You can try joining various health communities CareSpace - Diabetes, Blood Pressure and more – Apps on Google PlayCheers!

Which nation has both the tastiest and healthiest cuisine?

Cuisine in itself is a very vast subject. Everyone will probably feel that their cuisine is the best. They are entitled to feel that because this is a subjective topic. What may be healthy for one may be unhealthy for another. These things depend on many factors

How to increase my weight by 2 kgs

Assuming you are not eating meat and are eating quite some vegetables I would think of the following: 1. Eat more: eating more calories than you currently do. Increasing the quantity you eat may not be easy as the size of vegetables will make you feel full pretty fast. Problem is that the calorie value is low,

How can we get a low calorie diet with Indian food as it has oil, spices, chapatis, and sabji, dal, rice. What should I do to make my diet healthy in strictly an Indian way?

From one angle Indian food is very healthy. Only thing is you have to choose right things.Oil--All foods have fat. Cheese is fat. Even dressings of so called salads are full of fat.Indian spices are very healthy. Turmeric is considered a medicine. It is anti-oxidant and boosts

How to cook Indian food as good as in Indian restaurants

Dear first of all every person is unique and hence each person has unique taste which other persons when eat like or dislike.There are many Indian restaurants preparing Indian food differently.First chose which restaurant, then chose the cook, then start following his or her channels eg you tube, Facebook etc.Also some cooks are pretty secretive hence in that

How does an Indian go about implementing a 'No Grain' diet plan?

Update: Cauliflower rice is the best, amazing lo cal rice substitute.I've been on a no grain diet (Indian vegetarian) for a week now. I still eat lentils, I just stay off bread, rice and roti. This is what I'm doing.Breakfast ideas :1) Fruits are your friends! Apples, papaya, watermelon,banana, pineapples, guavas and more.or2)You could eat a boiled egg. I

Is Indian food generally easy or hard to cook?

It is generally very time-consuming. Off hand, I can think of only one dish that can be prepared properly in a half hour or less, and that is a version of Uppma that doesn't have the usual half-dozen or more vegetable prep steps prior to final assembly and cooking. Simple

What are some Low cost healthy foods as per Indian Diet?

India is a hub for different types of recipes, especially yesteryears generation recipes are too healthy compared to our today's food.But we have many very good healthy and simple with tasty recipes.we have our own Indian style recipes just we need to know the difference between healthy and

What are some time saving tricks when cooking Indian food?

1. Have some tamarind paste (store bought) or tamarind water extract handy in your fridge. Usually stays good for a week, and reduces a lot of time when you want to make a quick rasam/sambhar (south indian)2. If you have added extra salt in any dish by mistake, dilute it or add a few pieces of

What are some tips and tricks for cooking Indian food when you have no experience?

make sure you have the spices and powders you will need the most basic are turmeric pwd, chili pwd, a good garam masala, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, coriander seeds and powder, curry leaves, desiccated coconut, coconut milk, and fresh vegetables.Indian food generally doesn't work well with frozen veg with very few exceptions. many

What is best Indian homemade food for body building on a cheap budget?

Always try including raw vegetables in your diet or may be boiled ones as over cooking decreases the nutrition amount.Pulses are great sources of protein and try to take them in sprout form for extracting most of their nutrition .Best one is Soyabean dal which is available everywhere in india at just ₹ 80 to 100 Per kg and

What is the fastest way to burn fat and prevent muscle loss, via an Indian diet?

Go Keto:So you can probably search on google and you will find thousands of articles on this diet. Keto diet is basically a full fat diet, where you are gonna eat a lot of fat containing food items and avoid all carbohydrates, at any cost.If you are

What is the most common misconception people have about Indian food?

What are the main things that struck a chord when you consider Indian food? Hot, fiery, sleek, rich, greasy, terrible for your health and too troublesome and tedious to cook, curry powder....Indian food is highly prejudiced food in the world, however colossally prominent, is quite misjudged too.Top Misconceptions About Indian FoodAll Indian Food Is Hot and Spicy

What is your favorite Indian food?

Food is something which is universally loved! :p However, listed below are some of my favourite Indian dishes! (among many)1. Biryani : Well, who doesn't love this lip smacking delicacy introduced by the Mughals? We're truly thankful to them for this. The combination of flavourful and aromatic rice with juicy and tender meat is just too good.

What recipes should you know before cooking Indian food?

Indian cuisine itself is so diverse and vast it is very hard to know recipes from other regions unless you have lived in that state or been exposed to the food culture that you lIke it enough.That being said, Indian food requires knowledge of techniques and timing to add ingredients to develop

What would be an Indian diet chart for losing weight for vegetarians?

The Vegetarian diet plan for weight loss is not just to lose weight, but it is also a maintenance method for a slim and proportionate body. Along with these, it will help you practice eating vegetables and fruits which will help to boost up the metabolic rate. Vegetarian diets

Does Kerala Cuisine have some vegetarian dishes?

Majority of Keralites are Non Vegetarians and hence the most prized food items in any Kerala restaurant would be naturally Non Vegetarian items.Saying so, it doesn't mean Kerala donot have Vegetarian foods. Interestingly Kerala has several Vegetarian dishes, very unique and not much seen

How should I explain the taste of Kerala or about Kerala cuisine to a non-Malayali?

Use of these following ingredients give a distinctive taste to Kerala cuisine.1. Coconut Oil2. Shredded Coconut3. Coconut milk (for some curries and desserts)4. Use of Shallots in place of onions5. Use of fennel seeds/powder - for mostly non-veg dishes6. Lots of fried shredded garlic for most of the non-veg dishes7. Distinctive Garam masala - with

If a South Indian girl who eats rice twice daily got married to a North Indian guy who eats rice only once in a fortnight and the girl refuses to eat roti (wheat) which the guy wants twice daily, what would you advise them to fill their tummies?

Its really hard to compromise on food habits. Hence few ideas can be adopted to handle the situation ingeniously. There are delectable South Indian side dish varieties like avial,thoran, kalan,gothsu,kadappa,tomato thokku,tomato kurma, spicy chutneys that goes well with rice and chapati.Some people even

What are Indian food recipes for ketogenic diet?

Besides your regular meals and food - You can have - All natural TEDDIE peanut butter! Specially great for mid meals or the times when you just feel like eating something and nothing is scheduled, or you can just have it in the morning! It's available on Amazon

What are the different cuisines available in Kerala restaurants apart from Kerala and North Indian cuisines?

Do yourself a favor and travel to Calicut. Yes! that tiny little town in Malabar coast. That is indisputably the Food Capital of Kerala!! They even have a Food fest along with Malabar Mahotsavam. Go to that if possible. Kerala cuisine has been heavily influenced by Religions, the travelers and the settlers. Along the lane somewhere

What is the cuisine of Kerala?

Kerala's cuisine has been greatly influenced by Greek, Roman, Portuguese, Chinese, Arab as well as Dutch- these traders made their way into this southernmost port town of India. Remember Vasco da Gama?Plenty of coconut, chilis, spices such as peppercorn, cardamom, and cloves, plantains, gourds, beetroot, yams, red meat, variety of fish, prawns, squid, eggs, etc.

What's an outsider's experience with Kerala cuisine?

In the words of a prominent Quoran, "Norway has an excellent standard of living, but it is not heaven"I could say the same about Kerala, being a north Indian vegetarian. I like many aspects of Kerala culture, food being the least of them.Breakfast:Kerala breakfast is different than breakfast in any other part of India.

Where do you get the best Kerala food in your city, outside Kerala?

I live in Bangalore, currently. And here, I chanced upon Achayyan's restaurant located on 100 Feet road, Indira Nagar. I found the beef fry and parotta absolutely scrumptious. Every bit worth the price and very much similar to what

Which is the best food in Kerala?

Thinking about the Kerala delicacies makes me hungry already!If you are a non vegetarian and if you are travelling towards the north of Kerala, do make sure to try the Malabar Chicken/Mutton Biriyani. The meat is cooked in a fine blend of Kerala spices and cooked with rice at a low flame for couple of hours which

Why did Kerala cuisine not gain a place in Indian hotel industry despite the immense variety. Rather why don't we see many Kerala cuisine restaurants in Mumbai?

Unlike other places Kerala cuisine is much more elaborate and detailed. The important aspect of Kerala cuisine is that it is devoid of cutlery and use natural items to serve food. Today, this is not even followed in Kerala let alone anywhere else.That being said, we do have some restaurants with Kerala theme cuisines but they all attempt to