What is the best dish in India that one can eat for lunch or dinner? What do you like about the taste?

Dishes like butter chicken,biryani, dal makhani,shahi paneer ,onion masala dosa, kebabs,chicken roasted,Chicken karahi are the best indian dishes which you can eat

What are the best Indian breakfast dishes that a beginner can learn to cook?

There are so many options like upma, pongal, idli/dosa (if batter is readily available) even paranthas do not take long to cook. Try this broken wheat recipe that's quick and healthy too. Veggie Daliya / Daliya Pulao / Savory Cracked Wheat recipe / Savory Broken Wheat recipe / Bulgar Recipe - Indian Recipe Secrets

How hard is it to learn to cook delicious Indian food?

That depends entirely on you. Are you a quick study? Are you already conversant with basic cooking practices? Can you afford a personal trainer/ cooking class?Or do you have trouble boiling water?If the former, you shouldn't have any problem picking up the basics

What are some useful Indian cooking tips?

Basic cooking tips and tricks for Indian recipes, helpful in daily cooking. why should be Complementary food rich in nutrients? I will provide you with a list of tips and tricks in Indian style.To make softer chapattis, take the flour, add warm water and

What is the famous food in Nashik?

When in Nashik, one can get a variety of food items. Among them, the most famous breakfast of Nashik is misal (kind of sprouts). Sadhana misal, vihar misal, Krishna Vijay misal, Shyam Sundar and Tushar are some of the famous misals of Nashik. Second is pani puri

Where should I start if I want to learn how to cook great Indian food?

Learning and mastering how to cook Indian food can seem like an overwhelming task. However, making yourself familiar with the various Indian spices is really the first step to take you on your way to cooking Indian food.There are many websites that describe various Indian spices and their uses. I've

What all can an Indian bachelor cook easily on a daily basis? What all 'masalas' I need to buy? Give me some tasty healthy quick recipes.

There are many easy , healthy and tasty dishes one can prepare.You can prepare broken wheat khichdi which is healthy. You can add 1.3 cups broken wheat, moong dal 1/2 cup , vegetables and cook it similar to khichdi.Some of the south Indian rice dishes are Puliyogare , Vegetable Bhaath which are tasty

What is one's favorite Andhra food? Who can share its cooking recipe?

Andhra cuisine has numerous spicy and tasty dishes.Gongura pappu (Andhra Sorrel Leaves Dal ) is my favorite dish.sour taste of the leaves impart a distinct taste to the bland dhal.Toor dhal- 1 cupSorrel leaves- 1 cupOnion- 2 nosGreen chilies- 2–3

What do Russians think about Indian food?

Russians mostly prefer Lamb/Goat meat based North Indian dishes since they are not known to be Chicken Lovers(Generally Speaking).Since its an extremely cold country their eating preferences are clearly meat based and filling in nature, they do not seem to enjoy the

What are the biggest myths about Indian food?

Hot,spicy, oily, unhealthy, causes bloating, difficult to prepare are some of the biggest myths about Indian food.Lets start decode these myths about our centuries old Indian cuisine that are so versatile and have so many variations for the same dish across the country.

What are the biggest myths about Indian food?

Hot,spicy, oily, unhealthy, causes bloating, difficult to prepare are some of the biggest myths about Indian food.Lets start decode these myths about our centuries old Indian cuisine that are so versatile and have so many variations for the same dish across the country.

What do Russians think about Indian food?

Russians mostly prefer Lamb/Goat meat based North Indian dishes since they are not known to be Chicken Lovers(Generally Speaking).Since its an extremely cold country their eating preferences are clearly meat based and filling in nature, they do not seem to enjoy the

What high protein Indian vegetarian food sources are available for people that go to the gym and want to bulk up while also losing fat?

I will tell you exactly 6 Indian vegetarian high protein foods which you should consume if you want to build muscle. I will not tell you to eat eggs since it is not a vegetarian food. I will also not advise you to

Why is Indian food often oily?

Indian food is very diverse depending on which geographical segment of the country it's coming from. Some of the dishes from southern India are quite healthy. It can be prepared without or with small quantity of oil if you are health conscious. Some people can argue

What are some different types of curry?

There are no "million billion" types of curry. "Curry" obeys folk rules validated by masses, and thankfully does NOT obey maths rules of permutations and combinations (of spices), which seems to be the expectation. What endures are time-tested very finite combinations of

Which are the best Indian restaurant in Delhi?

India's capital city- Delhi is a destination that's not only famous for its iconic structures and shopping markets but also for its cuisine. It's a city that offers visitors some of the world's unique flavours and is home to numerous restaurants, each that offer the best. Here, you are sure to find yourself spoilt with choices. So, if you

Is Thai food better than Indian food?

Having resided in India for 4 years, and Thailand for 5 years. I, personally, believe, it depends more on Mood, Money, and Man you are hanging out with. I have noticed Indian, Arabs, British are very reluctant to Thai foods. They detest it because of fish oil,

What are healthy Indian food habits?

The big rage in the U.S now is the Paleo diet. A paleo diet is all about eating what our ancestors ate WAY back in the Paleolithic Era.The Paleo approach confines one to the kind of food that was available in the pre-agricultural days which was characterized by hunting, fishing, and

Which is your favorite dish in Mughlai cuisine?

Which is your favorite dish in Mughlai cuisine?Whenever I think of Deen Dayal Upadhyay cuisine, I am transported into a land of slow cooking, magnificent aroma of spices and the subtlety of flavours. It is difficult to pick one dish that is my favourite so I shall

How expensive is Indian food in Singapore?

Indian food is very common in singapore and you will find the whole range of Indian food - from pure vegetarian authentic south indian restaurants to North indian tandoori restaurants and also some restaurants specialising in regional specialities from Maharashtra, Gujarat, Bengali, Andhra etc. Apart from authentic

What does gordan ramsay thinks about Indian cooking and food?

In my hand, I have Gordon Ramsay - Great Escape cookbook where he said:

What are the unique things about Indian cuisine that make Indian food special to the foreigners?

Indian food system classifies food into three categories - Saatvic (fresh vegetables and juice), Raajsic (oily and spicy food) and Taamsic (Meat and liquor).Saatvic food leads you to higher states of consciousness.Raajsic food is the foundation of activity and motion.Taamsic food brings out negative feelings.

Is Mexican food better than Indian food?

I will give 4/10 for Mexican food and 7/10 for Indian food.I saw many comments in Quora before,

Why isn't Indian food more popular in the US?

Why isn't Indian food more popular in the US?Because India is very diverse and vast and is one of the biggest countries in the world ( cultural diversity wise) . Americans love their meat. A lot of Americans love their

How is Indian food?

Indian food is different from rest of the world not only in taste but also in cooking methods. Foods of India are better known for its spiciness. Throughout India, be it North India or South India, spices are used generously in food.There are few examples

What would non-Indians want to name an indian restaurant?

This is a very interesting question. I would like to know more details in terms of where this restaurant is located, what that area is like, and who the intended clientele is. Also, what is the ambiance of the restaurant itself? While these would likely be important factors in

If eating beef in Hinduism is considered as a sin then, why do some Hindus eat Beef?

Hindu is a very vague term in my opinion. I was born into a Hindu family. As a kid I used to go to temples with my parents. I did a part of my schooling in a Catholic school. In school I learnt a little bit

What are some popular Spices used on food in India?

I personally have following spices which I use on a regular basis.Whole / Seed versionsmustard seeds (black)Cumin seedsShah Jeera (caraway seeds)Coriander seedsClovesCardamomCinnamon sticksDry red chilies (spicy kind)Dry Kashmiri chiliesFennel seedsPeppercornsNutmegMaceUrad dalChana dalBay leavesPoppy seedsSaffronPowder forms:red chili powderCoriander powderCumin powderTurmericKashmiri red chili powderAmchur (dried mango powder)HingCombinations / masala powdersgaram

Why is Indian food so spicy and does not taste very well?

It looks as if you didn't get a chance to eat it at the right places. Indian food is so spicy coz we use many spices in every dish. Our food has a laaaarge variety and we use different combinations of spices and herbs for different items (not like other cuisines

What are probiotic foods in indian cuisine?

1. Yogurt:SaveImage: GettyYogurt is a rich source of probiotic. Powerful strains of probiotic found in yogurt include lactobacillus and bifidobacteria. If you are consuming packed, commercial yogurt, check the labels for

Why do many Indian restaurants serve Halal meat without informing the customers about it?

Lets first categorise the target audience in 3 parts1- Hindus(Major percentage)2- Muslim (Major percentage)3- Sikh(covering minor percentage and mostly in north India)First consider Muslims, they cover the major percentage of non vegans in India. And they are very strict about their religious beliefs (i.e. Eating

What are the healthy foods to eat in India?

There are numerous delectable sustenances and drinks to browse when following a lacto-vegan diet for weight reduction.What to Eat :Have a go at consolidating the accompanying fixings into your day by day dinner plan:Vegetables: Tomatoes, spinach, eggplant, mustard greens, okra, onions, intense melon,

What are some lesser known places in Delhi which serve amazing food?

Gupta ji ka dhaba near Green Park metro station. They have the best tandoori rotis.Pasta la Vista again near Green Park metro station their burgers pasta and shakes are to amazing.Lodhi Knights - Tandoori, Changezi, Korma momos paired with their special chuteny you wont be able to decide what tastes better momos or chuteny.Marinated momos near Amar Colony

Why does Indian food taste so good?

Indian food tastes so good because Indian cooking is all about development of flavor, through the use of slow cooking and copious amounts of spices and herbs.Most people have no idea how much time and flavor development goes into cooking Indian dishes.Take a standard chicken curry dish for example.

Do Hindus in Kerala eat beef?

I am Malayalee and vegetarian. 5% of keralites (mostly upper caste hindus) seems to be pure vegetarians. And , I assume 80% of keralites today eat beef. Till 1920s when caste system was strong in kerala, beef was eaten only by pulaya (pula-charama) scheduled caste who also traded cow/bull's hides. in fact many Nairs were pure vegetarian

Why the Indian food is so spicy?

If we go to a banquet in an Indian wedding or an Indian restaurant you will get several bowls of dodgy brown stuff, nearly all of which is full of too much oil and far too much spicy. If the original ingredients had any taste, then this taste has been

Which is the best place for biryani?

Hi, Well I am living in delhi ncr. So, according to me If you are looking forward to sit in a best environment and enjoy your biriyani with light music than you can go for TheYellowChilli, its biriyani is out of the world, one pot of biriyani will cost you around rs400, which could easily serve 2people.

How to make delicious dal makhani

Here's the link to make delicious Daal Makhani Restaurant style..Daal Makhani/ Restaurant style/ दाल मखनी रेस्टोरेंट स्टाइल (2017)/ By Richa's Manor

Which are the easiest to make and the most delicious Indian food recipes?

As i belongs to south Indian i would like to share you a masala dosa which one likes not only in south but in all over India .You try it and enjoy as breakfast recipe.If you want many more Indian recipes please follow below link you will

What are the top 5 South Indian restaurants in Bangalore?

The South Indian Restaurant in Bangalore a family-style restaurant offers a delicious menu of authentic South Indian food in dining. You can either dine-in, take-out, or catered your choice of dishes.Vindoos -Restaurant means – Taste and quality

Are pure vegetarian restaurants in India really pure vegetarian as they claim?

They are pure vegetarian restaurants all right, just not the Jain variety you are trying to imagine all vegetarianism should be. Your apprehensions are understandable, but you are only half right - the other half is driven by misunderstanding and myths.When you go to a restaurant and order Jain versions of

What do Europeans think about South Indian cuisine?

Dosa & vada are universally famous, and the masala dosa was voted by Oprah as one of the ten foods everyone must try in their lifetime!This year, we traveled around in Germany, Switzerland, Spain & Italy...there are tens if not hundreds of Indian restaurants everywhere, and both in

What places have the best pizza in India?

I could suggest you many pizza places in India, but most of them you would not like because they are all same pizza, none of them are tasty like authentic us one. Only go for dominos or pizza hut and try

What is the best pre and post work out (in the evening) indian food?

We live during a time where individuals take working out at the exercise center truly however in various cases, they make a beeline for their rec center on a void stomach either in light of the fact that they have succumbed to the idea that one shouldn't eat before a workout or just in light of

What are some Indian food restaurants in New York??

Deferring to Tyler Cowen (brilliant economist and writer of a great guide to ethnic cuisine) and his Ethnic Dining Guide New York tips: Tulsi, Jones Wood Foundry, Golden Mall:"Tulsi, web site, 211

Is there any article/paper that says the Indian food/Tamilnadu food is the best food in the world?

You must note that idly itself is considered as an import from Indonesian traders as the process of fermenting rice was not developed in India.South-east Asian and East Asians regularly steam rice-based foods. E.g. kozhukattai is gyoza in Japan and jiaozi in China. Idly is equivalent