Among Indians living outside India, what percentage of arranged marriages end in divorce?

If this question is asked for academic presentation, then this is not the forum to get an answer. If this is your personal question then, this looks a futile exercise to answer it rather this question raises more questions about the intentions behind asking it.If

Are Americans astonished to know that most Indians have arranged marriage with very low divorce rate ?

During my two plus decades living in the United States, I have seen many changes occur in my native India. The country eradicated the scourge of polio, sent a rocket ship to Mars on a shoestring budget, built modern highways crisscrossing the country, and flexed its economic muscles, raising tens of millions of people

Are arranged marriages still the norm in India?

Yes. They're pretty much the norm everywhere. Doesn't matter whether it's urban India or rural India, upper class or lower class society, rich or poor, north, south, east or west (north east might be an exception). If you know India only through Quora/Reddit or other internet platforms, you might assume that arranged marriages are hated by younger generation

Are indian husbands the most arrogant husbands in the world?

Even before writing an answer to this question I am wondering about what on this earth made you ask this question. Anyways,I am a married Indian woman and have a loving husband who is quite an Indian, a father who has been quite a wonderful husband to

Are Indian marriages the most successful in the world?

Marriage in India is much more about binding families, and much less about personal choice and fulfilmentIndia remains a highly traditional society. Marriage is much more about binding families, and much less about personal choice and fulfilment, than in most other parts of

Are Indian men good husbands?

You will have good, not so good, not so bad and bad everywhere. As a joke, in the wife's eye, the husband is NEVER up to the mark; to his mother's eye - he is the best her daughter-in-law could get. Education and economy also matter; a well-educated man in a

Are love marriages against Indian culture?

The Smritis of Hinduism recognize eight methods of marriage, one of them being Gandharva marriage. The other seven are: Brahma, Daiva, Arsa, Prajapatya, Asura, Raksasa and Paisacha.Gandharva marriage is, according to Apastamba Grhyasutra – an ancient Hindu literature, the method of marriage where the woman selects her own husband. They meet

Are the number of marriage divorces happening in India going to increase in the near future?

Yes it would. I am not considering the population fluctuations or rate of bachelors/spinsters against married couple. These numbers will have a huge impact on the divorce numbers too. Lets assume these factors are not varying and only other socio economic factors are. Even in this case divorce rates will still increase.

Are we Indians losing our culture and values due to westernization? It seems as if we value everything from the west more than our own. Is modernization ruining India? Has western ideology highly influenced our lifestyle?

There are several aspects of culture. Let us look at them one by one.Language: I am really worried about this. Everyone wants to be educated in English medium and I have no problems with that. But no one wants to care about his/her mother-tongue. That is the worrisome aspect. In my

As a male, what steps can I take to remove gender inequality and male domination?

I myself belong to a baniya family. And I have undergone a few of this. Nothing will happen unless the women themselves want things to change. You as an outsider cannot go and fight with their family members. While it will

As an Indian husbands, what do you wish wife knew?

Dear future wife, hope you are reading this.I am sure it will be our arrange marriage and I want you first to be my best friend then a wife.I may sure you are busy in chat with your boyfriend but hope that I will NOT be the last one in your life.

As an Indian, why would you marry a White women?

As an Indian living in the EU who have suffered discrimination and racism heavily on an everyday basis, I think it is normal for Indian men to seek White women for marriage to atleast give their kids, a genetic advantage. There are other factors like female to male ratio - less number of women for Indian

Can a Indian stay with her husband during divorce trials, if the divorce is by mutual consent?

Yes.Mutual Consent Divorce :It is the most convenient way of getting a divorce where the couple ends their marriage without getting into a conflict with each other.However, the one and only condition that a couple has to satisfy before applying for a

Can a North Indian girl marry a South Indian boy?

Let me tell you something :-• South Indian Boys are Humans, not Animals.• They are common Man, not Primitive Man.• They live in houses , not in Caves.• They have all organs of body, not Organ deficient.• They have Fellings, thoughts , they are not Robots.• They have their own living style, Culture, Customs not of others

Can Indians have several wives?

Thank you for the A2A. I'm not an Indian, nor am I from India. But I'll try to answer your question as much as I can. I did a google search in regards to what you'd asked, and this is what I see from Wikipedia:

Can US citizens own property in India?

NRIs can get lot of advantages and opportunities to invest in property in India without much hassle.Primary requirements for NRI Property Investments in IndiaTo invest in any property in India, an NRI should possess an Indian passport.An NRI doesn't need to take permission from the RBI to invest, transfer, dispose or be

Considering the increasing rate of divorce in Indian society, should live-in relationships be promoted over marriage?

Live-in relationship is like a temporary tent of travelers. It may have comforted many but it does not accommodate families in it. Any quantum of argument can not justify or equate marriage with live-in relationship. The marriage system is not just for fun or temporary convenience. It links two

Did any Indian man marry Pakistani girl?

Yes. And quite spectacularly, if I may say so.That man was Ravindra Kaushik, one of India's greatest spies.Born in Rajasthan in 1952, he was a Punjabi speaker - a language common in Pakistani Punjab. He was recruited as a spy by R&AW and given training in religion and Urdu

Do arranged marriages happen outside of India?

Yes and no in America, which is the only country I can speak definitely about.When I taught a discussion-oriented class called "Theory of Knowledge", I had many NRI Indian students along with the others. One discussion that always came up, year after year, was 1)what can we "know"

Do Indian people regret more in arrange marriages or love marriages?

Thanks for A2A.I will tell you both the sides ( Pros and Cons) of Arrange and love marriage.Lets Start with Arrange marriages:A person got into an arrange marriage and then later realise that it was not his/her cup of tea. The person

Do Indian wives like to dominate their husbands?

Both men and women dominate each other, but in a different way. It's just that we don't realize it easily.Due to biological factors, men are supposed to be domineering in nature. They are physically much stronger, thus it creates a psychological pressure

Do Indian women dominate their boy-friend and husbands?

Absolutely. I've seen this female domination of men for decades. And the sight appals me.In most marriages, the woman is Boss and her husband is a docile sidekick.The men know it. They acknowledge it. But if you ask how they ended up as Yesmen to their wives, they look confused. They

Do Indian women like to date black men?

From what I've seen, Indian women are very attracted to black guys. I've been seeing a growing number of Indian and African American interacial couples for quite some time now. I actually saw a couple not to long ago who had the prettiest daughter I've ever seen. I didnt know African Americans and Indian people can

Do white women like Indian men?

On my flight to Chicago from New Delhi, there was an American girl sitting next to me. She was wearing an Indian attire, a very beautiful peacock blue color Punjabi suit. It was evident from her

Do you think Apple should have an Indian CEO cause Tim Cook has failed recently but Sundar Pichai and Satya Nadella have made a great fortune to the company which they work for?

It's hard to compare. Apple as a company has not been very flexible with making its products more affordable. It has never been an option. Going by that, the large markets with poorer consumers like China and India was never going

Have any Indians married foreign women?

Yup and many more like me!!!By the time I was in college, I was pretty sure I didn't want to get married. Marriage was for those who wanted to settle down, or so I thought. I had many things planned for my future - writing, travelling, reading, own business (all the things that

Have you cheated on your husband as an Indian spouse?

I don't want to mess up my life so going anonymous.I'm a house wife, we are middle class family, its me, husband & my son who live together.We live in a small complex of 4houses, 2 on the ground floor and 2 on the first,we stay in the first floor. It so happened

Hinduism: Why do some wives (Hindu by birth) of Hindu husbands practice Christianity secretly?

I would request some scientific data behind the question or I would assume the question is motivated by misinformation or presumptions. As rightly pointed by others, Bharat is a secular nation and every citizen has right to choose their faith as long as they don't cause trouble to others because their faith is different and

How can get an Indian girl to marry me?

Her negligence prompted you to improve your personality. She is still not interested in you. A woman is not a product on the shelf. She has a heart and soul. She likes some one else. Human relationships particularly between male and female is very personal

How can Indian men find Russian women for a relationship and for marriage in India? Do Russian women like getting married to Indian men?

All depends on the person, but if I had to generalize I would say no, I would not want to marry an Indian man. I respect Indian people and admire their culture and history, however the two countries have evolved so differently that the way we communicate is

How to correct my financially irresponsible husband

Thanks For A2AYour situation reminded of one of my known. But in that case wife did not take steps which led them to pay a really heavy price leaving a scar for life.In your situation, given that you have been married for 2 years only, I assume

How to forgive my abusive ex husband and in laws

By leading the life you always deserved and wanted too.There is a reason why you have associated the word ‘EX' with your Husband and in laws.They remind you of the toxicity and vicious past of yours.Leave them and if you have left them leave the thought of the pain. But

How do Indian parents come to know that their son or daughter is ready for marriage since they are the deciding factor for them?

Different parents have different parameters to figure out when their children are ready to get married. For most it's not when their children feel they are ready  to be married.Most of the time, it's the neighbors and relatives [Char log] who decide it's time for the

How do Punjabis stay healthy & fit?

Well there's no such thing that Punjabis in particular are healthy and fit. It depends from person to person. I am assuming that you are talking about Punjabi rural families because routine and diet of urban families all across India is more or less similar. Now coming to reasons why those Punjabis are

How do young Indian husbands feel when their wives don't change their initials after marriage?

The best person to answer this question are the young Indian husbands themselves.From my personal experience, my husband's family even before this topic could come in discussion announced that they don't expect the daughter-in-laws to change their names/ surnames citing example of their elder daughter-in-law.You know when they said that without ado -

How many Indian women are working just for landing a better husband?

Elaborating on a previous answer:Some work for time pass.Some work for money.Some work for maintaining themselves nicely.Some work for achievements.Some work for make there parents proud .Some work for self satisfaction.Then the rest work for landing a better

I am an Indian man who believes in keeping my virginity until my marriage. Is it so objectionable I want to marry a virgin woman who holds this same belief as I do?

I was in similar situation as you were and I would like to share my experience with you. I am guy who was settled in US since past few years. My parents asked me to start looking for a girl from a matrimonial site. One day I got a request

In an Indian scenario, what should you do if your husband beats you up?

Beating is when the threshold is crossed. A husband may, in my opinion, shout at his wife, counsel her or voice his opinion of her in private, and so should the wife as well...but beating, whether in public or private, crosses the line.In front of anyone else, even if there is something underneath, they ought to respect each

Indian men abroad, how is life after marriage?

Depends on whom you marry - a lot actually. I am giving US context here for unmarried guys.One thing Indians won't tell you here is that being an Indian means that you will almost  never get a date from any white girl (Indians tend to go after white girls more than others among other

Is India going from a male-dominated society to a female-dominated one?

I have written a lot about gender issues and gender equilibrium in our country . I have received fair share of both appreciation and censure . I think this question requires impartial judgement on the part of the author and so I will try to be as impartial as possible .But at the same

Is India really intolerant?

You've probably already read my name. It reads Mohammad Musharraf (मोहम्मद मुशर्रफ).Here's my experience:I was born in a locality where a Hindu majority resided. Then I went to a Christian school for education. Majority of students there were Hindus. In 10th standard, I remember, we were three Muslims among 35 to 40 other Hindus.For college, I went to Bhubaneswar,

Is Indian military underrated?

How can you say that Indian military is underrated , it has glorious and legendary past look at the wars of 1965 , 1971 and 1999 wars .We all know about our surgical strike it tells about dare of our army to hit enemy in their own area .Look at the no. Of applicants for NDA , Cdse

Is India's traditional/old fashioned set up somewhere responsible for its low divorce rate? Why is the divorce rate higher in the west?

Reason why India ranks low on divorce statistics. However it has got nothing to do with moral character of Indians or the so called Indian culture values. Also, it does not mean couples are happy, it only means a lot

Is it better to marry foreign girl than to marry Indian girl?

Depends...Yes! It totally depends on your expectation and personal tuning. BTW I am not in the position for marriage (age 21) but still I am answering because I have been in network of many foreigners(studies group, project work blah blah!!). Foreigners respect time more then Indians. They prefer

Is it normal for an Indian boy to get married at the age of 23?

It is not the age that matters but the level of maturity.Are you able to understand the pain of other people i.e., empathise?Are you able to sacrifice your goals for the happiness of others or are you self-centered?These things matter most and I suggest that you think

Is it too late for Indian women to get married at the age of 27 or 28?

You have been fed what is right or wrong by the society and not by your own conscious will..Now, in India, we are a country that saw child marriages for so long that the concept of "late" marriage for either sex became "socially wrong". You can hear

Is it true that all men from India marry only to extend their families?

Most men. Fulfilling familial obligations is important to Indian men, especially in North India. In poor families,mother in laws need an extra set of hands to help out at home. In motherless families, fathers need someone to cook for them at home if sons are staying away.Some also marry to improve their financial situation through dowry. Some are

Is Kerala so backward when compared to the other South Indian states?

This perception of Kerala being backward is understandable(while it is bullshit, of course) and people mostly from north Indian cities develop that mindset once they visit Kerala.Take any of the Kerala cities and juxtapose with the metros in India and one can see that Kerala cities are nowhere near the kind of development cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata

Is settling in the USA worth it for an Indian?

First things first. I am answering this question anonymously because I have no interest in engaging in pointless arguments. These are my opinions and experiences only and you can disagree but you don't need to tell me that. I am just stating what's on my mind.Alright then! A bit about me. I grew up in Jammu. I have lived

Should Indians stop doing arranged marriages?

Nope , not at all.Westerners have very wrong notion about arranged marriages , something like people are pushed into it with no choice and you get to see your partner only on wedding night , and then having experience similar to one night stand with

Was India always a male dominated country?

No...that is once upon a time....that India is male dominated..but the game is totally different.Right now, our india is female dominated SOCIETY..who have:-Right to BLAME men.and become female icons.if the Same is done by males they would sent to jails.They have full legal rights.They can misuse

What are some fashion tips every Indian girl should know?

Women fashion in India is very diverse because of the cultural differences in every state, personal preferences and thousands of clothing options.However, I'm mentioning a few basic fashion tips which most of you can follow to look stylish-1) Dress according to your

What are some misconceptions held by Indian Americans about India?

That is a very general question. I cannot answer generally though, because that would be an unfair generalization. From my experience, I can talk.2 years ago, I visited my cousin in Connecticut. She has 2 daughters, both born in the U.S. and currently being raised here in the U.S. The younger one, may be around 4 years old, asked

What are some misconceptions in the world about India and its people?

This answer is especially for Indian readers who have been constantly fed that all Govts since 1947 have been corrupt, and that they have done nothing for India. Though it may be partly true, it is a misconception.In this answer, I am going to put my thoughts straight, and many may disagree

What are some misconceptions of India and Indians?

Here are just a few things that I could think of right now. Will be adding in more in case I remember more.That we don't know how to speak good English.That hindi is the only language spoken in India, and everyone is ‘supposed' to know it.That it's a land of elephants and charmers and we

What are some misconceptions that other countries have for India and Indian people?

1- India is a poor country and all Indians are poor leaving some.2- India is dirtiest country and people too.3- India means Bollywood , colourful, spiritual and people are behave as shown in bollwood .4-Generalisation- Indian food spicy and oily ,but the truth the food is not same in all parts of India

What are some mostly unknown disgusting facts about India?

Prior to Delhi Sultanate or Mughal Empire or British Conquest:India was one of the most finest places of the world.Indus Valley Civilisation was amongst the modern living systems with planned homes and drainage systems.Gupta period was the brightest time in field of art, literature, science and technology. The zero, chess, decimal number system

What are some of the best Indian movies ever made, and what makes them the best?

With different concept and ideas, some of movie are not noticed or not bang on box offices still script of the movie are fantastic, real and heart touching. 1. Pyar Ka Punchnama: - based on fun, comery drama etc and for yongester , it is one of the

What are some of the biggest misconceptions that Indians have about the British rule in India?

The question is based on a pretty nasty premise.If Britain didn't regularly generate apologist historians (who routinely dazzle the 'cousins' in America) then there could be some serious talk about reparations for colonialism. If anything, people in former Colonial India today underestimate the rapacious nature of British rule.It

What are some of the characteristic traits of Indians?

For a country the with the size and diversity of India, it is an ominous task to characterize people. Everyone is just so different.Nevertheless, here is my analysis.Positive characteristic traitsWe love to bargainBargaining is good. It gives you the maximum

What are some unknown facts about Hyderabad?

All this Information is pulled from City Hyderabad Website - CITY HYDERABAD10 Most Interesting Facts About HyderabadHyderabad has Asia's biggest and one of the World's biggest and best Convention centers ‘HICC – Hyderabad International Convention Center

What are the 3 biggest misconceptions Indians have about Gandhi?

There are a lot misconceptions Indians have about Mohan Das Karam Chand Gandhi.Some of them I am listing here.India got freedom because of Gandhi : the biggest misconceptions indians had then when we got freedom. And further the same misconception became the biggest lie. If India got freedom because of Gandhi then what

What are the best beauty tips for Indian?

it depends in which part of India you are and what is your skin type. We have extreme seasonal change in India. Same skincare tips won't work 12month a year.Different tips for different skin types-1)Dry Skin- Never use excess quantity of

What are the best things about Indian mothers?

It was my final semester pursuing post graduation in 2010. That day I had my 2nd paper and my mother was not at all feeling well. Now it was time to go for exam and I had to feed my mother. I left it

What are the biggest misconceptions about Indian History?

There are 5 answers to the question but I have a different take which is not liked by either left leaning so called liberals and right wingers , what I will write may surprise many of the readers but kindly think without prejudice that extreme view of both left and right,

What are the biggest misconceptions Indians have about USA?

That your career is automatically settled and will be the best!What people don't seem to understand is the tough life and stress behind a visa lottery, search for jobs when market is down or up or that every graduate will get a dream job. Not true.Most of us are stuck with a job that satisfies a

What are the biggest misconceptions regarding cars and driving among Indians?

I'm writing few random myths in Indian car scene which comes to my mind now.Older heavy cars were more safer than today's cars. I have heard people say old cars like ambassadors used to be solid and heavy they were much more safer. No! just because you're car is heavy and bigger that's not going to

What are the biggest misconceptions that Indians have about India?

1- Girls just want money in any relationship whether she is going to be someone's gf or wife. You can just impress her with money and nothing else.2- If you don't believe in god you are cunning, if you don't believe in religion

What are the biggest misconceptions that Indians have about Japan?

There might have been a various instance when you have heard about the way Japanese do things differently.In fact, Japanese trains are late all the time...The government finally started tracking these numbers and found that trains in Tokyo on the Chuo-Sobu Line were late an average of 19.1 days a month

What are the biggest misconceptions that Indians have about mythology?

Similar to Greek mythology, ancient Egyptians, Sumerians, Romans or any other culture that we see around us, even Indian mythologies are based on star myths. This is the biggest misconceptions as per me in which people have developed religion, race and caste

What are the biggest misconceptions that Indians have about Pakistan?

Pakistan controls the jihadis: Or Pakistan's government controls the jihadis. Or Pakistan Army controls the jihadis. Or ISI controls the jihadis. Or some rogue elements from the ISI control the Jihadis. Nobody knows the whole truth but increasingly it's the tail that wags the dog. We must remember that the ISI-Jihadi alliance was

What are the craziest things about Indian mothers?

Multiple Personality disorder hand in hand with South Indian Drama:-Have you ever heard about how Goddess Parvati transformed herself into Goddess Kali to eradicate the evils ?That's exactly how my mom transforms herself to control her demon son!Feb 2017- My school got over at 4:30 pm and as usual

What are the major problems faced by Indians living abroad?

I live in USA. So my answer is specific to here. But should be applicable to everywhere in general.A lot of problems faced by Indians here are solvable by a simple solution. Accept that you are not in India.This is what my countrymen (and women) complain about:1. Lack of good food. You are in a different

What are the misconceptions Indians have about westerners?

The following are popular misconceptions of Westerners in India, and what I used to have when I was growing up in the 90s. I grew up in Bahrain, but had the same opinion as Indians due to movies and MTV:(1) Westerners are all rich.(2) Western women are loose when it

What are the most popular misconceptions about Indian people?

The popular misconceptions about Indian people cover as broad a spectrum as the 'Ignorant-people'- foreign or Indian!The range includes (but is not limited to) the following:-• Indians are primitive, pagans and polytheistic?• All Indians are cerebral and specialist software programmers, and vegetarians.• Indians are dark, short and ugly; hairy and turbanned ; noisy, unruly, spicy,

What are the unknown facts about India and Indians (anything positive about culture, inventions, traits, etc.)?

Even Goddesses are Kept Away from Temples During Their Menstrual Cycles in India!The temple of Goddess Parvati at the Chengannur Mahadeva Temple in Kerala stay shut for three days at particular circumstances of the year. This mensturating idol of India is said to bleed red amid that period, accordingly inciting the temple

What are the weirdest reasons to reject a prospective bride/groom in an arranged marriage?

Not once, but I have been rejected by innumerable families for just one reason for part three years.I'm a single daughter to working class parents. My father is a government employee who is nearing retirement. My mother gave tuition to school kids, but stopped years back due to throat problems. I'm a B.Tech+MBA, working

What do Indian husbands need more of from their wives?

This answer is not directed to any particular person or community.Thanks for the question..Through centuries of imbalance Indian husbands have come to address their wives as chattels in the house. They expect their wives to function as servants and menials, cooking, cleaning and washing, taking care of the

What do Indian wives expect from their husbands in first 6 months after marriage?

Ability and willingness to learn about your wife. Show gestures and actions that reflect that you care for her, respect her & her dignity, trust her, motivate her, understand her. Build the credibility, make her feel home in you. Bring in the warmth of feeling secure that she can share anything

What do Indian wives want more of?

I am married for more than 38 years and am qualified to answer with certainty1 Wives wants your 100 percent attention all the time2 You have to cut all your Friends especially female ones including you mother sister and all females from your family3

What do Indian wives wish their Indian husbands knew?

I wish they new...We have a hard time with your mom's taunts and partiality. But still we do not let that come between our relationship and still maintain a very healthy relationship with your parents. We expect the same thing

What do non-Indians think of Indian arranged marriages?

Yet another sad story popped up on my Quora feed, so my thought is... why do you put up with it?I do try to understand where it came from so I don't judge people for doing it.On the other hand I'm Filipino and we are known

What fashion advice would girls like to give to Indian men?

Contrary to the popular belief, I think most of the Indian men have a good dress sense. (At least, they're not wearing boxers, Yoga pants or Justin Bieber kinda low waist pants to the mall).Unless Govinda is your fashion icon, you're doing pretty much alright with

What is it like being raised by an Indian mother?

Mom to me :When will you learn to Cook?Mom to Relatives : She is expert in Cooking.That Aunty to me: What are the new dishes you cooked recently?Mom : Secretly Escaping from that place.Me: Looking at the phone and laughing.Mom: Who is that guy?Me : Guy?? I'm laughing because of these funny memes.Mom: I know. You

What is it like to be raised by an Indian/Pakistani mother?

I'm just going to share a small incident which happens every single day. This for me is an Indian mother.I stay very far from my office, almost 30 kms and my office cab picks and drops me everyday. Bangloreans will know the pain of travelling through electronic city, silkboard and BTM

What is it like to have an Indian mother?

I don't understand her. She has solution to every damn problem that exist on earth. If I had possessed these skills I would graduate with a better grade.Incident 1: (in a phone conversation)Me : Exam didn't go well mom. I prepared seriously

What is Rahul Gandhi's IQ?

I my opinion and knowledge I don't think he had ever attempted or gone through any IQ tests which has at least been made public. Though his party claims that he is a Howard graduate, which is being questioned now and then about its authenticity.Let's go through some of his legendary

What is something Indian girl should know before getting married?

During initial years of marriage you may feel that the euphoria of romance is on its peak. Don't forget your worth or goals at that moment.Create a fence when you see invaders. Whether its your spouse family or a relative. If someone disrespects you inspite

What is the best freelancer site?

If you ask me, I would say that Fiverr is the best Freelancing marketplace and I am sure many will agree with me too.It is the best marketplace for the starter - someone who is just starting his career on Freelancing for the simple fact that it is much easier to get first few

What is the biggest misconception about Indian men?

I faced a incident recently while traveling by OLA Cab(Shared).After the cab picked me, I seen there are two people(excluding Driver) sitting in Cab one girl and one man. So there were total 3 men and one woman. And further again a pickup was scheduled who was again a man. The girl seem tired as

What is the biggest misconception in Indian society?

My cousin brother's life is decided by an astrologer .He is a biology student who wanted to become a doctor . But after taking the course , he lost his interest and started scoring poor marks .He then decided to join engineering but without knowing what

What is the biggest misconception Indians have about NRI's life?

I live and work in Dubai and the biggest misconceptions are about the luxury of life in Dubai. I can list the struggles of an average Indian below -Visit Visa : Most of the Indians here invest about 1 lakh

What is the biggest misconception Indians have about the British Raj?

There are three misconceptions about British rule and all of them are equally big.They created the idea of India and united us into a nation. They actually followed the divide-and-rule policy which culminated in the formation of PakistanThey developed the country. On the contrary, they impoverished us and destroyed our economy. Before the British came, we were the world'

What is the biggest misconception Indians have about western lifestyle?

ndia is always portrayed as a world of mysticism and magic, a place where people from the West come to find peace and meaning in life. Especially after hippies like The Beatles coming to Rishikesh in the 60s, most people abroad think all we do is pray and worship cows.

What is the general perception about India and Indians around the world, before and after people visit India?

Indians where I have lived in Yuba City, California have a mixed feel when compared to Chinese or Mexicans.  They are the most clannish group of any of the immigrants I have encountered.   Their language is a mystery making them appear to be very secretive though in practice

What is the Indian caste system and how does it work?

In Hindu Mythology people were divided on the basis of the kind of work they do. They were divided into four classes or varnas.1)Brahmins : scholars , teachers etc (Their job is to attain and spread knowledge)2)Kshtariyas : rulers, kings , emperors etc ( Their job is to rule)

What is the indian vegetarian version of keto diet?

Great question. Most information available on the Internet is catered more towards the western diet in which many foods might be unavailable, expensive or simply difficult to cook.For example, cruciferous vegetables like kale, zucchini and artichokes are popular Keto foods but are extremely difficult to include in the Indian diet. The same is true for

What is the latest fad among the youth of India?

Changing Whatsapp status and dp on a friend's bdayOh! Happy Birthday my bestieeee...enjoy and Party hard!If you don't update your dp and status on your friends birthday then you are not his/her friend.The Facebook swag:The Font:Ah aM Aw$uM. Ah Am t0o keWl 4 yUh. YeAaaaaa...Ah tAwk n wRiTe lYk di$. :DMaH LyF MaH

What is the mindset of Indian girls during Arranged Marriage?

I don't know if it is mindset of all Indian girls, probably not, but I can speak for a section of Indian girls.Looks : getting attracted to certain features in opposite sex is very natural. So there can be proposals where I get attracted to them or may be

What is the right age for Indian males to get married? Is 30 too late?

30 may be 3-4 yrs late if you want two kids. If a man marries at 30, he will be father by 31-32. After that 3-4 yrs gap is necessary if 1St birth is Caeserean. Means 2nd child by 35. When you become of 58 , 2nd one is just 23 and yet to settle. If